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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  September 18, 2022 10:15pm-10:31pm CEST

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is a quick reminder of our top story now. the united nations human rights office has confirmed its planning to send a monitoring team to the city of zoom. is more evidence of war. crimes is uncovered from mass graves near the liberated ukrainian city. some of the bodies exude from the forest graves showed signs of torture and violent death. you're up to date on the w news that stay tuned for sports life, a marion evans theme for me and the entire team in berlin. thanks for the company. a vibrant habitat and did go listening place of longing. the mediterranean sea have almost far and to follow. do korean drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and mediterranean meeting people
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off hearing their dreams. like you to me, journey this week on the w. these places in europe are smashing all the records step into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you will record breaking sites on your back to and now also in book form is not going to be on my that's it. oh oh oh oh, oh, the one living room sunday afternoon in germany. time to circle
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a 4th division matches about to take off the referee. consis heavier boy, and begin thus immortal. for me it always starts with the woman. for con, that's when i'm fully concentrated, focus. dip into foisy cli, i'm in my football tunnel, my referee tunnel. i don't have any other thoughts. i me, i'm going to duncan. ah, oh, francisco it for as well established as a referee for the women's game. she officiate in the women's business league and starting this year, also it's nationally. but in the men's regional leagues, she's only been refereeing for 2 years. them in office one is not meant that all is different from women's football summer. you gain new insights that you can improve in a different way than in a women's games to like them. but that's why it's very important for me to referee
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as many men's games as possible from workers to lighten. pop women referees at men's games are still the exception to the top t. as a german football. there are currently only 7 of them. one in the 3rd division and 6 in the regional leagues, the german i face and catching up to do. but not the fans in the stadium. they like referees, like francisco vitale. democracy is doing a great job and she's in charge. you can hear some things today because it's not so loud. lotus democracy is doing a good job today. and the fema referees we have in germany also do a good job and a learning every day. just like the male colleagues, a colleague that such and kind of an of, of course, a woman can also referee abundantly your match, or a regional lake match. i think that's a quality like breaking the darby between regional rivals. hillis hyman, hanover makes a 27 year old really and her money. she about hang telemachus yes yes. well players
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can take a little breather now and then built for it as constantly on the move and sometimes she has to calm down a hot had a claim. 6 in would soon grand, that soon emotions are repulsive. it's done been and if someone's upset, i'm certainly not going to get loud to that doesn't help at all the sin. wonder corcoran russell. first of all, i let any emotions in my down which didn't was sometimes you also have to show some understanding. he knocks it where you deal with each situation, whether that means a yellow card is called for, or some calming words can help walk to his oh, francisco very fair manage is quite well this afternoon. she's always there always around the ball and she makes the right decision. having a female referee after 90 minutes of play is not an issue that mo, spectators or players think twice about
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which one of us would promote. he did a good job and we haven't had a woman ref in a long time. i'm happy. i was not feeling much on the so you could tell she was a bit overwhelmed. it wasn't fair how she handed out the cards. we got 6, the others only got 2 or 3 o'clock but after the game, the officiating crew only takes a short break and a lot of room, then they start evaluating their were due for the good news is additional days. okay. as long, it's 5 years, 6 ought. oh, it was okay. so it's okay to know. i miss. i did. you get a 2nd all my time you have a good finish. know what went well and what didn't. a francisco vote for her and her team, a critical evaluation of that performance is part of the job. as a shop,
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it's or to not. there's not a single scene from the game today where i say, wow, i'm a bit unsure punish system. still, it's important to look at the scenes again after the game to discuss them with the referee observer to analyze them both may be a few running late. maybe the angle could have been different. we look at all that sounds done on some of these matters. early in the evening, the 3 of them set off for home, around 250 kilometers, a driving lie ahead of them. in the n, francisco, verify his day will have been around 10 hours long. refereeing is a time consuming hobby. very far as other life her every day working life takes place here. we that it's it is to the pits and whom dr. belinda francisco betray i know i'm of i guess she works here is a self employed therapist several days a week. oh,
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very far. i did a 3 year training for the job and passing the fish and exam at the end. ah, francisco very fire has started a family with you liana. they have a son called mux due to work and the refereeing hobby. it's hard to find time to spend together. that's why the 3 of them enjoy this stroll through the weekly market. it's become a little ritual for them. formulated me, we're called my family supports me when i can relax with them. oh god, that's why i try to spend a lot of time with them and make them positive my weekends as well. because i'm really happy that i'm able to have a to eloquent and good. the common food fire trains for hobby 6 times a week for an hour or more as often as possible. her family is on the pitch with until the rain doesn't bother. after all,
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football is it laid in almost every kind of weather. physical fitness is the most important thing for referee. in addition to a thorough knowledge of the rules of goals, the referees have to be at the top of their game. only the best make it in the high divisions. francisco big fire wants to achieve that immense football as well as content to me fall off, as i said, is completely on the here, and now i want to referee gains well to be physically fit munsey, then we'll see what happens in the next few weeks. months or even years, you're one woman who made it all the way to germany's top tier is b. b, a style house starting in 2017. she referees matches in the men's bundles, legal for 3 years. i bid for a matched i house at a germany fe training since then the 2 has spoken often to each other, including about ham or female referees could make their way into men's football.
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which i think it's very important that we and germany are prepared to develop female referees in the same way as male referees to get some help and opened up paths to create opportunities for them so that they can perform well on the pitch last questions. so i think the past has proven that whether someone can perform well as a referee on the football hitch is not a question of gender switch. switch to the actor, present abilene con francisco very for his next match is approaching. this time it's in the women's blunder. steger involves book. she's preparing thoroughly for it for days in advance. she looks of the tactical systems employed by both teams and studies. the teen lineups that lets her draw conclusions about among other things, the routes she'll need to run while refereeing the game. then
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it's time to put that theoretical program into practice. a thorough warm up is part of preparing for the game. not only for the teams, but also for the referees that iran only giving you some dodge some movement sequences. and of course, also some athletic training says that you target different muscles. and so it's not just running back and forth, but it's various exercises that i did for sure. no problem. and that is why i'm market kind of the game is one side. it bowls berg, the many time german champions dominate. freshly promot cologne. there are plenty of tackles of fowl and the killer penalty area is often a hub of activity. beard fire has to pay attention. she likes to stay in direct contact with the place and talk to them. i had never had to read.
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it's got down on by now to take it out with them. yeah. she bought and the day off this is beth. yes. because what it was, it was in the ama could to and i'm for one to fund on his on his can. okay. ah, i eventually went shortly. okay. well, we'll try and see if monday's a big, inductive now to right. right. because the whole party at law would say it would be if i decide that yes, new day, assuming young with
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ah, my day when he often clustley and i, when i decide something on the page, i have to stand by that decision. this is go, i think i was born like that. i'll, but it's also a quality you can hone with from game to game. design truffle mountain. you like every referee in the women's blindness, legal francisco very far makes 500 years a match in the men's league. it's 10 times that amount at every goodness league, unmatched as an official referee observer in the stadium, they closely scrutinized the performance of the referees. manipulation wouldn't fuel, but if you got a lever real grades, every one is graded and the referee and the assistance in a one is a good, great way to die. i would give her a take what we have to get the evaluation sheet done within 2 days. as quickly it
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goes to by the german f i and the referee herself, and said that she knows what she did wrong or how could she was what you post on what that would be? would you bar fransisco verify has now completed her 1st international assignment. it was at the women's on the 17 tournament in sweden. she hopes that morphy for assignments will soon follow it's loud. this is for ms posey. i think it's a positive pressure for me to be portrayed as a talent or is the successor to bibiana shine houses back soon. that it makes me more motivated that often i'll definitely try to put everything i've gotten to getting better and staying fit in visit to vietnam on to plan. ah, she would also like to further her refereeing career in the men's leagues in the coming years. the buddhist legal could certainly do with women referees. at francis covered foyer. ah
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sh, a vibrant habitat ended glistening place of longing. the mediterranean sea, its waters connect people of many cultures. a small island with a b cart doth r. abdul karim discovers malta. cosmopolitan and a port of call for many refugees. next on d, w. ah no doubt. the next flood is coming. oh, but have we learned from past disasters? scientists say no. what dangers have we been ignoring? and are their solutions? how can people protect themselves in the future?
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tomorrow to day in 60 minutes, d. w. o. raring to read. ah, everyone who loves books has to go insane with d. w. literature list. 100 german must reads ah, ah, the mediterranean was once a major crossroads at the heart of the ancient world. today it has become a barrier separating europe from africa. is there anything left of a past ones share and what do today's distinct cultures.


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