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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 12, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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experience outstanding shopping and dining office. enjoy alice services. oh, be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by frappe bought ah ah ah, this is dw news, live it from berlin to night, the people of scotland bidding farewell to their queen, the city of edinburgh. king charles, the 3rd to day led a procession with his mother's coffin to saint giles cathedral. that is where to night 1000 are paying their final respects to britain's longest reigning monarch.
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also coming up russia in retreat. moscow has withdrawn war troops from ukraine's northeastern harkey region. as the ukrainian military press is on with its counter offensive, and israel's prime minister on a diplomatic visit here in berlin. but if wrought remains a point of contention. ah, i break off is good to have you with us a final farewell to night. thousands of mourners are paying their respects to the late queen elizabeth in edinburgh. scott. the monarch's casket was taken through the heart of the scottish capital earlier today, followed by a procession that was led by king charles, tens of thousands are expected to visit the coffin to night inside saint giles
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cathedral before it is flown to london tuesday afternoon. ah, the lawn, good bye to queen elizabeth continues the centerpiece of a long day of ceremony in scotland was the procession of the queen's coffin down. the capital city's royal mile thousands lined the streets to pay the respects as the new king charles. the 3rd and his 3 siblings, led the procession to saint giles cathedral where a short ceremony followed. for those who came out to view the events, the sense of history was huge. i just said it had to be here. let me just on the do say that in santa historical moment and what part of history and i can tell my children, they'll tell me or children, wendy. just continue just with the history. yeah. just a fancy history to life thing and obviously as america really
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i'm here mostly because it's, it's such a momentous occasion that we can. so we were all saying like, same deville's watch on the, on i one spilled. come your be with everybody is, is a massive warning that we're all going through is really santa, for everyone. this is scotlands chance to say its own good bye to the queen. tens of thousands are expected to visit the cathedral to view the coffin before it is flown to london on tuesday afternoon for making his way to edinburgh for the ceremonies. the new king was in london, where he addressed representatives of the houses of parliament for the 1st time since coming to the throne. in his address, he paid tribute to her, the queen, honor to pledge she made as a young woman to devote herself to her country. this vow she kept with unsurpassed diversion. she set
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an example of sofas duty, which with god's help and your counsels. i am resolved faithfully to follow his words reflected a theme which has been in evidence during many of the events since the queen died. a focus on the future of the crown as well as its past correspondent nic mackey. he is in edinburgh and he spoke, or he talked me through what the world has seen to day, and the scottish cap it's been very moving. i actually, i respect co moving when the cleans coffin, the cortez made its way that the procession coming from the palace of hollywood house, which is behind me all the way up to the roll mile. do you have king charles behind
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the coffin with his brothers and his sister, the princess royal. and as it passed, the crowd's people would flash. the enormity indicated it, which is so clear. and it was, it was actually very moving. i spoke to americans and amongst the crowd as well as scots and english and spanish. an everyman was saying how move they were really brought at home when you actually see the children, including the king, king charles as well goes. following the mothers coffin up to san jose cathedral, you're at the scottish parliament where on king charles met with the 1st minister nicholas sturgeon today. how to scotland view its relationship with the new king, particularly regarding the question of independence as a really good question, that's a day in parliament to be fair, the leaders of all the parties. so they actually gave
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a short speech in san to king charles on the queen concert and found one, it was very, very respect people which were itching their allegiance and ending the speeches was going to the king. there was one party, this gaudy green party, which is self confessed, republicans are the anti marcus and they were the message, wasn't this war, but just leave it like that. but for the moment this is not the time for diverse. politics is going to come and i think we're going to find over the remains of this year. the whole constitutional debate will gather pace. that was nic mackey reporting from edinburgh in scotland. russia has pulled back more of its troops from ukraine's north eastern harkey region as the ukrainian military
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presses all on with its counter offensive in the east and south of the country. ukrainian military saying that it has recaptured an additional 20 northeastern townsend villages in the past. 24 hours. it also claims that its re taken hundreds of square miles of territory in the south near here so that the abandoned tank is one of many left behind. in the panic russian retreat from the hockey region in a nearby village vehicles and piles of ammunition, testified to the russians. hasty withdrawal in the face of the ukrainian at fonts ukraine's military command has pledged to push on are those which does evening eliza la, puente through the liberation of settlements from the russian invaders and the hockey fin. donna's greedy continues yet bicycle usually reported. during the retreat, russian troops quickly abandoned their positions and fled deep into temporarily occupied territories or their rational federation. on boulevard list,
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trend persists, sat and then there was body height. the russian command has played down the setback . and president vladimir putin has yet to acknowledge it and said, striking a defined note on western sanctions. how could the good i see it will lead in us? but i waited. russia confidently handling the external pressure, essentially a financial and technological aggression coming from certain countries. it for them that quickly economic bullets creek tactics there were counting on haven't worked completely, which is obvious to everybody including them. model, it was actually the left here in georgia. putting silence has not stop growing criticism of the military's dismal performance that could turn out to be a problem for the president. despite a harsh crack down on descent. since the outbreak of the war. booty can still count on the russian orthodox church to be a pillar of support. we play them one day as we live in
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a very difficult time. i pray a special one that square for the head of our state and supreme commander in chief vladimir without the middle aged putin. he bears a special responsibility. that's so bad, so bad, yes, for this. but ship, the war continued to go badly for russia. pressure will mount on the leader who not long ago, seemed unassailable. earlier i spoke to justin brock. he is a researcher in the military team at the royal united services institute in london . i asked him if these latest defeats, if they are assigned that the russian army is collapsing in new grain. we knew that the russian military had serious morale problems, not least because that the shortage of troops means that their troops don't get any time off the line. so we're 7 months into the invasion. many of those troops have been in combat, or at least in the, was on the entire time, mostly in the open, with very poor equipment and food. and now they're faced with an essentially
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a war movement for which they're just not prepared in the north. and so many trips to simply abandon the heavy equipment and the vehicles. and once you do that was you can stop because you don't have the equipment to defend yourself. so for example, in is you, me, we see these enormous stockpiles of ammunition of tanks, other ahmed vehicles, because an entire russian clank just basically left their equipment and tried to get out of her name and in supplement. their suddenly threatened with. and once that sort of thing starts, it's really very difficult to stop and without a huge body of troops coming in to kind of provide a counter punch and stuff, steady the line. and that's exactly what the russians don't have here. ukraine probably doesn't have the logistics capacity to both secure, fully everything it's already liberated and also keep pushing without risking of a stretch. so they may be forced to slow down. but at the moment, the russians seem to be falling backwards faster than the ukrainians can perceive them in the north east. i'm in class and they're still grinding forward. and of course, if the morale panic spreads to cason and we saw
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a collapse there as well. suddenly at that point, the regime in moscow even look starts to look very shaky and worried there was just brought speaking with me earlier. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world. at 10 people accused of carrying out the 2016 terror attacks in brussels. they have now gone on trial in building 32 people were killed. hundreds were wounded when suicide bombers detonated explosives at the airport in brussels and on the metro during the cities rush hour, so called his womic state claim responsibility for the attacks. the former cheque prime minister andre babich, it has gone on trial in prague. prosecutors allege that the billionaire committed e u subsidy fraud for his chemical for me and media empire. bobby sh has denied any wrong doing. he has called this trial politically motivate typhoon who eva has been battering in japan's southern island. authorities have warned residents to seek
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shelter from strong waves and winds as the typhoon makes landfall. meteorologist say that the storm is now one course to hit mainland, showing that near shanghai. israel's prime minister jojo loppy is here in berlin, on his 1st official trip to germany. he and the german transfer o sholtes. they've agreed to disagree or they've agreed to deepen cooperation on defense. that's true, but they've agreed to disagree when it comes to iran. germany wants to revive the 2015 deal that limited iran's nuclear program and exchange for sanctions relief. but lockheed says doing that would be a mistake ah, greeted with military on his, on his 1st trip to germany since taking office. israel's prime minister highlight that the partnership between both countries also regarding security song will suddenly say that the military partnership between germany in israel is an historical irony. i consider to be proved that we have drawn the necessary
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conclusions from the past to all thought under the military partnership that could also be in the area of ad defense. chancellor shall set naming israel's anti missile capacities. but when it comes to ron, this a key issue with a to lead as disagree. sholtes in le pete, both one to prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, but differ and how to do that. germany supports the nuclear agreement with iran. israel opposes it. buffy stuffers. not one's we are convinced isn't a functioning international agreement to restrict and control iran's nuclear program is the right way to achieve this. it is fine to move past that fails negotiations with iran. we cannot and will look, achieve the goal. we all share to stop iran from getting in nuclear weapons. she said that iran has, in any case, failed to agree to proposals from european countries and reviving a deal to restrict its nuclear program. he added that this would put any
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a caught out of reach in the near future. would it be use? benjamin alvarez gruber, he told me earlier that disagreement over iran has long been a source of tension in germany is really relations there. there's nothing new and that's also a we saw recently when israel's president isaac had, it was in berlin and met the german president. and they could see already the tension and how they actually disagree on what's the way forward. so the lead is both of them and also both lead us today agreed on the thing that, that iran should not have access should not be able to have this nuclear weapons. now the big question, and the difference is that remain is how they can achieve that. german president, 15 dashed, i may who also negotiated this agreement as germany's for a minute step, of course is in favor of reviving this 2015 agreement just as german chancellor all our shows. but there's also disappointment with tehrani saying that they need to
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abide to the rules that they are now setting to see if they can revise that. but for israel, for both, for the president and for the prime minister, any agreement would not lead to stopping iran. but this is nothing new and that's something that they again saw to day. so there is agreement on one side, but not how this can be achieved. and that was our correspond with benjamin alvarez gruber reporting there. you're watching dw news st. in for our business update. that's up next with christy plants and i will see you tomorrow with her again that i work that time and in the endy to meet you. i'm not allowed to see you anymore. we will send you back or you.


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