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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 13, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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a special look at a special country. iran from above. start september 16th on d, w. ah, this is the w news life from berlin. ukrainian troops liberated more territory as a dr. russian forces out of the hartley region. president zalinski says he's military of taken back 6000 square kilometers in less than 2 weeks. also on the program, members of the public filed past the coughing of queen elizabeth in edinburgh. later, it will be from from scottish capital to westminster hall in london by the queen
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will line state and television honors its biggest stars at the 74th emmy awards the 1st red carpet. gov. i think the pandemic will hear from los angeles about the night to witness ah, i'm fil gail. welcome to the program. ukrainian president valadez lansky says his forces have liberated 6000 square kilometers country from russian occupation since the start of this month. ukraine's also claiming significant gains in the southern regional house on moscow conceived it has lost territory, but as dismissed any suggestion of negotiations, instead retaliating with air strikes and artillery fire. the front line is shifted further away, but ha heath is still in rushes. sites as strikes hit the city on monday,
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sparking fires killing at least one person and cutting power and public services. retaliation for russia's battlefield losses says president philadelphia, zalinski lenovo, which on the one hand this is a sign of the desperation of those who contrived this war. this is how they react to the defeat of russian forces in the harkey regional. they can't do anything to our heroes on the battlefield, and that's why it rushes directing its vile strikes against civilian infrastructure . volunteers have rushed to the re taken villages to deliver supplies to residence, traumatized by months under occupation in your manager, new house, but there was shooting, bombing and shelling. day after day, we had no electricity and the water just on my hood checked them was that bid the way? yeah, we had all my snap food. now we finally been liberated, but the world has to know what happened here. miss bra. so in the city of these
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young resident say, russian forces beat a hasty retreat, burning buildings as they fled a shorter westerly morning. there were russians this morning all ready of ukrainians. it's not enough to say i am happy. i just don't have enough words to express myself. the woodland will flume foreman and mamma says it is them in the house us. we met them with tears in our eyes. we've been waiting for them. we couldn't imagine that they would have come so unexpectedly. but we've been waiting for them for almost half a year, which and we're so happy over the clean up has just begun. ukrainian de mining units say they're clearing explosives from towns near the russian border, a task which could take weeks or months than it was at these positions. we found what you see here, anti tank minds. are you an anti personnel mines that are forbidden by the international convention live? well then, see those minds were found and cleared by our unit channel releases smooth soil as
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ukrainian forces, dr. deeper rushes losses, litter the landscape. and the scale of the counter offensive becomes clear. and we can join d, w, corresponded nick connelly and the ukranian capital. welcome nick, and we have some western military analysts saying that russian forces of abandon the hawk. if region is, is ukraine ready to declare victory in its ne well, i think that definitely is the mood here and keith as the last few days, bessie being kind of shocked amazement at the speed of this. i think even lots of kind of a and less close to the government here couldn't quite imagine this happening in this time frame. there are some russian troops in the can far eastern part of high kibbler as we understand still hanging on. but the most part, this is now all firmly under ukrainian control. it seemed like the russians didn't put up much a fight, but just dumped everything had dumped. lots of high tech kit, even with instruction manuals left, didn't even bother to destroy it,
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let alone take it with them and ran for the russian border. and put to remember though, that had give as low and along with this region is directly on the border with russia. so it should russia collect more resources, rebuild its forces. that danger is there, you know, all the time. and people as if i give a very well aware that, you know, they're 45 kilometers away from the border. so missile attacks, even can long distance. artillery is all still within range. right. and how long will it be? do you think for, for people in liberated areas to, to get back to some sort of normality all of these places have been without electricity or even without mobile phone connection for months now. so that's part of the reason why we've had such a trouble trying to kind of work out what's going on the ground before jealous rebel to go there. people even here in kia with relatives there occasion may be getting once every couple weeks, a message of their relatives would have been driven somewhere where some reception was still available. it seems like the cranial thought is, are putting those kind of basic services in pretty quickly. i think the bigger
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question is going to be how you crane, how you create government deals to people who collaborated with russia. how divisive those kind of judicial proceedings get. these people are going to be, we've heard that lots of people who got jobs in the russian occupation ministration have headed for the russian border. have tried to leave. but that definitely is a sense that this is potentially, something's going to be divisive and difficult in those communities. and just turning our attention to the, the ukranian counter offensive in the south. how difficult is that making life a russian forces? well they're really our lim there because they're basically on the western bank of the pro river, very wide river. they're kind of back up, their logistics have been broken by those grainy attacks on the bridges. so they're basically, as we understand running out of ammunition now, and there were reports and ukraine media yesterday about attempts to maybe go into kind of ukrainian to can offer themselves up to become prisoners war or master to give up. and that could be psychological warfare here from the ukrainian side, but it does seem like russia is not able to kind of rebuild those bridges,
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rebuild pontoons, the supply that garrison there. so it does seem that you know, the days of those russian force there are definitely numbered and near the drink. tactic of cutting off their supplies has been pretty effective. ok, thank you for that. nick, nick connelly and keith are members of the public, has been filing past the coffin of the night at queen elizabeth as it lies at rest . instant charles's cathedral in edinburgh at this is the scene are right now. are people lined up through the night to pay their last respects coffin arrived in the heart of the scottish capital on monday, followed by a procession led by king charles. it'll be flown to london later today. ah the lawn, good bye to queen elizabeth continues the centerpiece of a long day of ceremony, and scotland was the procession of the queen's coffin down the capital city's royal mile thousands lined the streets to pay their respects as the new king charles the
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3rd and his 3 siblings led the procession to saint giles cathedral where a short ceremony followed. for those who came out to view the events, the sense of history was huge. i just said it had to be here. let me just on the do say, but in santa historical moment and part of history and then i can tell my children, they'll tell me your children one day. so it will just continue just because of history. yeah. just a fancy history life thing and obviously as america really i'm here mostly because this is such a momentous occasion that we can. so we were all saying that it's not like same to build, to watch on the on. i once failed to come your be with everybody because it is a mass morning that we're all going through. and it's really santa for everyone. this is scotland chance to say its own good bye to the queen. tens of thousands are
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expected to visit the cathedral to view the coffin before it is flown to london on tuesday afternoon for making his way to edinburgh for the ceremonies. the new king was in london, where he addressed representatives of the houses of parliament for the 1st time since coming to the throne. in his address, he paid tribute to her, the queen, honor to pledge she made as a young woman to devote herself to her country. this vow she kept with unsurpassed devotion. she set an example of sofas duty which with god's help and your counsels. i am resolved faithfully to follow his words, reflected the theme which has been in evidence during many of the events since the queen died. a focus on the future of the crown as well as it's past.
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take a look at some more stories making news around the world now and then in fresh clashes between azure, by johnny and armenian forces in a resumption of decades old hostilities linked to the disputed region of no gonna kind of back as a by john said its troops had suffered casualties, armenia said several of its military positions have been attacked. the ethnically armenian region is internationally recognized as part of azerbaijan. officials in ethiopia, northern t g. right region, say the capital makayla has been hit by an air strike. now this comes just days after the ruling t great people's liberation front said he was ready for a cease fire and peace talks with the p. e. philippine government. after the 2 years of war. a rocket launch by jeff bezos is a blue origin space company was bought it on monday, actually caught fire and minutes into its flight. the cruelest catch the cruelest
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rock. it was supposed to be the 1st in another series of sub orbital flights to the edge of space usa vh authorities have now grounded the program to entertainment news on the dysfunctional family saga succession was warded the best drama at the 74th annual emmy awards. in los angeles, then dad became the 1st black woman to win lead actress twice for her role in hbo at teen drama, euphoria, kareem global sensations. squid game made history. when the young. yeah, he was named best actor a 1st for a non english language, perform and see if we can get a taste of their glitter and glanced with journalists, k. j matthews, who joins us from los angeles, a welcome back to the w k. j. as in dia is the 1st black woman to add to wid best lead actress twice at tell us about her eduphoria. i mean,
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she's been the it woman in hollywood for the last 3 years on the big screen and on television with you for in each be. oh yes, she definitely made history. but let me tell you, she was not the only black women at the prime time emmy awards to make history. ah, better an actress? sure. only ralph. she stars in the tv show hit t v show that is abil elementary. she has been the business for more than 4 decades, and hopefully she won her 1st prime time immune a supporting actress role 1st and she actually on stage. and her accepting speeches blew everyone away. she was seeing her award basically saying i'm an endangered species, but i'm not going to play a victim. i'm so honor. it was weird to hear singing it for so long. but you know, she was so thrilled that very late in her career she at least got the emmy award. i'm also making history was lizza. the singer liz. oh i. she is now
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closer to becoming an e guy. she already has the grammy. she just won an emmy for her amazon reality tv show where people just get to watch her. i'm trying to audition dancers, to basically perform in concert with her. she has an emmy, she has a grammy. now all she needs is an oscar and natalia ward and she will be an e got winner. so she moved closer to that tonight. ok, i'm hugely popular. i serious, successful. not one best drama, but there were lots of strong containers in that category. here. you know, the thing is though, who can be succession with hbo, a feel to home a total of $37.00 awards. a lot of you wanted me when you get it, they would only get like 20, but they really took over, you know, nobody can really b h, b o, they're just great. i mean, there was a great other people winning to of course we had to laugh. so everybody knew that he was going to suite the comedy a category outstanding limited series. the white load is which is also an h,
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b o max. that's really a great show was a limited show, and people really happy to see that show when and then i miss coolidge also, when in her best supporting actress role, there are a couple of surprises. madame lot, i mean even the show itself with keenan thompson. i'm basically hosting the show, you know, he used to be on s, and now he had his own show and nbc cocky intimate was a cancelled, he was joking about bad. he took a couple swipes at netflix and the problems that they're having. but overall, to be honest with you, it was a pretty safe show. i mean, it started off with oprah winfrey giving out the 1st award. a couple of funny moments. um, but no really mean spirited jokes at all? no, off the cuff real surprises. certainly nothing like the oscars, and i don't think anybody can talk with the oscars did earlier this year turns. i says, oh course you know, tv show, i'll say overall came in, did an okay job, i think. okay, i got you on to disappointed. thank you for joining us. are catering rafters,
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is my function. thank you. as a reminder of our top story, this, our president vladimir savanski says ukrainian forces have liberated 6000 square kilometers of territory. since the start of the month, increase in military said it recaptured to an additional 20 northeast in towns and villages over the past days. as a russian troops retreat feed up news from berlin strikes and the u. s. threatened to push inflation even higher kristy plots and has the details in business in just a moment. i'll see at the top of a devastated how was this up to how we can with the effects of climate change. i mean, phil.


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