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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2022 6:30pm-6:46pm CEST

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the race with northern most count please. ah, 3 times one. very much a line, dw channel, your guy to with recognizes where exactly. it was fun. i learned a lot, our culture history. all their d. w. travel extremely worth a visit. know this is did of the news geisha coming up to date. the little long story of south korea's home of horrors. hundreds were killed, tortured and raped. in south korea's brother's home facility in the seventy's and eighty's. now a commission is demanding a government apology for these past crimes and cattle farmers under massive
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pressure and pakistan after flood waters wipe out their feed supply full life stock . ah, i british minded you welcome to the dublin news a shirt. glad you could join us. we begin in south korea today where a recent report by an independent commission, has blamed past governments for atrocities committed in a state supported institution. the commission has asked for an official apology from the government. more than 600 people were killed and hundreds of others reaped, beaten, tortured and enslaved in brothers home. a facility for so called vagrants in bo, son city. most of these, what children it operated in the seventy's and eighty's under military governments which wanted to beautify the streets, particularly before the 1980 c,
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all lympics homeless people and children were picked up off the street sometimes by police officers and taken 2 brothers home where they were kept at the mercy of all the inmates and gods. many of those taken want even homeless. they were for lack of a better word, kidnapped and thrown into a system of state supported imprisonment. a jamie j and jung son was 9 years old when he was brought to brothers home, a welfare center in blue sun. because of his short stature, he stood at the front of his row of children, directly witness to the abuse, often inflicted by other residents who had risen to positions of authority. only got the body just quantity to raised his club to beat the boy again, when he had another seizure. who do go to the club, hit him right in the head with a crack. as he fell down, you'll never got to get blood poured from the head, and there was a horrible smell when his body shook hulu with the blood spread like water. as he
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collapsed about him, his pupils were totally dilated when wound up. political and young son did not see the boy again for over a decade, han has campaigned for the truth. now he's working on a replica of brothers home to shed more light on what happened there. investigators now say $657.00 people died at the facility last month, south korea's truth and reconciliation commission confirmed evidence of slavery, rape, and murder at brothers home in the 19 seventies and eighties that impacted tens of thousands him again. william wedding is oh, it was confirmed that the human dignity of the detainees at brothers home was violated in various ways. including force, labor, assault, abuse, sexual violence, and death. and it was confirmed that the government did not fulfill its duty to manage and oversee brothers hall on the handle accounts repeated sexual abuse. who
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he mean is that under the big bullies didn't have to share their beds. monica, so they had lots of space, but like jack space, they used to sexually assault the pretty looking ones. they picked up during their free time looking awful. if they didn't comply them, they dragged the boys to the washroom. they mean beat them up. and sexually assault them there didn't get a big deal. that was our daily routine huddle been going. and young son spent 3 years at brothers home in 1987 investigation into abuse at brothers home was quashed under pressure from the then military dictatorship. which wanted to stifle dissent following revelations of other human rights abuses. however, these new findings following a 4 year investigation may force lawmakers here at the country's national assembly to take a greater interest in pass legislation. the and young son says he will be patient other to the hotel will. madam will tell all fog on august the mary room,
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if no action follows an apology, thought it, then it's just a show show for the apology to be sincere. that has to be a special law established for compensation. aiyona or no one will accept the apology. she can even if they promised to make one right now, we're gonna who are done wouldn't come without clear survivors have been filing lawsuits for years. but brother's home closed in 1987 complicating legal options. him a picture you only about $600.00 applicants of so far come forward for the investigation . i want me to 1st understand exactly who the 30000 people were and why they were detained. and those were verified to have suffered could be compensated for their damages, headington loan. i'm either on guy now hand young son continues to ad details to his reconstruction, hoping it offers more concrete testimony is all on that on gone. if people cool this arc, perhaps maybe it is on, but i don't think it's odd. i got, but if that system can be seen with the eyes and then perhaps people could
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understand more easily and be more convinced was about i think that inspires me to recreate what i remember he'll get on eco hand. sister was taken to brother's home with him, she did not fare so well. his father was brought later. both have since lived in state, psychiatric hospitals. and young son now wants only to care for them. you don't either did a diesel. and from all this, i'm joined by c room, cool, a writer, and co founder of the platform, career exposure that reports and stories of from the korean peninsula, cyril, the brother's home scandal, isn't at all, or something one associates with the modern image of south korea that we at least all have how well known is this in south korea itself know the fact that it's not so well. no, no, so. so korea is unfortunate because it has been an extremely well known story inside the country ever since the case surfaced in 1087. and i'm sure you know the
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details of the horrific abuse. so hurt by those who had to stay in this facility. not to mention any people died and as a result on there was a great deal of media publicity in the eighty's, anybody here in the ninety's and was made the story even more shocking. so here is the fact that the perpetrators of this crime, well i really very lightly on and the founder of the facility and even when on to continue doing so called charity work after he was released from prison. and the family continues to maintain substantial fortune. due right from this there's so many aspects to this, but as you are going to say, the case already had come to light in 1987. what confounds me is that it's taken on to last month for this call for an apology to be issued by has it taken so long?
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well, it shows to some extent how just this works in this context. even when there are facts and there is an investigation, it does not necessarily be to meaningful action or change. in the case of brothers form, we were still looking at the tail end of the military dictatorship and so career and one that was facing considerable pressure from the various pro democracy writings within the country. the dictator at the time one was about to lose his power. and the government was very much invested in making sure that this new scandal is not add to the negative image on the document at the time. so it has been made known that the government also actively attended to conceal certain facts of the story and also to minimize the judicial proceedings that took place
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there. and of course, it's already a long time ago. it's 35 years ago and people tend to forget and many of the victims they suffered severe trauma and didn't not legal make a very high profile fight in the quest for justice. and indeed in fact, many credit, one particular survivor, who bringing the matter again to the public's attention around 2012, he stays hunger, strikes the experience. and really the momentum study to do. but for the large majority, is it safe to say, is it fair? unfortunately, fair to say that the vast majority of victims were left to fend for themselves, forgotten and invisible. unfortunately, that's precisely the case. the victims who had come forward to share their story,
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they received absolutely no support from the state. and in fact, to the contrary. many public officials attempted to conceal what happened within brothers home, especially in the city of san where the institution was located. the officials from the city government are known to have threatened survivors and told them not to go public with the story. so yesterday, when the last event for themselves, only this year after the findings of the truth and reconciliation commission stub it together attention. we heard from various government entities and also the city of course on, and they want to provide more support from now on 35 years lever there. thanks so much for joining us today. see one call from career exposure. thanks so much for the depth old from the
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devastating floods in pakistan has now passed 1500, with many feeling the worst could be still to come. local official to water born diseases are spiraling out of control and it could take months for the stagnant waters to fully recede and it feels flooded and crops to stored food supplies. little to threatened, while farmers struggle to feed their life stock. zamiah's cans. buffaloes survived the floods, but now the farmer struggling to keep them alive. zamiah's farm is in the province of sinned, one of the areas west affected by the floods. he managed to save his animals, but the water spoiled their feed. as he loved you, as you say, yeah, this grass i'll become rotten because of the floods. hello. yeah, it's turn black. john. well, we can't give it to the cattle the j. u. so the animals will go hungry. you will just and eventually die. got i got all my guy yellow with their own cattle feed,
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ruined farmers have to buy it in, but the short supply has driven up prices. a matter yano regatta law miller. we're struggling to buy feed for animals. i'm a british who used to get fought for $30.00 to $40.00 rupees per kilo. okay. run these jelly sort of now we have to pay a $100.00 even up to $200.00 rupees per kilo. what to look is how salmonella the government has promised help. but ad dropping supplies by helicopter has proved difficult further north in the swat valley where a torrent of water washed away buildings and bridges. this is one of the last remaining medical centers in the area. it's completely overcrowded. staff struggle to attend to all the patients. and medical care is needed more urgently than ever. as damage by the floods has increased the risk of
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disease. the dusky cholera is increased to you, guy, but the hepatitis a and typhoid have also increased yarber big loop to whom i deposited along with that solid mall cases of being reported of insect born diseases like malaria and dingey live yard. being the waters may have receded here, but the impact of the floods will be felt for a long time to come that's it for today, because of course mo, from the region on our website, the dublin dot com, forward slash a share with you tomorrow for 5 fish again that i want that tags and in the end the some me you are not allowed to see you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this with the smudges with lions as of
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the what's your story. ready i mean, wasn't, i was women, especially victims of violence in and take part and send us your story. the chain always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen in full migrants, your platform for reliable information ah, germany begins work on another liquefied natural gas terminal. now it just needs delivery agreements for the gas itself. will look at berlin, scramble to solve critical supply issues before winter temperatures set in. also on
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our show, she hasn't received an energy bill in 10 years because she lives off grid or hear from a very unique living situation in japan. and they're big, and they're clean, new semi truck prototypes now on display in germany point to a possible future for commercial transport. hello and welcome to the show i'm seeing busy in berlin is could have you with us temperatures. our crew are cooling across europe, setting the continent in a race against time. utilities are rushing to forge new long term gas delivery contracts, and build critical infrastructure. now that russia has slash pipeline exports to the u. germany, like many of its neighbors, is turning to shipments of liquefied natural gas or l and g to feel much of the need on tuesday, it's efforts took another step forward construction and a new 40 kilometer pipeline is set to begin at this facility. and lube mean this pipeline will be in the middle of the baltic.


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