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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  September 18, 2022 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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your champions bind munich, one knell in the 59th minute merican parisha fired in from close range and that was all the scoring ouch berg would need a free kick made for a lucky a says stand, boucher was there to do the rest. byron's goalkeeper, manuel neu, up almost equalized in dramatic fashion with just seconds ago, but his counterpart ref elk eco, which made a fantastic reflex save as a result by and missed their chance to retake top spot. on the table, you're watching d. w. news coming up next. these world stories are michael o'con. my for now. the double use crime fighters are back with africa. most successful radio drama series continues from them. all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d. w, africa's facebook page and other social media platforms, crime fighters,
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tune in now a vibrant habitat lu ended glistening place of longing. the mediterranean sea. he had muster and to follow a dual career drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and the mediterranean meeting people on hearing their dreams of mediterranean journey this week on d. w. ah, this week unwell stories? ukraine, the fear of radiation. afghanistan with a tele comes hunger. we begin, however, in great britain,
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after the death of the queen, the country is in morning. but the inhabitants of the former colonies are also hoping for a new way of dealing with the legacy of the empire. london this morning, the death of queen elizabeth and her picture is everywhere. even here in white triple market where 2 local store holders have put up this banner. the burrow of tower hamlets is the center of london's bangladesh community and one of its ethnically most diverse areas. it is also one of the poorest, but all around here seem united by their love for the queen. i am like them when we're hard also, she is gone. we are barely off said it's quite the same at the green grocer's next door. nothing compared about when she was great. i hope she will go habit. but his main concern is the cost of living inflation in britain stands around 10
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percent and is said to rise even further. people are more careful than ever when they come to do their shopping for us all, and his african foods dollars having the same experience pricing, going up on to be honest in the rent. if stuff is very high. of course, everyone worrying about this is really like serious situation. may nurse angela like spying her lunch at peasants. she works at the nearby hospital and knows her hard life is becoming for people in the area. people are hoping for help, but the morning period for the queen has stopped all government business. angela's also expecting some deeper changes in british politics. it stopped by probably paying reparations to the people of the caribbean and africa for the colonial past. so that would be a big help him, you know, they could, south may be educational institutions to help those countries try and repair the
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damage that was done to them. thank you. teacher one paul low comes from peru and works in a local school. its pupils are more and more taking up the issue of britain's unresolved colonial past. they believe there is a strong emotional attachment. and at the same time, there is the speak questioning movement of all the legacy of the monarchy. i'm trained to deconstruct all the colonial in both into that. so i think that there are a lot of emotions involved. one of these colonial legacies can be seen right here in tower hamlets, where deprivation and poverty are just steps away from london's gleaming financial district. ah, fighting in ukraine is threatening the safety of the countries nuclear power plants among residents. living near such plants, such as abandon chernobyl fears of a nuclear incident to growing a bottle of io dean. this would be natalia's 1st protective response. in case of
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a radioactively natalia wasn't born when the chernobyl disaster happened in 1986, but the family trauma said steep hope. if that didn't come the was the crow linden . can you imagine you lock up your home and leave any of you lock up your youth and leave it asleep? my father left every day as i go about and this is still very painful for him. well, isn't that the didn't i sit? her father helped with the channel bill cleanup. pretty much every one in our family has had cancer, even though they now live here in st. leveled to a town built for chung, noble survivors. the russians haven't attacked, but it's equally quiet since the war began. nearly half of the population has left people worry about putting, turning the war nuclear here. all that would need would be a conventional strike on the nuclear plant. i can't warn you got you can expect
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anything from him and same from his pill. arossi, a neighbor luke a shanker, got those, i'm afraid to come, go much the darya by you see john noble where the still dangerous remains of the nuclear power plant. disaster is just 50 kilometers away. this is the town of pretty p up. once they're home to channel bill workers, abandoned since 1986 and last for ever the passing decade. so radiation decrease in parts of the exclusion zone. in slow voltage, they are renovating this school bunker. the mayor with 500 people could find shelter here from a rocket attack, but not a nuclear disaster, which he doesn't discuss. natalia disagrees. she would like more information from the government. how she can best protect her daughter when she should flee. yet i told them i wasn't zagat, and from oxford there's no information how to protect our children, and it's emotionally exhausting. but that when the time comes on,
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we need to talk about it. it would be too late, but it would force law. the longer the war continues, the more dangerous it feels here on the last reassurance, the little bottle of iodine provides. ah, in the years since the taliban have taken power in afghanistan, food supplies have fallen dramatically more than half of the country's children, all malnourished. ah, this is chassis b, b o n, she was born just before the taliban returned to power. shes, he has strep between 2 curses that challenged the best efforts of doctors hearing, cobbling, trying to help her. half of afghanistan's people are experiencing acute food insecurity. that's 20000000 people who are so hungry,
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their lives are at risk. as we drive to cobble facts and figures become faces. this is one of the wet food program centers in the east of the city. blended. i've got a project manager of a local 8 organization is in charge here. the worst part of the job choosing who should get supplies. it is exactly very difficult for as how to choose the right person over there. many of them they are hungry, many of them they are in need. many of them even they are running after as when we are doing the verification in selection. but to we cannot do all we cannot provide food for all those he picks get 50 k g of wheat, just over 6 k g of lentils, and 5 liters of cooking oil. there are also packets of peanut butter, paste for children, and special nutrition for pregnant women. it's supposed to feed
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a family for 3 months. it hardly ever does. o. s. the sky starts to darken over cobble. if we visit a bakery in the north. people with money buy fresh bread for dinner. sometimes they buy extra for the desperate women who sit outside hoping for charity. many of them are widows. many have walked for more than an hour to get here. we act on as mammy, they are forced to beg. why else would we sit here all day, thus as that a vision vision vill oh, afghans are not only victims of massive 8 cutbacks, but also of the sanctions against their fundamentalists, rulers billions of dollars of national assets held abroad. a frozen st markets continue, but the wider economy is collapsing and the taliban have no experience of serving millions of desperate people in crisis. not a single country has recognized there is him. this pariah status is costing afghans
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. dearly iberian, all kinds of facing extinction. only 40 specimens remain. recently, some of the animals have been attacking sailboats of the coast of spain. the reasons are unclear. kilo a sailors worst nightmare rado, a full grown orca rams. a boat of the spanish coast. hm. the animal is strong enough to damage the sailing on or in the worst case to capsize it with low. it's happened to raphael martinez too. he's had 30 years experience sailing the
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seas with his wife. and the couple from counties are not easily shaken yet, but their encounter with the orchestra was terrify, yoga certainly the bottom door for rugby. suddenly i felt a jolting and off yell short of the boat on around a 180 degrees and was facing north city of west that i guess our that was when my wife spotted the or carrion model solomon. so my, the 1st thing i did was radio, the coast god for help get direct. because when an animal that massive attacks your boat and you don't know how long it's going to go on what anything could happen. hm . dr. nick if were there bassette beers or growing on spain and portugal, atlantic coast. more than 300 incidents have been recorded in the last 2 years. sailors say that the spanish coast guard is having to launch rescue operations on a daily basis for people whose boats have been damaged by orcus.
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the big question is, why are the orcus doing this? i ego lang a chill, something's been done to them that's completely destabilized them. e left b. it was as if they'd gone completely crazy on yet. look up at of the the port of cornell de la fontana, local say the competition for food is making the orc as aggressive. the marine predators and the phishers are both hunting for bluth in tune up. in the fight over the prey, fishers have injured orcus with harpoons, according to animal rights activists. the fishers have a different theory. and some of them may later we think that a sailor accidentally injured in oprah called area. and that's why the animals and now attacking the under side of the boats that never happened before they did of article, but can no got so fed here. well researcher, ezekiel under, you prefers to avoid the word attack. he estimates there are only about 40 iberian
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orc is left. protecting this endangered species is top priority. whether i'm with it, but again, we fish very difficult to find the cause galoshes. however, the yoke is on telling us the la shotgun our, that she gave it about what we can say with a high probability is that it's related to a variety of interactions with humans. should i know we think it's a learned behavior over time, which is passed on to the rest of the group thrust for these are her. so they that i bought a few. most of the sailors take little comfort in such explanations. they say scientists and authorities aren't doing enough to insure the sailor's safety. raphael martinez says the animals should be monitored with dps transmitters. the couple plan to continue sailing. but one thing they want to avoid at all costs is another encounter with the iberian orchids. ah.
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i want to talk to you about inequality, the 77 percent. my connie, it is kamani and had crew talk to the people who few left behind. the st debate from lagos, nigeria is enormous. the result is not regarding the problem is that if you have dorothy theme on the co width of the might seem like nothing changing with the 70 percent of next on dw, the war zone in so hell you 10 years ago northern molly was seized by farm that jihadists, france fled a successful campaign to liberate the occupied territories. and yet the conflict
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has continued to escalate. is molly's enduring crisis, primarily a story of failure in 45 minutes on d w. how about taking a few risk? you could even take a chance on the la raring to don't expect a happy ending. literature list, 100 germany stories. ah . it's time again for your favorite use. sure. to 77 percent on this program, we talk about all the things that are important to young africans. then a miss or t, michael or t. and on to this program, i want to talk to you about inequality. it is estimated that africa's 3 retest.


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