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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 15, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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is huge, they have so much to lose shattering the glass ceiling women in architecture to so this has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d, w. ah, ah, this is the w new slide for then russia and china bound to deepen their partnership . president vladimir putin and she, jim pink made for the 1st time since the war and ukraine. they talk about safeguarding their security interests and deepening economic ties. and you, chief author on the line, pays a visit to president zalinski and key for talks on integrating ukraine into europe
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. she adds, it's absolutely vital and necessary to support ukraine with military equipment. they need to defend themselves. ah, i've been pursuing welcome russian president vladimir putin and his chinese counterpart teaching ping have held their 1st face to face talks in small schools, full invasion of ukraine. speaking of the sidelines of a summit in those pakistan potent thanked china for what he called it balanced position towards you. credit and urge deeper ties with a j hoot north of lashed out against what he called, attempts to create a unique polar world president. she signaled eagerness to expand cooperation describing the relationship between beijing and moscow as one of super powers. it should be facing an ever changing world and
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a new era in history. china is willing to make efforts with russia to assume the role of great powers and play a guiding role to inject stability and positive energy into a world rocked by social turmoil. to more on this and joined by our china atlas cliff clifford. it sounds like a new world order is in the making. yeah, i think am this, this summit used to be a very sleepy conference. the people barely paid on the attention to and suddenly it's taken on enormous global geopolitical significance. what you're seeing now is that it's providing a framework for a loose alliance of authoritarian autocratic states on the one hand. and it's setting them so that we're setting themselves up in counterpoint to people like the us. and also, as we mentioned, are still on the line from the commission talk met, defending democratic values. suddenly you're seeing east versus west polarized world opening up very strongly and all spot by this boring you. great. yeah,
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ukraine has been the catalyst for all this. it's particular with, with china, it's been, it's been very difficult because china still is very economically reliant on trade with the west and technology for the west. so it can't give it's, it hasn't been given. it's full formal backing to russia, but that's changing in recent days. we've had much stronger statements of support for, for, for russia's invasion. and then today when they're talking about common interests, we also saw things going the other way, where vladimir putin gave his support for china's position on taiwan and criticize the u. s. for escalation, the situation in taiwan. so it's all kinds of things are opening up at the moment. at the beginning of the war, everyone was talking about russia becoming a pariah state. it sounds like moscow is doing a lot in the background to ensure that economically it does have some sort of standing in the world in, in the next years to come. definitely and it's, it's very much pushing its relationship with china. i think china is
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a bit concerned. it did say that it supports the ukraine war, but it has some concerns and questions, which putin has promised to address. but i think that if it suddenly be among those concerns must certainly be that the ukraine war is causing all kinds of economic problems for the global me. and that's something which doesn't suit china at the moment. so when you say concerns, i mean the to of been holding military drills to get that happened. yeah, absolutely. i mean, politically, they're very much in step. but i think that if things go too far, and if russia pushes these, this loose alliance of other say, these countries, all they really have in common is that they're authoritarian, they've, they're, otherwise, they're very, very different in very many ways. and ultimately, china has to kind of straddle both sides, even if ideologically, it, it very much sides with, with russia, you just wonder what point would would china be pushed too far? you mentioned a loose alliance. they're talking about tighter relationships and ties.
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and it goes beyond just russia and china. it doesn't, it? that's right. i mean, recent days you've seen the 1st a rainy and military drone show up in ukraine. the ukrainians are very unhappy about this. so iran and russia, there's been a lot more closeness between around and, and other countries in this seo grouping into shanghai cooperation organization, grouping. so definitely there's more and more cooperation and the point will be these countries, as i said, as i say, the share authoritarian leanings, but traditionally, even russian, china, whenever they've gotten to close something as always happens, it's very difficult for them to get very, very close. so it's the question is going to be whether they can actually keep in step both politically and economically long enough for this to make change for these changes to happen. that's on the analyst. clifford coon and thank you very much for coming in european commission president, also off on the line is in ukraine for the 3rd time since the start of the war. visit comes as russia launches more attacks on ukrainian soil, including
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a missile strike on a reservoir near president ford of missile in ski's home town. it's a week since ukraine's counter offensive soul russian troops retreat from parts of the northeast. morning like a meeting between old friends on a 3rd visit to ukraine since the war began. also to fund a line received a warm welcome from president followed the mere zalinski and an award for her commitment to e. u. ukraine relations. among the talking points, the $8000000.00 plus people who fled to e. u. countries since the war began in february. we want of course, to have our to give our ukrainian friends when they need help, as much support as possible. but we also know that they are longing to go home again. we even ask fonder lines, night train made its way to keep russian rock, had struck a reservoir dumb entreaty re an industrial center and president lensky hometown.
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the resulting flood, inundated several roads and houses, and the local drinking water supply was cut rather than the drains aren't working. and we can't flush the toilet and was everything's flooded and there's been no one from the disaster protection agency here since yesterday evening. jasmine, i saw us in a hotel nap woo, president zalinski said the russian strikes on the city so close to his roots had no military value. and zalinski said that fact shows russia is intent on attacking ukrainian civilians. huck, if is the 2nd largest city in ukraine, is by being only 40 kilometers from the russian border. ukraine's military has kept the russians from occupying it, but the city has faced relentless artillery fire since the war began. this is hottest regional council building. it was struck by a russian missile in early march, leaving only its facade standing. 6 months on construction work is underway. the
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rest of the city center also bears the scars of indiscriminate daily shelling. that in the intense artillery battles, the continued into the summer prompted thousands of civilians to flee. the once thriving city i spoke to dw correspondingly. connelly who's following the latest developments for us from hoc, if i asked him about the situation in the city. well, as you can probably see behind me, there is very little of her kids to be seen at pretty early evening hour because lots of people i've often feels in central majority have left and the ones who are remaining arc sticking to all the recommendations, keeping their curtains firmly shut and basically keeping off the streets critic, storage density of more than a 1000000 a half and occasionally only to see some cars passing a distance. a few very rare pedestrians, but it's a real contrast to the times before this war started. i was here in mid february when the u. s. government said that the war was imminent and people who just couldn't get there had ran it. they couldn't believe that this was on the cards.
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and this was a thriving city with also tens of thousands of foreign students coming here from around the world who also took their cue from the locals and were convinced that being for to come sway from russia didn't necessarily mean that they were in danger . now since this ukrainian assaults, comprehensive in the east northeast of the country has done so well, we've seen some russian retaliation effects. we've seen attacks on the energy infrastructure on the power system or the heating system rather, and extraordinarily, it's proved pretty, are flexible and resilient than able to restore their systems. for most part, power is back, the metro is operating. and even though you know, as i mentioned so many people have left those remaining are keeping the show on the road. but the question, looking now towards the next few months, is even if russian forces are no longer in this part of the country, they are still only as you much therefore to come to way on their own territory. so the risk of attacks of missile attacks of loans, the to that is still there much there. yesterday evening we heard a big explosion in the downtown, off off my hotel. and the air rates are ins,
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only came on us back 34 minutes off to it's often it's so difficult to really tell when these things are coming in. they're coming from such short distance that this isn't. he just can't really give anyone a feeling of safety or the, or the real chance to get to a position or where they can, you know, be protected from damage. so it is a very edgy situation. a city that doesn't really quite know yet whether to believe that the situation is generally safer and whether it's kind of time to go back sometime to multi. and nick, i believe you've been to the border region with raf north of hock. if my russian troops only pulled out and matter of days ago and tell us more about what you saw well, this was a but an area that is, as you may say, so close to the border and where you can still hear artillery fire pretty much every 1015 minutes. those battles are still going on there. and people, the people who had remained in those villages were kind of days and kind of shocked to see outside as they'd be cut off from the outside world. or at least from hack,
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even from ukraine, control taxi for 6 months. so the russian army basically turned up there within the 1st few hours of this war. and people, they're talking about rebuilding the houses time time again, or one older woman we spoke to had just about rebuilt her roof when just a couple of days before the grading falls came back. her house base destroyed is now trying to work out where she is going to spend the winter. people sending us of being taken to a sellers to being being mistreated by the russian authorities because they have family ties to people serving in the ukranian army. one man we saw with just recovering some metals that belong to relative as his ukranian army metals that he'd hidden to make sure that the russians didn't know about quite how illustrious his reads his career had been. people who had disappeared, who still haven't been found or heard of for months. and we even saw the what we were told by the remains of some ukrainian soldiers who died there pretty early on in this war and who the russian authorities hadn't buried a census. so that the russian forces there had left in great haste, bits of tech armored vehicles, dumped paperwork even we saw
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a drawing from seemingly the child of one of the russian soldiers there sent to the father who was serving in ukraine with that zed symbol that we've seen on all those russian troops a true cause. so a real sense that this was an error that really was abandoned yet. great haste. and there's different suspicion for lots people on the ground. they're still russian forces. russian soldiers hiding in abandon houses who just basically didn't manage to get out in time in an hour, trying to find some way of getting out without being caught. that was the doe use an economy reporting for the ukranian city of hockey. now to some of the other stories making news around the world, germany says ukraine will need 350000000000 euros and funds for reconstruction. once the warren's economy minister will but ha, beck made the statement after meeting is ukrainian count upon it. then he added that germany would continue to support ukraine with weapons to defend itself against russian aggression. you have done one of russia's last remaining
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independent use outlets. no by augusta has been stripped of its last media license . brushes, supreme court effectively banned it's online version. it's print edition was banned earlier in the week of i it has, it has found a nobel peace prize winner dmitri, or it off said he would appeal the bad health experts in pakistan, a warning of a health crisis as cases of water born diseases rocket following catastrophic flooding, millions of displaced of living, close to stagnant water where danger fever and malaria known to thrive. at least 9 people have been killed in 20 injured in a stampede. in western guatemala, the victims were devotedly caught in a crash of people trying to leave a music concert celebrating independence day and thousands of mourners and lining up to pay their final respects to queen elizabeth. the 2nd, the cute to see the coffin stretches more than 10 kilometers along the thames. the united kingdom's longest serving monarch will lie in state in london's westminster
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hold for 4 days before her funeral on monday. and in sport 20 time grand slam singles champion, roger federer has announced his resignation from top level tenants. the 41 year old will play his final atp tournament at the labor cup in london. later this month. the swiss has not played a professional tournament in squint building last year after which he had a 3rd new operation that are said on social media. that my body's message to me lately has been clear. i've played more than 1500 matches over 24 years. now i must recognize when it is time to end by competitive career centuries, a lot of tennis, a lot of good tennis. you're watching t w news coming up next in d. w, and use asia. how russia and china are attempting to shape a different world? oda at regional summit and our free lunches economic crisis is leaving its
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fishermen on dry land. b rush manager as though stories mo, coming up next on d, w. 's asia. i been for solon, i'll be back next hour with more international headlines for you. say truth a new tag a this visual.


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