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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 14, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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our services, ah, be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by frappe, bought lou. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin tonight, london beginning is bidding a final farewell to queen elizabeth. you're looking at life images from westminster hall, where the late british monarch is lying in state. the hall is now open to the public to allow warners to pay their final respects. also coming up tonight,
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optimism and defiance. as the ukranian president visits recaptured territory modem, if zalinski went to the strategic city of izzy him today, he says that his country is moving in only one direction to victory. but our ukraine surprised gauge in the northeast. are they really a turning fort in the war against russia and swedish politics? taking a hard white turn by minister my going to anderson announced that she will resign after her social democrats lose an election to an alliance of conservative. tar. ah, i'm bring gov to our viewers watching on pbf. see the united states into all of you around the world. welcome. we begin in london tonight, members of the public have begun paying their final respects to queen elizabeth.
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earlier today, a royal procession brought the queen's coffin to westminster hall, where the late monarch is now lying in state. thousands have begun filing past the coffin to say a final farewell ahead of the queen's funeral, which is scheduled for monday. ah, this is the moment the queen left the palace for the last time, talked with the imperial crown. the monarch wore on rare formal occasions. queen elizabeth's coffin made its way through central london on a horse drawn carriage. at this viewpoint, many stood waiting to catch a glimpse. the procession moved past them at only $75.00 steps per minute. the pace typically used for sombre occasions. you know,
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i was very upset. so such a strong cow from them. you know the, the crowd suddenly fell completely quiet. it was silence. anza where the coffin pulsing boy with the music that was so powerful. cements almost with she don't. yeah. she was amazing. yeah. so reactivated? yeah. after 38 minutes the coffin arrived at the hall, where king charles and other members of the royal family, attended a service held for the queen. the late monarch will lie in state here for 4 days. the westminster hall will stay open. round the clock for members of the public to pay their respects. but the queue, which already started forming 2 days prior, is long. the wait may take as long as 30 hours. yeah, on the shipping from 34 for 70 is i think that you have holidays wage to pay my
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respects to her. oh, moving in 2 parallel lines. hundreds of thousands of mourners while file passed the coffin before the funeral was held on monday. and we have complete coverage of the events taking place right now with one to talk about that i am joined here at the big table by d. w. and clever and at the banks of the river thames is our very own correspondent, barbara visa. barbara, let me start with you. such, just talk about the crowds that we're seeing there. me the, we've heard the police are preparing for unprecedented numbers of people who were going to try to file through westminster hall. so far a friend. what we're seeing here is what the bridge people do best form in orderly q, even though this is a very long key on the internet, there is now acute trekker and we could just see that it goes all the way back here to tara bridge, which is a distance of about 4 kilometers at the moment,
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meet people are moving fairly swiftly earlier. they had to stand here and wait for a while, but they're doing this in a really good spirit. something that is between somber and sort of really suitable for the occasion. and then you also have a little touch of a holiday mood. this was a lovely weather day in london. the sun was shining earlier, so it's still warm. and people feel that yes, the dead out year together paying their final respects to the queen. it's something they want to do, it's, it's a communal event, something that ties them to their country makes them feel rich. should you have this incredible cross section of british society or people of men in suits and ties very establishment year old people, young people of mothers was very young babies, simply every one, all ethnicities. and so it is
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a great make center. they all have this one goal to go across the river over the over lambeth ridge to the other side to the us parliament, where at the center you find westminster hall, where the queen is lying state, the him and give us the view i guess from a far, i mean, what does this mean? this process of morning? what is, how important is this week, where the people that were seeing a symbol symbol there. it's very important not only for the people, but for the country and for the country within an international context, even this a period of massive transition for the k i and it, this is the, the st bye to one monarch. and then later we'll have the kind of greeting of the new monarch and king charles 3rd has already started to lay out some of the things he's course old, at least starting to lay out the tone with which he's, he's like became this sense of transition is huge,
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and it's actually not just about the queen, we're in a, in a country in the u. k, which is a government this lesson we go, we've got an untested government now an untested king. and although plans for this funeral and for all this, all these, these are all these traditions, all this stuff is going on right at the moment. all this, these plans have been laid out and been plan for age is what they couldn't have planned for is that, that the queen would die in the midst of a european war that the queen would die when we have a government that at the time was only 2 days, all right. and that the queen, which i in the middle of an unprecedented cost of living crisis, where people had to choose to heating their homes and eating it. despite all of this though, were expecting unprecedented numbers of people to travel to london. the police have said this is going to be a, virtually an effort to try to keep the order and make sure nothing, nothing happens. but do we see people gathering?
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is this all because of their affection for the queen, or is there something else to play here? i think, i think both, i think the queen was very effective in enabling people to feel that they had a personal connection with her. and of course nobody knew the vast majority of people who are genuinely feeling very sorry and very sad about that. her death didn't know her, but they were able to feel something for her, none the less. and that's not to be ridiculed that that's real emotion. and that's very powerful, especially when you are talking about a mass, a scale. and, but in terms of whether, i mean, you know, what's really going to happen was going to come from it that remains to be seen oversee and where this will go and will really depend on hastings news within the next few weeks. we have have, you know, next week and then things will kind of open up into the future of going into the 20 what the next decade of the 20th 21st century with any tang and with
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a new government. the me that me through this is barbara barbara. how do you explain just this ground swill of affection that's being shown isn't all because of the queen or let me throw this at you. maybe this is one of these rare events in our modern society. now we're almost everybody on the planet feels like they can experience it together at the same time. a shared experience. is that part of what's at play here? i think that place really be grilled people. have a feeling of togetherness, here. people here do what british people hardly ever do. they chat to each other while waiting in this very long queue that is now just moving forward. and it's, it's a sense of community of being together of being somehow united. and that is, seems so important it's, it's a right of passage in a way that for one last time ties people together. the round the image of this
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queen that as honda said it, she was a noble in a sense. and on the other hand, she was known to every body as she was the simple for the unity of the country. of many people, when we talked to you said yes, she was our rock. she, we could all of us to rely on her as she was all was there. and so she embodied really the sense of continuity and solidity of the whole richer state. and that seems to be a very strong aspect. and people coming together here, they just want to be in a huge crowd to experience this together. now something that we don't do very much on in our fast paced and fragmented world, that's for sure. barbara, diesel in london on a clever here. thank you. to both went out to the war in ukraine today. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski made his 1st trip to the newly liberated city of izzy ukrainian forces recaptured the strategic city as part of
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a swift counter offensive that have seen cave reclaim at thousands of square kilometers of russian controlled territory in the north east of the country. the har heath prob, it yet as russian forces retreat evidence is emerging of a brutal occupation. in the city of his union, president zalinski shakes the hand of a ukrainian commander. thanks to his troops, hard work. the city has now been liberated from russian forces. but there's been so much fighting here that there's not much of it left. there are no surprises. it's, you know, that it, that's not shock for me. the viewer is very shocking, but it's not shock for me because we, we began to see the same pictures from butcher from the 1st the occupied it characters, so the same destroyed,
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builders killed people. and so what can i say for you? crane's ne encounter offensive has seen the ukranian army take back a wide suede of territory in the space of just a few days. but residence here, as shall shocked what they endured during 6 months of russian occupation, is just starting to come to light in the battle scarred city of balla, clear southeast of hoc, give reports of torture are merging with live continental day. you made me hold 2 wires attached to an electric generator to the numbers to forward the faster you spin distance and the higher the voltage and quote of courtney. they kept spinning it and asking questions. they said i was lying for profit, and so they did it more and you thought it happened to some prisoners every of the day when the fellowship was visible vulgarly with the ukrainian army back in
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control residents. he longed to put the dark days of war behind them and see the ukrainian flag rise over the country once again. a powerful image there. earlier i spoke to our correspondent nick connelly. he is following developments for us in her keith. and i asked him about the situation in that city, or you can't see much of such, if behind me it's about 10 p. m local time. and there's not a light on anywhere here in the downtown. some of that is because people have left in large numbers, but for the most part, people are still living in that 1st mode of war when it was all about trying to prevent, make it more difficult for us to find targets, keeping light, to a minimum, hiding behind curtains and basically leaving the streets as early as possible. it's quite kind of shocking being here. i was lost here in april, back then there was still
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a terrify in the city and you could hear kind of couldn't go more than half an hour without hearing it. that's not gone. but still you don't really have the feeling. the people here kind of believe that this kind of calm is here to stay. they had a false false kind of hope early in the some of that things were getting better and then things got a lot was full. they ended up ending to where they did, and there's a sense that russia could retaliate with more attacks on civilians. we had those tax on the heating plots here and had given recent days. just earlier this evening . there was a check on a damn, another part of the country which was looked set to floods residential areas in community to the real sense that russia, the more it ends up losing territory and being cumulative battlefield might really take out those frustrations on students. and what did you make of the images we saw today of ukraine's president zalinski erasing the ukrainian flag over territory that just a few days ago, a few weeks ago had been occupied and controlled by the russians. that he was he sending a message at the same time, both to the kremlin as well,
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to the ukrainian people. well, not in the ukrainian people, but also to ukraine's western partners. who, you know, as we've all been following, have been sending weapons but not on a scale that the cranes would want. it's pretty important to remember just how fast this volts is being. in basically, the space of a week, ukraine has recovered about as much search as russia was able to pick up the last 44 and a half months. and so that is a huge, definitely something that is causey extreme shock in moscow and a lot of head scratching and a lot of soul searching is all the criticism of pigeons kremlin, from kind of imperialist kind of commentators in russia. we're now asking for full scale mobilization to prevent to repeat what we've seen here and how to give. but it is also important here for when we're ukrainians, who are going through really tough times, who now of 6 months will often running out of savings for that. let's come to show that ukraine is not an able to defend it searches, but also is able to go into offense and send those russian forces backing. they've pretty hasty defeat, leaving lots of technology behind him,
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often with the factoring manuals, still unpacked. so lots of kind of trophies there for you cranes, military and upset about the contrast that may putin, who is very wise to leave his bunk to leave the kremlin, let alone go and talk to the troops. ordinary people. yeah, to very, very, very different images. that's for sure. nick connelly reporting tonight from hockey in ukraine. nick as always, thank you. believe it or not, the russian defense ministry is coming under fire at home, even pro war pundits and politicians come out publicly on television and social media. criticizing the handling of what vladimir putin calls these special operations in ukraine as the number of military setbacks grows. this war is increasingly looking like a losing battle recent fighting in ukraine as some of the toughest, the russian army has seen so far, according to pro kremlin media. and recent setbacks have sparked new discussions in
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moscow. calls for a general mobilization are getting louder. well, in the bluetooth schedule, the military political operation against the nazis and fascist in ukraine has turned into a full fledged war worn special operations to for radically a special military operation could just be ended. but you can't stop at war, even if you want to go. you have to go all the way. the just war only has to outcome, sir. i the victory or defeat the did it. but over the kremlin was quick to respond to any demands for a full mobilization. it would mean mandatory military service that would draw many more ordinary russian families into the war. president vladimir putin spokesman. dmitri pet scoff insists that such a step is not on the agenda. but moscow knows that dissatisfaction with the war is growing and those stirrings of discontent are even finding their way on to state control. television broadcasts more the but we have to admit that we've suffered
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a defeat in and around her cave. but we do, we need to understand it's absolutely impossible to defeat ukraine using those resources and colonial war methods with, with rushes, trying to wait. it's war muslims. i look them despite criticism. the general tone in the russian media remains patriotic observer. say the russian public may be being prepared for the next escalation in the war. why asked d w, russia analysts roman control unco how significant it is that there has been public direct criticism of vladimir putin and his war policy in ukraine. i would be cautious and there was criticism of putting and of this military operation before. and this criticism was limited to the social media. now we have some, maybe more criticism on, on russian state tv, but it's still under control of the kremlin. and we didn't have direct criticism of
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looking to put in there. what is new and what could be dangerous, potentially dangerous for the russian president is that we hear more criticism of this military operation. from the far right nationalists, imperialists are actually support this war and applauded when this war started. so they are very unhealthy, and they're actually very influential. they're not so many of them. but these are people that are very passionate, and it also ready to fight in ukraine. some of them were fighting in the don barza in the past years, so it could be dangerous for him. what also could be dangerous for the russian president, is that the russian army, the morale of the russian army, the spirit of the army, could be damaged after these defeat, which is which it is. it is a de facto defeat in the region of hockey. it is a limited defeat and still it is one. and we have no information how that could
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influence the spirit of the russian army, which is not very high as we're here. we know that there have been cases recently of members of the russian parliament who have come out publicly calling for put in to resign because of what is happening in ukraine. i mean, this is, it's very dangerous for them to do this. when we know that, do they reflect though any amount of public sentiment with these opinions? well, it is still on a local level and that criticism that you refer to. and we have to understand there is no reliable pull data in russia. so there are no polls that we can really trust . and samples indicate that they are the support forwarding their pollutants policy . and this war in ukraine is still a rather high. it's, i would say about 70 percent, maybe 80 percent in some regions. and there is still this, this is a small group of people about 15, maybe 20 percent,
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who oppose this war. and i wouldn't over overestimate the meaning of those people. it is something new, but it's still, as i've said, on a local level. what, who are still not seeing? is some someone, someone who stance someone who is respected, someone from a higher rank to step out and criticize the president. when this happens then we can be sure that there are major changes in the russian society happening so far it's. it's mostly under the surface it will be the rotor, analissa, roman, gunter angle, and as always, we appreciate your time and your valuable insights. thank you. swedish prime minister magdalena anderson has announced her resignation. her social democratic block suffered a narrow defeat in sunday's election coming in a close 2nd to a coalition of right wing. political parties understand says that she will ask the
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speaker of parliament on thursday to relieve her of her duties as prime minister, the nationalist, sweden, democrats are now the 2nd largest party, with over 20 percent of the vote. they will have the 1st opportunity to form him a new coalition government with their conservative partners. boy, it's spotty. i want to bring in now as shop swain is a professor of peace and conflict research at hoops la university. it's good to have you with us tonight. so let's kind of look at what's happened here. sweetens prime minister anderson has conceded the election victory of the right wing opposition alliance. she says that she's going to resign. what does this mean for the country of the country? is that the sad? cuz suden will be sued and had only one of the simply one prime minister with him and prime minister and see where you go. and the conservative party of moderates will come back to power after 8 years gap. it's not new that the conservatives are
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right wing has been in power in sweden. it's a vote there. what impala, what is new is that though, for the whole point of plus time though, right, right party, which is as a proper last will be dog men to force at least the number one party with the more sub and beats in that coalition to support the government, and that's a big change, particularly sweden's. what, how we do a little walked in the domestically or intimately what it is, certainly going to be very strong and they get a message will put about sweden outside the ward and the party that the sweden democrats, they placed particular emphasis on the issues of gang violence, criminality of immigration in this campaign and,
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and understand they want to introduce tougher immigration rules. what will that all look like? can you take an educated guess looking in the future? yeah, i think if you look at, in the last few years that have been sweden has actually restricted its immigration rules because as you know, whenever that is this, the rise of fall, right? barbie's, dick's place boss interest. although barbie, men's 2 parties do, tried to change their polices and try to get the policies in some way that they would thing that there will blocked up all right, quality. but that has not been successful. so what will happen if the body, which is most likely, will not be part of the article that government directly, but we did have support, the government will continue. it will certainly will what a strict a more. what's that if you policy of the country, it will have much more immigrant item in there. some roads, types of police control measures. it will also will be, will more going for the do for patients of the for immigrants. so those are the
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policies which will be, you know, come, we will see much more and much more, not in a, in a more modern in human way. let me ask you too about foreign policy of national security policy. will anything change regarding sweden and it joining nato? the sweetest fall plot, right? what is not unlike many other european playwright part is more directly opposing those students join being part of the net or student being part of the european union. it's of course of today the far right part is politic, a leader, the leader, he said that we will put the suite and fast. i don't know. what does it mean? but i think that will not, in a way affect most likely sweet sweet and sub membership to dot net. or it will be mostly daughter, but the policies will be much more towards the domestic front. what will be? we'd see big changes and also freedom. so we're looking at that interview policy
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and others. yes. i srx y and professor apiece in conflict research at hoops university. we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. bye. put, i ruin to bring you back to berlin now in that the city states ballet which is known for its love of experimentation. it has thrilled on lookers in the past by staging, flash bobs at the city's main train station. and by performing at the famous, bare hind nightclub now it's taking to the water in august that weather meant that this was a base dance tool had to be postponed. but in september, everything was just right. with some late summer sun, an audience and a varied program as if it happened that we did that last year for the 1st time in the context of the pandemic. where we said we want to go outside to the guests. because nobody could come to us in the theatre. and then it was so successful, sort of like a little love parade here in berlin right here in berlin. and this year to hundreds
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followed the one and a half hour show. the 50 dances shade exits from their repertoire, including sequences choreographed, especially for the ship, like this one called following the path mm. ah. normally, the band arenas from the classic swan lake also avoided point dancing or big jumps . keeping that balance on the swaying floor was enough of a challenge for staying on balance after ease were break. i'll be back to take you through the day. ah ah
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ah ah, with oh, a saving water anyway possible. san diego has been battling extreme drought for years now the city is counting on its residence for health and on sustainable technology,
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about 3000 in 60 minutes on w with when you work as an architect that go all in or not at all. women in architecture. why are they so invisible to the larger public? we decided to ask them. and if women grow up with insufficient little models, they can't identify with certain professions about their guiding principles. messes and what is the poetry? the secret of a house i'm house about their motivations. i think i'm a texture does so much to you. it easy. the real goal of architecture is to create
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habitat for humans about their struggles and hey, responsibility is huge. they have so much to lose. ah, shattering the glass ceiling, women in architecture dismiss has to be really, really good. starts september 30th on d. w. it had a hint of mission accomplished a day when ukrainian president zalinski raised the ukrainian flag over a city that his military liberated from the russians just days ago. oh, bad said zalinski is a wartime president. he knows today's symbolic act will not redraw any bad wines. it will however deliver a.


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