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ah ah ah ah ah ah welcome to global 3000 dusty and i read how people in spain a dealing with extreme drought,
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hot and stuffy. what can we do to cool down our overheated cities and covered up but courageous in mexico, one daring collective is fighting for women's rights. the abortion debate is dividing societies across the globe. the u. n says there are 121000000 unwanted pregnancies worldwide. each year, more than 60 percent of them, a terminated, but nearly half of those abortions are not carried out in a safe way. according to the w h o each he is $39000.00 women die as a result of improperly conducted abortion procedures. most countries allow of ocean, although the legal requirements vary in egypt and the philippines, terminating a pregnancy is gen, lee prohibitive. in other nations,
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abortion is only allow 2 in the mother's life is at risk in the us and mexico. the law varies from state to state. the right to abortion is a tough fight. as our next report from mexico shows, they disguised themselves to protect themselves. what these young women do is break to abuse. the mitch's abode headers or abortion cats collective, wants to advocate for open discourse on abortion magazine. hello, i'm a support person at mit cheese. i bought our us for your company. i accompany women because i lost a friend to abortion. in 2015, they will never say money. i'm a mother, daughter, sister in law, i'm a feminist from the suburbs. same. okay. it will be starting, i believe it. yes. so yeah, company and i accompany women because this company saved my life. the mitch's
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a company and care for women who want to have medical abortions or who have experienced violence. their mission is to empower women disseminating information on social media, on tick tock and instagram. your back, your body, your choice, they post me even in that african american. 2 the for the end, but for us being on social media means that we can share information freely and we reach a lot of people that way and their calls for help come in from all over mexico. them from here, a young woman writes that she took an abortion pill incorrectly on to mommy's opera, though in ali took my suppressed all alone at home without knowing exactly how to take care of them. now she is calling us for help because she is very upset because will check how the young woman is doing and then decide if we need to send an ambulance on. the mitchie provide much needed support to women and
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mexico, which has a high rate of family side. according to statistics, 10 women on murdered every day, males home and hearing possessiveness jealousy, and sexual violence, as cited as factors in a 3rd of these killings. many machines of experience violence, dem, phone or inactive circle, and motivated by their anger and their pain. sometimes monuments already faced like today because they're the ideal place to protest. those moment does not, the monuments are not alive. no 10 of them don't perish every day. monuments are made of stone with flesh and blood and with fighting her when much more important money. no more murder and they shout black uniforms are also a statement. dallas and chris can get any check the marks mean this is not our
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personal struggle, but that we stand for all women and they have achieved a lot. almost one 3rd of mexican states have now legalized abortion progress for women's rights advocates. but in practice, the implementation continues to run up against hurdles, especially outside of the big cities and prejudices persist with the one that there are also women who are opposed to abortion. and who demonstrate against it. pro life is protest in front of clinics, offering abortions. those who come here seeking help are given a flyer with their views on abortion views, shaped by their religious faith and morals. alorie, a lot of, i think when they're meet your needs,
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they may be about 50000000 babies die in their mother's rooms every year. this is the worst genocide in history. it's not even all the was put together of killed so many people. amy, now that on santa said this woman was being called a murderer, really hurts the mitchie say good. but above all, they find it hypocritical murderer. it was, didn't he look as was and we had to women who were on the verge of killing themselves because of what they were called. what lemma, where we've gotten used to it by now. no, no matter how many times they call us murderers, we'll keep going at year you them though? no, no. they were also able to help monica. she's grateful to them and is the only one willing to talk to us. she became pregnant, unintentionally, and had a medical abortion at home, but she wasn't alone. the mitchie were with her. no, you're not free. it didn't hurt. i didn't suffer. i felt calm already. we talked and breathed together. i felt comfortable. it was
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a good experience with bonita, or the reason that collective felt they had to take care of her was that at the clinic, doctors had simply handed over the abortion pills as if it was for a headache. even like speaker there is in the us get them out there than that. they tell you you have to swallow. so in so many pose after x hours, everything super fast. and afterwards you are says of what did they say, how many hours the islam has come on? that's typical. they say here are the pills, take care of it at home. and that's why a lot of women don't go through with the procedure because they don't know exactly what to do. and there's a lot of misinformation about the medications. no lying or taping for matthew method ago, less but the yes. the mid she's saying inadequate medical instruction is often a subtle form of resistance from doctors. that's another reason why they want to continue their work. they're looking to break down prejudices many mit she is are
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also mothers. they say women deserve to have freedom of choice. they post messages with their children who are of course, also concealed record. i remember that women who are already mothers also have abortions, but doesn't make them bad mothers with a few clicks, the next tick tock video is created with, with a message to the world. freedom for every woman to choose for herself without social taboos ah dry hot weather with no sign of rain for weeks on end. large parts of europe are suffering the worst drought in 500 years. southern spain has been particularly haunt, hits, trees of withered crops have dried up forests of burned and local reservoirs is starting to resemble deserts making more to scarcity. a huge problem the lake front
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has receded, and the sun has sucked the moisture out of the ground. deep cracks run through the dry soil. we're in the hinterlands of mulligan, the reservoir. lovigno ala is the most important source of water in the southern spanish province. but it's only at 11 percent capacity. it was meant to bring prosperity to the region. now there is almost no water left here than withdrawal. the reservoirs losing so much water, it's not being replenished because it just won't rain with the ducks were once a bustling tourist trade took place now on dry land. eleanor sanchez hasn't even put her boats in the water this year. the tour guide used to offer kayak tours stand up paddling and much more. she opens the boat house for us. it's very sad. they are dry and they should be what i should be washing and bathing. yes, it's the 1st time in 8 years i've been that we haven't been able to burn miss
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activity. last summer they sat here in the afternoons. as the children played the lake reached to the 1st row of trees, she says, the view, the quiet now is depressing. she's hoping desperately for rain, but has also changed her strategy. she now offers day trip to us to other places. the we are great. we have beats is cleaves gov's. not that i bought reverse to hi, big long times. i looked off wide believe yes, history, astronomy. so doris, him, he says they'll come in the villages around the lake, a favor destinations for british belgian and german tourists. staying on the nearby coast 4 years ago. the stuff bought moved to under lucille. it's never been as dry as it is now. on who gets beyond was, you can last year. there was no rain in the fall. that's decisive. it's normal for
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it to rain in the fall and in the spring on it than everything is replenished. that's why it's so bad. i get a casa paula. emma's helps out in a fiance restaurant. she grew up in the vintage and is worried about the future. if the drought continues next to tourism agriculture is the main economy in the region . her father grows avocados in iowa and it been done. i don't know if the reservoir runs, try than we call water or feel everything dry out. many families live off the plantations. they would have to find some other kind of work more and more plants already dying. some farmers are resorting to drastic measures, sacrificing some old trees so that others have enough water. one kilo of avocados, a tropical fruit replies between 800 and a 1000 liters of water. this region is one of europe's largest of a cato providers. but the monoculture is driving the region to the brink of
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collapse. according to ecologist, ruffle use plans to save would have just been implemented too late to save the reservoir. does it? gravel eternally unlike was like that didn't happen from one year to the next to the little dolly where your son you go mucho, it's the result of several years working too much. water was used for agriculture, so neither on it or the canister, navi, this within the u. back in the fat that it hasn't rained enough. hello means the water levels are sinking to the point that there isn't any left to live the a more they, they will, the he, san jose fernandez, has decided to go another way. his working with the starter businessman and mr. rico. he developed a system for efficient watering. it doesn't just bring the water directly to the roots. the flow can be checked with these cap signals. not a drop is wasted. yawning momentarily
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when i walk my rounds and check that the water is really flowing everywhere it that that's the systems advantage. underground irrigation is nothing new here, but i was never sure how much water was reaching the planet and away. yes he did. he or what? but he has a yeah, because they fernandez was able to cut his water consumption in half. i still his going to who is proud of his harvest due to the ongoing heat wave this year. ne, on believable that some people still deny climate change. i don't grow lima, can i say get a little them up. bit of the drought is a problem, but because of the drought many are developing a new awareness about water management gather unless if he think that'll drill. i mean, in the 8th, in the spring, he had only 20 customers, not this summer. he had 300 more just of boss is trying something new. he's showing us his garden and his inventions. he's using the extremely dry weather to dry fruit
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in his new device. the, you can keep this on the line. this is where the sun comes in was made, goes up, and the things inside dry out on the hood who control can fix tomatoes, pomegranates. the family wants to enjoy mediterranean variety and to live in harmony with nature. his name um and answer them. and so the yahoo got agnes and my were living during a once in a century event into a milestone. it sounds dramatic, even if human beings want to exist on this planet, then we have to re imagine how we live at it. it's a summer that has made many reflect the lack of water in lovigno ala reservoir is critical. rain is no way in sight meteorologist. the warning that droughts in spain will be happening more often. ah,
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bands on com washing and lawn sprinklers limits on running water. these are just some of the ways authorities have been responding to the heat waves in many cities . but is that enough? the climate crisis is making life insufferable for many urban dwellers. concrete and tarmac store heat. and there's often too little shade and too few cooling green areas, but some cities are developing strategies to cope. so the most dangerous extreme, why the phenomena hit was basically affect our bodies and the echo systems around us. and they send us to the hospital or the killer. this is phillips, 1st teeth heat officer for a task is to find ways to protect citizens from the dangerous effects as extreme heat, as the climate warns and the frequency of heat waves dramatically increases. see,
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these are pointing people like her to limit the dangerous. we talked to 3 of them to find out how we can best deal with this new normal. what's coming our way, and what can we do to protect ourselves? i started thinking of what i have to do in 3 pillars. the 1st pillar it has to do with raising awareness. how do we communicate and get people to take the seriously? many of us i'm aware of just how dangerous heat can be, because heat as a silent killer. we don't see the effects of extreme heat as visibly as the physical destruction brought a hurricane. black and other natural disasters that extreme heat now kills up to half a 1000000 people worldwide each year. that's more than all other natural disasters that aren't due to the temperature. and the problem is getting worse, especially in cities, which are heating up at why is the global average rate because they trap heat what a non urban areas this is going to be one of the coolest summers that we're going
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to have for the rest of our lives, and that's not something that we should take likely we really have to understand and see. these are really hotspots. they're not going to be able to be viable in a few decades. but 2100 cities across the world could warm as much as 4.4 degrees celsius on average. so how do officials best sound the alarm and make sure people understand the gravity of the situation? one of the things that was done for raising awareness, which i think is really a game changer, is we have been categorizing heat waves for the 1st time in athens. this year. it's a pilot project that was started, and city spain and athens, greece, and will be adopted by other citizen. and categorizes he'd waves based on the effect on human health. much like earthquakes get categorized as of the intensity, dead years to help people prepare and respond better. and that's not all heat waves
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will also be named in the future just like hurricane katrina immediately evokes these images in your head and makes it easier to remember the disaster. so may heat wave though it the world's 1st ever hit event to officially be named and says at the end of july once it's clear that a heat wave is especially dangerous information on how to stay safe can be spread to those who are most endangered messaging around the waves is, is really critical because there are a lot, there's a lot people can do with their own behavior to keep them safe for the city of athens even develop an extreme heat up. that's now also being used in milan, paris, and one of them. we have an application called extreme, a global that shows you your personalized risk depending where you are in the city and your age and your gender. and whether you are, you are, you have pre existing conditions and tells you also in them up where to go to take
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cover where the cool spots are around you. in a similar effort africa's 1st heat officer is currently creating a heat map for the city of freetown. what we're trying to do is to understand where are the hot spots ah, where are the all been, eats i land to beg, said plan and proud ties. resources, resources in sierra leone, a limited. so eugenia carbo wants to focus on helping the most vulnerable people 1st, that include female vendors who are exposed to the sun all day when selling their produce and uncovered markets without any shape. so what we've done is to work together, we, those we men and design of projects, which we call the market shade cover project. basically, we use a material that is heat reflective that doesn't absorb the heat to provide a shade cobra. but we men, the project will be implemented and lounge with the next few months, just even seeing the joy on their phase night when i was talking to them about the
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project. and gave me hope that definitely there is something that can be done to help save lives and help improve believing condition of people who were the most conrad. on a larger scale, the design of entire cities can evolve the boot the heat. one of the solutions at athens has been trying to implement it, which a lot of things that have tried to implement around the world is creating green corridors. and we have finalized the designs of 3 green corridors in athens. meanwhile, freetown is currently keening up garbage life and converting them into public gardens that i cleaned safe and cool. also planting a 1000000 trees across the city for that free time eventually becomes treated santiago to chile as taking a similar approach. we just from a $2000000.00. 2 we're one forest program. it's is
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a really ambitious we should be able to provide we've, at the 30 south m in trees or the city. we never had that in the past before. trees been just provide shape and reflect the sun's rays back up. they also help lower the air temperature around them by essentially sweating the take up water from the ground, which then gets put back into the air through a process called evapotranspiration. but they aren't the only form of education that can help cooled on the air. in places where there might not be enough space for new trees. streets and roofs can also be groomed. cities across the world from paris to london, bangkok to singapore have started incorporating green roofs or living walls and their urban architecture. and santiago to chiller is looking to do the same dropout to start building a cool roof and a public building. we know that google's a gun broke promote a provide many benefits like winning down there. the buildings saving energy also
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is helping people to look some really, inc, i felt with their mental health and also provide legal or diversity within the cd. so we are doing the 1st one is september. maybe i used to measure everything in order to escape upgrade to the rest of the cd in the near future. experts beneath the cities also have to changed away the construct new buildings to adapt to the heat in the future. our cities are built primarily with materials that absorb solar energy. are that are impermeable to water, so we don't get that sort of backward of benefits. and so we basically designed our cities to trap heat and that's what they're doing. using nature based materials with high solar reflectance as one idea. another is going back to using light colored materials for the outside of buildings. from all to roofs, something that southern europe has been doing for a long time. and now other cities across the globe can adapt that idea. we have a lot of informal communities, people who live in houses,
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builds from zinc. so mary backs is back in point, seeing how we can. i provide white's pain. and just it's, it's, it's kind of a basic solution, but the impact is immense. of course, climate change cost by carbon emissions is the real driver of extreme heat. we have a drastic, it cut our greenhouse gas emissions in order to prevent a catastrophic level of global warming. but experts say that even them so much damage has already been done. that will also have to learn to adapt projections, shown that things are only getting worse from here. and that's why we are address. he did the program now in order to be better off for the future. we know that re bernice. it takes time out east and we don't need to wait until august after rocky way. he's on base in order to remember, the good news is there's a lot we can do and we have it at our fingertips. we don't,
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this is lesson innovation problem. and more of an adoption, and that means we can do something quickly about it. if we put our much she owe reproaches. have been on the search for delicious snacks again. this time in gum. ah, aka is the lively capital of gonna. you can enjoy specialty dishes from any region of the country. they're in almost all those recipes. the favorite side dish is the plan t. d fried and chopped with lots of spices. it's a staple food of gum and kazi grilled. it makes a perfect snack sets of venal georgina has had this stand for 12 years and grooves, plantings over a charcoal fire. oh, real st. food. when that the man on that is a great about because lots of people and cause passed by and see my food in them by
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laughing yet them of odds. and i said safina georgina has both green and yellow plant chains. the yellow ones are riper and sell better because they're sweeter starting at 10 am. you can find the mother of 3 on the side of the road, peeling and cooking the plant chains. most of our customers come in the afternoon when the weather is really hot. that's when business starts booming and with group plans change sets of penal georgina says nothing goes better than roasted peanuts. oh, might be our dock. what i'd like to add another snack to the menu, but i'd never give up grilling planting. because i make a lot from it, a group plan chain costs the equivalent of $20.00 euro cents. like in the drive through the customers can pull up and placed their order. they love it. i love they, they're so healthy. very healthy, sweet bland,
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teens piping hot. the perfect snack for that special craving. and that so from us that global 3000 this week. thanks for joining us. and don't forget to tell us what you particularly liked about the show, right to global 3000 at d, w dot com and visit us on facebook to d w global ideas. we're back next week. see you then take care ah, with
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who i am. which country has the world's most mercedes benz limousine? albania. over year vintage is in demand. especially the one t for series. mercedes, sam, roger,
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the classic cars. and enjoy maintaining them. why so much? high, low shed light on an old state secret rep. mm hm. in on d w no has no limit. love is for everybody. love is live with love matters and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn char, mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that north devise and denied this. i have invited many, dear and well, i guess, and i would like to invite you to an end. mm hm. when you work as an architect that go all in or not at all, women in architecture. why are they so invisible to the larger public?
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we decided to ask them. and if women grow up with insufficient little models, they can't identify with certain professions about their guiding principles. messes, and what is the poetry, the secret of a house? and i'm house about their motivations. i'm a texture does so much to you in the real goal of architecture is to create habitat for human about their struggles and dreams. responsibility are huge. they have so much to lose and shattering the glass ceiling. women in architecture dismiss has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d. w. ah
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ah ah, ah, this is the w news live from berlin. pro russian separated stefan plans for referendums in occupied ukraine. they well the early votes on absorbing territories into russia. german chancellor calls them sham ballads saying the results will not be accept.


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