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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2022 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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facility is hugely has so much to lose shattering the glass ceiling women in architecture. so this has to be really, really good. start september 30th on dw ah ah, this is d w. news live from bill that queen elizabeth the 2nd is laid to wrist. the british nation mourns as the late monarch is buried in the royal bulk of the chapel, and when to cast the ceremony, follow the funeral service, attended by dignitaries from around the wood. also on the program. the kremlin
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denies accusations of war crimes in you cried as alive, credit investigators say they found mostly civilians at a mass grave in an area east in ukraine, formerly held by russia. and there is evidence with torture and a powerful earthquake, his mexico's west coast on the anniversary of 2 deadly, quite at least one person is confirmed. did and trimmers have felt in the capital city. ah m. anthony howard walked into the program. britain has bid farewell to queen elizabeth the 2nd with a historic state funeral. her coffin was placed in the royal vault at windsor castle near london, where she was buried in a private ceremony. hundreds of thousands of people turned out to pay their respects as the hearse carrying elizabeth's coffin made its way to winter waiver my
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correspondent with the castle in a moment. but 1st this report on a funeral ceremony followed by millions of people around the world. queen elizabeth begins her final journey. her coffin made its way to westminster abbey. a full military guard accompanied the departed monarch, part of an ancient ceremony, combining church state and the royal family's history. ah, elizabeth's grandchildren followed her into the abbey. ah, followed by her son, king charles the 3rd and the queen consort camilla. o. readings were made by dignitaries including the archbishop of canterbury. and hymns
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was sun. ah. then queen elizabeth the 2nd headed for her final resting place. ah! as the funeral procession drove out of london to windsor castle, where it was met by huge crowds of mourners. suddenly see the call with the queen. oh, i think that's choked everybody up. that's, that's hated i it, was it a wave cell banking mcqueen's line? it was tinge with sadness. she's no longer here that she's been my queen. all of my life is the moment in history. so yeah, it's really emotional. a, a brilliant monarch. i don't think we'll see the likes of her again. but i wish
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king charles all the very best the committal ceremony in the castle's chapel, where family friends and royal officials bade their queen farewell ceremony lived according to ancient tradition. school news and prayers was said. as soon as the queen's coffin was lowered into the royal vault below for goodness of the lord, before the service ended with the national anthem, for a new era and the new king, ah so a historic day in the u. k, as the country said, good bite of its longest running monarch his day doubly as jack parrot in windsor
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with a look back at the day's events. the final moment of this day of ceremony really culminated in a particularly private in terms of the queen's body laying next to her husband, the late prince. philip as well as her sister, the late prince margaret, and both her parents. in the memorial chapel of king george, the 5th, the ceremony was sort of a got smaller and smaller throughout the day, 2000 people in westminster abbey, including world leaders, royals from all over the world. then the body was moved here to windsor castle for the commit to ceremony, which was taking place with just the sort of direct people that were in contact with the queen. perhaps we've seen a real i pouring of love thousands upon thousands of people on the streets of london and here in windsor as well. and i think one of the really outstanding moments for a lot of people will be the look on the king's face. joy that commit to ceremony in windsor was clear how sad he was. not only like the whole country to have lost the
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queen, but for him to have lost his mother. and i will transfer obviously on to the, the ceremonies that will take place as his reign. begin starting with the coronation data, please jack there at windsor or ukraine, says a russian missile damaged equipment close to the 2nd largest nuclear plant in the country. keep brand of the move as nuclear terrorism. moscow as want of more attacks on ukrainian infrastructure after its forces were pushed back in north east in new cracked, leading to the discovery of a mass grave in a forest. in the region. kremlin denies russia is responsible for killing the civilians and soldiers. this remains were found in mass graves outside. if you get calls, the allegations, quote lines, and he's an update on the investigation into those mass graves from our correspondent connelly in hockey. well, they're still there,
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the investigation. this is ongoing. i think it takes some time before we have any more in the way of kind of overarching figures. and michael ligman, else has was there just few days ago when she was there, the body of an 8 year old man was being viewed with the obvious signs of torture and lots of other stories of this kind, kind of copy of the last few days as well, as the people who died, presumably when this was taken by reason for so died during fighting shelling rather than being targeted. but there are stories of this kind kind of coming out from all across this region. people who are in prison for weeks on end. people have disappeared and hadn't been found. people who tried to get safety and whenever heard from again. and the major problem right now is the fear of mine. so there are lots of places where people expect to find the remains. people who've been missing since those russian force came here, but it's just too dangerous to go there. have another investigator can't go there. i think the kind of most kind of depressing thing about all this is when you kind of talk to people about the response to this. it's kind of basically something they
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expected. i think after those scenes from butch moore pin from the key of returning the year, people here were kind of basically prepared for this kind of treatment, this kind of behavior by the russian army. and certainly nothing we've seen so far suggest that they changed much in the months that followed here in this part of the country. so the expectation of a lot more gruesome finds a hearing despite of ukraine. that was an economy in hockey. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world, russia's most celebrated pop diva, alaska cova as asked to be declared a foreign agent in solidarity with her husband maxim galka. and it was designated as one less than a week ago in an instagram post. she said putin's war in ukraine was killing soldiers for illusory aims and turning russia into a global pariah protest. as in beverage broken down, a gate into the minister, the justice ministry, demanding the release of 2 people arrested last week for storming
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a bank. it came as a delegation from the international monetary fund held meetings with officials of the countries economic banks are closed 3 days and made security concerns of kenneth stands. taliban afraid american engineer, mac for its in exchange for an afghan tribal leader held on drug charges since 2005 basha new as i was detained on suspicion of smuggling. more than $50000000.00 worth of heroine into the u. s. and europe. fairies worked on development projects in afghanistan for a decade. you as president joe biden has said that washington would defend taiwan if china staged a quote, unprecedented attack. he added that the u. s. does maintain a one china policy and does not support tie one's independence? simply ra john has responded by saying biden's remarks severely violate washington's policy over the island and one more hurricane fiona has slammed the
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dom, dominican republic after pounding puerto rico, fiona board heavy rainfall and sustained winds of more than a 140 kilometers. now, the committee reported flooding and washed out roads in the east earlier the storm dr. power and caused extensive damage in puerto rico or powerful as quite as hit mexico central pacific coast, triggering synonymy warnings and shaking buildings. hundreds of kilometers away in the capitol. magnitude 7.6, quite knocked out power and st residence. scrambling under the streets for safety. at least one person was killed, alarm sounded less than an hour after ceremonies mocking the anniversary of deadly, quite in 19952017 or more on joined by general, a cynthia diaz in mexico city. and it's quite powerful enough to trigger tsunami
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wanting cynthia, what more can you tell us? well, it was sir, quite the experience again. we had just been home . okay. well unfortunately, we seem to have lost the audio connection to cynthia. know you've got your back, cindy. a continue if you can, sorry for interrupting. sure. no problem. now i was just telling you that this was quite a coincidence and others september. oh wow . and i'm afraid we've, we've lost the audio again, cynthia. oh, we're going to have to move on. our apologies. we'll try and get cynthia back on
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the track. in the next bulletin. all right. who in indonesia? muslim girls don't have to cover their heads with the hedge. ivan public schools, in 2 thirds of the countries provinces. local authorities have made the wearing of a job in schools mandatory. it's a bizarre situation in a country with the world's largest muslim population. provincial governments appear to have greater decision making power than the federal government least one on the issue of mandatory hiccups. and its impact is felt by girls and schools across the country. every day. they double his yoke, mathis and roscoe santa report, to where he dropped or not officially. it's every girl's choice in indonesia like at this high school in jakarta, the loose garment covering the head, neck, and chest is not part of the obligatory public school uniform. but when her daughter came home one day in tears after the teacher forced her to wear the religious covering,
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this muslim mother had had enough. she complained to the regional parliament about what she called each, a bullying at the school, to protect her daughter from more stigma. she asked to stay anonymous. after i failed to complained my daughter told me, many of her older female friends came forward and so part of her they were complaining that their where to force to when he job back in the 7th grade him amaya, the politician who received the complaint says that similar cases of intimidation that have been made public or just the tip of the iceberg. deep psychological distress is often the consequence. she says, give us a call. we are really concerned about the level of intolerance in school. and it's not just the children that are being bullied and even some teachers were forced to . where did he job? do we belong? colleagues. say you look more beautiful or you will go to heaven if you where it can be. very traumatizing, ma'am valley. ever since the early 2, thousands,
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most of indonesia, the provinces and dozens of cities have gradually mandated the job. the rule effects over 150000 schools, including this primary school in southern levy. teachers here say parents have been very supportive of the new regulation. mandatory in islam. here we are trying to introduce the he jumped to the girls as early as possible, even though they haven't reached puberty yet. this way there won't be any problem when the time comes for them to wear it. the jakarta educational authority disagrees. a joint decree on school uniforms, by the indonesian government recently even banned public schools from making religious a tire mandatory. the move followed the national outrage over non muslim students being forced to cover their hair. and the teachers believed that girls must where
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he job. but that is not part of our regulation. i think there is no obligation to where the he job as part of the school uniform. if you are a muslim at the it's a matter of choice for the student and their family. while the central government's position is clear, indonesia, the supreme court has revoked the decree in support of local autonomy. how far religious freedom actually goes is now in the hands of the countries provinces. in the case of the to caught a high schooler, the teacher has since apologized. if watching the date of the news coming up after a short break, italian politics is under the spotlight. stay with us. every day counts for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation.


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