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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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ah mm ah, ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin, ukrainian, or authority. cyber found mass graves outside the city of israel, which was liberated from russian forces 6 days ago. president vladimir zalinski says russia must be held responsible for leaving behind a trial of death leave while the brushing president admits with a key ally has doubts about his war. vladimir putin acknowledges china has
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questions and concerns about his invasion of ukraine. after meeting his counterpart, gigi, and paying for the 1st time since rushes inpatient. ah, i am fill gale. welcome to the program. a mass grave has been found outside, easier, east and ukraine. days after the city was liberated, authority says one of the largest burial sites found in any city recaptured from the russian army. and that soldiers and civilians are buried that a pine forest hiding a horrific mosque life. and ukrainian soldiers have found more than 400 bodies buried near the city of israel, after it was freed from russian control with it. here lie the bodies of 17 of their
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comrades, surrounded by hundreds of individual graves with only crushed as to mark them. a typical one and we only found this place because russian soldiers opposed to the video on line that the, for at least the with though it's in those ever and with whom i am on the cross that says there's 17 bodies. but i'm that video. well, in that there were more edition lucian, that we have not counted them yet, but i think there must be at least 25 or 30 bodies will say she may be, this is not the only mass grave here. and we now have to work and identify every one who died here closing. ah, earlier this week, president zalinski raised the ukrainian flag in indian wagner. now the city had been under russian control for more than 5 months. it now shows scenes of destruction on isabel and people are without running water, electricity,
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or heat. so lensky said an investigation would follow the findings in the forest. my horsemanship, we want the world to know what is happening and what the russian occupation has led to watch in butcher mario paul. and now unfortunately, is yom received. russia is leaving death behind in everywhere and must be held responsible. the world must bring russia to real responsibility for this war. then we will do everything for this. there are more said little ukraine able to re claim all its territory after retaking izzy. him. however, russia still holds around a 5th of the country. on this get more from d. w correspondent, nick conley in hockey, in the 8th of ukraine. welcome nick. as was, until we know how these people die,
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the suspicion will be that these mass graves in is him, constitute more evidence of russian war crimes. well, definitely it, there is little to say that somehow those russian troops who were in his room for 5 months, we heard that would somehow have behaved very differently to what we've previously seen. cause to key a place like butcher. and it appeared in terms of the way they behave towards civilians has to be said there, there are reports in the ukraine press right now that it is believed the least. a part of these bodies belong people who lost their lives during shelling of the city . these things take a long time when you think back the spring, when those cities closer to key of were freed, were recovered by the cranium forces. it took weeks and weeks for their for the ukrainian thirty's. for all the kind of a judicial organs to get involved, steward to those dna, analysis of the people there. and also to trying to track down their relatives. it supports from a lot of people from this part of ukraine have either fled deep into a western ukraine or to europe or to russia to try to find out and reconstruct who
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these people were. and how their last days looked like is a very long process, but definitely that is the fear that as this you crank contra, pensive takes, and to kill was more tertiary, they're going to be finding people everywhere they go. i was close to the russian border yesterday and the locals. they were pretty much so sure that in the forest around they would definitely be still be finding a lot of people who lost their lives, trying to get out trying to get ukrainian held territory. and also they were sure that there were bodies of lots of ukrainian soldiers, maybe prisoners of war that they believe might have been mistreated by the russian forces in that part of the country. so lots of christian discovery is expected here in the days and weeks to come. right. and the ukrainian a counter offensive i have ukrainian force has been able to maintain that momentum is ongoing, obviously, for now, the russians can able to kind of take up more stable, new positions using rivers and other bits of kind of the topography of this part of the country to make things easy for them to defend. and also now we have seen that
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the ukraine's now hit russian positions kind of foot se forgive towards don't bass, where the russians are better set up, have more in the way supplies and better trained troops. but this is ongoing and we definitely have seen now that without this fact of region, without this kind of way in to supply its troops in dumbass rushes, having real trouble. and we're seeing you claim making real progress around city or towards citizen. yet that city, that early and summer was such an important but very hard one victory for the russian. so a sense that ukraine is on role, but maybe the next week's not going to be as easy as foss, what we've seen in recent days. i thank you for that, nick and nick, commonly in hockey. the russian president, vladimir putin has acknowledged that the china moscow's most important ally, ask questions, and concerns about the war in ukraine. he was making. it was becky stan, during his 1st of face to face talks with chinese president gigi and pink census
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thought of russia's invasion. but he also thanked china for what he called beijing's balanced position towards his war. vladimir putin is in some are kind to strengthen ties with his regional partners. the shanghai co operation organization of your asian nations has grown insignificant for russia since it's invasion of ukraine, lead western states to impose sanctions on moscow. by far, the most important meeting for putin was with his chinese counterpart. she jin ping . it's the chinese president's 1st foreign trip since the start of the corona virus pandemic, despite warm words and their opening remarks, putin hinted at friction with paging over the invasion of ukraine. we highly value the balance position of our chinese friends when it comes to the ukraine crisis. we understand your questions and concern about this. during today's meeting, we will of course,
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explain our position. western sanctions on moscow have pushed china and russia closer together economically. chinese products have replaced western ones and russia, while china is russia's biggest oil customer, she jin ping sees the global role of the 2 countries going much further than a trade co operation. in day shoes yet you're be china. together with russia is ready to accept the part of great power even going on. he ran to play a leading role in being of force for stability and positive energy in a world shaken by social unrest. no ga the should yet true rule. when being he a tongue, as their leaders talk in his beck, his son, china, and russia are carrying out joint military exercises near the pacific coast. the shanghai co operation organisation includes many of the former soviet republics and
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central asia, as well as india and pakistan. iran is also due to join the talks turkey whose president is attending the summer. con summit is a full dialogue partner. putin is set to meet with russia type air to one on friday . so what are china's questions and concerns about russia's invention of ukraine? theresa fallon is founder and director of the center for russia, europe, asia studies in brussels. i think it's important that he acknowledges that chinese economy is under stress because of food shortages and increase inflation. so i think that this is kind of put in acknowledging that nevertheless, they've made some really good deals because the oil is discounted by about 35 percent. so china is able to buy oil at a very cheap rate right now from russia. that's their way of supporting russia as well. this is a really uncomfortable position for russia because they are starting to appeal, appear like a vassal statement telling energy and metals to,
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to china. china is clearly the bigger economy right now, far stronger and, but china doesn't have that much influence over russia, and we had to zoom out of it and look at the bigger picture. russia, china prefers have russia in the tent that outside the tent because we saw what happened in 2014, with the war in crimea. that's, that was kind of china's strategy for the belgian road initiative. and so they realize that if they didn't include russia, that they would hamper their efforts for the big west for central asian strategy. so i think clearly shipping understand he has to work to put in, well, i would love to be a plan. the wallet that beginning and know what the us, because putin has a very big ego in this is probably the worst optics for him, the timing of this a c o meeting. so he really comes to a very week after the ukranian advanced 10 days ago. so i think that she didn't ping, it might try to encourage him. she could, you know, play the big peacemaker if he wants. but i, it's also dangerous relationship. i,
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you know, they are share a huge border. russia has nuclear weapons. she jumping and put in are both kind of unpredictable leaders of mine. so i think he has very, very cautious and almost massage buttons. ego perhaps and reassure him. sir, is a fallon from the center for russia, europe, asia studies would take a look. now it's the most or is that making headlines around the world, but it has what the germans subsidiary of russian oil giant rosner under trusteeship means a federal regulator can take control of a large refinery in the east in the town effect, which used to draw 100 percent of its oil from russia and germany is committed to ending old russian oil imports. and he's looking for alternative alternative sources to keep the refinery running. but francis has said he believes it's morally right for countries to supply weapons to help ukraine defend itself against russia . the pontiff was commenting to germany on a plane after returning from
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a religious conference in kazakhstan. he said, the catholic church is just wor, principals allow for proportional use of deadly weapons, long use of stretching along the banks of the river thames in central london as people wait as long as 9 hours to pay their last respects to queen elizabeth died last week the late british monica is lying in state in westminster hall, where she'll remain until her funeral. on monday, argentina's vice president, christina hernandez, the kish kirshner has made her 1st public appearance since being attacked in a botched assassination. attempt to thank god for his survival and supporters who prevented the government from reloading 2 suspects have been charged with attempted murder, 5 year old brazilian. and he's 23 years old argentinian girlfriend at pakistan where authorities estimate that around 1500 people have died in devastating flooding. hundreds of thousands more a said to be homeless as huge weights of the country remain under water. many areas
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hit badly by the flooding are heavily dependent on agriculture. many, many farmers have lost their livelihoods sailing through what was once it banana grove. mohammed eunice is counting his losses. flood water has swallowed up his entire plantation, a vast area, foreign land stretching nearly 15 football fields. it is now nearly fully submerged . hoping to salvage some of the crops, he instructs a worker to jump in. but the water has seep through the fruit. again, no traitor is going to buy these bananas even animals. what 8 them because they're rotten inside it. i like that eunice says that his yield was normally worth the equivalent of almost $3000.00 us dollars for every harvest. but it's not just his
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livelihood that's at stake. like it to the mean is anybody i own these lions and now they're all flooded. so my farm hands are all out of work now isn't available as a lot of the time. most of the workers here have been jobless since to flooding their homes. have also been destroyed, leaving many living in makeshift camps. and a jersey warned by basketball legend michael jordan during the 1998 and bay finals, his last major title a solid auction for a record 10 point. $1000000.00. read chicago bulls, josie berringer, jordan's iconic number 23. so for the highest price, if any game warn sports memorabilia ever and twice the upper estimate of the ocean how service it was a huge season for the bulls and was chronicle in the hit metrics documentary, the last dance jordan's team actually lost the game in which he wore vouchers is
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remind of our top story. your crime says it has found a mass grave outside the eastern city easy, which was liberated from russian occupation this week. with oxy, say soldiers and civilians were buried. that is one of the largest federal socks found in any city i'm retaken from the russian army. i sent you up to date. well well there's at the top of the hour christy plots and has your business updates. next. a good thing for me. what people have to say matters to us. mm mm, that's why we listen to their stories.


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