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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 12, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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i have learned a lot of our culture history and all their d. w. travel extremely worth a visit. ah, this is d, w live from berlin. ukraine accuses russia. launching another attack on civilian infrastructure as strikes, leave a thermal power plant in flames in the eastern city of hockey and plunge the i'm plunges the region into darkness. this is ukrainian forces to make more territorial gains in that counter offensive in the east. also on the program,
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sweden's anti immigration, sweden's democrats, outperformed countries, traditional conservatives and sundays general election posting that best ever result of countries left wing minority government could be ousted by a right wing block and thousands line the streets of edinburgh to bid farewell to queen elizabeth coffin arrives in the scottish capital on the 1st leg of its final geography. ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. keith says its troops have liberated more than 20 settlements of the past 24 hours as they continue a rapid advance in the eastern hockey and an ask region. e earlier ukrainian official said overnight russia miss ireland asked dr. sensibility infrastructure had caused wipes but outages. his mer described the strikes as russian reprisals
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for caves. recent territorial gains on the edge of ha, have city fire crews battle ablaze, and one of ukraine's biggest power and heating plants flames in the night. sky, or the early source of light as the region is plunged into darkness. on 11 lyrica miss awe struck an infrastructure. so transformers which serve the city of clark, if were damaged. but you, ukraine says russian missiles struck across its east and south destroying homes, with multiple fatalities reported. russia's military denied, striking civilian targets, saying it had launched an offensive against military objects. but keith says russia is retaliating by air, as its infantry loses ground. ukrainian forces are sharing videos of their arrival
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in towns occupied for more than 6 months, some within kilometers of the russian border. they say they have re taken control of strategic cities, including is u. m. once a supply held for the invading army. all not bluish. a zoom on the main square of is young. the building of the local administration is still burning. everything around is destroyed, but it's okay. are you sure. so we will restore everything. zoom is yom was is and will be ukrainian graham. across the northeast, the ukrainian flag is being unfurled. russian symbols are being torn down and the cries of glory to ukraine. glory to heroes grow louder. oh, well they w that nic conley is in cave. i asked him about the disruption caused by these russians strikes on ukrainian power plants. while this was quite extreme
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ineffectiveness, a electricity gone in most of the city. as you mentioned there, the heating plot attacked really images of people stuck in the metro electricity was gone. but it seems like they've been remotely settled, bring back the power. that is something that's been kind of patent all through this war. ukraine's infrastructure remarkably flexible and able to respond to the challenges, but the heating is going to be the much bigger problem. going to winter of bringing in heating from further afield as possible with extra c is obviously not going to be realistic and these are huge. often apartment blocks are totally dependent on that. outside heating being brought in. people don't have their own boilers, don't have their electric heating. so seemingly a very, very cold winter head for the people. in fact, i'm, we've seen the film images of ukrainian forces, apparently liberating huge sways of territory in the northeast in recent days, almost reaching the russian border at what other soldiers are finding in the towns . they that they do liberate the finding
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a lot of dumped russian tech tanks to transport a vehicles, but even high tech stuff. drones and more complicated systems often with their manuals left and their base station. so a lot of tech there that is going to be useful for the ukrainian amin, trying to understand how to better resist the system, seemingly the russian forces without even the time to destroy their kit, let alone take it with them. they found lots of the local residents have left for russia. look, especially people who are cooperating with russian authorities. they're taking jobs in the russian occupational authorities. they obviously scared of retribution or traditional consequences of what they've done and we're getting spread reports of torture. the mistreatment of people there, especially people connected to the ukrainian state people who amy were veterans of the ukranian army. but it's all pretty difficult to report a right now. no real systematic access for journalists. we're just working on social media and the stuff week with getting through to us here. many the space is still don't even have a mobile phone connection. so it's all pretty hazy for now. but lots of kind of scratching of had taken care of people not really able to believe that was possible
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to push the russians back so fast or over such be area. underwood about they are the nuclear reactor, the nuclear power plant vets at russia, occupied ins, apparition on sunday, the countries a nuclear operator said external power had been restored in order to close to under though the final reactor is that good news is good and bad news of the new drawing down that last rector means that if there is a direct hit, there is less of a threat to something going wrong. but it also makes the plot a lot more vulnerable and a lot more dependent on the outside world for it's cooling, to keep what is already there safe. so right now there's one connection to the ukrainian grid. if that is lost through some attack, like with the ones we've seen in had give in the last 24 hours, then they are totally dependent on diesel generators to keep everything cool and safe. and you know that there is a lot of steps in here that, that will be possible over a long period of time to bring in enough diesel, on the scale, the can timelines needed. so lots people here seeing those attacks on ukraine's x
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is the system also the threats ukraine and the internal community that the situations operation could get a lot more dangerous for the world if russia keeps on facing these kind of losses. so a lot of worry about that here, and a lot of talk about international peacekeepers or some kind of in outside intervention to prevent that russian control of this huge bow station, europe's biggest atomic power station from turning to something a lot more dangerous. thank you for that neck and it conway in keith with nearly 95 percent of votes in sweden's general election, counted a right wing block, appears to have a raise. a fed lead of the left leaning governing coalition. the far right to sweden, democrats that led by you may orca some sort of becoming the 2nd largest part with more than 20 percent of the vote. his body has its roots in a neo nazi movement from the 1980s. it's been running on an anti immigration platform. social democratic prime minister magdalena anderson says
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a narrow margin between the 2 blocks makes a result too close to call. the leader of the mainstream. conservative party says the result is unlikely to be known until wednesday. i'm going to put those results on a knife edge. i asked our correspondent in stockholm, alexandra fond norman, who is likely to lead the next government. well, that is of course the key question here. however, one that it's very difficult to answer right now with the re still too close to call. normally, you would say that the leader of the party that sir has emerged as their strongest part in this election would have the rights to talk to other parties to form a new government in this case, that would be prime minister. under some. however, her social democrats, together with other center left parties, they seem right now not to have the majority in the parliament. and that would mean that the task of building
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a new government would fall on the right wing acquisition. and then we have to say that, sir, when we look at the rise of the sweden democrats, they are not likely as the 2nd largest party to nominate, depart minister, but they could have a seat in the government. but all of that, and, you know, show you how a shows you how difficult it will be to form a new government and freedom. right. and swings the country off of you. it from the outside. the haven of tolerance, which seems at odds with an apparent surgeon support for the anti immigration sweeney democrats. it does indeed darius of the far right sweden democrats is a remarkable development in a country that was long known as a show case example of a liberal society. but we have to say that the sweden, democrats who entered the parliament in 2010. they have been growing ever since,
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and this time it seems that they were able to tap into the social moods in swede, sweden with many swede saying that they are not ready any more to bear the cost for the countries generous refugee policies they, they want the government to correct down on crime. the country has seen a rise in gang violence recently, sol, all those topics are played into the hands of the far right. sweden democrats. i was, i did of this, i found a phenomenon. stockholm, now was britain mon screen elizabeth people in scotland will have a chance to pay their respects to the later monarch when she lives in rest in edinburgh. later today, king charles or world also be in the scottish a capital after after his address that members of parliament in london. so these alive pictures from westminster hole where law makers are, are gathered on sunday thousands lined the roads to watch cleaners was casket to
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being taken from a bow moral, a castle at 2 at edinburgh. and he can see the speaker of the house of commons, sir lindsey foyle now behind be amazed, and that is a symbol of the crowns or authority. this is taking place in westminster hall. well d. w corresponded to emily gordon is in edinburgh following at events or for us asked her whether we are likely to see a repeat of a huge crowd. it turned out yesterday to see the coffin traveled to the scottish capital. the moment the body of queen elizabeth arrives in edinburgh the city's famous royal mile was packed with people waiting to catch a glimpse of her last journey.
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many in the scottish capital had camped out in anticipation of her arrival willis. this is 7 o'clock this morning. i mean, she's worked so hard, horribly, an a just seem dre to come here. in a slow and somber procession. queen elizabeth's flat draped coffin was driven through the scottish countryside after leaving her beloved by morrow castle, where her life of 96 years came to an end. thousands of scotch lined rural roads and highways to bid her a last farewell. i came here as a student bank. this event dawn says this is the green. so i could move over to the to say good way to harm is part of history. it's the fact that she has dedicated her whole life to fair thing. of the reason i just felt that was no way i also
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wanted to be here to p mal space at the foot of the royal mile her majesty's coffin was greeted with an honor guard at the palace of holy roadhouse and carried to the throne room. the coffin will stain edinburgh until it's flown to london on tuesday will be the only hers wasn't emily gordy is in edinburgh and asked her whether we're likely to see a repeat of a huge crowds that turned out yesterday to see the coffin traveled to the scottish cupboard oh absolutely, i mean, yesterday, even when it started to rain in buckets, you could see hundreds of people outside the palace of hollywood house. and they were putting and flowers they were paying their last respects with cards. um and, and really this, there was a very steady stream of people coming in, even though again, it was absolutely pouring some expecting a similar scene sir day, i am thank god the,
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the war had her is going to is looking a little bit better, but yet we seem huge police presence in the rose officials are expecting enormous numbers to turn out here to day. and king charles referred as years now. he's due to labor procession behind his mother's coughing. what else is on his agenda to day? exactly, so he's going to leave the procession behind his mother's coffin, like he said. then there will be a service at the cathedral at saint charles cathedral. and afterwards you set to meet the 1st minister of scotland, nicholas sturgeon, and he is also to visit the parliament where he will be receiving condolences from from members there. and then in the evening, the day will finish with the vigil am at saint paul's cathedral again where he will be joined by other members of the royal family. there will the queen's body remain absent charles's for the rest of the day? yes so once the coffin reaches angel's cathedral,
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it will lay there in rest and people will be able to pass it and pay their last respects for 24 hours. and then to morrow, that's when the coffin will be moved and flown down to london. and the coffin will be accompanied by the queen's daughter princess. an okay, thank you for that eminent god, being in edinburgh. that's it. you're up to date on your coup is mckinnon will have more world news at the top of the hour next on d, w r. a documentary, a series that looks at the $911.00 terror attacks ah, the landscape, a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, a mosaic of different people and languages. iran's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. a special look at a special country.


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