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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 14, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, london begins a 4 day farewell to the queen, the british capsule, and the public prepared for a procession that will culminate in queen elizabeth lying and states. king charles will escort her casket from buckingham palace to westminster hall and will have special live coverage of the procession. also coming out to miss them and defiance
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. as the ukranian president visits recaptured territory brought him, his lensky goes to the strategic city of izzy. him and tweets that his country is moving only in one direction to victory. but all ukraine surprised gains in the northeast. really a turning point in the war against russia. and european commission president or cilla funder lion, proposes a sweeping emergency plan to deal with searching energy costs, which she says have been caused by russia's book on ukraine. ah, i manuscript mckennan, welcome to the program and we started the united came kingdom, wherein the next half an hour king charles will lead a procession escorting the coffin, carrying his mother, queen elizabeth through central london. now these are live images that we are
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seeing from central london. the preparations for the procession in place, hundreds of thousands of people already lining the streets of the british castle, hoping to catch a glimpse of the queen's coffin. now the ruse of the procession starts at buckingham palace, the horse drawn hearse will travel down the mouth passing close to trafalgar square . it then crosses horse guards parade on to whitehall and will continue to the houses of parliament and to westminster hall. now this is where the queen will lion states and where people will be able to pay their respects for 4 days until her funeral at westminster abbey, on monday. and al correspondent babbled visa joins me now from central london, where the queue of people is already growing. barbara described to us,
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where are you right now and tell us about the, the people who are gathering there in london. we are on the other side of the thames, the on the other side, the south side of parliament. what you can see here in the back of me and in the middle of that complex back there is westminster hall. the engine core of the inch and a place where british royal re royalty throughout the centuries used to meet parliament and, and used to sort of assert their place in this monarchy and in power. so that is where a queen elizabeth will be lying in state in rach here on this side of the thames. is this enormous cubans are engaging in one of their favorite and time on a past times killing. and if we take a look at this, and you think this is just a milling crowd here, that is not true. it is indeed a very orderly q people have started the night before to line up here. they have
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brought to a folding chairs. they have thermos was t, they have small picnics. they have of course, of realist because it was raining horribly last night. and they are not deterred. they are really determined to wait here to pay their respects to their queen. and this is so close to the heart of many people here that they take any and you sort of discomfort and any weather and any endless waiting in order to be there in this line, will at its longest to reach maybe between the 6678, kilometers, because it will reach all the way south from he had down to tower bridge and further out at all along the river thames. people will be waiting till the funeral will happen on monday at 11 o'clock, which time in westminster abbey, which is right across from here. now i believe that we spoke to some people queuing
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off along the 10s like leave. we will be able to listen to that voices actually we started at 430, so we've been here quite a while, but nevertheless, so we were here long before it was on rice kind of the i celebration of the queen's life. in this moment. we also get to pay our respects. so i think once i get in there and when the are coughing arrives, the mood will change to more somber. think houses in the queen is a big thing. and she's not just a queen, just the queen. i think many people will know her is that she's a great loss. she means a lot and i signed an oath a while ago to you say that i would serve the queen as pav. they're all navy are imagine the energies is going to be very calm, very sexual, very reflective, may be somber. all right, a real sense of, of devotion there,
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from those voices. now, the procession barbara accompanying the queen's coffin. this afternoon will be one of the many significant moments in this week of morning won't take any talk us through what we'll be seeing in the next hour or 2. we will of course, see the royal family following many on foot at least the men, and we will see a picture that we last saw 25 years ago at princess william and harry following in this in this instance the hearse of their grandmother as they did 25 years ago followed the hearse of their mother, one of those really sad occasions in their lives that they never really seem to have overcome. but in this way, of course, it is different. they both were devoted to their grandmother. they did have a very special place in her heart, and both of them, even though between the 2 brothers things are not good. there is, seems to be some sort of a reconciliation. but how deep that goes,
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we don't know. but of course, for this occasion, everything will be overcome and they will be going side by side behind the hearse and follow her to westminster hall. and so is the rest of the royal families, is some of the ladies will be a driven and a car. i'd be of course, a very, very slow pace just behind the procession. and, but this is what people can follow from the side of the road. people who managed to push their way through those huge crowds, there and crowds in london these days are just really a special event because about a 1000000 people on top of the londoners and that is already 8910000000 inhabitants of whatever you will. oh, the will come to the british capital in order to experience this occasion. and many people here you talk to talk about this, that we, they feel they have to be there. it is history and they want to participate in it.
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they just want to be here and feel it, feel what it means to say good bye to the queen. that yes, as you said, many are so closely and emotionally tied to and, and feel real devotion for absolutely. london, a busy city at the best of times, but of course now with so many more people coming to, i get a glimpse of the casket. and of course, what you were saying, barbara, in a nation has lost a queen. but of course, the royal family have lost a mother, a grandmother or great grandmother, and that's all the see something that will be witnessing as her. her children and grandsons follow the casket. i did just want to ask you, barbara, this, these crowds, everything that's happening in london today. obviously a massive challenge for london's police and security services, isn't it? how are they dealing with this unbelievably so mean they have preparing for this event for years. i mean, there were always these secret plans called london ridge noun. that was the
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occasion when the queen would die. and of course, she has been an old lady for many years now. and everybody thought she might probably live to see a 100 like her mother did. but if the plans already were there for 10 years for 15 years, of course, and did they were all sort of very quickly activated about a 1000 policemen will be trying to keep security in the british capital. it about 1500 to 2000 soldiers will help them out. and their stewards everywhere along the line here along this enormous line of people waiting to pay their last respects. and it is a huge operation as special trains are coming in. of course, london's transport network already all was at its limit at normal times at some job stations here have already been closed. the book really sort of be overflowing with people, but everything is very quiet. people are very orderly,
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very manually. i haven't seen a single instance so far of people sort of being noisy, your or rambunctious or anything. it is all very sedate, very british, in the best sense of the word, the best of british. all right, barbara feasel in london. thank he so much that will of course, come back to you later in the program and will have lies a coverage of course of the procession of the late queen elizabeth's coffin in london in just a short while. so do stay with us for that. if you can, but 1st, some other news ukraine has announced far reaching gains in the east of the country after a lightening counter offensive president, philippines. the lensky has been visiting the newly liberated town of idiom, which is a key supply hub. as days ago, the town was still under russian control, and ukraine says it has liberated 8000 square kilometers in the hockey region. a cave is also reporting that troops are learning now of atrocities, allegedly committed by russian forces. on the 6 months of occupation,
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prosecutors have now launched a war crimes probe. elsewhere, though there have been scenes of joy as ukrainian forces arrive in communities now abandoned by russian forces. ah, a mother reunited with her son. he had been fighting him the ukrainian army for days in the hot evasion under his unit, liberated his home village. oh my son, i have been reading for you and i have got all your things everything. they said that a mines in the apartment. um, are you looking good? as always, i missed you so much. ukrainian soldiers follow a trail of destruction as they pressed at aback the russians are in a headlong retreat, shedding that equipment as the fallback. visually,
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they were running like mice. they were running and abandoning everything vehicles the wrong man. they even abandoned one of the rhone who was wounded just to get away. the kremlin denies reports that the military setbacks adorning people against president vladimir putin. for shooting bird usually support the precedent here in the mood of the people confirms are the people stand firmly behind the decisions made by that stage to burst. but as you green continues to rolled by games made by russian forces early in the war, drunk fell korean r hooton's decision. when bed ukraine throws him, i could come back to haunt him. no, it was because i took it up. he w correspondent emanuel shes in ukraine's 2nd largest city, hockey's. and i also earlier what message president lensky brought to the people of idiom. ah, while the message of the visitors at lansky in an easy room, which was a key city where very fees fighting have been ongoing for months now. he's definitely
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a message of hope. doubt to seeing that for me to me appeared are quite important. it was when he were 1st, he found the military for their efforts, knowing the fries that had been paid for by a so many soldiers ukrainian. so these who lost their lives here and around even. but also he said territories. my territories might be temporarily occupied, but people cannot be occupied, conquer dot, who has a very strong message. and he also emphasized a fog. that's all our residents also residents of temporarily occupied. you cran should know dad, the ukraine, an armed forces were trying their best to come and liberate other areas. and these also include it includes a crimea, which has been a next by russia in 2014, even if that's not internationally recognized that now we're hearing reports of
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possible war crimes committed in the, in the formerly occupied territory. what more can you tell us about those? well, this is the fear indeed, at those places, you know, over 300 settlements according to the ukraine ag retrain and i was already have been liberated over to pat few days. they have been occupied whole mom, you know. so over 6 months then when we keep in mind when we have in mind what we found after a month of occupation near a key, if in boucher in, in painting, in borrowed young guy in house. of course, the fear is more war crimes might be covered there and down all ready reports in social media, images of corpses of billions alleged to be tortured by the russian occupy is those so testimony of people being jay's for several days. people hearing neighbor's creaming of the hands of the russian. ok, bio. so those reports are,
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of course shooting, and we fear that we're going to uncover more and more of them deliberated to, to become acceptable to external observer, to humanitarians, and also to us, to the alright and manually, as reporting from hockey. thanks so much. now the president of the european commission says that a united europe will prevail over russian president vladimir putin in her annual state of the union address to the european parliament or slough. on the lion said, europe had shown courage and strength following russia's invasion of ukraine. she stressed the unshakable solidarity with ukraine, adding the sanctions against russia will stay in place addressing energy concerns of the of european consumers. the commission president said that a deep and comprehensive electricity market reform is planned. among other measures . it would include a cap on low cost electricity produces profits. in these times,
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it is wrong to receive extraordinary record revenues and profits benefiting from war and on the back of our consumers. in these times, profits must be shared, and channeled to those who need it. most. correspondent alexander phenomena spoke to a man, flayed v. but he's the head of the largest political group in the european parliament, the european people's party. and she asked him for his take on her speech. the speech of was a le, from the line was supposed to send a message of courage and solidarity. so how happy are you with what was on the line i had to say today also was the presence of a modem. zalinski life of president zalinski from ukraine, sent a very strong message. all the other group leaders we together are united. we are
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confirming there is a key if moment in the european union that we are on the side of our crane friends . they are fighting alford and there was crystal clear, ojo is more extra not to support or to not lose the momentum to support them. now with additional investments in green, especially in the school sector, front and center of the speech was the current energy pry price crisis with the consumers more and more consumers struggling to pay their bills. and the european commission is now putting forwards some proposals. oddly enough, what we need is a winter of solidarity in europe. first of all was all green france, that is one aspect, but also internally among member states and among citizens. you have to care about the poor ones in our society than that's by the idea of, of info, texas, the idea of a price cap for russian gas and the idea to lower the impact of the e t. s. cost. so for the emission trade system are good initiatives and we support this as he p on these aspects be fine. but we still have a lot of problems. for example, that macro is refusing to build up
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a pipeline to spain. that with korea than european energy market, the gas market that he is refusing, this is really harming the either of building up a european energy mark hadn't been in germany. the, the government decides to stop to produce nuclear electricity. and on the other hand, asking the netherlands for gasoline charities, and it's not the european re a how we should do it, though, there are still a lot of questions in front of us, but the direction is the right one. month and of eva speaking to d, w earlier. now an e u cap on energy company profits could free up as much as 140000000000 euros to cushion the blow of soaring inflation. and that's likely to well to be welcome news to many households who are fair in cold and poverty as a result of rising energy prices. christine manuel reports now from belgium. the full cost is for a difficult winter in europe. but even before the cold season arrives, households across the you are already feeling it byte. belgium has one of the
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highest energy inflation rates in the european union. and the federal government is in port negotiation with the bank to try to bring relief to some of the hardest hit households by deferring mortgage payment for example. but households have been told that they need to brace for what will be likely several years of difficult winters ahead. for this family, it is the winter that is only weeks away. that's causing the most anxiety. they are already cutting back on how much energy they use. we already replace all the lamps for l. v and at night will move using this lamp, the roof most of the most of the house of dark. we are doing the, this wash and we are using the west machine only a nice because the price of the energy is lower. so during the day, even in the weekend,
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we'll use these machines during the day on the night. everything's more expensive. the fuel, the transport, or the supermarket, the groceries are more expensive with the bills piling up as the cost of living saws tax pays in the you are looking to the government for help and indeed some in countries have announced plans to offer relief to the populations a been lost, missing energy, and economy ministers agreed on where some of the money to pay for this help would come from the current ideas actually to introduce kind of a profit curb to say, okay, there are certain companies, especially in that tricity field, but make a lot of profit because the prices are so high hollow, their costs are very low. so that one says we get introduce a kind of a tax, emmy profit that's above this will go to the government, which gives the government been the resources to subsidize certain households. but it is rushes gas mini
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e u. countries rely on to keep the heating and lights on and as tensions escalades between brussels and moscow over the war in ukraine. it is feared, russia will completely cut off its gas supply plenty millions into freezing darkness. and europe's economies insur recession. all right, and we have an we're going to return to london now, where king charles will be leading a procession of his mother, queen elizabeth's casket to day we have extended coverage of the procession in london to day. joining me here in the studio is dw hannon clever. and joining us from the banks of the river tens is our correspondent barbara visa. and we're gonna start with barbara barbara. we know that our thousands of people have, have just have come to london already today. they've joined the que,
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hoping to see the queen lie in state. can you, distraught described to us where you are right now and tell us about the people who have come to london to pay their respects. we are on the south side of the thames, and i have the house of parliament. my back in the middle of that complex is the great ancient ur hall of westminster. the place where the britisher kings and queens throughout the centuries talked to her to parliament and her sort of fur reconfirmed their place at the head and at the car. off this monarchy, there is where queen elizabeth will be lying and stayed till monday in this. here on the, on the bank of the river is where people are congregating their queueing up here in this enormously long line. and just at this moment, there seems to be a bit of movement here. people can move forward and sort of get
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a bit closer to westminster hall people fin queuing already throughout the night where it's been raining heavily and everyone here you talk to talks about their devotion to this very special queen for pretty much any one in britain. this was the only queen they ever knew, and they are really tied to her was a very emotional and to very strong feelings because she impersonated in a way what many of them there hold for the core british values. she was always dutiful. she was very, very serious on one hand, but also had a good sense of humor on the other. and she devoted her whole life her to the service as she always emphasized of this country and of her citizens. and her people entered this feeling of connectedness to, to the monarch. it runs very strong. it is difficult to analyze and describe because many people, many countries in the world don't, haven't had this in
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a long time. but this was very special. a phenomenon here in britain, the emotional ties of people to their queen and now one she's gone. something new and very different will have to begin. but this is still the beginning of the long goodbye in london, where londoners for the next 4 days will have the chance to move slowly up to this great hall of westminster. and there it paid their last respects, say good bye. and a very personal matter to their queen. that's right. and we can see the start of the procession. now, the casket coming from buckingham palace and the start of the slow procession to westminster hall. hannah, this, this procession is just one of the big board moments in this a whole week of morning. isn't it? tell us more about about what's, what's going to be happening. they can actually see the coffin with the crown on
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the orb and the sceptre sitting on top, on the gun carriage. it. yeah it's, it's been an extraordinary week already and it's going to get more extraordinary as we move towards monday with the actual funeral. this is britain on show you can see that king charles the 3rd next verse of his sister and 2 brothers and his 2 sons behind him. these the most senior members of the royal family got charles and andrew edward. and then the, the next generation william and harry behind them. and this is really the heart and soul of british government to a certain extent. and that very fuzzy relationship between british politics and the british people. and the, the british monarchy. ah, it's an extraordinary show, isn't it? i mean we, we look at the,
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the coffin drapes in royal standard carried on a gun carriage surrounded by real and in pomp and circumstance. it's a, it's an incredibly samba and grand occasion. the people of the u. k. absolutely. and, and so anybody who sees the mon a key as an important part of the government, this is a very important transition, is the beginning of the a kind of ceremonial transition between 11, a connection of course, charles became king. the moment that queen elizabeth the 2nd di, that's very important, most kind of a big part of the concert, the, the continuity between monarchs in the u. k. the u. k is not allowed to not have a monarch. there isn't a gap, um, but this is part of the laying, the rest of it lay to rest of the bond and, and then at some point in the future, we'll have the coronation of king charles. that's not going to happen for
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a while. i can see the crown, and we should just remind of you as that king charles as leading the procession behind the gun carriage to westminster hall, his 3 siblings, princess anne, prince andrew, and prince edward. as well as his sons prince william and prince harry are all so walking in this very slow and somber procession just coming through past the front of buckingham palace. and there we can see prince andrew princess anne king charles and prince edward. on the other side there yet behind them there that you can see prince hurry and prince william. that's all. so and princess aden's, son, peter phillips and princess anne's husband. vice admiral. such him. lawrence. yeah
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. but the daughters aren't there. i think of all the women folk apart from prince, the santa going to be flowing in a car. that's right, camilla, the queen, consort and catherine. the princess of wales will travel by car as well as sophie, the countess of wessex, prince edward's wife and megan the duchess of flux suffix prince harry's wife. ah, you see now the procession proceeding on to the mal and we can see the people, the thousands of people who have gathered to see this last journey of the late queen elizabeth the 2nd, leaving buckingham palace for the last time, making her way through london to westminster hall.
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it's hard not to think hannah, that's the last time we saw prince william and harry walking behind a coffin through the streets of london was 25 years ago of the funeral of their, of their own mother. william was just 15. harry was just 12 years old. it was an awful thing to have to do. and yes, many criticized it at the time as being horrendous. think to put 2 young boys and they were boys 12 and 15 and walking behind their mother's body in front of the world of time. this is completely different. 25 years later we're all adults holder . but the seems in many ways are very similar. you saw that at the last few days, these see flowers outside various different palaces. as a much younger reporter in 97,
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i was reporting on the death of princess diana. and that was just extraordinary kind of outpouring of, of shock and grief. and at some points actually also anchor at the time that monica has learned a lot since then. i'm has changed a lot even queen elizabeth, the 2nd. i tried to become a little bit more touchy feely, if one dare even say that she did express some emotion. and that's been a that was a major shift in the monarchy. and this is, this is going to be another major shift in the monarchy as we move to child. 3rd, um, we will see i'm fairly sure him continuing to, to learn that lesson of showing a little bit more of his personality a little bit more few to his humanity. part of the massive appeal of clueless 2nd was that she maintained this facade and very rarely allowed anybody to see and a thing of herself as a person. and that was the, has.


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