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tv   Malis Enduring Crisis  Deutsche Welle  September 18, 2022 2:15pm-3:01pm CEST

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abilities while they say it takes 2 to tango and in buenos aires dancers took to the stage to show their moves in the world tango championships to argentine. couples were crown winners, consanzo viejo, and ricardo estrada won the top prize in stage tangle. well, cynthia palostio, san sebastian bonita won the salon category. the tango originated, you may know when a series and was placed on unesco, rolled heritage list in 2000 you watching d w. news. stay with us more news at the top, the next down. mm hm. how did she become at off hitler's favorite director? and how did he become a forgotten film pioneer linearly finished i and on ode funk
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documentary about love of seduction and power ice cold passion starts october 8th on d, w. i france and it's your penalized a fighting a war in molly? the country is the epicenter of t hottest terra in the sa hell region. as an afghan, a stand the spectrum unwinnable world, news of this interminable conflict in come to the united states to london, france and will conquer the will. in 2012, g had is gain control of in northern molly. the international community will show that he is a very serious threat to peace and security. not only for the old region, in my opinion, with global implications, ah,
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the french lead opperation savano liberated, occupied towns, but the crisis intensified. french forces remained in molly, yet many see it. more violence was imminent defeat offence at the end of sappho. terrorists have only advantage in what they've changed their mode of operation and melted into the population. good. they're making great strides everywhere. what they don't discriminate, they kill everything that moves of their goal is to make us abandon our territory, or she didn't have free q if tomorrow, africa, west africa, in particular, is in general turmoil because of terrorism. here, of course, there will be migratory flows as they have been from syria or afghanistan to so our own security is an app to god. the maryan crisis is above all, a story failure. failure of a state, but also with the international community that supported it. the failure has become
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a breeding ground for jihadists and has led the military to a dead end. how did it come to these? ah, ah, germany is 4500 kilometers away from molly. the former french colony gained its independence in 1960. now its very existence is threatened. ah, bama co, the capital is the seat of government is seen of military coups. it's also an overpopulated center of commerce that his heaving was tried, is not much of the wall is felt here. so many allowed into believing this night name may end such as mohammed whose angry about molly's declined vulgar left is that a crisis has to stop. it's a mess. now it must stop or is
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a future here nor not. we have gold here. we have water under the ground, there were diamonds and geranium and oil that the, you know, young people molly was full of promise. having had the 20 different ethnic groups living together in peace made the country exemplary. so why did islamist terrorism and into communal violence to sinned or molly, which would then become the powder keg of the saw hill region in just a few years to get to the roots of the disaster. we leave bama co and head move. ah, the 1st step of the decline happened in algeria, which plunged into civil war in the 1990 s. j v. diesel. i saw people students being slit in front of my eyes. they were wiping their knives and then picking them up. they killed my husband. they killed my son in front of me and
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managed to escape with my other children. and i hate for the whole night when i didn't hear anything else in the morning. i went out of those who dip is about bury, unless only they don't have a single drop of muslim blood in them all new enough. the site is if the armed is lemme group, the g. i imposed a reign of terror, but the 1997 mastercard marked a turning point. some negotiated with the algerian authorities. others continued to pursue a g head, including hassan had hob. he set up the self, his group for preaching and combat the g as p. c, and went underground in southern algeria, the algerian jihadists of the g s p c. then crossed the border into mold, and molly, an enormous poorly patrol desert region. this is the home of the torak, who called a region as a lot. it's far,
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far away from baba co. yeah, caitlin with up there are some notables and officials in the area who very early on became aware of the threat that the arrival of these people who close for us. but the majority of the population, the majority of the people did not see the danger. yes, they didn't know the g s p. c or al qaeda was about. so for them they were just like all the others. he solemn northern molly had become a century for the g. s p. c. yet it would remain to be seen if the government in bomber cove was aware of the potential dangers they represented over the operator. oh, we really went up to it less grew, even though all the warning lights were blinking, red. algeria had just ended its war. nope, they came to take refuge. se occupied the area and they married our women did a. we have a long border without syria on elephant luxury. do. it's more than 1300
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kilometers long. the best thing a country can do is take steps to ensure they didn't come into the country and it's that didn't happen. university school, the piece that upgrade the i'm a do to money to re was then president of molly. he's known as a t t for short, until the 1st major hostage taking in 2318 wasn't too concerned about the presence of jihadists in the north of the country. then the g. s. p. c kidnapped 32 european tourists in southern algeria. the algerian army launched an assault and managed to free 17 of them 15 others, 10 germans, full swiss and a dutch person were taken by the jihadists into northern molly. they were demanding $5000000.00 euros per hostage. i'm a co acted as an intermediary and achieve their release. during the 2 thousands
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desert tracks became transit routes for cocaine from south america. the payoff this promised which had many appetites, according to our records by the un office on drugs and crime, 47 tons of cocaine, pastry west africa in 2007. we would really talk wonderful people at the national level and many political groups as well. we're taking the drug money group so that completely disrupted the economy . and it had a huge impact on the disintegration of this de la la does organizational edition, the little the country was in troubled waters and sinking fast. but the international community continued to see molly as an example of democracy in africa and continued to support president alma due to money, to re unreservedly trivia clue of it. i always come with great pleasure and great interest into africa in general. and molly and secular ale particularly
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ah, you, imaginative, i will present, take them on the live ma did sit if i'm on. molly was really presented as a model student was a model pupil for donors hoss. everything was going well. democracy commodore tor money today, don't i said to myself to make it strange when i am experiencing a very different story. even the monterey was elected in 2002. there were entire offices where they thank to result. every one knew they were totally fake. molly was already a potemkin village in 2000 agency, given that means there was a facade, see through it, and you'd see disaster or nothing was working in the digital med molly. as a country was affectionate, a semblance of a state, a sombre only done the do you do? you don't think it was the total illusion maintained by the international community . i know that i was eighty's minister from 2002 to 2000 to the 7th.
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ah, who got him? cuz he is, is josh could actually she could meet with democracy, trade and economic exchanges of it don't is invested a lot in molly. so there was a lot of money around doc and the state and its officials made corruption, the system government, it, he, he now could have shot he $70.00 greenville. we let it happen out of lack of ambition for the country. but among the they let it happen for their own personal interests. who and when i say way, i mean up to the level of the state. if school knew the liter lewis system, the no multi party democratic system is in fact a system that has given rise to corruption and many bad practices. so i think the political class has failed to assess this properly. law class will it because the
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political class is after all, one of the main beneficiary, i really believe is year society poisoned by a toxic political class began searching for answers. ah, religion stood out as a moral refuge. ah, he is in practiced in molly was known to be turned in peaceful at the arrival of pakistani preaches from the tabby jermarta movement, paid the way for an ultra orthodox islamic juggernaut. that obliquely movement was a step towards radicalization. many disoriented young people became adherents of g harrison. in 2006, the g. s p. c, pledged allegiance to al qaeda, and recruited radicalized to young men, the algerian terrorist. abdul malik doctor became the leader of al qaeda in the
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islamic mar, grip or a q m. i. the 2nd act of the maryan crosses unfolded in libya. oh, in 2011, in the wake of the arab spring, a popular uprising took place in libya. despite the risks of regional destabilization the wisp began operation amazon from marley's perspective. this was very bad news indeed. come after it, a blue lippy dorothy helps this a hell of countries a lot. especially molly. libya had invested a lot in the hotel and banking sector, listed on a super good operation are met on host gadhafi to relinquish power is ended. the 42 year a shame and a mob lynched the else. deadly
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b elidah. the nato air craft went back to their base and the twilight fighters who had sift gadhafi, went back to molly with their weapons. soon as i had a glass of it, all africans knew that if libya felt the sally and countries would suffer the consequences. mister and i think that history has not deceived us. why? the man, whether it's molly burkina these year or other countries em. every one is in the process of taking a beating because we destabilized libya establish it a little bit. kit has not that i saw on the west overlook the fact that libya is african due to the libyan crisis. had only been seen from a mediterranean personality to extra could wind because of the french foreign ministry kits. not the same department that manages the ma grip and sub saharan africa if we should, north africa's manage it with the middle east. don't you sub saharan africa managed in law separate label them. the desert is only an obstacle for western, are simply looking older. the days it is to are
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a country the years they lead rebellions against the central government in bomber co without ever securing the autonomy that were demanding. he had a gully was seen as a hero, as the torrent cause in the 19 ninety's he went on to have a mortal career as a negotiator in the 2003 hostage taking. then he became radicalized, but i believe he preaches and ended up joining a q. i am today, he's one of the most wanted jihadists in molly the return of the tar extremely be a revive feel autonomy movement. the younger generation took the lead and set up the national movement for the liberation of assa was the m, n l i. their objective was independence. at any cost in 2012, e at a gully, clearly revealed. he was fighting a religious war,
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but he also wanted to say into arg affairs and became closer to the em and elijah chelsea. yet i think that the odds idea was to take your clinical leadership of the amman allay. so except the amen away was created by young people and they felt they were the political leaders. and after that, i think he got the idea for his own parallel movement. and he had a gully called his movement and saw dean, the defenders of religion. he boldly demanded the implementation of sharita law in molly another palomo visual. well said, we didn't have the same vision. listen, he wanted to talk about islam, unity, where muslim sushi islam as the top priority in our society, extreme. but it's not an extremist ideology which cuts off hands 5, which beats women and rejects a certain number of things. hipaa that's alien to our society. and when we didn't understand each other, but i remember, well,
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the yod said it's not serious that we don't understand each other, but we have the same opponents of selfish. you fight over, i'll be by your side. my. he said outwitted. the molly and state had succeeded in uniting a heterogeneous front against itself on one side, the torak independence fighters of the m. m l. i. on the other, the jihadists of unseen, he had a gun lea plus the a q i n. and the movement for unity and jihad in west africa. the 3rd act of the maryan cross is started on the 17th of january 2012 the m n l a launched an offensive and seized control of the town of medica. ah,
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the unlikely alliance of twang rigs and she had as toppled the major northern cities of tim, back to gal and kit dod. the molly, an army, was routed. it was all gone, the scuse, could you have to realize what this territory is. light on me, 1200000 square kilometers and a geography and climate that is a polling april. extremely difficult to see. everything becomes complicated. ok, how should the molly and army with a few 1000 can defend such an inhospitable region like come on if you see the ah, what it did are considering the government's an ability to fight effectively against the terrorist loss. the collapse of the molly and state continued a military coup, toppled president obama, due to money to raise a chaos, was at its peak and somebody in that we bring an end is that the government orders you hear from the other to racial the international community. the military,
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a points too on conduct trial re as transition with president talks. i didn't political shells. i think it was a wake up call for the molly and these and for us for the outside and also on the corner. that's when we really realised the whole system of presidential ray was very artificial. well too, and based on shady diaz, yet it was extremely fragile and went up in smoke external fashion. ah, the twan reg, emma now lay proclaimed independence to us to watch. the de jihadists were the ones who controlled the major cities of the north allowed a vehicle. so when we arrived in gow me, we realised that not only the h u m. i but also on sardine can the new jour with their all these organizations had the same objective for society. and that was the opposite of what the eminent lay wanted. it should we do. so do do live that we know the rest of the story was i
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should say, drove us out of cow monica and kiddos to keep it. but we 2nd visit. but what we want is not as a what islam we want to practice sharia law in all of molly over. but i think you got good emma islamist barbarism brought us to the back to the molly and crisis to close. the country had lost its territorial integrity with the news and she had as t occupation and shari'a more. oh, oh my goodness, i have a law with no. was this period of occupation experienced by those who comprised the younger generation in molly to day? i'm in a town, it's an old son who is tirelessly fighting to promote reading in libraries and schools. she has just married miss out. i mean, a town has always lived in pamlico while miss old spent his childhood in tim talked
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to during that she had asked occupation say there more. why definitely did. he said he was one of the most difficult moments in my childhood. radical moments have radicalism, hot break, it was dahlia and separation. they're cutting off of hands on executing people, different chastising heads of families or women in public c left. he was something that took away all of the splendour, all the dignity of every day life. and tim, but to it soiled the name of his long quitted yan from booking, said to him, i'm frank, he absolutely nodded. who's a policy much, sir? good luck to. we've learned from images that prestigious sites and documents have been destroyed or can all, oh, well, the missouri, the, the muslims of timber to torn to pieces, causing international outrage. yes. it's
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a curb to nibble. sure. that as should elk a thought met. do last good. there was aggression against monuments, it's your against people who the against will imminently be. we're also a law get more amputations were forced on men, sometimes children for the barbaric act oil. but france did not have the legal or the political capacity to intervene law that campus she to, she was a matter between after again, for the video, easy to do the federal or coffee county to see vacuum sick. i and my circles, a feminist friends were very shocked by everything that happened back to see the violation of right, the brutal physical violence. i was in plato does she especially on when they go to a family? ah, they're not there, but it's fear, fear everywhere. but you're always armed. when you wake up, when you go out, when you sleep in, every thing is regulated with gun elijah, the law is survival of the strongest man,
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but we don't even know who rules the areas. it's a total mess. it is up with. you just keep so bullied cheek give, you'll shoot the political instructions even to the military. were no boots on the ground, less thought the. so the strategy was to help build an african or saucer and let them deal with the problem. among african lim won't have to go with lucille. you'd also knew more easily the intelligence service told us they'd heard reports asking all armed people on the islamist side to rally and merge their positions to ladies is they don't go forkful. deal is all the french government still hesitated for reasons that had to do with france being a former colonial power model and is still used almost in your law. a feed that, you know, at one point the intelligence service monitor, the jihadist leader,
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a sang joe. it's now my brothers. to morrow we will go a prey in the mosque and sever aged kids. a silly yena gun that was from e r. a gully. he gathered an impressive number of fighters thought that he was heading for the military stronghold motley subaru under motif. everyone knew of that bastion broke me to the door, was open to take pharmaca via by michael as he don't. president how they called me and said, we are facing an attack and these forces are determined to go all the way to bomber courses. fossil did domini, ledgers, cubicle. yeah. popular to learn, the president decided and these conditions that were can't wait for the african horse that part of we have to go. this was on the 13th of january, literally. oh, no, there's a lot to do. also to restore the territorial integrity of the whole of molly
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you lush regiment. there was a great relief to see. the terrorists were driven out. we do a form of minima, security established dr. not every home was closing their eyes and thinking about it went well. the main work is done is settle. we face it silly, but nothing else at all. it's the food of the better. what we needed to do was take advantage of the love, precisely because the terrorist threat had been weakened. so we should have organized and helped to troy, and from this standpoint, europe and the whole world, or just not present to love, but they do no positive. all given. that at the time all the attention was focused on electing a new president and restoring order and the rule of law the international community was reassured when abraham people car cater known as ib. k was elected with a large majority hope and returned to molly reverse
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your room, probably more dug authenticity for a false. i think there were probably 2 ways out of the molly chrysler friend is a saki. the 1st was when we liberated all the molly and populations central, hopefully we could have then said we came to end the islamist grip on your countries. do, did we did it now? it's up to you oldwick up of it, but we didn't do that. we'll see in the 2nd way out was after the elections. we could have said, you have a legitimate president of it so the government can get back on course on that. that's your job without we didn't do that either. one of the main reason was that there was no government or stay close. there was no army. now, thank you. so we said to ourselves, we've paid a high price to drive out the islam. it will appease. if we leave and they come back city, it will be even worse. all like yours. oh, we decided to wait a little and a little more. you about on an 8 year old at all. ah,
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the french military was slowly, but surely getting bogged down in a dead end without political support. simply providing security wasn't enough to resolve marley's crisis. the un, which deployed more than $11000.00 peacekeeping troops in one of its largest missions would face the same difficulty the maryan state had collapsed. but had it ever really existed in the rural areas. there will massacres in the central part of the country. the fertile land of the in a niger delta had allowed for lani herders and tow gone farmers to coexist peacefully for a long time. but with increasing environmental degradation to 2 groups began to fight each other. ah
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the massacre at the village of oak, a song cost the lives of a $164.00 loan a victim, and the other massacres followed this time at the doe gone. we killed a vicious cycle of reprisals began a leading member of the fool. lani. i'm a do, cooper founded to cut you by massena movement. he then joined forces with a guy lead to a common enemy. the money in state is the state was not there in the position to provide security and justice, nor in the violence between ethnic groups. ah, doug, village of thank god, became the targeted murderous attacks that would force the mer, amador low to flee to a suburb of pamlico kid worked as a to a guide window and lance for a popular destination. for travelers from all over the world did one day in my suck,
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i witnessed the message here in my community. our population tried dependent, so without government helped. the tax began and we call it on the state, but nobody and the state abandoned us got to we have to make security a priority. without security, there's no develop not security without teeth. there is no it's high time that them naco and malia decision makers realized we are at war kayla developer and she has gone now. and meanwhile, the international community has been spending billions on development for decades. yet they were unable to prevent this disaster at the o. e c. d conference. when molly held in paris in 2015, don't as again pledge 3200000000 euros in aid, converted into local currency. this was an unimaginable sound.
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on the river bank in chicago. ne, nothing much has changed just as in most of them are close districts. there are no job prospects and the occasional labor is too paid incense, although you do. yeah, i'm there. so we live here and push around carts, all of firewood that sell for 125, c f, a frank land, or the owner gets 100 francs and we get to keep 25. those are our living conditions . i. so i to 14 i want area laura. busy i have friends who have been in france for 2 years longer. they're doing well there. i want to go there to level. oh, miserly. i want to go to france too, but i don't have the money to get there. la la la. la la camilla turned that in as soon as i did look directive out since independence the programs the international community has given us in both of bilateral and
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multilateral context program, i have failed miserably issues to day. i don't see a single structure that's been fine and was by the world bank or i am after they could show to all molly and, and say when you see here, this has been around for 20 or 30 years 3. i truly am. i don't see anything like that on. is there any industry they've invested in that still exists? a screwdriver, safety guys you know, to streaky, exist. alco ah come from a galaxy program and then when you're using these programs have huge operating costs and support. many people fix daily rates, 4, wheel drive, vehicles, et cetera, with his looks in all these westerners and brussels, her paris work for big organizations like and g o, the un or the european commission in this room. these people live off that i'm sure to who's going to sit down one day at the table and say, you know, to be honest with me, this isn't working key. we've got to change how we do things for that is hiring
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before looking for me to add to the lack of program efficacy the skinny of representatives of the modeling authorities who embezzled funds. palmer so fred til how is it that a general who is only 45 years old can haven't 1000000000 us that's impossible of what the media they are billionaires and everyone can see it is so even the world bank which has an office in money and still keeps you on the country, the money a lap keyona to put up the i m f has in office, then sees it to show just like the foreign government offices in the country upkeep work and nobody denounce latasha ludy sala, but funded or not. so i did novel yeah. did she get those in? if there is an order to generally molly, who checks the accounting sheet equal, his job is to publish audit reports and show where things are going wrong on them. and then you get the answer. it is so law, and so what am the annual reports of the auditor general clearly
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showed the degree of embezzlement that was going on during the 70s of abraham blue book archive. as government there was embezzlement to public funds, nepotism and influence. peddling me on the other side, we're responsible for the situation in molly. also, the mullins aren't just as responsive as we the donors are, as we know very well. what's happening. bassa, we know very well. who is career equal, impair remains of the promise of democracy when the entire system is riddled with corruption. we find adam dicko on social media as self proclaimed activists. she's established her own movement. the association of youth act of citizenship and democracy. northwood drive, i, i, the, but i want our work has been really to show that democracy is in our problems in
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lot wonder grandma's it instead, it's a type of leadership by what he's luckily, establish system favors corruption on what he's nepotism and injustice. yellow problem. although delivered by lake is all new to day, young people are talking about issues of governance and democracy. they've been and they're much more committed than they were earlier. and we need to encourage that. like social media has made this much easier. fussy in 2020 a massive opposition developed and demanded the resignation of abraham rubica keita several political leaders united to denounce or governance. but it was a cleric in mamma modica who took center stage. the a mom's all salty, appeared to be an appropriate solution for reading the country as a corrupt democracy. on the 18th of august 2020, molly's old demons returned the military to a pallet in a qu. but the protest movement was charging
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a new course. islam had entered the political arena. o mom dicko represented the strict positions of saudi wahhabism. his fiery sermons were finding an audience far beyond his mosque. oh, the mom wanted political influence and spread his viewpoint as a means for combating marley's moral decline. oh, in 2009 he spoke out against reform, a family law that would give women more rights. and more recently, he opposed to handbook for sex education in which homosexuality was mentioned. most western democracies take a critical view of such positions. oh,
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ladies, yours will, these religious leaders are far too present on the political stage to day asking for more literally because they have access to areas that are normal. holla, titian doesn't as normal, not by actually. and the last lesson they reached the faithful parrot. the idea would be, and it's not because of the cleric himself, but the message that they send out allows mulash met alice wonder if i think it's dangerous when under the cover of religion or they get into politics or other areas that they won't contribute to resolving the chrysler digney, le le let, luckily a dom dicko refuses to accept this. like many in her generation, it's important to her to take determined stances on these questions like i, you brought that when masks are transformed into campaign headquarters for candidates. that can pose a threat to secularism. magic. the lady didn't understand that it was all the relationship between islam and politics has never before been in such intense focus . radio, television, and social media dominated by the issue in marley. it's
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a reliable driver for audience writings the money i sent them. molly is a country that was it is and who always remain secular, up to 90 percent or 96 percent of the residents are muslim justice for at least we're not all of them support the limitation of molly latasha written this on bubble a warrant. thank you. from molly as a country lead practices, very moderate islam. here patty county, i've had to count. i'm a faithful muslim, and i asked myself, am i practicing the correct religion, new shoe, or i de la barnhill. y'all see if he saw your lab one video a lot. when i look at the history of islam and ali, or even in the world lamb, i think i'm on the right track. you medically and these people just want to exploit trula village of be who face them. radical islam in
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accordance with sherry, a law is precisely what the 2 big g, hardest movements, e at a galleys islam and muslim support group. and the islamic state in the greater sahara want to introduce in marley, despite the french military presence together with their allies and partners in the san hel region. these 2 organizations are spreading their influence over a large part of molly. thousands of schools have been closed because the groups were opposed to teaching in french generations of children who haven't attended school will simply reinforce the ranks of militant fighters. that's a ticking time bomb for molly. ah, it's hard to remember the skis full of children or education for girls who before the crisis were making continuous progress. as in this school in fatima in central
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molly. these images from a time when the girls didn't have to wear veils. and the headmaster was proud of their learning. ready ah, do with my she wanted to see everyone wanted many girls to go to school. so our slogan is, educate one girl and you educate the whole village. ah, 15 years later he gets a severe look at what's going on in fashion much day. philadelphia follow, the jihadists are over there called 8 to do it. they went through all the schools and ordered them to close, and i see who didn't do it right away, was subjected to the consequences. me the next time they showed up. chris on the 2019 the chairman of the educational council. in fact toma go to visit at honda. they slid his throat. that meant that if i had been there they would have done it
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was a male too good. well, let me, what have you got him off? it's time to sum up with the biggest french military base is in gal for the 1000 kilometers from bummer code. the soldiers are continuing their mission there, but after so many years, their presence is regarded with business. many soldiers have lost their lives, and the cost of the mission is around $800000000.00 euros a year. of course, she had as late as are killed and battles. one 5th, the security situation of the country is worse than in 2012. some parts of the population view, the presence of french troops as an occupation because they don't understand why, despite all the effort they never succeed in beating the less well equipped jihadists. the brother country that once liberated northern molly has been some reverted back to being an old colonial power. i
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am beyond this disappointment. the population wants one thing more than anything else to live in safety. yeah. you can still, he music in dow. did she had his could for did it at any time with that because it wasn't that he didn't yet at the moment i keep seeing above all how down the spreading pessimism this him and the feeling of being really how a lead on that blaming it on the friend that results that keep pretty i think that even more it and disturbing the sea book would prevail, their thinking back. oh, you thought it may be france is trying to help protect but actually then not
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managing to unless solutions i use less. all neutral buzzer that day. mm hm. but we can take control of any more zones that fall back into the stability. the states cannot assume responsibility for that stuff. it's impossible for an endless task was enough to wear, adapting, and military presence in the hell. say this adjustment is taking place through a change in models where ending operation by connie. instead, we're offering aid back support and cooperation for the national armies of countries that desirable and the introduction of the military operation through an international alliance with france wants to find a way house and is relying on a european alliance. the crisis, the district and molly has long spread beyond its borders between
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a faso and now she had the same problems. and in the meantime, the coastal states are also threatened. islamic terror cannot be eliminated, it has to be contained, but it won't cost me. meanwhile, more and more of the civilian victims of the crisis, a being forgotten the violence in the saw hairless course more than 2000000 people to flee. that number has quadrupled in less than 2 years. ah, those who have fled, settle with i can. i can the no man's land knew what to do. go in volcano faso hasn't fled to europe. that just trying to survive. mm
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hm. ah ah ah ah ah. what is a home org of civilization, a reflection of our society, a spiritual awakening. passion for an
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entire universe of culture. a new episode each week aren't $21.00 with blue, with every day for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect animals and their habitats? what to do with all our waste? we can by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable smart new solutions over steam set in our ways. earth is truly unique. and we know
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that, that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive global ideas, the environmental global 3000 on d, w, and online ah, this is d, w, news life in berlin, the e, you calls for a war crimes tribunal over mass graves in ukraine. investigators keep on covering more evidence of torture and violent deaths at a site near the city of israel. ukraine's president says hundreds.


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