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tv   A Mediterranean Journey - Malta  Deutsche Welle  September 18, 2022 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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this is d doubly news from berlin. you can find out a lot more information at our website to be found at d. w dot com. ah ah, the mediterranean was once a major crossroads at the heart of the ancient world. today it has become a barrier separating europe from africa. is there anything left of a past ones share? and what do today's distinct cultures have in common? journalists, xena, l. moss rock and joe power abdul karim, travel the coast of the mediterranean in search of answers. do you see yourself as a tunisian junior youth with all the rights and responsibilities? how can you afford to see these animals? god help with join us to get to know the people and their dreams. a
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mediterranean, ah, the today we're going to europe's 5th smallest country. it's a sunny place with a multi cultural heritage. it's been a while i'm on malta and in mid to man, it's an island in the mediterranean sea, located north of libyan tunisia and south of sicily investing boards, a multicultural melting pot. tramodol, the romans, the arrows, the british, and the french were all here at one time or another. the architecture shout sick to about what it's reflected in the people to, i'm not, i'm excited about what awaits me here on climate. ah, malta capitol. the letter is so beautiful that it's been named the unesco world heritage site. the republic of malta is made up of the islands of malta, gozo, and camino, as well as a number of other uninhabited islands. the 316 square kilometer territory is home
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to about half a 1000000, multi s the malta is said to mean refuge. it's the 5th, most densely populated country in the world. the crusaders built the capital, the letter as a bastion of christianity. it has recently undergone extensive restoration and regeneration architect conrad bootleg yard has played a key role in this process. he's managed to meld old architecture with new now we're walking a side to parliament and you're part of designing department, right? yes, we went to be a rental piano who were commissioned by the government to, to build the building and that we were his local architects. the whole building is built health, local stone. oh, you know, what's really interesting, although this one is an old though they yes. and this one is
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a new builder. yes. but they somehow fit together. yes. i think that's. yeah, that's was the idea. so mission completed with marina, and you can see the light and shade on the facade, yes. gives the feeling of a corrode did the way away. is it all the way on the other side? and all i get in more, more on the scale is similar to the lines of the song. so this triangular courtyards very seldom i continue. the structure we see there is actually reflecting this swan but this is in a modern way. yes. okay. so it's creates a continuity between old and new ah, wherever you look. who figure in stevenville let us crumbling beauty a facelift. even the ruins of the former while opera house have been integrated into an open air theatre. at which point to space in the life of the city. so when the performance is taking
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place, if there's a symphonic concept that the sound spills out into the streets. so my, everyone knows everybody knows people sometimes stand on the edge and watch even though they're not inside the theatre. it says it's very impressive because it's open here. and when you look at the building behind, it looks as if it's the back facade of feds. right. yes, in fact, the choice of the green was from, inspired by the green of the balconies. so when it's at dark and it's all, it's up, that facade gets set of closer to the interior, and it feels like what used to be the elevation of the, of the 5th. mm conrad bootleg yard is convinced that the letter can only retain its vitality if its past is integrated into the present. the city's history should enrich rather than limit it. he shows me the enchanting view from the upper barocha gardens. if you look at this, you don't have to say anything any more. this garden was built on the highest
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bastion of the landward fortifications. originally, multi landscape was 3 full maximum stories height like this. it's low and horizontal. 5 years ago, the opportunity to start building high buildings, old buildings, was alone. so now a lot of buildings not being built which are 30 or 40 stories high. you are a fan of it. no, i'm not a fan of it because the traditional landscape is going to obviously change. however, progress is relentless. it's not something you can really control. and i don't think one should be scant of change. it might. malta is a place of tradition and modernity ramping construction boom here, tranquil beaches in lagoons their time with nation is trying to negotiate the middle ground between the needs of tourism and maltese residence. the small fishing
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village. plaza flock is the home of the typical maltese wooden boat called a lot, so it's idyllic. now, i'm traveling further south here on the main island to a place where a very exclusive multi specialty awaits me. it's been, it's in the now, in situ is me voted, as i'm told, the germans have sausages, i am the italians pizza not here. and the maltese c a c t c to so they're like, it's meant to be very tasty or i'm looking forward to eating something was to s c j, which is 10 kilometers from the capital. here, the slogan is blah border. it be to to, to work and virtue i meeting marty lou vela the founder of boss ditzy. gourmet. hello. you're very low. i am the prostate superman. yes. nice meeting you same. welcome to my house. thank you so much. ready to make bassetti on the ready to cook for the 1st time. kaiser good required. so into the kettle. mary
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lou is an institution and the j week. she's the queen of making the pastries that are malta as favorite snack. anyone i met here is talking about proceed. see you have to read and 1st city you after you're comfortable with it. i you have to eat fast it's it will have them for breakfast for lunch, for a t k. then if you really don't feel like cooking, you have them for dinner as well. so it's good and they're fast, you know, you find them everywhere in every town village. you make different kind of proceed . see what's, what's the actual thing about you old proceed. i make busted see without lied by the traditional wise and the made them with glides with point fact. and so i try to made to make an alternative be getting vegetarian. yes. yes. yes. this is the traditional this traditional food in malta is it is a vegan veneer. you know, it's quite me the best, the most most popular. i'm all it is. this is in fact rabbits meets rabbit. yes.
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fried rabbit or the garlic i heard there are some similarities between maltese and arabic languages. so i'm going to do a little test. ah. what do you call this in mark is in arabic, we say i seen. yes. and what is called a gina i it's almost the same. yes it is because i was told marti's language is very close to arabic. language like a gina. you say i seen the semitic language, in fact, it's 66 percent of it comes from her and they can because we're ruined by the arabs for a very long time. so we talk now arabic, when i say at key fake dba, does that you say hi, yes. is this a new normal? not his language. yes. uh huh. yeah. and this one, the pie, the green a p thing. no, that sounds from italian personally, bizarrely. that's kind of why we say mozilla. oh yes. so. so was yes. in the same
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you will say for a night thinking the same after the language lesson, the cooking lesson continues. shall we get the the feeling? yes, that's good. the feeling they saw here very well prepared that he caught daughter, caught the on the p, and they say, any one who's been to molto once always returns for the food alone. the dishes are unbelievably tasty. fantastic. especially pos, tsetse made using money lose recipe. and i didn't do a bad job making them either. did i good often. yeah. okay. well the pos tsetse are baking marty lou shows me around the small town of said you we are stroll. takes us to the church of saint nicholas matos predominantly catholic. what influence does the church have here?
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she tells me the country is one of the most conservative in europe. i love melissa . otherwise i would have faith. but i think there is the risk of losing it. okay. oh, with the new high rise buildings, that's where i get a and some people i way to conservative. how does effect on you so on young people and especially women for example, voice is not e going to get abortions, nothing else. so that's a, a quite a lot of problems because then only, you know, rich people who can afford it can get it because they can go a road to other countries or as they go to black markets. okay. so, and even, even when you want to divorce it, it's in you yellow toys until you is there around 6 years ago. something like that, 67, and 4 that you good for that? no, there was no. the voice in
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a wonderful aroma entices us back to the kitchen. where my very 1st batch of self made must eat see awaits us. but it is already. all right, all day look so good. golden brown does gordon brown. i think they are very crispy . so i try the one with the cheese. ok this one? yes. it's so good. good. it's so good. it so good. it's really good. i have best on there. i shall. yes, yes, yes. yes, it's a really good so i can stay the whole day. now you think them, sir, it really tastes good, you know, at the beginning when you look at them and say, what's special about it. but now you can see how, how good it's, it tastes. it's mess so it's, it's worth it. i'm glad you like them,
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with the island nation has been a member of the european union since 2008. and in this tax haven, people like to show off what they have. it's a popular place for wealthy english people to retire to for example, it's a paradise for car lovers. i'm surprised to stumble across a vintage car rally and the letter but malta has its dark sides to in late 2017. an assassination shook the country's political elite and sparked a national crisis. journalist daphne cutter, one ago elisia, was investigating a high level corruption scandal. when she was murdered in a car, bombing, the attack shocked the country and led to the resignation of top politicians. october $5000.00 zips it would it be in october 2017 galka journalist daphne coline
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deal with murdered just a short distance from her home on death album, dealer investigative work focused on political and financial corruption and malta motto, constantly it and me. it's important to me as a journalist that i come here to make a point where owned and science, i believe a democracy must guarantee freedom of opinion and the media, and on a democratic, if after all, malta is part of the e at model tots. so a all, and i expect that freedom of speech should be a cornerstone in such a country gornstein with fun. so on and london the country mourned the journalist and demanded an end to corruption and lies. ah, now malta has to prove it can implement the rule of law and respect the freedom of the press. so as to ensure, daphne caught one again it's you did not die in vain. ah, we're leaving the main island and taking the ferry northwest. yes,
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i mean it's not that we're heading for gozo, we're going to visit the city of victoria. hi victoria, it's a small city. what it has to offer houses opened, or the question is, why to why i go 0 is the 2nd largest island in the multi archipelago. its only 14 kilometers long, and just over 7 kilometers wide. ah, most of goes over 31000 residents live in the island capital victoria. it's a big quieter here than it is on the main island. ah, i'm most interested in the 2 opera houses, the aurora, and the t or through astra. here i meaning the director, john goliath, the 2 buildings are just 300 meters apart and i came to go here and i have one
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question. why do you need to approach here on a very small island? because there is rivalry between the 2 band clubs in victoria, the other band club has also the out or our open house. and there's this at the out to us, which is the feet of opera as well. and out of sheer artistic rivalry but, but in a good sense of the competitive says, how is the competition affecting on the quality of the productions you're doing of you see, and there will be much more engagement and commitment by the members of the opera astra. who are actually engaged to promote the highest artistic level person. mm. both oper houses were built at the end of
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the 19 sixties and they have been vying with one another since been visitors. do they go to both or for us? or if you have the feeling some i really loyal to one or pro, some of the support as may be that it's like you've done. why aren't you? yes, yes, yes. it's almost like it will club. it is it is. but i mean, as a sense of maturity, let's was that way. we've gone from strength to strength and though people are going over to each other theaters and 1st of all, also to see the, the 11th the so that the competitive edge is always there. it is a very much like a mac golf artistic activity. ah, yet the island nation is surprising. in another aspect, in 2017, the maltese parliament voted overwhelmingly to legalize same sex marriage. since
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then goes all wedding planners, jewels wiltshire and catherine goods have almost had more homosexual than heterosexual customers. business is booming, extraordinary. why do you which some kind factors just bringing round you would buy some facing each other and the readings, your bows and everything are exchanging of rings will be done here. all your guests will be safety aid on the terrace looking out this way. so obviously with mm. back in the letter, i'm amazed at how progressive catholic malt as approaches to transgender and homosexual issues in the spartacus gay travel index, the island is ranked as one of the most l g b, t friendly countries in europe. i meeting clayton mer chica and l g
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b t i q community organizer to find out more see, catholic church is very influential here on walter. how is that affecting on a g b t q writes, i would say, since the 2011 ford is referring them and show that people want to move on and have the right to the forest. it's kind of changed to mentality even for the church to not to be so focused on, on personal freedom of what people wanted to choose. i'm fortunate to sit at the show of control over women, and when it comes to arrive to productive rights in mind, that's been quite lagging behind for when it comes to a g, b, t i q. right? so yeah, that's the context here in mind that we have in disparity where edge vicky writes are far ahead. i would say in the world, in general, we don't hear about aggression or homophobia directly to where our community is
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such. but yes, with cases the sierra for example, towards the trans women. oh, face physical and online abuse. and so that was quite shocking for us with clayton organize at the annual multi pride week and fried march clayton you, you worked for an organization that takes care of t v i t q right here on mata. and what do you do, except even though one of those very small was still phase, a lot of isolation and the fact that we don't have a lot of eligibility places where to go to was always based on events. and i think that's one of the things that we're doing, and then g o, a lightning mo, communities to, to create that sort of sense of belonging and community for, for our eligibility kind.
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malta has many facets. most people only know the place as a beautiful holiday island, but it's also become one of the 2 tick hotspots as a refugee crisis. again and again, thoughts that have pulled survivors from the sea put into port here. malta location, 350 kilometers from a libyan coast is the primary reason for that. more than 15000 people have died in recent years trying to reach europe via the mediterranean sea. i meeting some survivors who made it as far as malta. while i'm to i, yes. when did you arrive years? if the owner included the 2018 i found out really by libya across the sea across the significant body shook in and how is the journey and what problems did you know what that? well, we came in a small boat, sandy called on the boat of dan,
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would i be rewarded for it? i could get in and you either live or die. you left and he's like alpha kito, salam to the how you laugh about it now. and so it was tough, right? the minutes of the aisle because it was time we were it see the 7 days or 7 days we were on a ship, a contact to different countries sounded on, but no one wanted to take us about it. and then the united nations decided that we should come here to molten. we might have been deeply moved by their fate. what will happen to them? how many will get stranded on this island in the future? when will the e, you find a collective solution to the problem? this i'm speaking with darren's, i'm, it's loopy. the maltese photojournalist has captured scenes from the refugee drama one. what does the mediterranean sea to day mean to you?
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or to me personally to law face. it's my home. for starters, i bought what we have seen over to floss 20 years or so is it's also a graveyard. the huge numbers of people crossing from africa trying to get to you it a most of the, most of the departures tend to be from libya and the number of fatalities law enormous or darren's accounts or shocking. he shows me photographs of rescue missions that he's witnessed a. 2 to have been times when i, i put down the cameras and helped outs that i had taken enough pick his anyhow. so there's no point until it can reflect his photographs or
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a stark reminder of what many don't want to excel. human minds are at stake here. this is a guy that had just been rescued. obviously. sh, wendy's people don't know if they're going to nipple dye once they realize they have survived. it's a very you fav property emotional experience for their emotional. and if you that i think they are really going to be, i mean, yeah, i'm some break down in tears. some sort of celebrates and saying and pray. but there's a lot in a lot of crying there's one rescue mission that darren will never forget. ah, the most dramatic weekend for me was easter of 2017, where several people fed into the sea. that was mad struggle for them out us have an impact on you know,
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you get lucky. these passive images fashioned back to your minds, which do not go away. they say sometimes come back to you at the most unexpected moments. was ann. yes. think about the 100 c safe and the same rescue. the same, we can think about the, the baby whose life is life you saved. what policies should change from the european perspective, according to your opinions. and i would love to see a more solidarity between the different tell you opinion countries, you know, when it comes to creating a new, if wide policy on how to, how to share these people out amongst themselves. the fact that all countries have to agree in this, i mean that is obviously a problem because, you know, unfortunately though awesome e u member states which are adamantly against having refugees
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on their soil as long as europe fails to open up or to help. and as long as there is no improvement in the refugees, countries of origin will continue to see these dreadful images from the mediterranean. mazda swiftly says it, malta has been really, really attached that he, sophia, hadn't expected to experience so much of the island is very small, but it's architecturally very rich dimension. and with the people i sometimes got the feeling i could be multi to, but he is either very close to arab culture, hobbies yet also very european. well peers, when, when they speak, i feel i've understood the understanding which i hadn't expected at all. but for me is marta is i couldn't say that is really like any other countries dunsen and it's very unique states was he said ah, in
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ah ah, with a in good shape. they trigger allergies or sniff them out. 4 legged companions are good for your health, but they also cherry disease all about the joy,
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go all in or not at all. women in architecture. why are they so invisible to the larger public? we decided, yes, this is what is the poetry, the secret of the house and i'm housed about their struggles and dreams for the responsibility is hugely has so much to leon, shattering the glass ceiling women in architecture. this will just have to be really, really good. start september 30th on d. w. fairy feathers and fishy friends of the stuff this week. i'm in good shape. me to your hannah who never goes anywhere without her dog. find out what new born chicks are doing in a kindergarten. how.


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