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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  September 12, 2022 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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ah, ah ah, ah, ah ah, every mode is landing island is a strange place for go may rest to end who came up with this idea? we find out later in the show, welcome to a new edition of europe, max and today we also have these topics. hotspot. why the golden sands and will gary are such a popular traveler estimation on shop moves. how an italian dance, who inspires millions of fines on social media. she has seen hats of state of other countries and british prime ministers come and
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go. she experienced the 2nd world war as a child. she survived scandals and was on the ring in the performance of her duties, the longest serving regions in british history. elizabeth the 2nd has died at the age of 96 time to look back at a life that spanned historical eras. ah i, i did cab before my eyes, whether it be no, shall be to make you feel heavy, entered the imperial family to which we all belong. i,
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[000:00:00;00] ah, the end of an era the sculptures of french art is blue nor catalano are real. i catches wherever they appear. it always seems as if something has been forgotten during their creation. but this is what gifts. the sculptures, the meaning, the artist has at an eventful life as a child has firmly left morocco and emigrated to france. journeys into the unknown art, major themes in blue,
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nor catalina's distinctive work. blue liquid, bronze flows into prepared moles, and a sculpture comes to life. this foundry and cursed in southeast and france is considered by many artists to be the number one address where the completion of their works. one of them is french sculptor play, nor catalano. he's known for works which seem to lack an essential part. the travelers, the name of his series can be seen in many cities across europe, and often leave. he was wondering how the sculptures remained standing tested as he won't, that this is achieved by putting all the individual parts together. bobby, the jani, can you what you have to know where the point of balance as you look when the kid he was in here, it is the foot a don't go back. there are so if we start from this point,
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we can well the suitcase to the leg and an arm, and in this way everything is captain balance. he will go over the years, catalina has portrayed around 400 people in his sculptures. his models often come from the community around him. one of them is a former refugee from bangladesh. i figured this is greg. i've worked with them 3 times before. it's the 3rd sculptor i've done with them. okay, what year did you come to france, greg? good. i got, i got 1987 after casting the individual part of the sculpture a welded together, the key is finding the right center of gravity for catalano. his work is also symbolic. writer nearby can fit, i like that. this is a fragile figure if he saw better remain, steadfast, he missed my personalities. are the same way over there, fragile,
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but there steadfast and want to move forward. he's going hold on to that. also. his travelers always have a bag or suitcase with them and seem to be setting off into the unknown just as his own family. one state mean woman said from when he thought policy was, this is also my own story. my family. should you been y'all? i come from morocco. i also arrived here with a suitcase i so, so i thought that if it's similar for people from ukraine, right now, we get more those who think about immigrating from africa. so we've talked to where people are forced to leave their homes. remco here up fighting. there is no way to prevent that. these people leave to find a better future. one of the only, i think you have to accept that area was a new foster in full is fcc. catalina was 10 years old when his family immigrated to must say he lays, he became a seda and then an electrician. it wasn't until he was 30 that he discovered sculpture as his true vocation for him. oh, it is
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a means of expressing his personality. the typical holes in his sculptures and the imperfections reflect his personal experiences and sydney ivy skis, gary less. it's what happened with the sculptures also has something to do with my own life in 2 ways. whole until you 1st in relation to my inner self, then one wardrobe and i have problems that i want to deal with. don't really so, so i take them out of my sculpture salter for you, and with regard to my life story, when also now one point i had to pack my bags to leave one country and arrive and another bachelor b 40. it was a lot of the year cuzamano wants to continue to portray as many people as he can for his series, the travellers. at the same time, his working on a new project called mirror, the suitcase remains as essential motif. remedies well, the suitcase is a constant with me. it belongs to the human being, man,
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takes his suitcase and goes in search of new horizons, as they say, according like his sculptures nor catalano continues to be a traveler, always in search of new horizons. and now we go to the far north of europe, off the south west coast of iceland lay the westman islands. those who live here are used to tough conditions. only one of the islands is permanently inhabited. hey, my a and it's here that ghastly mark runs a restaurant with his family. even though life and this corner of the word can seem rather basic, the color recreation, surf there, meet the highest standards. you have to take a fairy to dine at the only goal, my restaurant serving specialties from iceland, westman islands. hey my a, the largest of the islands is about 15 kilometers from the mainland. the restaurant
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slipperiness says that the unique taste of the island be it this honey glazed cut head. all this dried fish skin with angelica, we think about the place where you're from. you don't always see the values until when you leave. and when i came back after being cooking elsewhere, we saw to so many possibilities with an abundance of amazing seafood. a lot of wild palaver and, and all these wilds hopes and glancing. see guessing much. stanley as closely connected with the island of hang. may they all run the restaurant together. everyone has a role to play. his father. ethan stepney, son supplies the fresh fish. he's been going out to see 4 times a week for more than 40 years. one of the most challenging things to run restaurant
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in this location is ronald island and product over, you know, sometimes the workers that work tele, any produce that. and that's one of the reasons why we all is so much from using locally and using the piece around the fishing here is only possible in the summer in winter. the weather conditions are to extremely low. we've been trying for a little bit of time and i will not find the very spot to get that at the moment. but that's just the reality of the, of the 1973 volcanic eruption increase the ireland sized by more than 20 percent. to day fresh, wild herbs grow on the rich lava soil. these are the amazing used to release. the taste are almost like press or kissing much takes us down to the coast to collect fresh travels the read,
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and the letter. he's discovered 30 herds and seaweeds that he uses in his recipes. these are the products that are beyond organic were wild though the bus, so we're picking them just straight from nature. so he cannot really access a better ingredient than that. his mother, catherine gisela, daughter, gross herbs, and flowers in her green house pledge tables are also supplied by local pharmacist . a lack of produce during the harsh winter means the restaurant is alene operation for a good full months during the summer. but that's not the only reason, worst challenge is the fairy, during the winter time, and other people to come here unless they have to. because sir weather can be rough . and but we decided to as soon as we started this restaurant to her area only during the summer,
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the family opens the restaurant on hey may in 2012 now around 25 employees work here during the summer season. the menu features dishes inspired by nature semi dried heads of course in particular a very popular staple of traditional icelandic cuisine ghastly much breathed new life into 8 old dishes with his modern take on traditional icelandic food. without seeming to this, i became because we're always working with the whole face and so serve if you're only using the philly and throwing away the rest and that it goes into what we do here. we try to find ways to use everything from the skin. the callers, the, the, the livers and, and, and what most other specialties include these sugar help crackers with brown butter and oyster leaves. or get more egg,
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cast it with shall fish and pine cream. or causing this love the vaults. cutting exactly precise and it's more, we rather want to spend time when making the food delicious than spending too much time will hurry. everything absolutely perfect. the wild and wonderful taste of the westman islands is waiting to be discovered at slipper in on the island of hey, ma. berlin is back. well, this was the reason headline in the new york times after 2 difficult years for claps, restaurant and casual work as the article says, things are on the app, but how german is berlin? this is the question, my british colleague rachel stuart, set out to answer in a new episode of me, the germans. hello and welcome to meet the germans or should i say meet the linna?
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sometimes it can feel like the capital city is not very german tool. there are no reasons why germans have a reputation for being orderly, punctual, and generally straight line. well, it's more hectic, but also lovable. to show that there is no one berlin, and there are many berlin's married open. unbelievable. let's compare labels. germany, europe, economic powerhouse lin, pull that sexy so relatively cheap rent. and a kind of shabby chum attracts creative entrepreneur from all over the world. germany is renowned for loving all things. miti berlin, the guns slipping at sausage for take so long as the city is austin, listed as one of the top of the vegetarian destinations in europe. around 60 percent of the german population is christine in berlin. it's more like 25 percent on the majority of put in his claim. no religious affiliation at all. so you won't
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find many bananas and church on sunday unless you mean the church of germany delight in discipline while been in rebels and debauchery. think clubs from techno dungeons what weekend were made for the clubs can be pretty at places, not speaking german or failing like it can be enough to get you turned away by even up to 3 hours of hopefully with it. i mean, this is amazing. yes. okay. i didn't good but then it's home to the german parliament, but the political balance inside this building is rarely reflected out here in elections at all levels of government. but inconsistently leads to the left. hello, it had again, i'm kathy. i'm and kathy kathy, i'm sorry. i'd like a coffee please. one in some of germany. much trouble with english in berlin. you might struggle with german. oh yes. oh yes. sometimes germans go into bars here and
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nobody speaks german very good middle school. if it would you think that it's this concert english? well, i just ordered my food and german anyway. i feel this all conscious about it because i can connect with somebody else's country. but yes, i am a bit lazy it help island sherman here. so it is possible german, the stickers for the rules for her to have been to break them up. lots of boss loves and convenience stores. they have been for 24 hours or more people drink on that woburn an evening and all the red man at the pedestrian crossing an remember the smoking bank. i didn't really catch on yet. well, mine, which is really go against the german grade is fashion. with adams, good bye bye. there. they are 2 main groups, adversely, the old black, ld on it, and then the more wild mishmash that be transparent material was cause material going. so with leather negligence, with sturdy boots,
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everything is possible. you make your own rules and berlin in body a week or 2 at the beach that classic summer holiday harvey. anybody would say no to that? i would have a report. lucas spigot likes to gets around. and today the lucky guy has a se than european hotspot. in his sites will guerria is a big hit with young travelers on the budget. we're off to golden fans and let's see if the name lives up to its promise. ladies and gentlemen, golden sand. this place is one of the most populous some of occasion destinations at the black sea in bulgaria. i just checked in last night and well, that's why i have this wonderful plastic bracelet and now i'm heading to the beach
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like everybody else. the weather is perfect. 27 degrees celsius, a typical high season summer day. and that's my spot on the beach. at 1st sight, the beaches are packed, but not as much as in previous years. the war in ukraine has also impacted tourism . year fewer tourists have been traveling to the black sea overall, especially russian tourists. where are you from denmark? i took college i from here, from bo getta. what do you think of golden sense so far? it's definitely a party area. there is a party all the time. a lot of young people as applies the prices are quite competitive. it doesn't cost the earth, so you won't be coming home canino. so it was a good time for my for swim in the black sea. it's
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not cold at all. the water is 25 degrees celsius. i love it. at bulgarian lexi coast. there is way more to discover than just golden sands. i am in battle, not right now. that's the 3rd biggest city in the country, and i think it's well worth a visit. so let's check it out. the cathedral with the golden domes is the symbol of bottom. about 330000 people live here. the city center has many pedestrian zones and charming fountains. this looks really good. and that's the theater. retina is full of cats. and i love cats. take a look at this. obviously,
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i'm not just here for the cats. i'm here to visit barton us most famous gold treasure. in the 1970s archaeologists on earth artifacts from ancient civilization . in 1972, the famous bottle, not gold treasure was found in the burial ground. what is so special about it? well, actually, these are the oldest gold objects crafted by the hand of man discovered in the world. so how old is the gold? it's from the 5th millennium b. c. that is approximately 7000 years ago. this gen is a lawyer by professional, but he prefers to do city tours. so what do you think? what so, so special about if my native town. so i lot of very much it plays with rich history. nice people living here all over events taking place during the year
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. so i like this place bottom, that is the largest port city in bulgaria, as in other european cities, parts of the industrial facilities are now used for leisure and culture. it's already late in the afternoon. fewer people are on the beach and in the water . it's time for an adventure yet key at the black sea so hard. ah, your bedroom by golden sands and bulgaria offers of varied my life like tourist hotspots on my orca. also here you can find many bars and clubs where the beer flows and well known
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entertainers find an enthusiastic audience. that was my trip to bulgaria, golden sense. i hope you liked it by mart, phoenix bar. this is the famous death mask of the egyptian pharaoh to dan, carmen. king tatt would have been very surprised to hear that 3300 years after his death, a form of st. dancing is named after him, saying imitates the right angered poses of the ancient egyptians as seen in old paintings. italian dance group, urban theory are the masters of this new style. precision moves perfectly synchronized with electronic beats. that's the signature style of
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italian dance troop urban theory. they label it hunting style and have millions of fans on social media. nothing with hunting is a very particular style out. it has less to do with his pop as he goes and goes more in the direction of st dance and pop it. but in fact, it stands by itself, result than in particular. well, if you go to jamaica in the emphasis is on geometric figures, for example, rumba says and squares a busy, i mean, and catherine's of mamma that someone can make out. who doesn't dance any anita? oh, the performance of what a weird piano can be described as a ballet of hands to music by mozart. the video has racked up 100000000 views. 2 ah, urban theory are ricardo murano, lorenzo pantone davi, they sila, jessica de maria fab yano valeri, and leonardo sedona. they practice at least 5 hours
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a day to achieve perfect moves. the results are plain to see. such click it says urban gravity mantra and urban clock had secured them around $18000000.00 followers on tick tock alone. down to us. dancing is our daily bread without our dancing. we're nothing more in a sort of money with dancing is our life in every sense. i get up in the morning and ask myself, what i'll do with the day. the answer is dancing. yeah. and that, you know, just great the future, my love, if me think on the end of it with that goes aqua. they hail from northern italy's la gory and coast, and met one another and the town of valley crows. yet with help from their dance teacher, jessica de maria. they've been developing their styles since 2016. the truth is named after the urban theory dance school. in 2019, they appeared on the tv show. italy has got talent and advanced to the finals. it
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was the young dance troops break through i mean the la crumbson's, what made us happiest of all was that we made it though, and even though we come from a tiny provincial town that doesn't have all that much to offer. but he spots if they have any data or fast against that surprised success. we've been concentrating, rolling more on dancing, a lead somebody we hoped to work hard enough that we could turn our passion into our profession. well, what are some how the urban theory members also produce tutting tutorials for their fans? lush, i love your hand right where it is and lift your elbow in. go me till now. leave your elbow where it is and lift your hand to the model. that's a very simple exercise that helps you isolate the movements out boy, eyes ally in movie mean. here they're shooting a video on by like rosie as promenade. this time on skateboards. all 6 members are
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now able to live from dance. they're often booked for commercials and events whether for live appearances or video clips, urban theory will never run out of ideas. and that's it for this edition. just a quick reminder to take part in our draw for a chance to get your hands on a back and sweat shirt from i d w uncensored collection. thanks for watching and see you next time. bye bye. a ah.
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ah. ah with ah saving war anyway, possible. san diego has been battling extreme drought
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a now the city is counting on its residence for health and on sustainable technology. about $3000.00 on d. w. vegas a by going to have it in the listening place of long in the mediterranean sea. it's waters connect people of many cultures. some shine on tap and cycles. they're very missouri enjoys, exquisite taste. and takes part in that beach cleaner. 45 d w. o. ah, come have a v g
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