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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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ah, well come to take, talk with him about hackers and paralyze me to your societies. computers that out some of you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work, how they can go awesome for, and that's how they can also go terribly. what you know, new to ferry, feathered, and fishy friends of the styles this week on in good shape made to your hannah, who never goes anywhere without her dog find out what new born chicks are doing in a kindergarten. how 4 legged friends can help with depression, anxiety, and addictions,
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and why homeless looking cap bites can be really dangerous. welcome to in good shape. with not helsinki airport sniffer dogs are hard at work, but they're not looking for explosives. oh drugs. they're here to sniff out co vit passengers a simply asked to dump their skin with a white, the wipes and then given to the dogs to sniff and check for the corona. virus. dogs like these are trained here, for example, at the university of veterinary medicine in hanover. they learn to differentiate between cove it and the normal flu virus. dogs can identify around a 1000000 different sense. the mucus,
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decreasing membrane in their noses, is tend to 20 times bigger than in us humans that allows them to sniff out practically any sent going, including the smell of illnesses like cancer, malaria or diabetes. and they can even recognize potentially dangerous. allergens clutter is a very special little dog. she's able to detect even microscopic amounts of peanut and alert her owner johan, or the 19 year old has a severe peanut allergy. maintenance. we trust each other completely. i know that luthor is looking out for me. she is my lifeline name, so the here will even tiny traces of peanuts can leave your honey struggling for breath. the dog's learned to snip out particular allergens and food. whenever she detects a peanut, she gets a reward. this ability is crucial for yohina. she has to take her allergy very seriously with them and fire, and in the worst case it can lead to anaphylactic shock,
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the fondness of which can be fatal. alternate and yeah, johan is allergic to other things as well. so letter has also been taught to scratch johan is handled when she senses an allergic reaction is about to take place. often long before jo hunter herself notices it lotto detects a change in johan has body scent. she was trained using garments johan, or was wearing during an allergic reaction. all the hard work is rewarded with the treat, returning. so the anti again, that's how we train the signal. should i react to some analogy? i don't think that until she starts scratching me is restless on licks my hand and basically react minutes before i noticed anything about bus mca city. yeah. like super in the last 4 years, jo, hannah has had to go to hospital 15 times,
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but that's happened far less since lata completed her training as an allergy. dog. one of her worst experiences happened while out on a walk. johan, a still doesn't know what caused it, but her body emitted the familiar reaction sent and lot her realised immediately that her owners life was at risk is the lucky shanae come and had come in and she rushed over and gave me the sign. yes, i tried to get things under control by taking some pills for a lot of things. got much worse very quickly. sorry, i used my syringe and then 3 joggers came along. he helped me hydro gardinia done guy. they call you an ambulance level from home and then put me in the recovery position. i got a block because by then i was losing consciousness. perverse no school one been looked at. has trained a lot to be able to help johan. like this, she spent 18 months at a special school for dogs where she also learned to fetch yo hunters adrenalin
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emergency syringe. this means she can help in almost any situation. oh, hold the mouse, infant, rio wood. so our she comes to work in college with me back. she came to school with me to no school trip. that's who thought of she does all my every day activities with i like shopping or wherever i go. i lost it. comes to management that by without larger you'll 100 life would be far more limited. she would have to be constantly on her guard. dish got us had okay. so if you, she's given me so much more freedom come by and go into town. and if i see something i'd like to eat and like i can get had to check it out and see if it's safe to co opt us fish up from us. but the little cocker spaniel mix is much more than johan his mind. her is telling
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him also homo, i can depend on her mind. she's my best friend, my savior, a little cloud plan, a cloud. she makes me laugh, she's always there for me. and some of her undock dogs are the most popular pet to worldwide, especially in south america, in mexico, argentina, and brazil. more than half the population has a dog in france and east in europe, in cats, and the number one patch, while the chinese preferred to have fish at home. whatever your preference, doctors agree, pets, a good for your house. that owners tend to have low blood pressure than average and respond to stress better. petronas exercise more or less likely to be overweight and have a lower risk of heart disease. studies show they also how few visits till adopt. her animals aren't just nice to have around. they also offer
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companionship, helping to god against loneliness and depression. we have an educational benefit to children, learn to take responsibility and develop a respect for nature. these fluffy chicks, hutch, just a few days ago in kindergarten, the children have been giving them food and water every day isn't earned unless they hatched the weekend. probably on sunday. i was on early duty on monday morning, so i was your 1st host west. i went in with a janitor and lots of chicks had already handled with a few more on the way and said to come, we went in small groups, so we were quiet. i and the children were able to see the last ones fighting their way out of the eggs. let's conditional health and i on chemical. the age old question is clear for children here at least 1st in the egg. then the chicken. andrea students from the german animal welfare federation started the project. he believes it's important for children to see how
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a chick like this starts out in life. thank either through like a good that the heat's mil darwin, this before loop did dimension, it's basically a way of fostering that sense of responsibility and people that animals have different means according to their breed and where they come from in, for example, you need a garden for a chicken uh there is real work involved. you have to clean the coupon, and you have to make sure the chicken is healthy and well looked after. that's what we want to teach people when going for war dimension. helping. morgan, at this kindergarten, the chick project is just getting underway, and of course it starts with the eggs. but these are no ordinary eggs that andre a student passport along to hatch here. the former breed of chicken has become very rare. which sixto these are you and under may i breed so called my lean chicken will. it's on the list of endangered breeds gamble. it's in danger of extinction
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because it's not a high performed. i chicken not like a laying helmet williams over 300 eggs a year, at least between 180 and 200 in a year book aussie consuelo, i own some eggs from his moline chickens are now to be hatched at the kindergarten before the children's eyes while they wait, andre studios saves them the conditions in which kate chickens have to live. i'll now hut nice now plus some, the marijuana only has this much space to live a for her whole life. you know, just imagine you didn't have a playground cloth and you had no bed just sleeping. you had to spend your entire life in such a small space. would you like that? be fine? of course they wouldn't. in a quiet part of the kindergarten, the chicks will be hatched in an incubator over the next $21.00 days. once the chicks are born, they'll spend a few days, but the children before being taken away again. kindergarten, leader,
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capielo mats is excited about the project. as griffin's, which we think it's important that the children learn to appreciate nature. and it's part of our concept chipped isn't because we shy and wish to wear christian institution. preserving creation is important to us can log on and that's something the children can experience 1st hand with this project on shore for we try to well as close as possible to real life on your, to al bowden. back at the 1st kindergarten. it's time for the children to say good bye to the chicks and drains do to collect them himself. he'll know, take them to a bigger case and mock the mice. but your young seemly looking for then you could take a walk or just 10 minutes from here and you can look at your chicks and 14 days while we're in 4 weeks time and see how quickly they growth rel bigot, bigger much faster than overdue. mostly your oh, it's not just the chicks that are popular. andreas is fully grown. hens also visit
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schools and childrens institutions. the chicks from the kindergarten will not be placed in a cape with a heat lamp. in off walking belts done through our in 8 weeks, they'll be integrated bit by bit into the group i love and can then be let out to run free in the garden on line to that way. they have their normal cycle l 21 weeks as an egg and then they can enjoy life in the fresh air and indian lulu in this 4th grade class, it's completely quiet. no one's being disruptive. that's not so much down to the teacher. as to nanny, she takes part in the class twice a week, and her presence has a profound effect on the children. since it also shows no more, they're much more open an interest. in addition, they arrive with a smile on their faces when they see the dog is there with them on the atmosphere is more relaxed because they have to be considerate of the dog in the cell. so them
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are aware of their behavior. a class on a healthy and they also interact with me differently whom camille, as layla and marxist nannan takes an active part in the lesson. she chooses words for example, which the children then insert in a sentence. every one's keen to play alone. the almost magical effect of animals on the human psyche is also harnessed for therapeutic purposes, whether it's dogs, horses, lamazzo, even snails, animal assisted therapy is especially helpful with psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, or addiction. leo, the donkey is here to help teacher, christiana adam had a traumatic experience. 2 years ago. oh, a pupil attacked her college as she was standing next to her.
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they have not a suit because they in i just saw the blood at 1st. i thought she'd fainted india then i ran around the corner. i was expecting to see children for my class lying bleeding and dead. after the incident she suffered from sudden hearing loss 3 times and has had to night since then the diagnosis, post traumatic disorder o'clock. i didn't trust people any more. i think when i was almost at the point of saying that i didn't want anymore contact with people and not her contact with the donkeys helped her to rebuild trust a figment of her imagination. studies show that animals can be emotional icebreakers. even just stroking the animals, warm coats, triggers, positive reactions. yeah. yeah. i will use it by the see of the com, relaxed animal prompt the production of oxytocin and said a tonin and top amine. a cocktail of positive hormones that serves to dial back a parts of our brain that are the control center for stress,
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for observing what's going on around us, which trigger are active responses and humans active mo won't look at people driven on the service to this therapy session looks like a harmless walk, but the therapist is confronting both patient and donkey with a difficult situation. as a vicar is for is the bridge, is incredibly challenging. the donkey with the acres is narrow and crosses a babbling stream. they never go voluntarily, but so i really have to be focused and committed in my goal. in clark salem, paco's, the donkey news, the bridge already. he goes along with it. but for christiana, adam and leo, it's new. will the animal follow her? made it yet he is in his he we're a team for that. the 1st thing that i told you greatly her well done math the
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juries out about the animals exact role in this type of therapy. some people even see the animals as the therapist, and t canino, an animal can never be a therapist in it. an animal is a colleague, a core therapist, a co teacher, but never the therapist itself, or the therapist gains the whole process and the animal can't stop. he puts his and his current in therapy. animals are used with people suffering from depression or experiencing the after effects of a stroke for people with dementia or who are recovering from a heart attack. in this addiction clinic, animals are used to work with people who are dependent on alcohol. does it really work? you can look at the team at the clinic as statistically recorded their results. bob, because guns club league, we can very clearly demonstrate that the patient who worked together with the
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animals for at least 10 weeks at a 30.8 percent greater chance of staying the course than those who did not at the until day of am. he does need to con um. 6 the animals have clearly increased the success rate at the clinic. but animal assisted therapy also has its critics. he can take as many as some say that neither the animal nor the person is properly trained and that many training courses focus far too much on the animal. and rather than on the team. hulick, when nish of them teen animal rights, campaigners also have their concerns like when therapies involved using wild animals. for example, when dolphins have to live in very cramped pools. and then some good gen using wild animals in animal assisted interventions is very problematic. especially with don't things in a natural environment, they swim very long distances as far as the trainings concerned. the problem is
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that there are so many providers in the field. there are no harmonized training or quality standards i had written. i was bitten by the teacher and asked if the animals and therapists are well trained, such therapy can be very productive. christiana adam says she would have never recovered without leo. so he came to have a pet of your own. his i checked this to see if he'd make a suitable pet owner. number one, do you have enough time? an animal needs, cat and training dogs have to be walked several times a day. cats also need a diversion. then the chips to the vet, bathing and grooming, if you fall st, he'll need alternative solutions. what are your plans for the future? a pet is generally around for many years. maybe you'll be moving how soon or changing to a more time consuming job or do you want to get married and your partner isn't
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interested in animals? do you have allergies, pet hair allergies and wide spread? if you tend to be sensitive, you might develop an over sensitivity to pet her. after a while. can you afford a pet? it's not just the initial purchase price. you'll need to buy food, perhaps insurance too. and a trip to the vet can get really expensive. and animals on the same as people they have their own instincts and behaviors. and in some cases they can even be dangerous. they acute playful and cuddly. but even cat have bad days. oh. and that can have serious consequences. that few cut owners are aware of that from the the mock of health. what makes cat bite so dangerous is that they are often not taken seriously because they look so
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small and harmless as well. it was surprising. i didn't know that the cat bank could be so bad and to landed up in hospital. daniel, fog light was bitten by his cat. a jagged scar on his hand is a constant reminder a sawdust of us. it was a stressful situation that morning. the count needed to go out. she was in my arms, she probably didn't want to go out. and then she turned her head quickly and bit me just very briefly and caught me between my index finger and middle finger to fools . he washed the wound, stuck a plaster on it, and went to work. hardly thinking about it. then in the evening, he noticed that something was wrong, but his hand was not getting any better. smith, he moved to the back of the ha and it became enlarged. synergistic of warden he also started to feel generally unwell with flu like symptoms. so he went to the clinic that same evening just in time. the medical team in the emergency room
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took the bite very seriously, and they acted immediately. his under and cut the thing about kat by it says that the infection occurs very quickly sometimes within hours and it can get worse in a very short space of time at that. so you can some time to watch the wound worse than even while you're waiting for the lab results to come back in the hospital. and the problem is that can't have long but thin fine teeth when they bite, the surface wound is relatively small. the danger thieves, steeper down a cocktail of dangerous bacteria, gets deposited deep into the skin tissue by the needle sharp teeth. they can spread undisturbed. it's difficult to see the danger lurking below the surface. dia kyle, the bacteria destroy the tissue that is there. than when it no longer exists. any
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cutter open o u c is pass and not the actual tissue structures that you would expect have bottom monica sieve. as is also been in this situation. her beloved cat vito had to go to the vet. but vito put up a fight so on and off while it was so painful and so deep that i dropped him immediately. and i thought, well, this is bleeding a fair better. oh, you have to go to the doctor. if we can't just leave it like that varnish lawson at the emergency clinic, her wound with disinfected and bandaged only superficially. monica fevers was told to report to her family doctor the next morning gonna accept us are gonna, but then overnight it develops is away that i was an incredible paying snots tablet and i took several painkillers and i've never experience a pain like a time. i can't describe it. it was like a lever or like being paralyzed. i got up and walked round of krista that didn't
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help me so long that had come to lenore gadbois. nevertheless, she still waited before going to the doctor. don't doubt thus and he removed it and said you have to go to the hospital right away or you can't go home, definitely man. and also by the time she finally reached pal pies in his team, the infection was in full swing. it had progressed to the point where her entire hand was endangered. when his dorsey working with tissue damage occurs because of the bacteria opposite on the tissue dies and for the infection will only heal if the dead tissue is also removed with antibiotics. can't penetrate the tissue iananda beauty guidelines. this means that the bacteria can continue to spread unchecked. in monica see this case. the infection was so bad that she had to have major surgery on her hand to have the dead tissue removed. but the infection
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also caused a wound healing disorder to develop the wind had to be field using skin taken from her for um a year later, she still can't move her hand properly. it's a painful process. she doesn't blame her cat, though. she's only annoyed that she didn't go to the clinic sooner in important tendons and joints lie directly under the skin of the hands. so deep bites can quickly lead to theories damage. for this reason, python says that a cat bite always requires hun surgery, because that's the only way to assess whether the wound is in a potentially dangerous place and how high the risk of serious infection is off on angus up. depending on that, we can tell whether the wind just needs to be disinfected or whether you might need to open a thought or widen it to be able to wash it out and clean it. we can only really do
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that with surgical training within the school was and it's been a mom. daniel for life was not affected quite badly, but his hand also needed surgery. antibiotics were not enough. 3 months later, he can move his finger as well, but the healing process will still take time. bill scheduler, difficult under quite well man, i don't have that burning sensation any more. just a slight tightness because of the inflammation and it's getting better every day. but these days, he's certainly a lot more careful with his teeth. now, al haley dam on is here to show you another fitness exercise and help you stay in shape. hi and welcome to day we're outside and we have
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a perfect exercise to train our coordination. i would say, let's go in search for a solid ground and then we start. one leg is splendid and the other are on the other side is extended. and then we switch. start with a couple of slower wraps. and when you can, you try to become faster with let's do this exercise together. 10 times. 12345678910 . do it is exercise 5 times in your day. and of course,
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10 reps as before with this exercise is perfect as a threat for our upper body. but it's also a perfect exercise for our coordination. and you train your whole body the super simple, but the so effective. have fun with that and see you next week on in good shape with ah, with ah,
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ah ah, ah ah, this is d, w live from berlin. ukrainian authorities say they found mass grades outside the city of indian, which was liberated from russian forces 6 days ago. president philadelphia is that he says russia must be held responsible for leaving behind


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