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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 15, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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sponsibility is huge, they have so much to lose, shattering the glass ceiling. women in architecture just have to be really, really good. start september 30th on d, w. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, ukraine's president strikes a defiant tone as he visits recaptured territory. let him or is the lensky thanks troops in the strategic city of is you. he says this country is moving in only one direction to all out. victory are media and as a by jan agree,
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a new cease fire after a flare up of violence between the 2 neighbors. more than 150 soldiers have been killed in clashes. this week, plus swedish politics takes a hard right turn. prime minister magdalena anderson announces a resignation after social democrats lose an election to an alliance. all right wing parties ah told me on the ladder. welcome to the program. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski has made his 1st trip to a neat to the newly liberated city of is you korean forces, recapture the strategic city as part of a swift counter offensive that seen them take back. thousands of square kilo says
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of russian control territory. and the north eastern hockey province. yet, as russian soldiers retreat evidence is emerging of a brutal occupation. in the city of his union, president zalinski shakes the hand of a ukrainian commander. thanks to his troops, hard work, the city has now been liberated from russian forces. but there's been so much fighting here that there's not much of it left. there are no surprises if you know that that's not shock for me. the viewer is very shocking, but it's not shock for me. and because we, we began to see the same pictures from butcher from the 1st the occupied it directors, so the same destroyed, builders killed people. and so what can i say for you?
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crane's ne encounter offensive has seen the ukranian army take back a wide suede of territory in the space of just a few days. but resident here, a shell shocked what they endured during 6 months of russian occupation is just starting to come to light in the battle scarred city of ballad, clear southeast of hoc give reports of torture. our emerging live criminal de la, made me hold 2 wires attached to an electric generator to the numbers to forward the faster you spin distance, the higher the voltage anchored to coordinate. they kept spinning it and asking questions. they said i was lying prostrate on so they did it more and you thought that it happened to some prisoners every of the day when the fools are sure was visible. volokh live with the ukrainian army back in control residents. he longed to put the dark days of war behind them and see the ukrainian flag rise over the
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country. once again, the louis spoke to dw chorus london, nick connelly, whose following developments for us in hockey. and he updated us about the situation in the city where you can't see much of her give behind me. it's about 10 p. m local time. and there's not a light on anywhere here in the downtown. some of that is because people have left in large numbers, but for the most part, people are still living in that 1st mode of war when it was all about trying to prevent it more difficult for us to find targets. keeping like to a minimum hiding behind curtains and basically leaving the streets as early as possible. it's quite kind of shocking being here. i was last here in april, back then there was still, i terrify in the city. and you could hear kind of couldn't go more than half now without hearing it. that's now gone. but still you don't really have the feeling. the people here kind of believe that this kind of car is here to stay. they had a kind of false false kind of hope early in the summer that things were getting
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better and then things got a lot worse for they ended up ending the way they did. and there's a sense that russia could retaliate with more attacks on civilians. we had those attacks on the heating plots here and had given recent days. just earlier this evening. there was a check on a damn in another part of the country which was looked set to floods residential areas in community to the real sense that russia, the more it ends up losing territory and being cumulative battlefield might really take out those frustrations on students. an armenian security official says, i mean yeah, and as a by jan have agreed on a ceasefire to end. the latest round of fighting more than a 150 troops have been reported killed on both sides. this week, the long time enemies went to war over the disputed, not gonna care about region in the 1990s, and then again in 2020. as russia fight am retreats and parts of ukraine. intense fighting between 2 former soviet republics threatened to pour the kremlin
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into yet another battle. oh yes. oh. piece brokered in part by moscow, between azerbaijan and armenia is barely holding together with a fragile cease fire. in the past, several days, crashes over disputed lands have killed 155 soldiers on both sides. animals in azerbaijan is backed by turkey, and is president recept type air to one. so i would like to wish god's mercy to the latest martyrs of friendly bizarre by john in the struggle for the defense of their homeland. the situation we are in is the results of violations of the deal reached after. as of john, warm, the war, it is unacceptable. the linux still the past is ever present in this week's deadly battles. the ex soviet countries have been locked in a decades old conflict over nor gore. no kara bar,
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which is part of us by john. but has been under the control of ethnic armenian forces, backed by romania since a separatist war there ended in 1994. our mania backed by russia has demanded the kremlin and members of the collective security treaty organization help. the c s t o is a military alliance or former soviet republics, that includes our mania, but not audrey by john. man, how can be made my mania applied to the c, a. c o, under the 4th article chalk. it establishes that aggression against one of the c a c o member countries on is considered aggression against other countries. among other russia, muse, listen carcass region is at the crossroads of europe, asia, and the middle east. if the ceasefire doesn't hold, fighting could take more lives and endanger the pipelines that bring caspian oil and gas westward russian and turkish leaders are set to meet this week to try and
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bring peace to the area. but round up of other stories from around the world. chinese president in being has landed in was becky stan, he's due to meet russian president vladimir putin for the 1st time since the invasion of ukraine. the pair are attending the shanghai corporation organization summit in some mark can't, excuse me, they're expected to discuss ukraine, anti one if she's 1st foreign trip since the covey pandemic student protests for educational reform on a new constitution turned into violent clashes with police. in santiago, chile demands from the hundreds of high school and university students range from better internet access to paid and insured internships. protesters plan to march to the ministry of education, but was stopped by police a 4 month old baby as been rescued from the rubble of an
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apartment block in the jordanian capital, a man a day after the building collapsed. rescue as a continuing to search for survivors. 30 say at least 9 people were killed. the disgraced r and b singer i'll tele, has been found guilty of child pornography. a federal jury convicted kelly, whose full name is robert sylvester, carry on 3 counts of producing child pornography, and 3 counts of enticing minors for sex. kelly's already serving a 30 year sentence for sex offences, sweden's prime minister as a now she will stand down after her government was defeated and sundays election. magdalena anderson's center left coalition, narrowly lost to a block of right wing parties, a huge blow to the social democrats. now it's up to the right to try and form a coalition, a turning point in swedish politics. magdalena,
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under sun concede, defeat in the conference parliamentary election communities boost out. there were bits, it looks like the 4 right wing parties have received just 50 percent of the votes and the election. and in parliament, they have a one or 2 seat advantage. that then majority, but it's a majority and i and my routine. it's a major head to the prime minister social democrats. they have govern sweden since 2014 and dominated the countries political landscape since the 19 thirty's. now this man will christa son, is expected to form a government. his blog includes the sweden. democrats are far right party that has vowed to make sweden safe again by bringing in longer prison sentences and restricting immigration. people in the capitol reacted to the news of the blocks
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narrow when it's a sad sign of the times that we're living in that there camer profile of the cell on scaring up, scaring the people would that the we're, it's on site to living suasion with, with all the criminals and all that through with is a sofa that on the face of a one or 2 percent of the people who swayed most people, they live a very, very, very secure life. so how to can, will an election on that? that's ridiculous. there are a lot of big questions in our society today that in some ways hasn't been address correctly. and i think a lot of people have been longing for a change, or even though that change. so sometimes mean shipping the, the clarity to the rights, in this case they go back any sunday's vote was one at the closest elections ever. and sweden, thousands of overseas and postal boats were needed to get
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a clearer picture of who the winner was. however, it could take weeks to form a government here in berlin. the state valet is known for experimenting in the past. it's thrilled onlookers by staging, flash mobs at the city's main station. and by performing at the iconic bag, hein nightclub now? it's taking to the water from berlin with love is a 90 minute dance show aboard a tor boat winding through the center of the city in august that weather meant that this was a base dance tool had to be postponed. but in september, everything was just right with some late summer sun, an audience. the varied program as we haven't done, we did that last year for the 1st time in the context of the pandemic, where we said we want to go outside to the guests. because nobody could come to us in the theater. and then it was so successful, sort of like
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a little love parade here in berlin right here in berlin. and this year to hundreds followed the one and a half hour show. the 50 dances showed excerpts from their repertoire, including sequences choreographed, especially for the ship, like this one called following the path to, ah, ah, normally the dancers to have the special floor word there, dancing, jumping, so didn't hurt themself. unfortunately, he, on the stage, we don't have that. i mean we put the material on what we are dancing, but not what is under the material. so we have to avoid those, this kind of jumps and to recap 3 eggs which we are doing on the studio. or don't the normal stitch that we don't get injured?
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the ballerina is from the classic swan lake, also avoided point dancing, or big jumps. keeping that balance on the swaying floor was enough of the challenge . ah, it's really scattered isn't, isn't the difficulty i would say is to find a focus and not fall over the mile of a normally when you're on stage and in the studio, you always have a fixed focus point to go by with nothing wrong and all that blurs in the background here i listened hintock when the audience didn't notice any kind of such irritations. in fact, it was the reverse. they saw a great performance which simply inspired a passion for dance. ah, you're watching the w news. he is a reminder of our top story ukraine's president villa demur. zalinski has made a defiant statement as he visited the recaptured city of is you in the northeast
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and hockey region zalesky greeted soldiers and thank them for their efforts in re taking the strategic city. he said ukraine was on the course for victory following a recent counter offensive against russian forces. date of the news of next we look at ty, one as it faces china's military threat. i am told me all logical, myself and the thanks for joining us. with the landscape a reflection of a turbulent history the cities a mosaic of different people and languages. the ron's mountains reveal unparalleled .


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