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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2022 3:30pm-3:46pm CEST

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become adult hitler's favorite director and help me become a forgotten film pioneer. leaning he finished i and i know to fund between hitler and hollywood, 932. they set out into the icy wilderness of greenland to create a life threatening film project that became a major milestone in their lives. love, seduction and power ice cold passion starts october 8th on d, w. ah. this is the dublin years, asia coming up to day mandatory. he jobs or freedom to choose the debate impacting indonesia, a school goes most local provinces require muslim school goes to cover their heads, but not all girls agree with these rules and the federal government appears
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powerless. to make changes, we ask why and japan is hit by fall food typhoon that's knocked out. power flooded large area has been taken at least one life so far. ah. i british manager, welcome to the dublin news asia. glad you could join us. we'll begin in indonesia were asked by the federal government. most of them gods don't have to cover their heads with a job in public schools. but in 2 thirds of the countries, provinces, local authorities have made the wedding of the he job in schools mandatory. it's a bizarre situation in a country with the world's largest muslim population. provincial governments appear to have greater decision making power than the federal government, at least on the issue of mandatory jobs. and its impact is felt by goals in schools
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across the country. every day did i lose guild motus and ra cast was until report to where he job or not official leads every girl's choice in indonesia. like at this high school in jakarta, the loose garment covering the head, neck, and chest is not part of the obligatory public school uniform. but when her daughter came home one day in tears after the teacher force her to where the religious covering this muslim mother had had enough, she complained to the regional parliament about what she called him, a bullying at the school to protect her daughter from more stigma she asked to stay anonymous after i failed to complained my daughter told me many of her older female friends came forward and some part of her. they were complaining that there where to forced to read he job. back in the 7th grade. him amaya, the politician who received the complaint says that similar cases of intimidation
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that have been made public or just the tip of the iceberg. deep psychological distress is often the consequence. she says, give us a call. we are really concerned about the level of intolerance in school, and it's not just the children that are being bullied, even some teachers were forced to. where did he job? who do we belong about colleagues? say you look more beautiful or you will go to heaven if you where it can be very traumatizing, ma'am. barely ever since the early 2000, most of indonesia, the provinces and dozens of cities have gradually mandated the job. the rule effects over 150000 schools, including this primary school in southern levy. teachers here say parents have been very supportive of the new regulation mandatory in islam. here we are trying to introduce the he jumped to the girls as early as possible, even though they haven't reached puberty yet,
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but this way they won't be any problem when the time comes for them to wear it. on . the jakarta educational authority disagrees. a joint decree on school uniforms, by the indonesian government recently even banned public schools from making religious a tire mandatory. the move followed the national outrage over non muslim students being forced to cover their hair and chasm teachers believe that girls must where he job. but that is not part of our regulation. i think there is no obligation to where the he job as part of the school uniform. if you are a muslim at the it's a matter of choice for the student and their family. while the central government's position is clear, indonesia, the supreme court has revoked the decree in support of local autonomy. how far religious freedom actually goes is now in the hands of the countries provinces. in the case of the to caught a high school or the teacher has since apologize,
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but that's an exception. to help us understand the rule and more, i'm joined by andreas arsenal. indonesia researcher with human rights watch. jones, we know from brussels. mr. how so? no, you're no stranger to this issue. so help me understand this. the supreme court has essentially said the federal government can't make any rules on the mandatory wedding of the he job. but local governments can, why? well, the supreme court decision is controversial. there are more than 800 people who protested that 3 judges all male who made that rule. they wanted the judiciary commission to investigate the 3 judges, 2 of which 2 of them came from the same province where west to my brow, where the petition came from. what does the government not have any option?
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can't the government appeal or try and challenge this order? the federal government has many options, including re forking via the ministry of home affairs, the local provincial city and regency level, executive decrease executing regulation. the federal government cannot requote local legacy like the laws, but they can revoke executive orders. and all of this, at least 64 national provincial and local regulations were mostly made by the executive governors regions of males that the federal government can revoke that because they are against the constitution because they are discriminatory against was slim woman and muslim girls. so the fact that the government, the federal government hasn't done this as yet, what does that mean? what are we to read into that?
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is there islam that is making an impact on the government's political calculus or if there's something else? obviously indonesia has seen the rise of slumming now mentally some over the last 20 years. we are seeing more and more so call sherry inspire ordinances more than $700.00 altogether. all abra, indonesia not only on mandatory heat up regulation but also against religious minorities. not mostly minorities, non sunni, minority, this ethnic, really religion, as well as against educate the individual. these are discriminatory. this is where this is in just to help us understand how it has come to this because till about 985, the wedding of the he job for instance, was banned in public schools across the country. i mean, how does indonesia go from that situation? to mandatory he jobs in 24 of indonesia,
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34 provinces in 1991. another minister of education allow what he call spatial clothing that allow was slim girl. the were the hija. the number was small, less than 5 percent of them, used the job post and 14. another minister of education amended that regulation saying that there are 3 option she job with long sleeve long, his job, long sleeve, long skirt, and then on his job, shot sleeves shot, skirt. me needs a long skirt. right? but below is 30 a level on school level and also to be fair. also on hospital step on companies ministerial offices. there are more than $300000.00 mandatory each up
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regulation on the unit level all over indonesia. it may girls to the 4th whether he just if they don't expel from school, female workers forced whether he job. if not, they will lose their job. and most importantly, they created an atmosphere of bullying. is that a situation of the developer going to indonesia to control that the country is stunning, more and more fundamental is for lack of a better word. is that what's happening in indonesia? oh yes. there are 3 major discriminatory regulation maiden name of and thought was me islam in indonesia. the most notorious is the blessing, middle 965, and then in 2006, the government is the so called really just how money regulation, where the majority has feed the barber over the minorities. the 1st one was made in
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1952. the so called definition of religion regulation that basically defined that a religion is a religion if it has a single got some progress, holy books and global network that discriminate many smaller religion. indonesia is becoming more and more slumming. when a mental is country, it is not you know what they claim to be a moderate muslim country will have to leave it there for the time being picked so much for joining us today. andrea, how so? no, from human rights. what thank you so much. and you ah, recovery and clean up operations are underway in taiwan up to the seas of earthquakes shook much of the island over the weekend. one person died and more than a 100 people were injured in the tremors. the most fall full of which was a 6.8 magnitude quick. on sunday, for people who were trapped in
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a collapse building one the 2 rescued. the tremors also derailed train carriages and caused a road bridge to collapse. after shocks have continued to rock the island and further north, another island is facing its all natural disaster typhoon. none model has made landfall in southwest and japan killing at least one person. more than $300000.00 homes are reported to be without electricity on the island of to show with some area seeing more rainfall in 24 hours than they do in all of september. typhoon nan model has brought record rainfall and disruption to cities across southwest and japan. with winds gusting over a 160 kilometers per hour. while some city dwellers ventured out, tens of thousands of people spent the night in public shelters on the island of que
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shoe. after authorities urged people to take refuge in emergency facilities like this one in the southern city of cag oshima. as we opened the shelter at 4 pm yesterday, now we have about 23 people coming in. we prepare radio's flashlights and because we're in a pandemic, this to monitors and medicines, a pickle they say, it's a particularly big typhoon. and i didn't feel safe at home. so i brought myself here that the hero authorities shattered public transport and even canceled subway, train services, rivers, births, their banks, making some roads impossible. at least one person has died after their course sank in flooded farm land. the meteorological agency forecasts over $400.00 millimeters
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of rain across central japan and the next 24 hours. the tropical storm turned the normally picturesque send i river into a raging torrent. as it moves, ne, across the densely populated islands of hon. shoe home to big cities like tokyo and osaka. mm. and you can follow the latest the last storm on our website, the debra dot gov forward slash asia. that's it for today. we'll see you at the same time to morrow. good bye. awe . every day for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener?
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how can we protect animals and their habitats? what to do with all our waste. we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable smart new solutions over steam set in our ways or is truly unique. and we know that that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive. google ideas, the environmental c global $3000.00 on d, w and online. ah, volkswagen sets the date in price for it's iconic, brand portia, to go public. it could be a lucrative offer. v w is set to see as much as 19 and a half 1000000000. europe's and they're far less agile than
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a portia. and for dirtier, we'll look at efforts to clean up big rigs in the commercial transport branch as a whole. and we'll visit the greek island of via where some environmentalists and businesses say their tolerance for wind turbines is waiting. hello and welcome to the show. i'm seeking beardsley in berlin. volkswagen could earn as much as 19 and a half 1000000000 euros through an i p o of iconic sports car. brandt. portia, that's according to the price range. it's now attached to the share offering at the high in portia. what's the market value of 75000000000 euros. volkswagen says the i p l will take place on september 29th at the frankfurt stock exchange. the capital boost would help the company with its long term projects, including a massive build out of its electric vehicle fleet. well, they may be less glamorous than as it be sports car. but commercial vehicles are the backbone of the.


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