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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2022 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, russia cools up, reservists to fight in you crate and russian president vladimir putin announces the partial mobilization in a national address. it comes as moscow plans to hold referendums in occupied parts of ukraine and urgent calls from moscow for the russian occupied territories to
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join. russia. also coming up, well, leaders condemned russia's referendum plans that the un general assembly, germany's of chance le, blasts russia for what he calls a rule of imperialism against ukraine, will show its, tells the general assembly that key must be armed to fight back against moscow's invasion. and hearken fiona levels up to a category for as it wreaks havoc in the caribbean. the storm has back to the turks and k cost islands. while puerto rico is picking up the pieces after it left a trail of destruction that plus fresh warnings about the state of the world. glaciers scientists say i sheets are melting softer than previously thought, and that this will cause a major rise in sea levels. ah,
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ah, i'm and you kept mckinnon a very warm welcome to the program. russian president vladimir putin says he has signed a decree, ordering the partial military mobilization of russia's armed forces. beginning to day in an address to the nation, putin said reservists will be drafted into the army to fight in ukraine. he said the aim is to quote, liberate the dumbass region. to tin said the west wants to destroy russia and doesn't want peace in ukraine. and dw correspondent era chateau joins me now from riga. welcome your 8. now president putin has ordered this partial. no, believe zation. can you tell us more about what this actually means? was this actually is so called partial mobilization is exactly what was expected and mostly theater in russia. it means that that only that man must go to the
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fronds who are currently considered to reservists who have already served in the army and are experienced militarily. moscow is talking about 300000 to reservists who are being called to up at putin justified to this decision by saying that the west to wants to destroy russia and that the country must defend itself. however, politically mobilization is a very difficult subject, and a thrashing president has at once again, brought nuclear weapons into play. he to a is responsibility for alleged blackmail he has transferred to the west. here to russia must defend itself. he says, i, according to put him and you're at what impact do you think this will have on support in russia for the war and mobilization is extremely unpopular and it would change in mood in the country completely. i think it would mean that as a war would become a reality for many as analysts,
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whether they wanted to or not. and i think the upcoming referenda will be very unpopular too, because they would certainly give president putin's a formal right. and may be a kind of the moral justification to further steps, like renaming the special military operation to a full scale to war. and ultimately to hit those ukrainian targets that moscow did to dare to hit so find forth also even to threaten with nuclear weapons, less abstractly what we of heard for him from him today. do you think the idea both the idea and the reality is no, believe zation will affect and russian soldiers morale on the battlefield? well, apparently is russians have a huge problem with the number of soldiers and to the main aim is to increase its number. as for morals, i am, i don't think that to the mobilized reservists will increase of the fighting spirit . so to say, because as they are not volunteer fighters,
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not soldiers who know what they are fighting for, namely for money. but people who have been forced to fight and now hooted, has to explain to them even better. why and her what exactly they actually have to fight is ukraine. i'm not sure that the explanation he gave to day until the television, which now or which, which is not new at this explanation, is not for these people to be willing to risk their lives in ukraine. you're a rush at her enrica. thank you so much for that. now, at the un general assembly in new york, wild leaders have condemned moscow's plans to hold referendums in the parts of ukraine on joining russia separate his leaders in russian controlled. la hans done yet. yeah, parisha and her son say 4 days of voting will begin on friday. now the move could swallow up around 15 percent of ukrainian territory. the call for the vote in
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russian occupied regions comes as the ukrainian mil military has made sweeping gains in its counter offensive against the invading russian forces. here my friends are the don boss is returning home with that leader of the self proclaimed in its people's republic, announced a vote on joining russia. authorities in the neighboring self declared people's republic of your hands, as well as the occupied parts of the hassan and separation regions have announced similar poles to begin on friday. internet's some residence, welcomed the move when speaking to journalists with separatist mind, as we all supporters, all of us. so i think it will all be fine. this long journey won't be for nothing. we will make us the victory will be ours. what would you look? we're so happy this is happening when the operation started back in february. we're
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screaming her a, and that's what we're saying today. he wouldn't, but ukraine's foreign minister dmitri qu labor was quick to condemn the hastily organized votes as sham referendums sang ukraine would keep liberating its territory in separation. ukrainians who had fled russian occupied areas poured scorn on the plans with by no means can i call it a referendum because what happened was a real seizure of toiletries, which is due and what the russian federation wants to do with those territories. i believe it is illegal and pointless home. it is a big exercise to show that the occupied territories want to join the trash and federation, which is adored alive. award the votes come as ukraine continues to press its counter offensive in the east where it's retaken, thousands of square kilometers within just weeks with ukraine and officials saying
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on monday, it's forces had even recaptured a village in the loo hands region. oh no correspondent menu. i shan't joins us now from hockey, in ukraine. hi, emma. can you tell us what kind of reaction ad there's been to the announcement of the referendums in ukraine? well this is something anal daughter, ukrainians are obviously a strongly again said do not recognize the validity of those referendum. we are remembered out when they're back in 2014. crimea was a next after a sam, a referendum which is not or internationally a recognized and that showed 97 percent of supports to a ration annexation. this was not recognized. there is no chance that the ukrainian side will recognize any a referendum taking place in the coming days in day or for a region is of the country where rush admitted to his to her somehow or has
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a whole i'm talking about low hands. donard scare had a son and at the region of zachary john no recognition is to be expected from the ukraine inside. president putin has now ordered a partial mobilization of russian troops. how will that affects the war from the ukrainian standpoint? where do you, we had is interesting or reaction just a moment ago from the head of the presidential off is ukrainian presidential office saying, well, we keep, i'm fighting with a thumbs up following a present. vladimir putin, sir declaration. and the announcement of mobilization is not, this is not going to change much on the field or the ukraine and forces still, or have momentum here in the northeastern part of the country also in the stars. and even if new fresh troops were to be mobilized in russia, we have to keep in mind that this is absolutely not the same landscape as the one
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they were facing when they 1st invaded ukraine back in february and march earlier this year, this has changed drastically. after these, so ukrainian as successful so far counter offensive, or, you know, the russian army struggles or to defend a new front line, a ukraine on the armed forces have advanced n o. so, so many key cities are full russians have been, we take and i'm thinking about black lee, i'm thinking about is you m. so it's going to be extremely difficult for the russian army to send your troops to communicate with troops already on the ground to replenish, so dismal body today. they shall want change things on the ground just now. emmanuel shares reporting from her cave. thank you so much. now, germany has joined other nations and un general assembly and blasting permanent security council member russia over it's war in ukraine. and
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a hard hitting speech chancellor will if or left foot accused the kremlin of bringing imperialism back to europe. he said, the world must not accept a global order dictated by russia through military force. he also pledged germany's continued support to ukraine in the form of supplying weapons to keep they. one of the un talks was also marked by a grim assessment of the state of the world by the u ends. secretary general. but i have come in a world conference dominated by a growing list of global crises. the 77th session of the un general assembly was the 1st in person gathering of world leaders since the beginning of the coven 19 pandemic. but it was far from a celebration. in his opening address, the un secretary general was blunt in his assessment of the global situation cost of living christ. let's have no illusions. we are in rough seas. a wind that of
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global discontent is on the horizon. a cost of living cries is his raging thrust. these crumbling inequalities are exploding, and our planet is bunny. people are hurting, with the most vulnerable suffering the most. but amidst the host of crises discussed on the 1st day of the assembly, russia's war in ukraine quickly took center stage. japanese prime minister, familiar kisha, condemned the invasion as a direct threat to the international order. gressick elizabeth, we must face the facts that the credibility of the united nations is at stake due to the aggression against ukraine by russia. he need a permanent member of the security council. look, she should not givea nielsen at while others focus their accusations directly at the russian president lacy demo german chancellor old f sholtes lashed out at what he called prudence, imperialist ambitions,
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and vowed to continue supporting ukraine most often. so he isn't just destroying ukraine. he's also ruining his own country, miss law. this is why we will not accept a piece dictated by russia. and this is why we will not accept any sham referendums highly. and this is why ukraine must be able to defend itself against russia's invasion months before up via them come. but despite the wide spread condemnation, it remains unclear just how the u. n. will be able to respond. and as delegates prepare for more speeches in new york, all will be keeping an eye on the conflict raging half a world away. and we can speak to our political correspondent now nina. hi there. hi, nina. sh at the german chancellor certainly had some pointed remarks about the war and ukraine, didn't he? or yeah, or left such reiterates that the germany will continue supporting ukraine through weapons, but also through economic and humanitarian help. and he said that russia's actions
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amounted to quote, imperialism, and that was by the way and efforts to address the so called global south, where many countries, of course, are saying, well, the u. s. invaded iraq. now russia is invading ukraine. what's the difference there? shows really wanted to point out the difference here. and he said that putin was acting massively in breach of the un charter by invading its neighbor. and also because russia is one of the few permanent members of the un security council whose job, after all, is to maintain peace and security worldwide. so it's the most powerful un body. and in that context shows repeated japanese cool for reform of that body because germany sees the v to right rule within the un security council as effectively a rule for inaction. everybody can block anything. and he also said that the war had ripple effects on crises around the world such as the food crisis. and he commented on the so called referendums in easton, ukraine that were announced by russia on tuesday. we call them sham reference. now
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in a putin has just escalated the war and with the announcement of a partial mobilization, can you tell us how people here in germany, iraq reacting to this news? well, as there has already been a reaction from a member of the government economy and climate minister will bet hobbit from the greens a coalition part of a partner of olaf shows and he's shows his deputy has already reacted saying that this amount to a quote further escalation of this war on ukraine, and he said that this was quote, a bad and wrong step again from russia, which he said we will of course, assess politically and debate on how to respond. and then i'll have to quote, in any case, it is clear to me and to the federal government that we will continue to fully support ukraine in these difficult times. but that is just the beginning. we're expecting more reactions in the course of the day. of course, you talked about the ripple effects of the war earlier. one of them, of course,
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is this huge increase in energy prices across europe. and the german government has just signed the deal to nationalize the trouble the gas giant unit per how much or will this help germany keep the heating on during winter without the help of rush and gas? well 1st up, it's the biggest nationalization move ever in germany. even the lufthansa deal during the pandemic was not as big. so this is about stabilizing a company that simply is seen as too big to fail. there have been other measures that were discussed here that would come into effect in october, but obviously that would have come too late. so it is literally about making sure that unit can continue working. and the government is saying we are doing a lot of other things. we're running our coal power plans longer than planned. we've also filled up our gas storage facilities, but a lot will depend on just how cold it will get during the winter. nina,
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thanks so much as d. w political correspondent, nina. okay, let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. i can, the use drugs regulator has one that the cove at 19 pandemic is not over. and planned vaccination campaign during the cold season is key to fighting it. the european medicines agency says member states should prepare to roll out vaccines to limit the spread. uganda has announced its 1st death from abolla and 3 is health officials say a 24 year old man died of the disease. they've declared an outbreak in the central district of ma been day. the world health organization says several suspected patients are now receiving care. and a top un official has called for an independent probe in to the death of an iranian woman who was arrested by the morality police 22 year old martha means death has spot nationwide protests. she fell into a coma shortly after being arrested for not covering her hair. i mean,
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while in belgium, a court has set to decide on a prisoner exchange, tracy with iran. the deal has been fiercely criticized by lawmakers. they say the treaty would allow an iranian diplomat jailed on terrorism charges to return home. that the government argues is the only way to free a belgian aid work had being held in iran. t w's, brussels correspondent, marina strauss, reports eileen year fan style t him often plays this piece of jazz. it reminds him of his friend who's a music lover like himself, but his friend olivia under castillo, has not heard any music. and over half a year, he was imprisoned in iran in february on spying judges. but he is in full isolation in the cell. in the basement. we for the lights constantly on. he has so poor food, he has an infection or his losing his meals, or offer the faith. ology,
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obviously his new title article situation that is extremely dramatic. i would say fandor castilla, a belgium aide worker, had lived and worked in iran since 2015. after he was jailed, his family released a video, protesting his innocence pillar father says it did since the end of his studies. his lived far away to help our this not help us now to get him out of there to bring him home. so we can hold him in our arms. saw a move by the belgian parliament in july, gave the family hope. when an approved a prisoner exchange treaty with iran, but the deal is controversial. the amount of his spot with under castilla is a convicted terrorist. us a dollar saudi. the plan has met with a position from san palo men terrance like belgian iranian douglas f. i from the flemish nationalists,
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when we accept that we reward that we ward policy of you can do whatever you want. you can plan a terrorist attack here on our, our am european countries. and you can just take our citizen innocent citizen in hostage the law is now held up in appeal. our belgium court will have to decide if the country can proceed with these prisoner swaps funded castilla is not the only western are being held in iran on similar judges. swedish iranian academic. i'm either asia tell harley and french tourist mazama, pierre, i to known cases. some analysts say it talks on the iraq nuclear deal could provide an opportunity for the west to demand an end to iran's hostage diplomacy. by those talks, i stowed on countries like belgium, sim, impatient. they don't want to wait and make their citizen in teheran wait
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until something on a larger international scale takes place or leave year funds that he does not want to wait either. he says he understands the dilemma fusing belgians as bargaining chips. but that this deal is the best hope to get his friend home soon. ah, hurricane fiona is wreaking havoc across the caribbean, winds of more than 100 kilometers an hour, have left much of puerto rico without electricity and clean water. national guard troops have rescued hundreds of people stranded by flooding. this bridge was installed in recent years at a cost of some $3000000.00. beyond widespread damaged, we infrastructure. overflowing rivers have also forced housings of people from
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their homes. authorities have opened more than a 100 shall, does. across the island those will haven't fled the homes have had to travel long distances to get essential supplies. one of them. okay. we're looking for gasoline, water ice. all the supplies necessary for getting through this storm. we were hoping it wouldn't be so big. oh, but well, it was bigger than we expected. got on there. but you have to make do with what you have. oh no way i gave it over. such scenes of devastation, a familiar input are equal which never fully recovered from hurricane maria. the 2017 storm was the worst it got it. on the island. it left about 3000 people dead and forgot the longest bar blackout ever experience in the u. s. now many areas in puerto rico are once again in darkness. if it's latoya,
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the governor has one that it could take days to get the bar back on it more just the audio in many areas that had never seen flooding or york, there has been an unprecedented accumulation of water in which in fact, in many areas, it was greater than what we saw during hurricane maria edward dang, maria tor dc. it is still too early to know the full scope of the damage. as we heard earlier, the climate crisis is one of the focal points of the un general assembly in new york. many nations, especially worried about the prospect of rising sea levels due to global warming. i was state of the world's oceans depends greatly on antarctica, which holds 90 percent of the planets ice. and now scientists are warning that the ice is melting much faster than previously thought. this is the weights one of the world's largest glaciers. it's located in western
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a doctor car and cover 192 square kilometers. that's an area roughly the size of senegal, like most glaciers around the world. the way to the melting in international team of researches has now mapped the retreat of the ice giant over the centuries. the result of worrying to say the least, the glaciers falling apart much faster than originally thought. so sweet leisure itself could contribute around 60 centimeters globally to sea level rise. the problem is in fact that swayed, has such a central position in the west. and i think i see that its retreats and eventually collapse could cause a whole west and i think i see to collapse. and that would mean more than 3 meters of sea level rise. the weights glaciers, part of
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a marine ice sheet. unlike some other glaciers that rest on dry land weights is grounded in the sea bed, one part called the ice shelf, floats on the water. and that's the problem. as a result of our greenhouse gas emissions, the water is getting warm up as it heats up. it melts the glacier from below. scientist said that we have likely reached a critical point where large parts of the ice shelf might simply collapse. so the ice shells half of so called but drifting force. that means their floating on the sea. but on the sides and sometimes also in front, they are in contact with small islands or little hills on the site. and this gives some restriction, some property to break the flow of the ice. so if the ice self disappears,
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then this battery thing effect will become smaller. and sweet laser will most likely increase its flow velocity. and weight isn't the only glacial mel. letting scientists estimate that by 2100 sea levels may arise by a round a meter or even more for the millions of people around the world who live in coastal areas. that's really bad news. rising sea levels mean that they will be hit by more frequent and more extreme floods. so it's vital to take immediate action scientist say. and the only way to do that is by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions as drastically and quickly as possible. the punish football superstar robert levin dusky has been given a ukraine captains arm band, and he is promising to take it with him to the football world cup and guitar. the barcelona strike. i was given the yellow and blue arm band in warsaw by former
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ukraine international andrei chef jenko. evans of sky has been a vocal supporter of ukraine since russia invaded in february. this is, and a quick reminder of our top story. russian president vladimir putin says he has signed a degree ordering the partial military mobilization of russia's armed forces beginning today. he says reservists will be drafted into the army to fight in ukraine. and that's all for now. close off is up next, with a closer look at the coronation of elizabeth, the 2nd in 1953. i minute gives mckennan. thanks for watching. ah. with
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who? looking back at a major world events. june 1953, a global audience. so more than 100000000 people watches the coronation ceremony of the young queen of england live on tv, a sensation, a bold decision, and
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a logistical challenge. the coronation of queen elizabeth the 2nd on d w. o eco. and they seek lesson, and they've poisoning as soon as the festival of good mesh should to see hundreds of thousands of idols. us sunk into the water. but the topsy colors kill fish more and more families. and now a friendly, idle dreamin, a religious tradition in mom by pico india. in 60 minutes on w. lou with, how did she become adult hitler's favorite director?
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and how did he become a forgotten filled pioneer ah, leaning high finch dial and arnold funds between hitler and hollywood in 1932, they sent out into the icy wilderness of greenland to create a life threatening film project that became a major milestone in their lives love seduction and power ice cold passion starts october 8th on d w. d ah london 1953.


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