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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this technology is worried how they can go super and that's how they can also go terribly. watch ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin burson, and the world prepared to bed queen elizabeth a final farewell. some 2000 guests have been arriving for a historic state funeral at westminster abbey, among the many heads of state and dignitaries from around the world and outside
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people, a lining the streets of central london last showed respect and affection for persons longest serving monarch author coming up on the show us president joe biden, once again, voices support for taiwan bite and tells the u. s. broadcast of the american forces would defend taiwan in the offensive chinese invasion. beijing has condemned his latest comments as a violation of official u. s. policy will get reaction from taipei ah, i manuscripts mckinnon. thanks so much for joining us. britain is preparing to lay its longest reigning monarch to rest in a state funeral. the bell is tolling at westminster abbey, where the service, the queen elizabeth, will be held some to 1000 guests,
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including weld leaders and foreign dignitaries, and now filling the aisles of the abbey. after the hour long service, the queen's procession will head for windsor castle. her final resting place, a national holiday has been declared in the u. k. and on sunday evening, people across the u. k paused for a moment of silence to remember the only monarch most have ever known. it was a minute observed across the country. prime minister lives truss and others all over the u. k. paused for a moment of silence in honor of queen elizabeth with london's iconic big been also mocking me occasion. by remaining silent earlier, there were more hectic scenes with people rushed to given to the queue to see the queen lying in state before it finally closed. we make you happy?
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yes. t i to change i was, he didn't turn up very stress. your gave her the phone, but we're here. tens of thousands of foreigners had queued over the final day to get the chance to see the queen's coffin. at one point, the white time had become so long that authorities advised people not to come. but despite the weight and the cold cures were up, beat is one in a lifetime. so he's an experience is history. it's, i'm really proud to be plaza. wayne's world leaders also came to pay their respects to the late queen, but the political figures, dignitaries, and royals arriving in the british capital didn't have to wait in line. among those who visited london's westminster hold was u. s. president joe biden biden also paid a visit to buckingham palace,
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where he signed the book of condolences. he said it was important that he made the journey it's about treating people with dignity. i talked about how my mother and father thought that everyone, no matter who they were to matter what their station no matter where they're from, deserve retreated. london's police force has spent days gearing up for the funeral, which promises to be a huge security operation. some royal enthusiasts have been making their own preparations for the funeral procession, capping out on the street in a bid to secure a good spot to catch a glimpse of the queen's final farewell. and we can frustrate to london now. wendy w correspondent, bentley get, is standing by fresh bout now. this is the 1st to state funeral in the u. k. since 1965. can you talk us through the day?
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bank? i think we back. can you hear me? i apologize. we seem to have some technical problems here. we'll try to get back to our correspondent bank. they got a little later in the show, all right, to ukraine. now, where keith says that its troops are advancing further into the north eastern hot teeth. now in liberated territories, more evidence of possible russian war crimes is being on earth, all correspondent, and manual shall went to izzy. where mass graves containing more than 450 bodies have been uncovered. some of them bearing signs of torture. and a warning to our view as some may find this next report distressing their uncovering sphere. holler at me, very artillery fire rages in this forest. on the outskirts of recently liberated is
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zoom forensic experts are working around the clock with you and bodies buried in mass graves dating from the russian occupation book. doing for much here. just only with the information we have, which has already been established is the burial of local residence. exclamation as you can see, the examination of the bodies and referrals for forensic examinations are currently being carried out. some courses show signs of violent deaths. janelle corella johnson over the year. can i call you? this call is of a man in his 84. he was found with his hands tied behind his back. his skull was deformed by violent blows to the head. his janitors bear traces of torture.
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nearby 17 ukraine and sold ears have been found in a shallow grave. this was an o t. right here we found 17 corpses of servicemen, the armed forces of ukraine. the bodies have for now been sent to the morgue for further forensic examination several into collect dna samples in order to identify them rippled, i shouldn't discuss it was not norful. the scene is so green that even the investigators are overwhelmed at our. ready gary, this is the 1st such experience in all my 5 years of service and psychologically i think we will need some help in the future early report. but also we also check which other sir nauseous, get busy immune no names on the gray, missouri. everything is numbered, the biggest number is 418418, and that's on the civilians. so locals with their hands tied were found face down
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group a huddled and i really know that is thrown face down into the graves over by resolution . it's only for my, your face to was the unthinkable. investigators say they will not lead those crimes go unpunished. shock was willing arissa marie since the war began. we've already opened more than 4000 criminal proceedings regarding war crimes committed by soldiers of the russian federation in the harkey regions. but i will not tell you the exact number because it is constantly changing. sure. it keeps on increasing in light of the atrocities uncovered in asia. and since it's liberation, the u. n said it would send a team to investigate ok. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. super typhoon none model is lashing the southern japanese island of que shoe. the storm has fought heavy rains and winds of up to 230 kilometers an hour. authorities urged
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4000000 people to evacuate their homes. at least 9 people were killed when a bus crashed in heavy rains and land slides in costa rica rescue teams worked through the night to remove debris and to look for victims authority say around 30 people are still unaccounted for. the u. s. president joe biden has said that washington would defend taiwan if china staged a quote, unprecedented attack. speaking in an interview with cbs, he added that the u. s. still maintains it's one china policy and does not support taiwan independence. now, china has responded by saying biden's remarks of barely violate washington's policy . taiwan is a self ruled island that beijing claims as part of its own territory. and i'm joined now by our correspondent pound wine in taipei. tell us about the
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reaction in taiwan to biden's remarks. united states president joe biden on sunday, reaffirm that the u. s. troop defend taiwan human defense of chinese invasion. how a ministry of foreign affairs will come that i that has that. and on monday, the spokes person expressed the or think and emphasize that biden administration took office public has repeatedly reiterated the security company. men of the united states to taiwan and taiwan will continue to extend its self defense capabilities and fairly receive more expansion. and the question of china over, as we know that this might be the time sim, spider became president, he publicly said the us to defend taiwan if china launch a military attack and what's also significant to taiwan biden's remarks came
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days after the senate boring radiation committees passed the taiwan policy act, a b o that's authorized by point $6500000000.00 us dollars in found the weapons and military training for taiwan. so we believe that the, with the low pass and the remarks given by, by them it is says, think it onto a china, that the us oppose any on literal change. they quote unquote taiwan shape and deport the use of threats of ports. okay, now china of course, isn't happy about this about these comments. all their fears the beijing could react. i mean now, so, but we don't see any comment from chinese government, but we believe that the chinese official will react to this. and we can see that the china will be angry about this because in their view, how this part of china,
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and there's also a crew that last week. chinese foreign minister ministry spoke person. my name told the regular press briefing, that's the name of the us to not send any wrong thing. no, it's christian pretending to taiwanese independence. we will consider governor and taiwan as long as you know chinese territory which one day where we you meet with the mainland. so and also we can see like a visit to type a law by us big nancy pelosi last month has lead to increased tension between beijing and washington over taiwan. so yeah, of course there are some people believe the chinese government or the china, the official will do something to this. so, but we don't see any, you know, like launch any military drills or, you know, suspend any important product. taiwan. alright, correspondent, power and wine in ty pay thanks so much response. he is now and in the bundle sleek
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as sunday, so the surprised team of the season. onion berlin, take on struggling all spring now will struggle feeling the pressure already was just one wind from 6 games. and unfortunately for them, when you own the bunder slager leaders prevailed, the fortress out of 1st to ride, picked out once again as anew in berlin took on bolts work hoping to finish the day in 1st place. all eyes were on shoulder, becca, wed, already scored 5 goals this season. and when jo ann didn't waste any time, you had a camera with the 1st chas after just 46 seconds. just 2 minutes later because 1st attempt at gold went well over the cross bar. it took volts book 32 minutes to get in front of unknowns gold. but he was at break hello. couldn't find the net. neil neil: at half time on the on strike to a becca and jordan see, but you're unable to get on the score sheet and that would continue just minutes
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after the break. see back to a shot going just centimeters wide. but the dynamic duo struck just minutes later because pinpoint cross fancy batches had no chance for those books keeper phone castillo one, neil munoz. and it was becker himself who sealed the game in the 77th minutes. paul sequins longbow perfectly controlled by the 2070 old and after a handful via check the gold count it that he was sick of the young season to new. it ended another successful day at the office for becker and see but showed that much to the delight of when you're in coach, boss fisher, and the fence at all to 1st to roy. when you finish the day, top of the blended legal table, you're watching d. w. news is a reminder of our top story. sh dignitaries and world leaders have been filing in to westminster abbey ahead of queen elizabeth the 2nd state general side events.
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also getting underway ahead of the funeral procession that will take the queen's coffin from westminster hall to the abbey for the historic service it watching dw news coming up next to weldon report, looks at how people inform of british colonies see the death of queen elizabeth and her legacy and do stay tuned for a special live coverage of queen elizabeth states funeral. that starting in about 15 minutes i manuscript mckinnon on behalf the whole scene watching with what do you say what you get for $0.50 or $0.50? a lot of it.


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