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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  September 14, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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the 4 lines, a vibrant habitat lu, ended glistening plates of longing, mediterranean c. c. l muster, and to follow do korean drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and the mediterranean meeting. people are hearing their dreams literally journey this week on d w. ah no one is too young to make a difference. thus the moto of a dedicated environmental activist based right, cherry lake, us and featured all today's show. i'm chris,
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a lamps. thank you for joining us for this new edition of echo africa. hello, chris, good to for you again. program today will be presenting several examples of how much can be achieved once you dedicate yourself to a course. here is a look at what is coming up. young people in beneath our constructing more equal friendly, all thing. how architect designing equal friendly houses and a designer. uganda uses an unusual natural material to create beautiful governments . you may have had the author referred to as the blue, flaunted that is because of a sitting 2 percent of the stuff is covered by the sea. and yet so many people, especially here in africa, struggle with water shortages on a daily basis. now if we could take water from our ocean for drinking, bathing,
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cooking, and also farming, it would dramatically change the lives of millions. this report from somalia hung small the securing a day supply of drinking water is hard work, increase my u. a c. t own somalia crossed the wilson up to 200 meters deep and holding up the water. connie sterns is train. yes. since rain, fully scarce, fresh water east to salt water from the nearby ocean infiltrates and contaminates the wills. still abdul calgary archman and his neighbors come here most every day. they have no other choice but talk to lucy, it's exhausting to draw water from the deep. well, and it's salty tool, but i cannot afford to buy a clean water la asian was active. i remember
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in recent years, samaya has experience several field rainy seasons. the london rank is my o is drain out for residence. it's a disaster. this little grazing land left and animals are dying off cast. the ground is so parched, it's hardly worth funny. over $2000000.00, so margins are already feeling the effects of climate change. lima was sent from so maria's minister of energy and water resources is worried about the future. we got other can smiling away whether the drought has adversely affected people under livestock increase my your and the surrounding areas. there is a severe water shortage increase my rewards. some of the worlds have dried up on the reverse half to. we're not expecting grains in the coming months, but the drought will end when allah since us ringing off to get us,
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we're elected bishop for either in realistic in our mission. met even without any rain help has arrived in the form of a watered desalination plant. it was built by somali business people who wanted to improve the water quality in the world's saw. they founded their own farm. oh, holly, i thought syllable enough little unclear. we established the, our fi water supply company in q smile in 2014. after we saw there was no clean and drinkable water in case might be cancel when we dug deep. well, we not have the water with so we bought machines to diesel in it was like in mechanical coming in this. ordinarily, this would be the government's responsibilities. but somalia has been in political tomlin for the kids the collie. i'm sure the government does not collect enough money through taxation. so these non public investment and building
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a nation plan requires millions of dollars. yes, the 1st just want to walk through some what on, on a little dog at the left climate change conference. so money us to industrialized nations for funds to cover such course as it produces just a fraction of the walls. couple emissions babies really nice and lans used to be powered by a diesel generator. it was expensive to operate and environmentally harmful. but now the company is using green energy, big solar collectors near the plant replace much of the need for fossil fuels. system health, mac, and on the head we're using says can borrows of diesel, which cost a lot of application after we installed the system. so we've got diesel consumption by 18 that we use at night. but when we have enough water at night,
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we rhonda martin, i think about what to production has increased and we have lower cost. i walk on a baby silly nation plant has been a blessing for people here supplying fresh water to around 5000 households. and because the energy has reduced the cost of clean drinking water, even poor russell money's can now afford it. people look here to bite sales, put a fraction of the former price the now for here mohammed come see a regular to as she sees by good water for herself and help me do i need to walk 2 kilometers to get water kit on with this and then it was not good to drink because the water was full so oh
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no actually brings clean and bring cable water right here close to me and i hit send it and i got a little more lighting and thats made her life much easier. because despite the assistant bout, she still has access to plenty of drinking water though. eat so molly, as dog gets, was even salty. well water will be in short supply. so the head of the water company is to build a plant that will be selling it salt water straight from the ocean instead of the salty water from the world. where would we be without the ocean? it's not just a water supply, it also stores cowboys and helps to regulate the climate and perhaps even more important, it is a valuable source of food. you are right above that sandra, but unfortunately a lot of trees are sacrificed in order to smoke fish over burning golds. yet there
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are ways to do it's safer with less fuel. as we see in this example from the dean. bah! near the coast of bennett, many people make their living from fish. it's mainly women who buy up the catches before smoking the fish and then selling them. but they often use cardboard boxes as fuel which can release hazardous fumes, including carbon dioxide. that's why the n g o young volunteers for the environment has designed a new type of brick builds oven, or they've been without a little of work with your mom. but the 1st will still use would these opens don't use as much of it. and they allow the women to produce more smaller fish in record time reporter got a or see close with these ovens the women can work together or not with yourself or look or sucking. then the angio has built 5 of the large scale ovens inventing.
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they're used collectively by more than a 100 women in 3 villages. how do i know i like the new oven? the smoke isn't a problem for us anymore because it rises upwards. it's also better for our eyes than the way we used to do it on the $1.00. none of that bill got immunization daily. the idea is to eventually phase outward, completely and replace it with bio char. that's charcoal made from plant matter, such as leaves, and that would further reduce the c o 2 emissions. and how about you? if you are also doing your bid, tell us about it, visit our website, or send us a tweet. hash tag doing your bit. we share your stories to europe now
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sometimes is good to think out of the box as they say. and that's exactly what a sweet it's a did. when he sat down and designed on extremely down to earth house more than 30 years ago. at 1st glance, this earth house in switzerland embedded in nature, looks more like a hobbit hole than a conventional home. but its accepted exterior conceals one of the most environmentally and climate friendly homes available. there the brain child with architect peter vetch who invented these earth houses over 40 years ago. as is down behind utah. it's just a logical solution in terms of environmental protection, integration and ecology. their color v. ah, normally houses take space away from nature. here vegetation can grow on the earth covered roof and the house smells harmoniously into the landscape. is too
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much but is so here there is a 50 centimeter layer of earth, but the cover increases in depth further rather than just on the very top, there's up to one meter and 20 centimeters of her as it was a. so a lot can grow, grew, there isn't much ceiling with we're restoring green spaces is willing to play. she believe. earth houses are low energy, faster, biodiversity, and are cheaper to build than conventional houses. first, i woven steal grid is erected. this has been filled with concrete and then covered to the layer of polyurethane. our claim. ready ready ready and what about the inside of the house? our host was already expecting us. nice to have you hope. the house has curved walls, high rounded ceilings and fanciful paintwork. the rooms fused together elegantly. ah hap,
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i'd albrecht has been living in his earth house for 31 years. he was fascinated by peter fetches to sign from the 1st time he thought they do threaten and beast. don't you don't notice you're under the earth. you got these big windows and you see greenery. everywhere you look, it's greeny, i'm comfortable living here, eat food, and the indoor climate is very steady, dusk lisay clea mo, the stone carved houses in tunisia. are these wanting capital to turkey served if it's gratian for peter vetch, he built his 1st earth house in 1974 for his own family. to day there about a 100 in switzerland, austria, germany, and on the crimean peninsula. he also designed this earth hostile public park near syracuse. generally he is weary of the trend to integrate ever more high tech elements in architecture. is the savvy,
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the i, nick, there's a returned to nature to simplicity high. why all these expectations humor? oh, able are born from the womb after all, and us moved to la just felt like got click blitz. why do we keep building everything square little bowen, if he had a key, he has been retired for a long time, but that's not falling him down. even at age 79, he keeps working on new projects. currently he's designing an ecological apartment building job. i mean these are bow as it goes. this building method involves very few materials and he got his i don't need to be all that precise. i was on revenge and i'm not fitting boards down to the centimeter, so i can follow my intuition a lot more to a thief as how i build houses a bit like a little kid playing in a sandbox autumn, increasing the height here or there has eskoville it's created a thief with the that i, they, they, if i could use 3 d printing, that would be the best. then i could make the design here in switzerland. i'd send
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it to china and they'd print the houses. that could be all set out through blue. these earth houses are head of their time, but more and more people are taking interest in our of living concepts. let's have size. i've received lately. i've been receiving more and more requests where you can feel that people are paying greater attention to the environment and they're realizing building a freestanding box isn't environmentally friendly, but prizes will our understanding of architecture change. how can we live more sustainably? peter ventures design may provide at least partial answers to these questions. wall. that was another great example of what nature has to offer. if we open our eyes and ears do it, architecture is just one example. but there are others. here in uganda, for instance, people have been making cloth from
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a 100 percent renewable source for centuries. now, one designer is using it to make sustainable high fashion. let's take a look. this back will be used to met coats after a don't out on a complex process. it will be turned into fabric for dorinda mate of was creations . the design, i mix fashion from buck close in has to join compiler. in uganda, it is an age old tradition, and one she thinks has a lot of potential lettering too to revamp the bulk loads from the locally known cold. so norms and went to advisors to them and appreciating the into a more then question. when gone, no matter who gets the butterworth 280 kilometers from the copy to where the traditional technique is still practiced. here,
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cloth is made from the inner back of the natal feeds locally known as dumber to about tree. after the buck is carefully peeled from the tree trunk, it is soc till hot water for several months. this is primarily done to remove supp but also to soften the material than the bark his be 10 with wooden mallets. it takes hours of pounding and stretching before usable, broad fabric is created while the cloth jays in the sun. no matter what talks tool can katina the designer also as to adopt a tree in future, she will get all the buck clothes from a particular tree at an agreed price because i went to this buck glove every year. so in that process the farmer will michu, are he blanks more and more trees, and also keep those ones that you already had. so looking at,
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i mean our plants and she, every tame one is adopted. but he also takes care to protect freshly peeled ones. the i rubbed in banana, leaves and left in peace to give them time to rejuvenate after area cut. i mean i can harvest new back from the same chill. this process can be repeated for up to 60 years and she mentioned there was one i'm confident that even my grandchildren were earned from the tree without cutting it down. got to tell, continue to get more benefits from keeping it to me earlier june. yo will cut amena also wants to sift god the art which is an eunice cause intangible culture heritage least his were it too many cheese have been cut down and that young people are choosing western styles over these eco friendly traditional line. he now trans craftsman in the technique which also creates jobs, settlement to will for new mom. if you cut down m a to betray to make charcoal, for instance, you can make quick money. but only once, the,
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if i harvest the bark loom, i may earn less money, but i'll be able to get that money over and over again. for years local senior was to go, i won't bug looking at. i mean, once the buck close to be promoted as a sustainable alternative to would plastic and even paper, he has already partnered with local artists to further explore the renewable material. dorinda mate of was buttress gown is now finished. she hopes for more visibility for this african heritage and its role in protecting the environment. that dress is gorgeous. suddenly most clothes on still med from synthetic materials . and not only are they less than environmentally friendly to produce, they are not so easy to recycle either. does right sandra, but terrors like plastic make life convenient,
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but there is already more out there than our planet can cope with what that doesn't stop, dedicated environmentalists from doing whatever they can to make things better o me without the environment we learn existence. imagine walking through them all the life is the weak contracted environment from the thought on the nature of the to the you with to the sounds you hear. nature is very, very huge part of our existence or which we shouldn't leave in this one with nature . we should understand nature need to be preserved so that we can preserve as one a change may come boot camp in lagos, nigeria, plenty of old environmental activist, or senior managers founded in g o for training. the next generation of circles.
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0 has students here externally to mach 7 environment creative and fun, such as super rating with, with the legs tied to one another. at the end of the workshop, the best predictor is decided on the n g o u recycle supports the winning idea. we just n g o has reached over 6000 young people in 11 african countries by brand new ways of cycle recycle houses, where bosses and how to be in need are amongst my peers. also continue actually educating my peers and people younger than me about the impact we have on the environment, the good impacts and in the, by the facts that they can also have and the environment. i also want to teach them how to be lee does and be changed because among step peers and those that people
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have on them, i thought this plan is quite as co instead of the old child is, is standing in front of it was straight ahead of just marsha, in the 5th one i and then was we didn't know about the students from the bright achievers, school pence, several days collecting unclaiming plastic bottles with a touch of paint. they are transformed into street decorations, for the neighborhood. when you look at outside of the school. yeah, the good which contains a lot of plastic voters and we see that we can make use of these blasting for to and what we now come to get as a team that's what uses for last year the young people collected over 12000 bottles as part of similar projects yeah. do what is more of the cycle of
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the process of what's in waste into something of value in this process? no. does. it is not like recycling does result. we have to break it down so much. are there any there are materials? good on the website, when you add in that stuff that goes on the lake gabriella, as walking monument or something, i basically is very aesthetically pleasing. this brawling city of lagos has a special worst management authority or law. same way joe is hoping to get support from the department, which was just a quiet 100 new garbage trucks. the local government is also investing money in local recycling incentive programs. currently hundreds are recycling containers are still waiting to be installed on legos. unless anyone don't want to ask the waste management, they wrapped up why the city is too shocking in garbage of tim years ago is prosecuted to the wisest, him
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a law of austria using eye glass for true. while you drink, i may return your mortal back to the bottling company to refill with the population challenge and groups. it is ministry for to find it easier and quicker we to, to get all these, all the, our products was through eve. there is a we, we come pre ring, their usage is all going to be better than the recycling said over the young active is unexpectedly finds an early in the managing director. they talk quickly agreed to plan a joint conference for high school and university students. when is the next event going to the next 7 days luck, isn't it? we march 18th. so we can prompt. i think i'm happy, let's do that. let's do it. and there's plenty of work to do before that
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and then do as confusion has so many laws, what it's just written. most of in the i was put into practice, we need to make laws and effects laws, instrumental laws, and falls those laws concerning preserving environments. for instance, issues like climate change and blast flowing oil spillage, that's toby impacted in the region. the laws of wilson protecting just conveniences will guarantee darren being followed because people are choosing companies, actors and profit plot, positive up climate profit by like when on the way to even busy serving the plan it . she studies low up the vehicle here to how focus is environmental protection. but sometimes even the most dedicated climate hero needs a break, pending time with friends in the one country, what after all the hard work. i'm still tired of sitting back and
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watching the plan plan it into very, very horrible states, right? we don't have much time. we need to take action as soon as possible to preserve what we love and issues like climate you invoice that he's actually trying to do things. i know one is too young to make a difference. he probably had before and this is back. don't ever look down yourself, don't circumstances your background. you find me like where you came from. you so much potential the. i think she has a bright future ahead of her. that's all we have time for today. hope you enjoyed the program and i look forward to seeing you again next time for now is goodbye for me for the lens in lagos, nigeria, so long crazy. it's been a pleasure. i look forward to seeing you and all of your viewers out there in
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a week, fine until then do take care. i and sandra to no video signing, go from compiler, here in uganda. ah, with with
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when you work as an architect that go all in or not at all. women in architecture. why are they so invisible to the larger public? we decided to ask them and so women grow up with insufficient models. they can't
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identify with certain professions about their guiding principles versus what is the poetry, the secret of a house i'm house about their motivations. i think i'm a texture does so much to you in the real goal of architecture is to create habitat for human about their struggles and dreams. responsibility is huge. they have so much to lose and shattering the glass ceiling. women in architecture dismiss has to be really, really good. starts september 30th on d, w. ah hm.
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mm. every woman, every man knows that the child is food, the food can be nothing. before movies, news can. we had a lot of programs. they brought over to the school because they were eating nothing when it came from home. that could have easily been us. any one of us a ah
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ah ah ah, this is dw news lived from berlin. london begins a 4 day farewell to the queen. the british capsule and the public prepared for a procession that will culminate in queen elizabeth lying and states king charles will escort her casket from buckingham palace to westminster hall and will have special.


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