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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from bird in britain and the world prepared to bed queen elizabeth a final farewell mourners are arriving at westminster abbey ahead of the queen's state funeral. some 2000 guests are expected among them. heads of state and dignitaries from around the world will also report from hong kong where morning for
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the queen has been tinge with nostalgia for what many c. as the cities, golden era, under british rule will for coming up on the program will thirties in ukraine are examining more than 400 bodies from mass grades near the city of idiom. they say they found more evidence of torture in areas abandoned by russian troops. our correspondent reports from the site or investigators carrying out their work. ah, i am on your campus mckinnon. a very warm welcome to the program. world leaders and foreign dignitaries gathering in london for the state funeral of queen elizabeth the 2nd. it is due to start 2 hours from now an hour long service will take at
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westminster abbey, before the queen is then buried at windsor castle later a day. now, earlier the last of thousands of mourners filed past the queen's coffin, up to 4 days of lying in state came to an end. on monday morning had of the funeral . king charles said that he had been deeply touched by the public support to his family. and on sunday evening, people across the u. k paused for a minute of silence to remember the only monarch most have ever known. it was a minute observed across the country. prime minister lives truss and others all over the u. k. paused for a moment of silence in honor of queen elizabeth with london's iconic big been also mocking me, occasioned by remaining silent earlier, there were more hectic, scenes with people rushed to get into the queue to see the queen lying in state
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before it finally closed. we make you happy? yes. th, i have a boat to change. i was, he didn't turn up very stress. your gave her hand on the phone, but we're here. tens of thousands of foreigners had queued over the final day to get the chance to see the queen's coffin. at one point, the white time had become so long that authorities advised people not to come. but despite the weight and the cold cures were up, beat is one in a lifetime. so he's an experience is history is i'm really proud to be planted later. world leaders also came to pay their respects to the late queen, but the political figures, dignitaries, and royals arriving in the british capital didn't have to wait in line. among those who visited london's westminster hold was us president joe biden. biden also
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paid a visit to buckingham palace where he signed the book of condolences. he said it was important that he made the journey it's about 20 people with dignity. i talk about how my mother and father thought that everyone, no matter who they were, no matter what station no matter where they're from, deserve retreated. london's police force has spent days gearing up for the funeral, which promises to be a huge security operation. some royal enthusiasts have been making their own preparations for the funeral procession, capping out on the street in a bid to secure a good spot to catch a glimpse of the queen's final farewell and waiting for us now to d. w. correspondence, bentley got his stand by for us in london. bound the official lying and state has now ended 4 days. 4 nights. can you tell us about that?
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did it, did it go as expected? yeah, the, like i said, and did this in the early morning hours and there were 2 ladies, one from britain and from her miracle, the 2 last lucky ones that got in and they were very moved. they said it was very important for them to be at this event to say thank you the sacrifice of queuing for 12 hours. in their case. they said every minute was worth it. and this is the impression many of these are cures gave. they bought it to say thank you and this q was a kind of, are you the sign of morning. the q was also a piece of art because it was so orderly and so can a very impressive in other countries. i think that would not have been possible up to 400000 people. were able to see the queen a lying and state. and people are cuen again because now they have to go to the
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mall to the procession path. we're in the coffin will be presented again after the funeral and they are also won a while. and 1000000 people i expected to be in london to day to get a glimpse of these proceedings. if the 1st state keener i'll in the new case since 1965, can you talk us through the day? the 1st there will be earlier than the official 3 and funeral service in westminster abbey. and that will take an hour. and then at noon london time, there will be 2 minutes of silence if in the whole country. and then the national anthem anthem will be sung in the abbey. and this will also be a shown in $150.00 cinemas, around the country in parks and public places. so you can expect that the whole nation actually will sing the vance and, and will come to a standstill to another queen. after that, the coffin, avila, b. a. put on her,
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in honor, lafitte of a, a cannon carriage drawn by 100 sailors down the mol, this is st. going then to buckingham palace passing there, and this procession will end in hyde park. the family, of course, will be after the coffin, the king has siblings the children, the daughter, the grandchildren, and, and then the hearse of the cover will be put in a hearse, and then the car will take the queen to wince. a cosser, which is about an hour away of 2 hours because to cover very slowly that that many people able to see the coffin actually. and, and then in windsor castle ever be another service. and at the end of the day, at about 7 o'clock in the evening, there will be a very private funeral. in aside chapel and there the queen will be laid to rest a side by side with her late husband, prince philip, her parents and her sister margaret's. and of course,
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there are hundreds of foreign royal's world leaders in london attending the events attending the funeral to day. tell us what security is like in the city right now. well, this is the biggest security operation that london and road business ever seen. the police told us about 10000 police officers on the streets more than during the olympics 10 years ago. and the $4000.00 military will be involved in the parade. the 2000 or guess of autos investments that would be $500.00 heads of states and dignitaries, ministers from around the world. that is also the, the biggest gathering of dictators ever seen. the road is bigger than that, for, for example, in the united nations are gathering. and then also, 20 crowns are kings and queens and sultans and
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relative actually the queen, here to day to honor the queen, to take part in this enormous event was lots of pomp and circumstances found me at reporting from london. many thanks and joining me here on the stairs, my colleague alex forest. why think alex, we keep saying at the queen's funeral is just a momentous event. isn't that? can you try to explain to us the significance of today? i mean, where did you begin with this? anya, it's extraordinary that it's that today has just brought not just britain together, but i think the entire world as we just heard so many different trades from around the world. i think 200 to 250 heads of state are in london for this funeral. and i think that just goes to show how much the queen was admired and certainly in the u. k. loved. and i think because she was 70 years on the throne,
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the admiration for her just grew and grew and grew. that's not to overlook some of the very bad times that she had to go through as well, where she was not popular, for example, following the death of diana princess of wales. so you know, she, she had to get through that, but overall she was loved and i think also for, for some of the quirkiness about the queen, which many people didn't perhaps know about at the time. but that she had a great sense of humor. and i think she just brought people together and today is a day where that can be remembered and where literally thousands, tens, hundreds of thousands of on the streets of london for that for a real sense of community is what we're hearing from people. and like you said, just you know, hundreds of dignitaries from around the world. can you give us a sense of who's going to be there today? i think we probably need to get a sense of who is not going to be there, which probably stands out more. so we know that for example, rushes,
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president putin is not going to be their president. she of china will not be there . and also i'm at this with the last minute they were doing some and goings about. is he is he not going to come but we understand that crown prince mhm had been selman of saudi arabia is now not coming also a controversial figure. so i think that's probably a big relief for buckingham palace that they are not going to be there. and instead it is just so many different leaders, including on people who perhaps are in, who are in the commonwealth countries such as australia. we know that, for example, the prime minister of australia, anthony albany, is, does not particularly want a monarch of british monarch to be the head of state of australia. but even so, he is there, and he has spoken in the past few days of his great admiration for the queen and what have fantastic on person. she was in bringing people together, even on those countries that perhaps wouldn't protect. he want to as their head of
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state, certainly those governments that wouldn't want to to. so i think that just goes to show that she has, again, brought everyone together. i should just mentioned to abuse that these are live pictures we're seeing now from central london. and alex, the queen's death has led many to reflect, has them sets on the monarchies roll around the world. you are just mentioning some countries who have republican leanings, you know, and britain's former colonies, commonwealth nations. absolutely, and you know, we, for example, we know that at the end of last year, barbados actually decided that they no longer wanted the queen as their head of state, and there are other countries as well. so the monarch, the british monarchy, is head of state of 14 other countries apart from the u. k. m, including, we just mentioned australia, new zealand, canada, jamaica, and others. and we know that some of those countries do not want a british wanted to be head of state. however, i think what the,
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the queen did was that she really what her magic in some of those places. so let me just give you an example. ireland. now, no british monarch had been to ireland until the queen went, which was in 2011 for a 100 years. in 2012. she shook hands with martin mcguinness. he was the former head of the i r re. so she was a woman who, even though she was british, she managed somehow to bridge that gap to work towards peace in countries like that . she stood for example, against apartheid in south africa and was said to have had quite a conflict with her. then british prime minister margaret thatcher, also southern rhodesia now's in bob way. she did not like the white racist government there. so although she oversee, couldn't get too involved. she was very, very involved in her, in the commonwealth. and i think many of those countries, even if they don't want a british monica had of state,
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very grateful for the role she played in bringing people together. it's been just such a momentous time in the u. k. since since she died on the 8th of september, and what moments will you remember in particular from the last 11 days? i think on the day on that 1st day when we were in the studio and we knew that she was on, well, we knew that the family were going up to bow moral in scotland to be by her bedside . and it all just began to become more and more serious, and it was quite, i think, almost concerning as you're waiting. is she going to die? and then of course she did, i think secondly, the outpouring of respect, love, adoration, for the queen. just i'm, for example, what we were seeing and hearing before about that massive q of people wanting to see her lying in state in westminster hall. i have many friends who stood in that queue for up to 12 hours. you know,
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they were so proud to be in that queue and just to pay their respects just for a few seconds. david beckham, the england player in la q 12 out as well, have ellen. it's just incredible. and i think that that is a, i think that just goes to show what a woman she was and quietly spoken small. some might say dumpy, you know, but she just brought people together and was loved. and i think this is what we have seen over the past few days that outpouring of love for a monarch who's now gone. many people said she was just like, my granny didn't say absolutely. alex 1st why saying thank you so much. i, queen elizabeth death has triggered an outpouring of sentiment in hong kong, which is one of the last former british colonies which was only handed over to china 25 years ago. the collective grief is not just about morning. the late queen though it's also about remembering but many view as the golden era of hong kong.
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but even that nostalgia is now becoming taboo under chinese rule. as dw correspondent phoebe com reports. since the queen's passing a shop selling british colonial hong kong items such as coins, stems and metals is welcoming 10 times more customers than usual is founded by brian own, the royalty collector, didn't expect people coming for tearful commemoration. or they would you go level, open the all they feel like they're losing an old friend or even a family member. so long ago i won't be gone. she's more than a queen way to go away. it's also because life in hong kong wasn't that good in the past 2 decades ago. but with, with retrogression in many ways, could it, oh, why the people missed the past? not because they like or want colonialism, but purely because it was the good old days day go goal. i think that's being reflected through morning. the queen house angelica got such sentiments
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a mall festival at the british consulate surrounded by a sea of flowers. people are queuing for up to 4 hours in the heat, to signed a book of condolences. the colonial era is due in many people's memories in hong kong, which was ruined by britain, 456 years before his hanover to china in 1997. on lower, i got the most precious thing. britain left us is a social system with lots of freedoms to pursue our goals. and oh yeah, you got all electrical wire air, how, how good education was picked out. we were happier, less stress and restricted hi sama, somewhat. so alex told me, mom died at highgate holland. brittany didn't give us much in the way of democracy, overrule it did more good than harm. get go, go over. the hong kong people gave a queen a cantonese nickname for both ladies showing a special affection the outpouring of morning is not only a matter of nostalgia, but mixed with grievances and is content over the chinese rule and even
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a gesture of a find occurrence repression. the queen visit at hong kong twice during the seventy's and eighty's. when social reforms were rolled out after n t colonia riah to transform the small city into a road financial hub to day public facilities named after queen elizabeth, a marcus of britain's delicacy to modern hong kong. hong kong was one of few british colonies not allowed to determine its own feature. born in 1980 and educated in colonial government schools, bryant all said he was never taught to be a british patriots. last year he opened a private museum. the certificate signed by the queen and prince philip. it's about a most precious in his 10000 item collection. auto we are hi, will never considered myself british if, when i'm 100 percent, a hong kong a who loves british culture local all histories a meaning folgram or whenever they happened. no matter good or bad. oh,
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so we shouldn't arrays, any part of it, just because we don't like it, or you work or all of us should respect our past. whitfield all exceed, are you who dreamed all. dear gord, it's not only to preserve frederick's but also the identity of his hometown. okay, let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. u. s. president joe biden has said that washington would defend taiwan if china staged a quote, unprecedented attack. he added that the u. s. does maintain a one china policy and does not support taiwanda independence. china has responded by saying, biden's remarks severely violate washington's policy over the island. super typhoon, none model is lashing the southern japanese island of ki, shoot. the storm has brought heavy rain and wind up the 230 kilometers and our authority and urged 4000000 people to evacuate. their homes are. can yonah has
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knocked out power on the island of push. rico, state of emergency has been declared. the owner is expected to strengthen further as it moves northwest for co, crossed as a warning of heavy rain high winds and catastrophic flooding. the spanish charity has rescued more than $370.00 people from the mediterranean, and 3 separate operations and 24 hours. one group of micro and spent 4 days drifting in unsee were the votes that we're trying to cross to europe from north africa. many of those rescued with suffering from dehydration to ukraine. now where keith says that its troops are advancing further into the north eastern. ha! he's now in liberated territories. more evidence of possible russian war crimes is being on a correspondent. emanuel shall went to him when mass grades containing more than
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450 bodies have been uncovered. some of them bearing signs of torture. a warning to our viewers, some may find this next report. distressing. dare uncovering sheer horror. as near by artillery fire rages in these forest, on the outskirts of recently liberated is you forensic experts are working round the clock to examine bodies buried in mass graves, dating from the russian occupation. dying from what sir, yoko, unless you could just alert the information we have, which has already been established is the burial of local residence. labriola exclamation. as you can see, examination of the bodies. he and referrals for forensic examinations are currently being carried out. 8 or you come here, some corpses show signs of violent death. metal general
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jaeger, la yoga. just order the year. who, who you this course is of a man in his eighty's lawyer. he was found with his hands tied behind his back. his skull was deformed by violent blows to the head. his janitor's bed traces of torture. nearby 17 ukrainian soldiers have been found in a shallow grave. this was an o t. right here we found a 17 corpses of servicemen, the armed forces of ukraine. the bodies have for now been sent to the morgue for further forensic examination supplies into collect dna samples in order to identify them rippled, i shouldn't discuss it was not norful. the scene is so green that even the investigators are overwhelmed at our gallery. this is the 1st such experience in all my 5 years of service. and psychologically i think we will need some help in
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the future early report. but also we also check each other. so nauseous, good. this immune no names on the grade. when everything is numbered, the biggest number is 418418, and that's on the civilians. susan locals with their hands tied were found face down group huddled in that is thrown face down into the graves. littleton it's only so my, your face was the unthinkable. investigators say they will not lead those crimes go unpunished. shockers going arissa marie since the war began. we've already opened more than 4000 criminal proceedings regarding war crimes committed by soldiers of the russian federation in the harkey region. i will not tell you the exact number because it is constantly changing. sure. it keeps on increasing in light of the atrocities uncovered in asia and since its liberation, the un said it would send
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a team to investigate t w's a manual. her shes who filed that report, gave me her impressions of what she saw and is im and what prosecutors told her. it was very hard. it was on for them vo, what we've seen on the side. so when we arrived in a zoom forensic experts, we're still recovering the body. so we have witnessed a few autopsies dare experts are you know, a day where upon seeing a human remains, de sublease preliminary conclusions of what happened, what we so we're evident, traces of torture. i'm talking about hands tied and tied in the back of the bodies . i'm talking about missing limbs. i'm talking about a violent blows to the head torches on the genital parts, as i've explained in the report. so the experts work right now will be to establish the cause of the death where we can already say doubt the torture is obvious. now,
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as you reported thousands of investigations and to war crimes are now underway in the hockey area alone. give us a sense of how ukrainian, or, sorry, he's a managing this well, it's absolutely a challenge for dam due to the amount of bodies that are being found. and we're talking right now about $4000.00 cases, but this figure increases by the hour. and that's why the war crimes, prosecutor, we talk to data, want to give us a specific number of simply because it keeps on adding up every time a city is liberated, more, a green discoveries are being made. so the ukranian government already deployed an additional 1000 police officers forensic experts with us, so firefighters here in the region of harkey, so they can assist the experts already on side. these are gonna take this will take
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months, maybe years to solve every single case. also, due to the advanced state of decomposition of some of their bodies, it will take so long to identify them. dna studies will have to be carried as well for doubts. and of course your credit and government said it would welcome any international help in the form of a forensic experts. oh, so material, how to? so those cases manual shells in hockey, thank you so much for that. you're watching d. w news. as a reminder of our top story, mourners are arriving at westminster abbey ahead of queen elizabeth the 2nd state funeral service from 2000 guests are expected among them. dignitaries from around the world to bid a final farewell of britain's longest reigning monarch. you're watching the d. w. news from the land coming up next sports life looks at me. career, the female football referee on cisco. it via i don't forget you can always find
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