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tv   911 - The Unheeded Warning  Deutsche Welle  September 12, 2022 11:15am-12:00pm CEST

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cathedral it will lay there in rest, and people will be able to pass it and pay their last respects for 24 hours. and then to morrow, that's when the coffin will be moved and flown down to london. and the coffin will be accompanied by the queen's daughter princess anne. okay, thank you for that. emory gordon in edinburgh. set you up to date on your cooper's mckinnon. we'll have more world news at the top of the hour next on d. w. r a documentary and series that looks at the 911 terror attacks. ah, the landscape, a reflection of a turbulent history. the cities, a mosaic of different people and languages. iran's mountains reveal unparalleled beauty. those special look at a special country. he ran from above. start september 16th on d,
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w ah. in september 11th, 2001 at the united states came under attack the targets, new york city and the capital washington dc. the anti world was shocked. al qaeda terrorist group in afghanistan, led by osama bin laden claimed responsibility for the attack. just 2 days earlier on september the 9th, he had his only opponent assassinated, a local hero in the afghan resistance, commander ahmed shah masoud. yon mess with me to them. i remember my sword saying there's some one who's very dangerous to you. been that 5 months before the 911 attacks masoud visited france, where he issued a stop warning to the western world. in yellow,
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he told us he only had one message sick. it was that osama bin laden was preparing a major strike against the united states. right? something extremely dangerous. ah, by all my ball viable here in raleigh that he then and thought my not gonna be in good, much dead. nothing hardaman get out while it's gone by the get on and get on that he thought about the b b just data image study, attitude ah suits, warning, was loud and clear. why did no one listen? was it the trade agreements or the om sales to pakistan? that made the usa and other western countries look the other way. why did they refuse to help my suit? the last line of defense against the taliban and the terrorists? ah ah
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ah ah ah. ah, the after 10 years of war to seize control of canister, the soviets finally conceded and withdrew in 1999. when cobbled communist regime crumbled 3, he is later civil war broke out between rebels from various ethnic groups to shakes, specs, hazardous and passions. afghanistan spiraled into chaos. this ethnic conflict gave rise to a new movement. the taliban?
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ah, impassioned o talib literally means theology student, the taliban ernest lamp fundamentalist group that focus on the study of his land. their supreme leader was milan mohammed omar. a hot co fundamentalist who welcomed terrace into his ranks from saudi arabia and d. m. these were all ca you did. she had. and their leader was a summer, been in september 1996 television ceased cobble, and most of the country imposing a tyrannical islamic regime. and sure we alone. only one man gate christ east commander ahmed shah. from the pen. she valley faced in the isolated moon mountains, he achieved folk hero status after defeating the red army during the soviet occupation, and then led the northern alliance to struggle to resist the taliban. the 2 boys
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could, i was pretty good in school. fancy or military academy collins and you know, and i spent 3 great years in francis finest school, receiving a military education, but also learning engineering with history and geography of logically and boost object needed to understand the modern world. and don't say today viewed. and that's how i started my career as a military officer in the french army major. but after several disappointments, i resigned in 1999 and became a free civilian again to print out a suit, i introduced myself to my food as a former french officer and told him about the time i was on a diving mission where we planted mines under boats and sabotaged propellers, but to distribute the cities great present job that the taliban didn't have any boats. and then i said something that finally caught his attention saucy to fit. i was a certified french commando instructor to come on. it was gonna say that it turns
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out that masoud had a team of commandos there. so in a group that was a mix of both young recruits and veteran by the i somebody bowmois. he gathered them at a training can moore and told me you're a commando instructor. here you go, do your thing and teach them whatever you want. if i had carte blanche as well as just at that time, i think we had about 15000 fighters on the various fronts. what did you feel awful or fussy? we were up against 10 times as many men noisy, but we resisted that. he, boyd, the taliban was well acquitted and had a lot of support from pakistan which wanted them to take over the country. the ball samples. so loss on debbie and by pakistan and supported by okay to fight as the taliban quickly gain control 90 percent of afghan territory in the heart of their oppressive regime. a single french representative remained in office in kabul, the sha shay to fair john if battle is upon the function
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o sandrarun smile. i had a position with united nations assistant mission in afghanistan, moved in as that once much organs stole boys. he, his goal was to establish peace in a contract that was being ripped apart at the time. oh, plant issue, marty book, it jake walton remitted should i continue to do my job in afghanistan may order, but i also became a charade affair. said i go a cd, i could. i coincided with what came a few months later that matter. when unfortunately, the taliban took control of the country again. he stole you full submission in the previous 20 to 30 years. many westerners had adopted a false understanding of diplomacy that we offered. it was a kind of western triumphalism of that we only talked to people who shared our values. and that's absurd. diplomacy existed for exactly the opposite reason for where it was designed as an alternative to war for addressing conflict. it's based on being open to dialogue with any one and everyone to understand their position
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level about then you are just the level of talks. they're symbolism. but once we understood the level of control the taliban had in afghanistan, it, there was no way we can get involved, even though we thought we should be helping masoud. well, i got that ticket that you did of the moment they arrived and campbell in 99 the same as the taliban publicly had exit. president kennedy bulldog and his brother. it was an introduction to their barbaric interpretation of the koran. le religious students in virtuously claim they were bringing back people on the. but it came at a huge cost to the $70000000.00 afghans. the mala professed to be fighting vices with virtue and did so by him. housing the most obscure and, and in humane islamic system on the planet, is removed. it flung mcgee, my name is more of a column or dean. and i'm the leader of the revolutionary islamic movement in afghanistan. whoa, whoa. i was the taliban minister for propagation of virtue and prevention of vice.
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here on the morrow, my goal was to heavily promote virtue until all vices disappeared naturally. womach all we never wanted to directly or brutally intervene. oh no. that's why we train people from young people. when they went to the mosques in small groups, to raise awareness and worn against all types of temptations. though this was necessary to get an educated people to follow islamic preceptors was needed to teach them to abandon their vices and renounce everything that islam prohibits or either bigger than against. showed it to the board canoe version of any ice. the taliban delegation that we invited to islamabad for peace negotiation, as he said in a small guest house next to our office lest house i quoted ends and nobody who in zillow cilla st. it so happened that the un mission letter secretary was staying
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in the same guest house cabinet taylor, them guest house, a key. i either met darby cuz she came in the next morning looking very tired. verizon because the taliban in the room next door had been watching at horn until 4 in the morning. that's called and this poor lady was unable to sleep. at my goal is to cut down to the dough meal doctors. i won't go. pigs that had helped us understand the house at the end of the day. the taliban, where human beings meet of flesh and blood kumasi eustace, and despite their claims of piety, they succumb to their temptations. that to present a bleeding south and only not su, delaware group to roost. these the taliban are terrorists, nation. they don't believe in peace sellable use their philosophy is to create eternal war. must that h yardi view jihad as a religious principle. and his law mc obligation that forces the taliban to fight constantly, brooklyn and gen brooklyn. and otherwise they believe in it, there'll be lost to sin as to really believe that jihad guarantees them entry to
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heaven. um and that god will grant the mercy, molded the damage the taliban. of absolutely nothing in common with the afghan people or afghans society limit any up on this and mcdonald and pakistan backed by western nations and an ally of the us wanted to control afghanistan. it was in pakistan's, koranic schools, the taliban were born and trained. becky stall, it didn't look so chum, measure pakistan, was the taliban major supporter? event there. hey, why? yeah. pakistan. he thought it would be good to have a regime under their influence and cobble and got blue is the soviet laundry court . but they quickly realized that they didn't really control it at all. so lemme sometimes their puppets went their own way. old uncle told them in our meetings with the pakistanis houston, we asked them to rein in the taliban them. and they said it wasn't that easy. ah, me because of course they were on controller lawyers up in albany.
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lisa may can level a more that the americans didn't have a counterpart in afghanistan, but they knew they couldn't recognize the taliban regime. york whisper epa. they couldn't be associated with it and don't goose soup levies your american did as though the american vision of afghanistan was what was seen through pakistani eyes . not that you like as dan, what had never ruled afghanistan. lucky, they weren't a proper solution to lead the country or policy, but boxley neuropathies hungry. the pakistan is had a tense relationship with commander masoud, that within, they knew that armor char masoud, would never recognize a pakistani public government. the pakistan, he saw that as resistance and as direct opposition to that it's truth because my brother would have never accepted a pro pakistan government in kabul. and that's the real reason why the united
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states never helped him, regardless of what they claim. ah, in june 2000, a european parliamentary delegation traveled to pen chair to meet commander masood, leading the charge was general felipe morial, who previously served as command review and forces in the former yugoslavia and was a well established peace advocate. the man who instigated to visit was a long time friend of commander muscles, patrol, calais, he sought to raise political when it's about the afghan conflict with some will will pay them of them on that mostly do focused on them burly, your own islam, east that polio on play, this is jehovah. eligible school effect is i think that pakistan,
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i'm convinced that pakistan the goal is a lot more religious in nature than it is geographical for the issue gothic or so. so i'm in london, he osama bin lad museum who's much talked about in afghanistan. these days was trained by the americans back in the day when they can't deny it. no, said it's in that context that he took control of all the big mattresses on pakistan's. koranic schools, i'm here to discuss it night is so the resistance is so much bigger than that. it has. it encompasses every one who is to g claim to hash tune has ira and any one else who understands the threat, is they all opposing from this moment? forward all the ethnicities need to unite against this foreign invasion. we are living in the 21st century, and globalization is bringing us closer together. no one can continue to exist in isolation without any outside contact. it's a natural phenomenon with a tolerant and moderate islam. our people can live in peace,
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both internally and within the international community. um, other than that, okay. what else? you could solid digits. i wore a pocket like a local. i speak the language and since i didn't use french in front of them, they thought i was afghan, which suited me just fine on my attended a number of those meetings. you my food wasn't a fool. he was sharp. you know what he needed above all else was military support. if an intellectual or a politician rallied behind him for their own personal interests and so be it. but regardless of what mattered was, they showed up and brought back a vision that counteracted what many others and harris were the same. kelly harvey, but in the western world in the us, in europe, unlike lobbyists for arms, dealers were numerous and powerful. and pakistan was a lucrative client in their eyes. food posed a problem. mr. hatch, i've always sued, was very good. he convinced them easily, but we'll see where that leads and political terms. but i think we're slowly moving
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forward as a country like again, it's dan, it's so far removed from the current concerns of european parliamentary representatives. but this is how we'll get things to evolve. second, 2 trips like this one while the radius to put together long. but there productive the game is suited. well, yes, i've had a safe travels home. you know, my heart is here with you. and we'll be back. and then we'll be back to bring you to parrot. and to washington, to illustrate, going to lower your movie or return distrust or movies or convince nicole on den for president of the european parliament, the deal to officially invite my food, which had never been done by anyone anywhere boss. good luck. she left hearted dempsey, i think frances hands were tied by its relationship and economic connections with pakistan which were valuable back then. i guess your list, of course,
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the french intelligence services were in contact with masoud. the same way they were in contact taliban yankee, a more likely they met with him regularly to ask questions about the situation kitchen to understand how he saw things we will issue and also to ask about al qaeda. ok, that says, can't i see that was the major points of interest of the french intelligence services anymore. but that commerce would be given that masoud had a significant network of informants in the country who's he might learn things about bin laden or al qaeda and share that information with the french. oh, so he's will say, i shared military insights about the show molly plain front with french intelligence services with my suits permissional didn't send him off. i was a messenger, mr. to help us. it eventually reports transmitted by the west in secret services including the cia gaining traction. but america still insisted on sparing pakistan. washington decided instead to pressure the un
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security counseling new york city, the council voted to impose sanctions on the cobble regime. tell about it on the 1st, i wanted to let them use it on us. you know, we actually don't, if you least on 2000 is the uni shown on the focus could be up to the united states was in what i call the hyper power phase with what i mean was that basically any other power almost anywhere in the world you had to take u. s. policies into account would put it that didn't mean they needed to agree with those policies from the put in fact, which the french government's position with regard to the u. s. at the time was to be a friend and ally. but not necessarily aligned with them. that was unacceptable to the americans. they thought you, if you're an ally, you have to be aligned with them. otherwise you're useless. you are here about children, mo, mo, at the moment international sanctions were put into place or reserve. i knew the taliban would become even more radicalized yet it all copies,
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it goes. so the modem that the moderates were favored, keeping communications channels with the western world open. oh, would essentially no longer have it there way. so no, no, i begun as a result. it would be the radicals who would cease our well, i tried to tell them that to say that i tried repeatedly customer ah, the radicalization of the taliban had brutal, inhumane consequences for women. their rights regressed even further, and as those rights disappeared, any woman under suspicion could wind up imprisoned, beaten, or even stone to esau. the new lauzon came to the stadium. what a small woman die, a woman whose face will never see them. and if we only know her as armina, ella, that's her! in the middle between 2 female guards that, that he bought the taliban leaders sentences her to death for adultery. ah little sir mina, 7 children watched her execution from the stands. their uncle was the one who
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pulled the trigger. but the freedom for women so long it's false to say that they had no freedom in god. they were not prisoners of you that be granted. they did not have western freedoms. what they had islamic, koranic freedoms. oh, and in our country, it's true that stoning as prescribed by islam is allowed. the women here are like ghosts, all shrouded in the same covering. the chatter chandry, these clandestine images were found in secret. in afghanistan, one can't even look at women from behind. and here even their underwear is a man's business. seldom come, no other women selling clothes. it's more, i know no way of islam wouldn't allow it renege because of this interpretation of the koran m women's fashion in afghanistan is entirely decided by men from the cut
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of the pattern to the actual styles. black with the sold the taliban of rotten capital, women played a major role in afghan society. they held 80 percent of administrative positions and a 3rd of medical jobs. masoud encouraged equality and advocated women's return to public life. mess with the disorder for them approved only from them of duties down masood believed islam, fundamental values that give women autonomy and the right to have an education. and i would say fully belong in the organisation of political life here for school. and i think masood pushed for those ideas, decal, due funnelled in women's groups, came to him, asking him to sign a charter for women's rights, which he did thank you to see if he was fully aligned with everything they brought up. isn't he agreed with all of it? the coughing, although he still added a line about how these clauses had to respect afghan goals are good to again
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another indication of the taliban. radicalization was its intent to destroy all non islamic symbols. after food beating children to play with kites, to listen to music and to take photos of themselves. taliban latest now opposed looking at any work of art. neetha of go a do a good good of the afghan government with help from france and a protocol signed in 1921. well had promoted national archaeology, literally been lo, see by destroying those archaeological fines. the taliban wanted to prove that afghanistan had no other culture than that instilled by the pakistani seminaries, the semi them but it's the need to actually do, has to access these beautiful raw carvings. one must take tunnels that lead to an opening above them. well, one discovery is beautiful frescoes that have already been mutilated and vandalized
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by our trafficking organized by the country. this past sunday authorities and cobbled tried to reassure a western diplomatic team who had come to investigate the destruction of artworks, mood, omar, desert, plentiful, just 2 hours. after our last meeting went out, omar announced the decision to systematically destroy all anti islamic works and awful guar. i want to get more. of course, there were obvious, ideological and religious reasons. the trooper was to them, the statues represent idols and must be destroy minister duties went. that's also a clear sign of radicalization. i did tell you this is your pa contact of a co, new municipal this i felt it told her i contacted the minister of foreign affairs and told them that if they did this, they needed to understand that those artworks would forever be destroyed. as i may o, curly family, you do to tell us is dawning women was hard enough to swallow them. but here you had something that had been around since the 5th century in which wasn't bothering anybody kinda damaged me. so she quit his seat for a more pod and i said, look,
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if you're really afraid that people will come and worship the statues. i'm sure i can find you a company somewhere that would be willing to manufacture and donate hard to do his homework. we've actually do it really looking for her to say, look through, you can cover the statute and just open the curtains when people come to observe their splendors, him a new mom as opposed to a worshiping supposed to me. i can when he did it. he said that was a great idea and that he would related him, well omar, very level. you promised me that those tutors wouldn't be destroyed. she should gave me his word, dental by that it was him at bowden. ah, less shuttled italy bell and the taliban. relentless destruction of the balmy on buddha statues in march, 2001 was a huge shock. buskie they delivered it, revealed an extremely deep seated way of thinking,
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which is why the world reacted the way a dead lead richie for them. although we were watching the resurgence of a way of thinking that most believed was a thing of the past due to full cycle coyer lever us of were it was a doctrine that monuments and works of art from civilizations that are not our own carry ideological messages and oppose religious dangers them than miss sand that they must be eradicated you dollars, lou e r a had ski of so you know, a proponent in favor of a moderate islam. then french minister alone matlab took a keen interest in afghanistan very early on, and visited the country on numerous occasions which was recently opened to you. i went to punch here explicitly to meet my suit and spend some time with him. oh, if he was a true force of nature, an extraordinary man saw the day. while i was there, my suit gave me
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a clear message. warning of the dangers afghanistan presented to the world of warsaw. the daughter, if you could, he warned that the afghan people needed to be freed from this tyrannical regime. b o. e is of go de. so as im john, i told him that he needed to come to france again of us care. so track report, propellers, ministry for foreign affairs was concerned for many reason, mostly deeper. but the main reason, according to one of the senior officials at the ministry all done was weapons negotiations with pakistan. we couldn't upset sac stansell. the girl said a boy did you? yes. the ministry for foreign affairs didn't want him to come all he had, he tells me which was strange because in reality and for many reasons, the french military had people on the ground there who knew the country. and they had a completely different opinion. thank you for lady much. they knew we needed to help my suit world city, but their voices weren't taken seriously and military. diplomatic and government
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circles if humanities, debbie, diesel, i talked to people and offered them solutions to be sure that he ball faced the taliban were losing popular support. and there were taliban commanders that we could have paid off or mass ethically. in march of the french ministry for foreign affairs invited a taliban delegation, was it provo i offered to greet them because i was curious if the vall that i wanted to see what they were lifeless lloyd after having read so many horrible things about them. the cheaper thought, i remember they were completely closed off. yeah. they never looked me in the eye even when we were 50 centimeters from one another. so they didn't say a word, but it was done and it probably had to be don't justify. because we didn't know what was next up school on can spot a street this march 2001 meeting was highly secret. no. can miss or media were present. diplomacy, requite keeping all sides happy,
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so as not to endanger the weapons deal with pakistan. invited by the european parliament masoud made his 1st tongue in paris. ah, i begin with offer to chicago him. oh, we had a good discussion with mister vedrine. well, even though the meeting was extremely hurry, credit and bullets dropped, so pano buzz with it began over breakfast, and the following discussion evolved into an extensive debate back to be shot. my daughter that tapped the europeans, came to realize they were dealing with a real leader who was on the same level as they were. but i did. you should edkey bag that better. but i had many other meetings with mister valentine afterwards, maker, and every time he mentioned that 1st meeting with commander masoud blockhead, touched on by mission. but before that meeting, it was obvious that they didn't trust us. they almost said their shad. yup. they said that the prisoner was, he was ecstatic about coming to paris and very happy to be received by the minister
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dues. that you, there's a certain prestige and status attached to that she had this issue. then he asked if the d g s e could help more by providing weapons? lisa dear, if it's more movies, it okey was trying to rally the international community to his side of the fight and prove that his fight was just and his enemy was a serious threat. and believe me, not just to him but to everyone, but nothing came of it except talk. he told me france didn't even give him a kalashnikov cartridge, up to 2 cushions, raised his pinkie and set it in a dory. them not a mika. let's take of them, not the 5 months before september, the 11th masoud came to europe to deliver a message. by on my bible, she's good. i got that estimate that. i mean, i saw that i missed on how about your nasa murder than the other one is on that really the see then if so i call math not going to be
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a kinky much good and not that hard them and get this done by the kid them and get it on because what could be just be study asked to try to dissolve what matthew didn't quibble, met with my food and listened to him on false folk in france throughout europe. and of course, some were adamant that he should receive a message. ski full compulsory kill him. what you need to understand is that there were just as many people may be more influential. who believe the opposite. digital copy, i keep with a branded masoud as a fundamentalist, just like all the others. can some one who would never have a political future in afghanistan, and that it would be ridiculous to back up to the music in a suit was officially greeted by european authorities, notably through his visit to the european parliament in stressful welcome to the european parliament. i'm so happy to have you here. it seemed that his
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urgent message would finally be heard and taken seriously or sub in the position. you all know that for a long time now, the european parliament has been very concerned with what is happening in afghanistan. the serious and repeated infringements of fundamental rights and human dignity. what is your appalling situation facing? women? the famine that threatened was the country as well as refugees, a lot refrigerator. i would venture to say that the destruction of the army on godaddy and that was the straw that broke the camel's back on. which confirmed beyond any doubt that the taliban simply have no good for anything nor do i speak for. yeah, it won't have, he does you. the invitation. i extended is 1st and foremost, the political acknowledgement on that of what commander must suit my presents a c would. but i must also tell you that the pakistani ambassador will your letter
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when his government learned that i had invited lazoodo looked out letter, gives me the opportunity to give a strict warning to the pakistan authorities a civil more or god, the result of their support of the taliban constitutes a 3 to the entire region ball. it does, don't follow this you too. and in my response to this letter, i will formally asked pakistan to see supporting a regime which has ostracized itself, from the world with fanaticism and urine tis nissan, obscure senior bone, lack of you know, that the national how much the g d o. and i spend going to pick if it and that i find a song, but i'm tired of all cut out on your daughter. i god, what are you know that the battle to see this law? my son will play it. he hammer you make one on miss a saw my beloved in,
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tyler by august stony as caught, it must be by hum daughter my miss. i am as you say, the william k tan. ha ha, that's fair. as you go too far, as one is on a bad dog as well, then while one is on as bad cottage as of the stuff i bought come on. that's why i couldn't k that after be hum to go too far. but hum to, i've got a ticket on the focused on what this guy stuff about at the i saw you focused on cut off. all of these you do miss who do on your p t probably. must foods visit to europe was a very good thing already, but it was also the worst possible thing he could have done for himself. i'm pretty convinced that's what gave the enemy the idea that my suit had to be physically eliminated. masoud. that idea was hatched in the sick minds of l. k. e. the leader of medicaid are repressive illogical, is su, fossa, ne,
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did. i had noticed the phonetic radicalization of the taliban. but i didn't really understand how much influence been loudon have at the time been and then this mac or been lead then of a conclusion not found to do more low matic, enlarged and had arranged the marriage of one of his sons to a daughter of omar axis he saw city view them all. that meant their relationship became familial, and dynastic, a stick, which posed a lot of problems. so good problem. look at, do a mellow marcia to the dealer. jim is a gift to mullah omar in the sense that a gave him the last little piece of afghanistan. he was missing 1st as she near my shoe assassinating masood meant that he could launch a mass of operation to conquer punchier and the entire northeast ruling over the entire country b. o, or all of this without been loudon sharing what he was planning in the us moscow script or was it as you had k dark oscio, he can defy you. al qaeda thought that one of my suits weaknesses was his
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willingness to accept visits from journalist effects and politicians revisit. digital ned is too rude and politic he, they decided to use that as a way to get close to hamlet up or chic. they would go, ann pretending to be journalists with a camera or batteries that were filled with explosive. all kid exclusive. ah, the ah, on september the 9th, 2001 to al qaeda suicide bombers made with command masoud. the to terrorist pretended to be journalists with the arab media outlets. with
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him dash t. one of the suits, loyal lieutenants is one of the only 2 witnesses still alive to day. i may shak a day mother. it's always hard for me to talk about what happened on september 9th, 2130. by that i had always brings back like horrible memories as indeed that's the worst of my life. it was wrote 8 or 830 in the more nice destiny missile laughed as of when i came out of my room, i asked where those arab journalists had gone on garden, keith aladdin. gotcha. the gas of ahmed on one told me they had already gone to the commander's headquarters to interviewer while caught him at the time by the part of my workers. and would yahoo was to record videos while i grabbed my camera and headed to the commander's headquarters. by the on the side of it, he says, you couldn't say i should do it for the interview started. and so all the commander asked them to share what questions we were planning to ask the nurse is that our
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last ha, arab sitting next to the commander listed a dozen or so questions mostly about al qaeda. the taliban been like a lot of pakistan. although laura will land them out at the outlet that will tell them all focus on january was always the same questions back them on black. why again, since the interview was about to begin, i sat in a chair behind the chair and prepared my camera to film. let me show history. i was suddenly blinded by a very strong yellow light, wagner as out of my eyes closed instinctively. and then i realized that i was burned and wounded, noted by the sauce coming. so since i'd been setting up my camera, the 1st thing i thought was that there may have been a short circuit by then. and then it had exploded in my face for the much try to come in about a shot to that much. i'm having remained for managed to open my eyes and i saw there was dust and smoke everywhere. all the windows had been blown out again, and in almost a few people, carried the commander from the room with his pocket covering his face,
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felt like that he had injuries to his head and legs most seriously to his chest. why should mander masood was killed? for the 1st time in my life, i realized what a great responsibility and, and had been carrying up until that time. i got about him. everything depended on him. was our ha, millions of us felt it, whatever. and i think we weren't strong enough to carry the weight of that responsibility. that once read a sentence in a book that said, well betide a nation of need of heroes live on them unless you can back when the commander was still alive. i thought that author was stupid can make kevin keener. he didn't understand that. it was great to have a hero me. when should be so lucky? but when miss who died last year, i finally understood what the author was trying to say. what he meant was that it's
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sad when people need a hero molest. when that hero disappears, locking up me. ah, 2 days after monsieur assassination on tuesday, september the 11th 2001 at 8 45 am. an airliner crashed into the north tower of the world trade center in new york. just 18 minutes later, a 2nd plane hit the south tower. then a 3rd crashed into the pentagon in washington, dc, and a 4th in pennsylvania. it was considered the worst terrorist attack in human history because the sub i'd be sure the 2 events are closely connected cabinet before the 911 attacks. alca either wanted to eradicate the leader of the resistance. so there would be no more opposition to the taliban in afghanistan,
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that there shall washer. been a complete yes, only been loudon certainly understood that must suit was his enemy. but at men foster hops, he thought that the u. s. would retaliate against afghanistan after the attack on the twin towers could not a clip as usual again, and if such a response occurred, he needed to ensure my suit was gone, let because he represented the main opposition devonie. surely the rest would work itself out. but the connection between those 2 events is absolutely obvious to do more. if you don't, ah, after september, the limit to the united states went after public enemy number one, a summer, been loudon, and took military action in afghanistan, helped by the americans. the troops of the light command most suit liberated capital in november 2001. the telephone's departure was a relief to the local population. masoud lives on
11:56 am
the memories of many for the people of afghanistan. lagossi bushy, swedish argued militia. my biggest regret is my own personal failure. i think that masoud, i think he counted on, at least a little bit of the value he counted on me to relay his message, but that didn't work. so it's a personal failure on my part. that said, that collective failure is even more consequential than my personal one. with his cousin to says he, he said, bessy come in touch. do you like it all happened like a greek tragedy and on and the tragedy played out accordingly. this was from his own plus he and the bull. well, regardless of how much we tried, things always took a turn for the worse to repeal. even still to this day,
11:57 am
i'm calling ah, ah ah ah ah
11:58 am
ah. ah, somalia has been shit hard by a but there is a way out affordable desalination of the water and initiative by some only business man demonstrates how it can be done to go africa in 30 minutes on d. w saving any way possible.
11:59 am
a go has been battling green drought a now the city is counting on its residence for house and on sustainable technology. even 3090 minutes on d. w. love has no limits. love is for everybody. love is life. i love matter. and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn char, mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that more divide and deny that this i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you to an end
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ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, israel's prime minister on a diplomatic visit to berlin. the 2 countries want to finalize a deal on strategic economic and security operation. but germany's backing for a nuclear deal with iran threatens to cast a shadow. we will go live to press conference being held. i will fall on. yeah you la pete.


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