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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 14, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm CEST

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a on the issues that he really care about, like the environment like architecture. and he's acknowledged that he's gonna have to stop doing that now as king, it's very important for this constitutional monarchy that the monarch doesn't intervene on, on day politics. that's really not constitutionalist not allowed to happen. and, and he's acknowledged that he has mentioned a few times in various different speeches that he's made, that he will rule constitutionally. and that's really important for, for him to be seemed to do the procession. now, coming up to the houses of parliament getting closer to its final destination, westminster hall in the center of the u. k. that we see the queen's children and 3 of her grandson's prince william, prince harry and peter phillips, who's the son of princess anne. and
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looking ahead to the coming days, the queen will lie in state for 4 days in westminster hall before her funeral, which will take place at westminster abbey on monday. and we can see that to the right of the screen, westminster abbey, to the left. we see the houses of parliament and the elizabeth tower. big ben. i think that was just such a church we just saw who was her 1st prime minister back in 1950. she famously called winston. yes. i wouldn't of the 1st a 15 prime minister. she's kind of a final one being appointed just 2 days before her death. the new british prime minister lives truss. and that also as the sense of
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a slight uncertainty beneath all of this ceremony is that we, we've got a completely untasted prime minister, an untested government and now an untested king as an extraordinary time in, in the, in the u. k. right now, i mean, last week for us drunk and step down less trust became the new prime minister. 2 days later, the queen died. and it is, it's really challenging times for the u. k. at the moment with an uncertain economy just coming out of the pandemic. and that's really what so many people. so many people have said about the passing of the queen. she was a constant that you could rely on. she'd been there forever. is what a lot of people said, that's how they felt. and even though every one knew that the queen was coming to the end of her life, she was 96 when she died. many people are saying they just can't believe that she's
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gone because with everything else else, changing in the world in the u. k, the queen was always there during the pandemic. she famously addressed the nation and she reassured people, and she said things will get better. and we will come together again and it made people feel better. she made people feel better, many people. yeah. and she even quoted virulent in that speech and said, we will meet again and you know, which could bring a tear to the eye of even the staunchest republican. i'm but i, i think this is, this is really part of reflect arriving from last right, arriving at westminster hall. now, as the procession slowly comes to an end owner
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. these movements would have been practiced in dante miscellaneous details, bare skin hats being removed so that the coffee can be carried without, with little b b surely one of the greatest on this for so just to do this, but also it must be one of the most terrifying thinks of your life lately,
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barrowcounty cases outweigh policy re re off in cash li being raised and will now be carried out into westminster. will barrett policy slide bought
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he oh. a child now leading his family into westminster hall, where the queen lion state for the next 4 days an opportunity for the public to come and bid that last well to play a role ah
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ah ah ah ah ah once the coffin is in place of westminster, hall bishop of can't come to very will conduct a short service which will be attended by the king, members of the royal family. oh,
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oh oh, oh oh oh. i am now being placed on a raised platform in the oldest of the estate, westminster hole,
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who i a a a a a, a a
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ah, ah, ah. i see the queen's cough in westminster hall with the senior members of the royal family. standing in front of it, a king charles in clean, consult camilla. princess anne and her husband, vice had moved him. lauren to prince andrew, prince edward in some of the things. francis ah.
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well now conduct assured that the make it might be done if y huh. of all mankind grown to us with thy servant, queen elizabeth, and all the faithful departed, though sure, benefits. so sy, some say, think passion and glorious resurrection fact in the long stay. when all things are gathered up in christ, we may with them enjoy the fullness of thy promises. through jesus christ, our lord. ah, let launch your heart be troubled. he believed in god. believe also in me. in my father's house,
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are many mansions. if it were not, so i would have told you i go to prepare a place for you. and if i go and prepare a place for you, i will come again and receive you unto myself that where i am there ye may be all says and with a i go ye none. and the way ye know, thomas says unto him, lord, we know not with us are garish. and how can we know the way jesus says unto him, i am the way the truth and for life
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no man cometh unto the father, bought by me. o merciful god, the father of our lord jesus christ, who is the resurrection and the life in whom whosoever believe it shall live though he die and who have whosoever liveth and believe within him shall not die eternally . who also has taught us by his holy apostles and paul, not to be sorry, as men without hope. for them that sleep in him. we meekly besieged the o father to raise us from the death of sin unto the life of righteousness. that when we shall depart this life, we may rest in him, as our hope is that our sister doth, and that at the genuine resurrection in the last day,
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we may be found acceptable in thy sight and receive that blessing which thy well beloved son shall then pronounce to all who love and fare thee sang, come ye bless her children of my father receive the kingdom prepared for you from the beginning of the world. grant this we beseech they o merciful father, through jesus christ, our mediator and redeem arm as our savior christ has commanded and taught us. we are bold to say our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy kingdom come. thy will be done on earth facilities in heaven. give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. and he does not into temptation,
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but deliver us from evil and i and is the kingdom the glory. for add her on that. ringback ah. busy ah. busy the b i ha ah
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louise ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah in ah ah ah ah oh god, the protector of all who trust in thee without whom nothing is strong, nothing is heavily increase and multiply upon us lie messy that thou being our
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ruler and guide, we may so pass through things temporal, but we finally lose not things eternal ground there so heavenly father, for jesus christ's sake and to god's gracious mercy and protection, we commit to the lord. bless you and keep you to lord. make his face to shine. upon you and be gracious unto you, said lord, lift up the light of his countenance upon you and give you peace and the blessing of god almighty. the father, the son, and the holy spirit, be among you and remain with you always. ah.
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and you have been watching coverage of the late queen elizabeth the 2nd last journey from her home, buckingham palace through london to westminster hall, where a service is now taking place, conducted by the archbishop of bishop of canterbury, and attended by the king, members of the royal family the queen will lie in state here for the next 4 days, giving members of the public, the chance to come and pay their last respects before her funeral takes
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place in westminster abbey on monday. and you have been watching our special extended coverage of the procession in london today, which brought us the late queen elizabeth the 2nd to westminster hall. and we have hannah clever in the studio here to talk more about this really quite momentous occasion in the u. k. a hannah m this was a chance for people to line the steep streets of london and to watch the queen go by pay their last respects and hundreds of thousands of people have come to london,
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haven't a for this occasion. yes, i mean it's been absolutely extraordinary how many people are there and how many people will continue to come. i'm sure we can hear more about that from, from on the ground. but what we saw there from the air, if you like, with this extraordinary display of pomp and ceremony, what the british establishment does so terribly well with the armed forces really playing a massively central role there. all those soldiers looking like that. come off a biscuit tin, but beautifully organized, beautifully arranged. and this really was, is designed to show the power of the british establishment. this is brittany, saying good bye to his queen. and, and that was on display they, you know, we've, we've, we've had already nearly a week of trumpets and guns and horses or oral tradition of massive tradition been being updated also in into this 21st century. so doing this kind of
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transition of reaching back it towards tradition, then updating it and, and trying to start moving to, to look forwards. because that's what this transitional phase really has to do is to take us from one monarch to the neck. that's right. so saying good bye to queen elizabeth the 2nd and welcoming king charles the 3rd, who will now take over from his mother and will lead the monarchy in the coming in the coming years with help and support of his son. prince william, the new prince of wales and his wife, the new princess of wales. yes. and, and you know, he's already started bringing in. the queen already started bringing william into the more formal aspects of his role of the role that he was born in which his brother harry has famously m. c pretty much rejected, saying that he did not want to live within this goldfish bow within this restricted
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life. but william has taken on that role and that g t m and has already been brought into a number of various different positions and will now take an even greater role. he's the next in succession. he's the next one on the throne, off to off to his father charles. and he will be brought into will will see much, much more of him and his wife, kate and her stay that i believe we can cross to a correspondence in london. baba, diesel, who's been standing by for us, papa and thousands of people lining the streets, hoping to see the queen lie in wait. and of course, looking head to the funeral on monday the queen's funeral that will take place in in westminster abbey. can you tell us a little bit about the atmosphere in london right now and, and the funeral on monday. i'm on the south side off for the houses of parliament, which you see here in my back. and this is where this long long q may be long as q
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in recent british history is lining up in order to pay their last respects to queen elizabeth. and so if i may say so, no where button britain could something like this that another country's might be a sort of wild and, and of formless crowd. if he be like here in orderly line, people are waiting patiently a many throughout the last night when it was pouring was rain and then now slowly walking forward. because as the queen has been placed in the hall of westminster, they are coming a bit closer to their goal, which is the in the early evening. to enter the great hall, there's going to be your short security check. and then people will in is slow and stay, he trickled, be let into the hall to sort of serve bow or whatever they want to do. have a quiet moment, was their queen the saying good bye and paying the last respects. and then walking
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out again and leaving out this is going to go on throughout the next 4 days. and did this line is supposed to be stretching all the way down the thames all the way beyond the tower to london bridge and to the way the river runs down. all right, barbara visa in london. and hannah clever, thanks so much for joining us. this special coverage of the queen's last procession through london 2, westminster hall. thanks so much for joining us. d. w. thank you. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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