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tv   Iran From Above  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2022 8:15pm-9:01pm CEST

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the eastern city of is your which was liberated over the weekend. police say most of those buried there are civilians and that it's one of the largest burial sites found in any city recaptured from the russian army. except our documentary iran from above features purges, mountain people, their traditions and scientific significance. i bade fizzle. and thanks for watching get hot elvis will have your news next hour. i'll see you here on monday of the green and that you feel worried about the planet meeting on neil. host of the on the green fence about cost and to me it's clear remains to trade. join me for a deep dive into the green transformation for me, for you,
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for the plan. ah, ah iran. a vast country often called the cradle of civilization. from the persian gulf to the caspian sea, from snow kept mountain ranges to arid desert. it's the country both fertile and o steve. a study in contrast, as is the culture and way of life, of its 80000000 inhabitants a country and its people. a run at the intersection of tradition and change a country with few outside visitors. for many foreigners, iran is the place of paradise and myth. but it is home to a 1000 dear old culture,
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in which a variety of lifestyles, traditions, and religions co exist. mountain ranges, deserts plateaus, the plains and valleys of be filmed from above. this spectacular landscape surf as a lens onto the country's history and its people ah, the mountains, wild and untouched, tamed unto masticated cover. one 3rd of iran's territory their distant peaks have played an important role in the country's history.
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heading west towards the ed bought massif, the mountains have long served as a safe haven for many communities and a bulwark of resistance to invaders. and near to run the majestic mount dumb of an stance as the natural defense in front of the iranian capital. heading south parallel to the border with iraq. the zak ross mountain range coincides with a stretch of the fabled silk road. near the tuchman and afghan border and its mountain range is much hot. the capital of the region a famous pilgrimage destination for the she i it's the mamma is thus shrine, and it's pilgrim donations. have ensured much hearts development for centuries.
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thanks to the inflow of craftsman, pilgrims and afghani she i'm much what has become the 2nd largest eroni city and one of the wealthier once the complex of the shrine is of real tone within the town. sheltering one of the largest most in the world. molson turkey works there as a volunteer dedicated to the visitors and pilgrims. he embodies the tradition of islam,
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hospitality and solidarity. mumbo chanda says m o, i tried to adapt my lifestyle to e. mom raises teaching memories. i said, don't get mad at people be kind to every was just don't ask for anything, but don't get tired of others requests. what you wish for yourself, what we should also for others some the tim of the mom is a must visit for old. she i asked to most and turkey a mom raises is all the more popular because he's the only islam religious leader to be buried in iran. ah, well not up to that cuz i want to give it to paula want it in about as a child, i came here with my parents. that's when i decided to volunteer at the emory's a shrine. oh
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father advisory passionate about about a job role. normally a shot the most important task of a volunteer is to guide the pilgrim. just ask your time wisely from all you have this good morning. i'm horrible. also, you shall, as it is, a religious sized main mission is to ensure the security that old calling, because i didn't want to amber ought ombudsman on that auto ball valuable. as the sean that he had more to man, i view a lot. he bit the number for the help of this one rolls on, the other one up ah, about 20 to 30000000 people visit the site every year on holy days, up to 2000 fallen tears, a cold full back up to inform and guide the visitors most and knows how to manage the crowds that flood in for the major islamic celebrations
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. ah, a a danger this shrine is open to all my whole minorities and face the idea of how your mouth catholic muslim christian soon i about she eyes saw all religion is are welcome here on the water. the hot on the shock
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when the evening. cool. feel tre resounds the most important of the day. the venue fills up not only was pilgrims, but was much hut, citizens who come off to work, move in a place of worship. it's also a place of hospitality sharing and above all solidarity. it's a gathering point. a place of contemplation and mindfulness for the city's inhabitants more than 12 centuries old, the charitable foundation that runs the shrine is the oldest in iran. thanks to the foundations, health care campaigns more than 1000000 people are said to have received to medical
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care. ah, not far from to iran is the highest peak of both the elbows range and the entire country mount dumb avant. ah, it's the iranian mount fuji, an ancient volcano dormant for 7000 years, believe to have magical powers. at a height of 5671 meters, it dominates the landscape. over the centuries, poets and writers have made mount dumb of and a symbol of resistance to foreign rule. often called the sacred mountain. its peak is high enough that it remains snow topped even in the summer. the lar, national park lies at the foot of the mountain. it boasts one of the richest natural habitats of all of iran's nature reserve.
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the soil near the ancient volcano is unusually rich. over the millennia, volcanic eruptions have deposited minerals in the earth. this natural fertilizer and the warm and humid climate allow plant life to flourish here. the slopes of mount dom haven't a home to countless flowering plants. the most famous iranian honey is produced here. blue man danced armine as a beekeeper. he followed in his father's footsteps, who passed on his love for bees and honey to him as a young boy. he's now been keeping b for 30 years. mobile did is around the 1st of june. you said we're given
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a permit that lets us stay in laurie park until september, 1st of that year. but my job is we can set up a camp top but with tense only. i'm sorely jody. when we do the most in hudson cabins, are forbidden here on the road. but we set up one or 2 tents. go live here and tend to are behind your mum. ah, us in the body. the bees make honey from time. milk fetch. giant fennel and other powers i as you wish. yeah, it's an excellent honey but. busy do we have such a diversity of flowers here with the honey we make also has medicinal properties. i said ill be sham. a silly govern thanks to its diverse climate and its abundance of flowering plant species. iran is the world's 3rd largest honey producer. be keeping flourished here in the region, even at the dawn of islam. honey is already
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described as the source of healing in the koran. in the 11th century, the persian philosopher and physician avi center praised honey for its therapeutic properties. ah, the unable yet being a beekeeper takes love zombies. duty, it's a passion mutual and it captures, shoot. just like a drug in was they haven't got it. but some arms i take the frames out of the hides to kiss them. that's how much i love my b. not oh amanda. some bizarre. ah
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. toggle between them all my yard month when i go back to my tent because all my tiredness and fatigue disappear on a year or later i listened to the dumb avant river m of on before the woodland, enjoying mount dumb yvonne's beauty. all you rang and the magnificent flowers and the nature of that surrounds me here in the outdoors. lord, ha, that's my life and the captain with all its joyce and hardships her saki. it's a good life. ra gm daughter was evil you. whether sham got it. mm. hm would you, would you the bees are gods blessing their gods creatures god left without the bees to pollinate plants and crops, the natural world would disappear within 4 years or so. our very existence depends on them. indian soon was company. oh, don't do a good job on em over as long as i have the strength to work with bes,
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i'll remain a beekeeper quarters, i'm worthy ah, mount dum avant, and the national park, just a short distance away from tehran. the sissy's climate is influenced by his geographic location at the crossroads between mountains and desert. in the north of the city, the air is cooler and humid in the south. a hot dry wind blows in from the desert. for to ron's geographical location and its distance from old borders, helped protect it from foreign invasion and allowed it to flourish. after a new dentist he arose, the city became the new capital in 1786. since then, the city has grown and industrialized at a breathtaking pace. today,
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the metropolitan area is home to 15000000 people. the city is the economic and political heart of the country. it also boasts at iran landmark, the as a d o freedom tower and not far from its historic district religious monuments and the bazaar. a vibrant urban district has emerged. the tubby outs bridge is another emblem of the fresh wind blowing in iran. the pedestrian bridge links the abraham and the tale. honey forest parks. the tubby yacht, o nature bridge acts as an extension of the 2 parks merging into the landscape. the bold, multi level design does more than connect to parks it buses with life and draws people from across the city to its many leisure activities. what may come as
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a surprise, the tubby at bridge was designed by a young woman architect layla, iraq in was just 26 and still a student when construction began in 2010. ah, like layla, iraq, he on shiva norbish also embodies the iranian women of today. she is educated, speak several languages is socially engaged and is quietly determined to break boundaries to day iran has more female than male students in its universities exist to ha, education has expanded opportunities for women. move on to saturdays on sundays, mclennan jonathan on a moving thing as the carriers to provide goals has been living in tehran. i'm
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close to the mountains, the elbows, mountain range and mount amazon is the highest peak in the country. the papua climbing is my passion and i have access to all the best climbing sites. no, it's charlotte. and also south of taura filled those wonderful crisis and the my c . c. m. i think it, i will days i can indulge in my passion was my favorite sporting possibly writing sizes for bob. shiva often goes, climbing with her friend zebra. sha savant, one of iran's 1st women professional climate that'll number one is that it, it on even soft tick, evasive name. as an iranian my choice is my way of life. the path i've traveled might be regarded as unconventional for most with my generations about the fact the while you might have of course, it was sometimes hard because i had to go against the flow of the valley back to get some or reassigned gain when you're climbing when you touched the rock,
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the energy you feel is incredible. you see about was how much climbing demand. so much concentration that are really close to your heads calling to make when you go back home, your full of energy. ne has seen the g energy as best of us. ah ah. land i i miss shave olva. my dear tal hot i want um. i was i started climbing as a hobby, just like shiva fine, but i couldn't restrain myself. i know i got to day climbing is my life and i'm a professional climber, auto restore, found. so about climbing has let me travel the world. just last summer i was in france to climb the ag, do me dna and mom blown on our design. and i was part of the 1st independent rainy
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and team and the 1st iranian woman to climb the goals. rojas following the walk has spy. that's when i get in joe robins, i my german colleagues were quite surprised that an iranian woman could climb that rock face to it on saying now i've been going cheever. and i to iranian women, a boast professional level climb as high as my friends are. so corny rehab we can climb the same rock faces as men pay them going job nice. it is the other to think a lot of a lot of girls are interested in mountain climbing. my see, listen, it's growing sport and i hope it will become more accessible to more people. they, me as it. man, i hope so too. the topography of iran shaped of rocket landscape travelled by hordes of warriors through the ages as early as the late 9th century persian poet fat you'll see sang the exploits of this history's heroes through the
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60000 verses of his shawna may the book of kings he chronicles the adventures of these mythical warriors and a faithful mouse. to day ali good sheehan ex horseback. all tree bull champion revives these legendary feet. nor think all will of coverage if amy ayala, bush auto bucklin im in a kim month the place we are right now where our world renown training center is located but it is in the elbows range scottish has i'll these mountains once had military significance and man i'll tell them or he alamo to and telecom. we're 2 of the fortresses located hiroshima jangle goodies. hi, change all day, wholesale evolving. how about your, her alamba for the month of shall monica told each to we know that iranians were one of the 1st people was to domesticate horses. and now that i'm
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alamba on chicken wash off i santa can eat on us are we have various breeds of whole said to toppled around the equilla iran's best known breed is the caspian, which was rediscovered 56 years ago when it was thought to have been extinct hold, today's sca snazzy been name of an impish. nobody cash flow to pick them, hits the common ancestor to many other breeds of horse around the world. v shiver benoit judd definitely has asked why don't yells hockey, go to kid. recent studies have shown that every other breed, of course in the world, is somehow related to the caspian ya, yuki baggy of pony as us. while you're on the courses play an important role. any ron's history and culture to day early good. she on a will champion in horseback, archery teaches the technique to his students. ah,
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as i'm unique, isabella cause a lot on kasey kid in late, historical representations, paintings or miniatures, often show indistinctly a man or a woman riding a horse, as on whether to hunt travel or fight. ah, i saw on your back straight and your head high. ah, this is a side stretch and back bend during the parthian period in the 2nd century b. c horsewoman would ambush the enemy by hiding their bowl under their clothes and they quiver under their long hair. they would leer the soldiers off to them before swiveling around on their saddle at full gallop and killing them with their fatal arrows. this is the parthian shot, one of the age old disciplines that ali good chance still teaches today
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any tissue. then he come in a hearty side it. i wish all my father foster you draw the bow, the better i full don't bother me. corny never lose sight of the target was actually understood. twin my sita, all musician english, there are learning. she's the, the 1st thing i teach my students is to know themselves other than that comes 1st traditional fan only then can they get on a horse back to me and we ask all of the next they need to get to know the horse. i switch to and think about how they will work together. that's. i'm only about it on our jewel on that, on all that takes time and between. but eventually they already m as their teacher . i trust them enough to hold the target in my hand and let them shoot at it. we're only then all my students ready. bishop, the as a mandolin man,
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ali of my name is ali gucci on the and i am determined to keep this age or discipline alive in our modern world. unless we cannot the elbows, mountains or a natural bull work, but they were not enough to repel the mongol invasion. in 1220 the city of ardor beale, which lies nestled in the mountains, was raised to the ground 300 years later otter beale rose from the ashes and became one of the bastions of surface m. a mystical form of islam. ah ah ah, one of the most beautiful sophie monasteries in iran was built by chic sophie alden,
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the founder of the so far weed dynasty. the sheik was a spiritual leader of both the poor and the powerful. but he also drew his career. mom from the city's location the natural beauty and mountain springs brought disciples from across iran, anatolia, and even india. the most spectacular room in the complex is the chimney. her ne, the porcelain gallery, the hundreds of alcoves were originally designed to display the royal porcelain collection gifts sent by the chinese empress. much of the collection was transported to the state hermitage museum in saint petersburg. after russia invaded iran in 18. 28. ah.
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further west mount sutherland overlooks iran's, as a, by john region at 4811 meters. it's a pass as the tallest mountain in the alps more block, but it's still only the 3rd highest peak in iran. must salon is an an active volcano with the crater lake. at its summit, there are many hot springs on its slopes, said to have healing powers. the thermal springs have always drawn many visitors, even during the days of the old silk road. ah, one of the most important trading posts was ta breeze, which drew people from far and wide, situated in a valley overlooked by mountain ranges, tub breeze grew into
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a commercial hub and multicultural city. the bazaar here is one of the world's oldest largest and most beautiful unesco world heritage site. the complex house is several old mosques. the great jar may most is next door. and then there all the thousands of market stores it's passages link many former caravans arise and ins, in which travellers and merchants would stop and stay for the night. ah, amelia jeffery comes from a family of carpet sellers. but he decided to run a restaurant. ah,
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was our composition the bazaar is central to the city's identity up? is it any one who wants to discover the city has to visit it? we're in a breeze. when we want to meet with friends, we meet here. ah daughter. bizarre bert, i'm sure we'll numbers. it's a covered space, but you don't feel wold in toyota. this is when you come to the bazaar. you feel at home. i'll be sure to levels are done. ah, 5, she says or no minister somewhere to pull. this is where i buy all the spices i use in my restaurant signature dish was there. this one is ill of advil, of my final of to order because option in this restaurant chef on the as dishes draw on a blend of iranian and as they are by johnny influences of cushion for example, as to you made of lamb and chic piece of which totally of ambition are us, that there are 5 ingredients in this dish was fun, beat potatoes, chick, peas,
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tomatoes and bits of egg planted on the 5 ingredients. meat latinos, cheapies tomatoes, and bits of egg plans are simon for 8 hours a month. we only use high quality ingredients to get a quality dish by leonor little chip. this culinary and cultural diversity is that the core of the cities identity to this day ta breeze is a commercial hub that helps bring together different communities. and that exchange has helped make iran the ethnic and linguistic patchwork it is today and in some similar them we're so most upkeep is here, a speaking turkish in the orange miniature live law multiple moments did. i'm iranian child when i'm proud to still be able to speak my native language,
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turkish partial. and that below is how we've been able to hold on to our language and culture on the missouri batch of the furniture church club crucial moment of the year. that covers little 2 shewn separates. we all help each other, almost you up to your home, which you won't see any beggars here through the chat with other public both of them on the should i, ron is a big country with many different languages and nationalities that all get along very well to big on live liberal, the tooth syndrome. ah ah. outside seabreeze, the ancient silk road that linked peoples and cultures continues to cross the mountains to the southwest. the mountains also offered an unusual refuge to people
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fleeing the mongol army some 700 years ago. they took to the case to hide over the generations. they called the entire village of condo van, into the volcanic rock at the foot of the sa hunt volcano. the homes are now known as cut on the word for bee hive in the local turkish dialect. over the years, the villagers extended their dwellings to day, most of between 2 and full stories and include living space, storage rooms and shelter for animals. while some found refuge in the lava case, others found peace and even more forbidding and remote mountain landscapes. in the far north west of the country, the monastery of saint to deus was established on
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a barren plateau. at an elevation of almost 2000 meters. the monastery complex dates mainly from the 13th century. but according to armenian tradition, st. today as is to build a church here and found at the monastery around the years, 66 st. today's also known as judas to days. oh jude. the apostle is said to be buried here. ah, and armenians who fled the genocide in turkey for iran. also sought refuge here. ah. to day the orthodox monastery has a new neighbor, a muslim, sunny village, another symbol of the peaceful coexistence of religious communities in iran.
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a young muslim man from the village tends to the monastery. ah, monday you saw lawn, i work for the iranian cultural heritage organization. forum of a job career. how them i'm a technician. i tend to the renovation of and maintaining the building. i was a goes by basically do i make all the necessary repairs to the masonry and the electric scholar, my one that i also tend to the cleaning about the banner judge on kelly saw a church is the heart of our village who saw about the church the village and the villagers are bound to each other. like the links of a chain i'm getting florida. blue blue.
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once a year, the touch takes over daily life in the village. the monastery is a place of pilgrimage for orthodox armenian christians, automatic because had a thought was a shower that armenians gather here from around the world. michelle to celebrate the anniversary of st. today of his martyrdom. it was a 3 day ceremony with baptisms blessings, wedding shot and processions around the church up or when they also sacrifice a land. jo, machine, man, who has some that kid so. so i remember when i was little and we children were afraid to enter the church. that the 1st time i was really inside the church was when i was 8 i to carry. so dusta, oh, charge the church in the village or my home. i feel responsible to both of them because i grew up with them leaving. ah, any math for them is shasta. katie soto, yahoo, ya, kelly. so you,
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i'm 23 and i've always lived here, man, this by the indoor a. so sir mass will yet that was all you, dora i don't be so says so send out. i mean, john, most of my childhood friends, the people i went to school with have left of that they had other dream slabs. i shall normally also latham wooster for them. when all the meat we eat comes from our herds, the animals we raise ourselves, she, it's excellent of our dog. the same goes for the milk, know them our dog by women of this village work alongside their husband said to call back one of either noon, or even the bread is made with flour from our whitfield yard on the far, then we cannot. we chose this life or death of drink and we want to live it to the fullest even put him 3 shadow.
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well, the elbow to my safe stretches across the north of iran. there's across mountains form a natural border to iraq on the west. these craggy peaks and remote valleys, a home to the iranian province of kurdistan. the kurtz, or iran, 2nd largest minority after the other by johnny turner the region has its own distinct cultural and political identity, which it owes in part to its isolated geography. villages are scattered in the mountains with unspoiled nature. as far as the i can see, the province is known for its forests, one of the rounds largest 2nd only to the forest at the caspian sea. the fertile soil helped sustain a bounty of oak trees, fruit, trees,
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and precious woods. a singular environment that helps give birth to an old tradition. oh, i'm sure big matilda. both. i used to think that when a tree is felled, it dies. believe rob, but now i know michelle to what is in the you the what a vish. but she did, when a tree becomes a musical instrument, it lives on the do oh ah,
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in the past, these instruments made of high quality local woods, were played by traveling bars and showmen, music and song preserved, the old traditions. and music itself is passed down from one generation to the next . but they all pioneers, like rockmart, a ye, me, the 1st in his family to become an artist and craftsman, here in the regional capital of son and dutch at as much builds and repairs musical instruments using the finest natural materials in the kurdish tradition. i love him, i thought i was already working with wood, but it was mainly my interest in music that led me to stop building taz and other
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musical instruments made of wood. i decided to dedicate myself to making instruments, stringed instruments because of my love for music. this was a, i need that us is originally, i wanted to be a musician myself, a whole bunch. but i couldn't find a good instrument here. that's when i started becoming interested in making instrumentals. and finally, i became a lute making myself up. ah, jim, on jazz. this command is made with inlaid would love. it was for the i couldn't live in there are 140 strips of wood different woods. she done a lot of uncertainty crowded. yeah. you got it. but mommy's arranging the strips on
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this round surface so they fit together perfectly. is very challenging about jen situation of cardboard. and all this would do, i used our wall much were you and orange tree has fish not inch has fish the neck is decorated with ebony. it's a magnificent instrument message then. ah, with to that go to shave quote this on us that hewick is something we could have in our blood. a hot air in my home, i to, to my, to my mom has this such a variety of melodies in kurdistan. every region has its own musical style. a young i'm fighting
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with further stuff. a cliff. hundreds of me says high overlooks the neighboring plain. mm hm. these are touring, is located on the royal road that once lengthy iranian plateau to mesopotamia. in doris, the 1st built the commercial route in the 5th century b. c. more than 2500 kilometers long. it was intended to facilitate communication across his vast empire.
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with this bass relief more than 15 meters high and 25 meters wide, depict stories holding a bow with his foot on the chest of a man lying on his back in front of him. roughly 1200 lines long. the inscription tells the story of how doris defeated the 9 lying kings who had tried to divide the persian empire. the monumental relief carved on the cliff about 60 meters above the plain was meant to send a message to his subjects. i'm to future generations. embracing past and
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present the people of iran live in harmony with their changing landscapes. ah, insect bombing, instead of destroying the rain forest in madagascar research as a working on sustainable nutrition for the future. rich and protein. environmentally friendly and versatile. they hope it will help combat hunger and
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climate change. eco africa in 30 minutes on d w. oh. hello guys. this is the 77 percent the platform. hey i, you know all these channels. we are not afraid to talk to young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to the 77 percent every weekend on d w ah ah
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ah ah, this is dw slide from berlin. the cranial authorities say they found mass graves outside the city of israel, which was liberated from russian forces last weekend. president blossom is zalinski says moscow must be held accountable for leaving behind a trail of death. also coming out of the.


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