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tv   Close up  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2022 11:30pm-12:01am CEST

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mister with its waters connect people of many cultures seen of almost rock enter far abdul karim drift along with exploring modern life styles and the editor ring. where has history left its traces, reading regal, hearing their dreams, ready to eat during this week long d. w. ah london 1953. on june, the 2nd,
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the royal coach left buckingham palace at 1026 a and the young woman sitting inside was just 27. queen elizabeth, the 2nd of england was on her way to westminster abbey for her coronation. this colossal celebration became a day for the ages, not only for the nation, but also for the early history of television. for the 1st time ever, over 100000000 people across great britain, europe and north america were able to watch the pageantry in london on television. in 1953, that was nothing short of a sensation. cameras stood everywhere. ah, ah, what did all this media attention mean to young queen elizabeth,
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to the royal family, to the british government? and why did television play such a role in the coronation when the young, queen's advises, particularly prime minister, winston churchill, were very much against it. after all, just 8 years had passed since the end of world war 2. it would seem inappropriate to spend so much on a sumptuous royal event. let's begin looking for answers near westminster. several days before the coronation, the streets were lined with curious spectators and press representatives, or eager to catch a glimpse of such esteemed guests as the archbishop of canterbury or by count simon's wearing his lord chancellor wig, or the duchess of norfolk. all had come to rehearse their roles for the live
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broadcast on coronation day. some rehearsed in full ceremonial attire. the dress rehearsals were filmed, so the camera operators could also practice their rooms. the only main actor missing was the queen. instead, the duchess of norfolk had the honor of standing in for her across from the queen, stand in the archbishop of canterbury was preparing for the most crucial moment of the whole ceremony. placing the crown on the queen's head during the 1937 coronation of elizabeth's father, george the 6th. there had been some rather awkward confusion. back then a camera film, the archbishop, lifting the crown from its cushion and turning it multiple times. clearly confused
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about which side was to face forward before placing it on the king's head. the footage would lay to be caught from newsreel reports. but the queen ceremony was to be broadcast live with millions of viewers able to catch even the slightest mistake . ah, rehearsals for the queen's grand entrance into waltz known as the theatre of westminster abbey. the elevated competed area where over 2 hours of ceremony would take place. on the left, bleaches was set up the same above and behind the throne. molden, 8000 guests were to attend the coronation. the orchestra and choir was seated farther back to the right. they too were getting ready for the big day. during the technical rehearsal, this area is filled with sound lighting and camera professionals. precautions were
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taken. the coronation chair, for example, was a replica of the 700 year old original that was not to be put in place until the last moment. a technician measured lighting conditions to ensure the queen was well lit when filmed sitting in the coronation jackson over 20 cameras were installed around the theatre and at the western entrance to the abbey. their exact placement was a tricky balance between finding the right angle for excellent shots, while keeping equipment and operators out of sight. to do this, some were hidden behind the de call, while others were draped in heavy black. the lure. outside there were other problems to address along the royal coaches for kalama to route from buckingham palace to westminster abbey and its planned 8 kalama. to return some 50 camera
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operators would be jostling for the best spot. most position themselves around the palace, the abbey, or at charing cross. the ceremony was organized by 2 men. public works minister, david ackles, seen here showing the cameras his great interest in the bleacher constructions. and the duke of norfolk. since the 14th century, the dukes of norfolk have organized all the english crowns. royal ceremonies. filming representatives of the british crown and government at work was by no means incidental. the british public needed reassurance from
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preparing westminster abbey to decorating the streets. a change of monex is always a costly affair. take this monogram, for example, e to ah stands for elizabeth. the 2nd regina british mailboxes at the time was still emblazoned with g 6 ah, the monogram for her father, king george, the 6th, each mail box postage stamp and uniform, now had to be inscribed with e to r. instead, with news reports like this organizers wanted to assure the public that the sale of consumer products associated with the coronation would help offset the cost. along the parade routes choice seats were sold at high prices. lucky owners could listen to the ceremony taking place in westminster abbey via allowed speaker
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june the 2nd 1953. the day of the coronation. as of dawn, some 2 to 3000000 people had started gathering to catch a glimpse of her majesty in the royal coach. the breast had announced that the entire parade route would be televised. but in 1953 televisions were not common in british households designs. it was traditional to witness such momentous events in person spectators, game well prepared. periscope offered a great view to those using them, but blocked the view for any one behind. an alternative was a simple mirror mounted on a pole, but that meant having to turn your back on the very event you had come to see. inside the royal carriage, the young queen was accompanied by her husband, prince philip, but only elizabeth was to be crowned. meanwhile,
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guests in the royal gallery and westminster abbey were patiently awaiting the queen . it had taken hours for all the royal guests to be seated. the camera operators had arrived even earlier. they passed the time with filming in the 1st row seat, the queen's immediate family. her mother elizabeth, known as the queen, mother, to the left, the queen's aunt royal princess mary. on the other side of the queen mother was elizabeth's sister, princess margaret in the 2nd row elizabeth's mother in law. princess alice of greece, wearing the habit of the greek orthodox order she founded her son, prince philip, of edinburgh, had converted to the anglican charge in order to marry his distant cousin. elizabeth the 2nd
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ah ah ah ah, ah, ah, the queen is welcomed by a latin lord or him of praise, or tradition dating back 900 years to william the conqueror. mm. it was elizabeth herself who had chosen to televise her proper coronation, a daring decision. television was
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a new medium and technical errors still occurred frequently. simultaneously broadcasting live images in multiple countries was no small feat. elizabeth's 1st major experience dealing with the media, took place in 1947 on a long journey with her parents to south africa. the trip was officially organized to allow the alien king george the 6th to rest neither elizabeth sitting next to her father nor her younger sister margaret had ever visited the empire. reporters covering the royal family's crossing captured a light hearted young princess. elizabeth turned $21.00 during the trip. after visiting south africa no longer
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a minor, she made an official statement of her willingness to eventually succeed her father . i could provide for you. oh, that's my high, whether it be long or short, shall be the very good p, o savvy, and to the service of our great imperial family, to which we all belong. but i shall not have strength, carrier resolution delay. unless you join in it with me, as i now invite you to do the b b. c. broadcast princess elizabeth's declaration threw out the british commonwealth, which had been under immense stress since the end of world war 2, especially in southeast asia. only 4 months later, in august 1947, india would be divided into 2 countries. that would each attain their independence
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. the mostly hindu india and muslim pakistan. shortly after, in january 1948 burma, today's myanmar declared its independence. in a few short months, the empire had lost over 400000000 subjects. amidst such upheaval, elizabeth's declaration reassured an undoubtedly worried nation. by the time the royal family had returned to london on may, the 11th 1947 elizabeth was ready to assume her father's royal occupations. she would succeed him at his death in 1952. by june, the 2nd 1953 elizabeth had already been queen for over a year in a tradition dating back almost 10 centuries. the coronation preceded in 6 stages. it began with the recognition you. when elizabeth,
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your aunt darted we. the queen turned in all 4 directions, so that those suited could loudly proclaim her. they recognised her as sovereign. ah ah, next followed the of the other. the young sovereign swore to govern the united kingdom and its territories, by respecting their laws and customs. i fallen upon if they do sad, came a religious right called the anointing ah, in a sign of humility, the queen put on a plain white dress and receives several drops of sacred doin, out of respect for the spirituality of this ritual cameras, but not allowed to film this mount of the ceremony in stand, the anointment took place under
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a golden canopy out of public sight. ah, full stage was the investiture having received the royal emblems. elizabeth was crowned by the archbishop of canterbury. ah, then homage was paid. the royal peers, including elizabeth's husband, the duke of adam, nora filed before the queen, to swear their fealty. ivan tammy alby, man of life hulu. the ceremony concluded with the anglican service of holy communion. images of this religious ritual were filmed, but not shown on public television.
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looking back to the 2nd stage, the of a symbolic novelty was performed for queen elizabeth's coronation. for the 1st time, the priest handing the bible to the regent ceremoniously, proposing the monarch be inspired by the sacred text during her reign. was not an anglican priest, but a presbyterian walk. reverend pitt watson was chosen to ease tensions in scotland. these tensions had arisen over the traditional coronation chair, which had been in service for the last 700 years, a block of sandstone, known as the stone of skin. all the stone of destiny rests under the wood and sate . a sacred relic from scotland traditionally used at carnations in the 13th century . the english had seized the stone from scotland.
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it remained in england until christmas of 1950. when the stone vanished over night . britain was an uproar. france, on the other hand, was less impressed. unless unless you know no good there will appeal to this. thank you. theoretically. so would they do an amount of recent saw. so i me still use muddies belly a beetle amberly's as he would rather let him does not land yard libellous. yo, get you to lunch with other late. hi guys, a lot easier to hide back. nobela, luis, they it up here. they don't go near both his id, moleskin, a lease. they got sick. what are the msn above? you do a 40 look ne, stolen by young, scottish activists. the celebrated stone was recovered several months after its disappearance. england agreed to return the stone of destiny to scotland, provided it be lent back for future carnations. if you look
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to the left, you can spot several well hidden cameras. matoney did a film the ceremony, but also other memorable moments that unfolded around it. like the queen mother with her grandson, charles, or prime minister, winston churchill. the queen had just named him night of the garter. england's most notable chivalry order. joe chill had donned his new ceremonial robes is specially for the occasion. foreign guests included the son of japanese emperor hero heater. standing in front of him, jak of malec, the soviet ambassador to great britain at the time, despite the cold war. but while the soviet representative was present,
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the vatican was not. the pope's representative remained outside westminster abbey being a roman catholic. he was not allowed to attend an anglican communion service. he would miss the ceremony most awaited moment. the coronation thanks to cancel rehearsals, the crown was positioned correctly this time. after the queen was crowned the peers followed suit. the queen's uncle, the duke of gloucester, seemed hesitant, looking towards the duke of edinburgh to make sure the right moment had come, weighing nearly 2 and a half kilograms. this crown was so heavy that in 1837 queen victoria had chosen to
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wear a smaller 1. 1230 in the afternoon, lunchtime, in paris, where this footage was shot. people poured into the streets where many shops had install televisions in their front windows. in 1953, there were only 60000 televisions in france and only 3000000 in all of europe. this was the 1st time eurovision, had broadcast live television footage in 5 countries, england, france, west germany, belgium and holland. even though the image quality was poor viewers, we're eager to watch at around the same time, a plane from the royal air force took off from london. it was carrying several copies of filmed footage to canada. at goose bay, the cargo was transferred to
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a canadian fighter jet and flown to montreal. there the images were broadcast across canada. only 11 hours after they had been captured. back at goose bay, 2 more jans began their race to boston. the stations, n b, c and c b as had both secured footage and wanted to be the 1st to broadcast it. and b, c's plain experienced delays and was running late. so the station resorted to canadian material in stand. with that, they beat their competitors at c b ass. in total, some $80000000.00 north americans watched the coronation o in westminster. the ceremonies were coming to an end before leaving the theatre to take her place in the royal coach. queen elizabeth
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the 2nd changed crowns. weighing 900 grams, it was lighter, but still unwieldly for descending stands. ah, ah, ah, the guests of honor had for the abbey door, one by one. the prime ministers of commonwealth nations. protocol had it that did exit by order of importance. ah, the prime minister of sir lawn than those of india and pakistan followed by new zealand and south africa. next,
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canada and australia. finally and most importantly, great. britain's prime minister, winston churchill appeared exhausted and suffered a stroke just days later. ah, the return journey to buckingham palace followed a different route than the one taken by george the 6th in 1937. but it lasted just as long elizabeth's father had found the royal coach so uncomfortable that he had tires added to the carriage wheels. the coach of the young queen and her husband here, passing along whitehall avenue, was somewhat more modern. but some things don't change. in june 19 o 2, the returning passage of newly crowned king edward,
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the 7th, was filmed on the very same street with the same number of horses, same dress uniforms for the horsemen, and the same carriage, saved the ties seats were sold along the parade route. in 1953, the queen returned to a buckingham palace that even had cameras installed on the rooftops. 100000000 spectators watched queen elizabeth the seconds televised coronation some newsreel images such as these were shown in movie theaters all over the world. then followed the crowning reveal,
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2 competing production companies were creating documentary films about the day's events in color. ah, in less than a week, the films would be edited, distributed, and viewed in london, paris, and new york cinema. one of the films the queen is crowned a british technical, a documentary on the ceremony. was even nominated for an oscar loo when deciding to allow television to film her coronation. elizabeth the 2nd probably hadn't figured on such competition in the media. but in the end, commercial rivalry and emerging technological prowess bolstered the image of the
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young queen of england and of the united kingdom ah ah, with
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who i want to talk to you about inequality. the 77 percent, my colleague is kimani and her crew talk to the people who feel left behind. the st debates from lagos, nigeria is enormous to resources and operate. got the problem is that if you got
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the theme on the co width of the much see why nothing changes with 77 percent in 30 minutes, bond w. woo i around half a 1000000 people die from every year. officials in africa, south america and europe are looking for solutions as the temperatures continued to rise. global 3000 minutes on d. w. o. goal with the to go
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be on, feel vs with him as we take on the world. we're all about the stories that matter to whatever. take policemen following dfw, are we on fire made for mines in mind when you work as an architect like go online or not at all women in architecture. why are they so invisible to the larger public? we decided to ask them and help women go up with insufficient models. they can't identify with certain professions about their guiding principles. messes and what is the poetry? the secret of the houses and i'm house about their motivations. i can text you guys so much to you. it moves you. the goal of architecture is to create habitat for
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human, about their struggles and dreams cannot. sponsibility is huge. they have so much to lose shattering the glass women in architecture. this has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d, w. ah, this is d w news, and these are our top stores. western leaders have condemned plants by separatists, the new crime to bring forward referendums on becoming part of russia. so proclaimed lou hunts and annette people's republics in easton, ukraine as well as her son and separation in the south are set to begin 4 days of voting on friday. french president, a memorable concord.


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