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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 15, 2022 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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involuntary soleski has made a defiant statement as he visited the recaptured city of is you in the northeast in hockey region. zalesky greeted soldiers and thank them for their efforts in taking the strategic city. said you, craig was on calls for victory, pulling the recent counter offensive against russian. business news is up next week. christie patterson, and i'm told me all the logical, many things with these places in europe are smashing in the records, stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters discover. some
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of you are record breaking sites on your back. youtube and now also in book form was making the headlines and what's behind them. w news africa. they show the issues in the continent. life is slowly getting back to normal. yeah. where on the streets to give you in the report on the inside our correspond that was on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the trend stuff. mazda u. d. w, who's africa every friday on d, w o . the european union shops for new friends with trying to win itself off china and russia. the block is turning elsewhere for energy and rare earth. well the u. s. follow suit. also, michelle, german farmers facing drought,
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find new ways to squeeze every last drop of water from their surroundings without further stressing grounds, eyes. and the end of an era in the u. k, is driving new demand for memorabilia of the queen. while this is dw business, i'm christy plots, and in berlin many topics were on the table for wednesday, wednesday, a state of the union address by the european commission, the war and ukraine rising gas prices, europe's dependency for energy and a lobby on energy company. profits ah decked in yellow and blue to show solidarity with ukraine. ursula fond ally and president of the european commission proposed changes to how the ear does business. she emphasized that the e u needs to reduce its dependency on russia and china for energy and rare earth materials. last year, russian gas accounted for 40 percent of our imported gas. today it's down to 9 percent. but we also see that russia keeps actively manipulating our
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energy market. i mean, they prefer to flare the gas instead of sending it to europe according to the contracts that are existing. this opens doors for wider trade opportunities with chilly mexico and new zealand. according to the e u commission, president, negotiations with these countries are complete and just awaiting final ratification . both chilly and mexico are home to many rare earth elements that the e u needs. the un human rights wing recently accused ease biggest straight, but not china, of possible crimes against humanity against that week on was slims in the country acclaim china vehemently denies. and to day china controls the globally global processing industry. almost 90 percent 90 percent of rare earth and 60 percent of this young. i processed in china
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a fund ally and also mentioned the need to make progress in trade with other countries like india and australia. her address comes at a time when the e. u is looking for solutions to rising energy prices, including a proposal to tax winful energy company profits in order to assist those who need help sting won this winter. well, this isn't just an issue for europe for look from the americas. we bring in young's quarter at the new york stock exchange, either yes. so talk to me about how big players an industry heavy weights are over there. feel about china right now. while i mean overall, there clearly is a tendency to take some production production out of for china and bring it them somewhere else that had been a survey by the european union chamber of commerce and china recently actually showing that one and 4 companies, sir, are thinking of shifting a current of plants and westman some somewhere else, referred from some big
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u. s. corporations, for example, google. they're considering bringing and part of the production for the new a pixel phone out of china. the same is true for apple was the i $4.14, but also the south korean, a company, a samsung for example, is looking to taking at least some production. i'm out of truck. okay. well, young's, we just heard the european commission talking about moving to chilling, living to mexico, some of us production, what countries are interesting to the us right now? yeah, and maybe also a to have one of word to him on the reasons white corporations for example, are looking at some other destination. so, i mean, there had been some political or clustered side, but then clearly also all the locked dance and china have been them heard full for some a corporation. so well, what country is might to benefit? where might production come to depends a little bit on the industry. if you look at the tech world,
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if you look go at google, apple for incense or samsung, they're looking at countries like good ma'am, like india. a for instance. but then also look at the fashion industry. they already had been a movement towards the middle america, honduras. go to mother of for example, that at least where some you, as a fashion accompanies some start production. and then mexico is another destination when it comes to semi. conductors said built for the u. s. and the global market. right now, just to really briefly, we saw china's economy, really blown as it opened up to the west. could we see a similar boom as the us in europe look into these other countries that grew saving? you can't copy, paste this success story. and then also, if we talk about some tendencies, some a moving to production out of at china. i mean, that's going to be a rather slow process. we heard from the foreign minister of, from mexico for example. he believes that actually the economic growth in mexico
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could double was that the next couple of years, for instance, with semi conductor production. and coming to that state, so it would be a copy of paste, but clearly some companies of cut, some countries i will definitely benefit from this strength and scar to thank you so much now to some of the other global business stories making this frances prime minister announced the country's plan to capt power and gas price increases for households at 15 percent next year. it's a movement to protect consumers from europe's worst energy crisis. in decades. the caps will cost the state 16000000000 euros and prevent household bills from more than doubling. german gas in puerto mooney per is edging closer to nationalization . as the german government considers taking a controlling stake in the company. this report comes as when he per seeks another aid package. the company is germany's largest importer of russian gas and it burned through its cash reserves. after after moscow slashed gas flows to germany,
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will record temperatures in europe have led to dry weather and farmers across the continent are struggling. here's the look at how they're coping right here in germany. this irrigation boom operates around the clock to water. this field of beats, but even in northern germany, irrigation water is dwindling from a fleet reach called bowden has to take more ground water than he is actually entitled to. then get us if we want to get the problem under control, in the long term, we need a network of reservoirs way wasted water is collected once by shot beckon rainwater storage tanks and needed. but these newly harvested beats said to help keep the water in the area. how does that work exactly? the beats arrive at the local sugar factory. tons of them each containing 80 percent water. the sugar is separated, but the farmers want to harness the water from these vegetables for irrigation. to
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beat water from the factory is stored in this basin. it's enough to irrigate an area, the size of around $6500.00 football fields. the local head of the water in soil associations was one of the people who came up with the idea of this catchment bison. the veteran in europe and germany and principal world wide will have to hold back water in many places in order to counteract climate change. because at the end of the day, water is a crucial factor in surviving climate change 100. they'll have to hurry because the water table is sinking. these electrically operated boar pumps belong to pharma, huntsville, alan harbor land. his electricity and operating costs are exploding. couples with whom i love already used a 130000 euros of electricity just for may and june. now i'm waiting for the bill to come for july. in order to reduce water consumption for irrigating potatoes,
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he uses drip houses which come from an israeli company specializing in desert irrigation. here at a sewage treatment plant in the region. the goal is to collect water and prevent it from flowing amused into the rivers. it's another example of attempts to stabilize the ground water level here. this time with purified sewage water is picking. visitation is now used as a some for the pump with which we divert the water into the forest area where it's then trickled among the trees. how easy in the neighboring forest, the ground water reservoirs i know able to replenish. that's good for nature of course. but also for the farmers in the area who use the ground water. breadth are bidding farewell to their monarch this week, and many are looking for a piece of memorabilia to mark the passing of an era. but soon our vendors are also doing well and other parts of the world. take a look the line to get into westminster hall is expected to be many kilometers
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long as hundreds of thousands try to get a glimpse of the queen's coffin. and as brits bid farewell to the popular monarch, they are also spending money on memorabilia and souvenirs to remember her by at the cool britannia store coffee mugs and sweaters. b of the queen's portrait and the slogan, gone but not forgotten. ashley, the monks with fish like 4 or you know, hot and gone, but not forgotten. that's been really popular. and here, people by and a lot especially that these have been and stores are already looking to the future. but it might take a few days to get king charles memorabilia. you haven't planned any t shirts or clothing yet, but hopefully the mocks will come from thursday for king charles. yes,
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souvenirs are also in high demand in place is far from the u. k. like in hong kong, which was ruled by britain until being handed over to china in 1997 bryan on owns house of men, a memorabilia shop. oh, why mean what hong kong people miss is not only the queen, but the time when hong kong was under her rule are hungry. it was during the british colonial time when hong kong developed to become the metropolitan city waitlist meets west or so i think there's a sentimental feeling towards the queen, which was more than her as a ruler. it's the feeling towards hong kong colonial past and go home, gong os content, george iowa. with beijing's clamp down in the city and his bro, democracy protests, many hong kong as share the feeling. and are more than happy to pay for anything to remember the queen prince pins or even silver coins like this customer. also, i feel very sad. i know the queen was an important figure for hong kong
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people. i will miss her. and a reminder of the top business story we're falling for you. this hour you commission president ursula bonner land has announced a proposal to secure critical raw materials like lithium outside of china. wonderland called for identifying projects and building reserves that could secure supplies of rare earth and more well, that was our show for me and the whole team here in berlin. thank you so much for watching and see you tomorrow. with the 1st 70 years, she was a great comfort during turbulent times for many bridge. queen elizabeth the 2nd devoted monarch who gave every thing for her country and she was loved for it. now
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her son charles has ascended the throne. i shall strive to follow the inspiring example i have been since focused on your next on d. w. enter the conflict soul with tim, sebastian, russia has suffered key. busy reversals on the battlefield, as curious, forces have come to attacked and seized back a wide swathe of territory. my guest this week from moscow is andre kalashnikov, senior fellow at the think time of comic gay endowment for international peace as anger mounts among some of love. you may have come to supporters. how boehmer boy, is he conflict zone? in 60 minutes on d. w. oh. hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for
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africa's you to beat issues and share ideas. you know this channel, we are not a delicate topic because population is growing fast. and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to the 77 percent every weekend on d. w with hello under wall. welcome to focus on europe. glad to have you with us. it's.


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