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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance. east, this is where you to step ahead with the w business beyond. with this is dw news life from birth in russia called up reservists to find in ukraine. president vladimir putin announces the partial mobilization in a national address is comes as moscow plans to hold so called referendums in occupied parts of ukraine. an urgent push to claim the territories are russia. wild
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leaders condemn roches referendum plants at the united nations general assembly. germany's chaslek bloss russia for what he calls a war of imperialism against you. crime will have shown tells you when keith must be to fight back. ah, i've been fissile a nice to have you was on. russian president vladimir putin says he signed a decree, ordering the partial military mobilization of russia's armed forces beginning today in an address to the nation boot and said reservists will be drafted into the army to fight in ukraine. he said, the aim is to liberate the don bass region and alleges the west wants to destroy roster and doesn't want peace in ukraine. yes, that she's enough to protect our motherland, its sovereignty and territorial integrity to ensure the security of our nation and
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people in the liberator territories. i consider it necessary to support the defense ministries and general staffs proposals to hold partial mobilization in russia mobility that domain tailor soccer. i'm also is a security router expert at king's college london. though we tailor. what do you make of food and mobilization announcement? ah, well, it clearly shows that booting i was very concerned about the losses in the heart peeved in the cock hockey region and he's probably was under a lot of pressure to do something about that. and because the russian office is very experiencing problems with manpower bass became the answer, the armed forces and the military had been asking for, for, for mobilization, for quite some time. this is considered sort of partially mobilization by the code actually eventually lead to more sort of substantial for mobilization. and so this would probably result in $99.00, a 9 potentially escalation on the prolongation of the war. there will be
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a lot of pressure to provide additional weaponry to ukraine to consolidate the winds on the ground. and ukraine, as i slowly continuing to advance in areas are on the card of keeping the hair to some region as well. so you grandsons have made a significant progress on base sort of plays in their favor. but of course, the influx of new forces can, you know, come present challenges for the ukranian armed forces. so is this a clear sign of russia regrouping and aiming to replenish the front front lines a double down on you, created a territory that's been taken back by keith. yes, yes. i mean 1st to sort of consolidate the gainesville right. you have made on this is why the referendums are being headed to sort of they come hand in hand. so consolidate that lines that they already occupy whole, these shows shambrika brenda. i'm then made sure that there is some kind of
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rotation with those troops that are on the front line on might be already a bit exhausted. so you can try to bringing a new fresh forces on then i sort of headed with the training of those school who sort of have, have been asked to, to, to come in and provide support, so dresser and extend to, you know, we have to see in the next weeks how they sort of fans out. but i would expect that russia may try maybe to regain some of their last lines. it's interesting to note that the referendums are going to be held in regions that are not completely under rush control, their areas, for example, they don't yet so bless, which remain under ukrainian control at the same applies to vote easy on her to son . so, you know, the big question here is whether russia we tried to push further afield or would, would sort of just simply trying to consolidate games. i think that this is, it's going to depend very much and how they se mobilization actually is car radar.
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our how effective 8 days on how much a boarding house in general, in russia. we know that there is a position a to these kind of mobilization in russia. how, how is it being received? because there are signs of the many russians want to get out of the country before they can scripted yes, of course already since yesterday we, we know that we would, there seems to be evidence that you're not trying to leave the country also families, you know, mothers, with children. so there is a lot of concern and some sort of opposition groups. have all the, you know, for demonstrations today, especially the groups are, you know, the individuals around about needs organization as well as others. so, you know, we can expect some for potentially, some kind of time already because, you know,
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russians were very supportive among, you know, i'm certain sectors of the russian society that was support for the separation. but as long as it didn't really involve sending a high number of young kids to the front, and now that russians may start feeling the war on their front, on their footstep on their doorstep. i think that, you know, the position on the support for this conflict might start to road over to this. i have also from king's college on to thank you and let the un general assembly in new york world leaders have condemned most of those plans to hold referendums and parts of ukraine on joining rajah separate us leaders in version control to wants the yet sub patricia and has song, say 4 days of voting will begin friday. the move could swallow up around 15 percent of ukrainian territory. the call for the vote in russian occupied regions comes as the ukrainian military make sweeping gains in its counter offensive. and let's go
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to al correspondent in hockey, fin the northeast of ukraine. oh, emma, could you just tell me a little bit about, oh, what sort of effects we can expect, sir, from russia calling up hundreds of thousands of troops? wilder reaction here are in ukraine is ah, you know, people are not, or you know, are not sir, or worried or more done. they were already or beforehand were not in the same situation than they are. we were and our for february, beginning of march, wendy invasion are from russia, which is just 35 kilometers away from where i stand here in the hard cave as started. now, as you know, are russia already struggles to maintain its current position around a new front line after the ukrainian or counter offensive? and also it lasts a key city. is that where we taken by the ukraine an armed forces?
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i'm thinking about, but i clear i'm thinking about is you are aware, you know, are there were those where military hobbs, where troops or could arrest where a material equipment or could or be transferred from russia. russia doesn't have those bases anymore. and or what's more ukraine, and he is much better prepared, better armed to face any or prospective new invasion. and perhaps just to give you an idea of the mood at the head of the presidential office, a tweet in there shortly after proteins announcement about mobilization. and he just tweeted a picture ah, of of fi t o in ender adina times. i've been saying we continuing our so of course this is not great news for ukraine, but are so they're continue on fighting and these are fancy of this counter offensive is still gaining momentum or if it's still gaining momentum, bud comes amid these plans all of
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a sudden to hold so called referendums in separate us hell, territories in ukraine, in the next few days. how's ukraine responding to that? well, ukraine will never recognize. those are so called referendum they hold no legal or legitimacy or just as their referendum are held in 2014 in crimea, didn't. and wasn't either recognized by the international community or, you know, are we talking about for regions blue hands, donors, as average i and had a son where's where russia is losing ground? what that russia doesn't entirely master on the ground decanter offensive. the ukrainian counter offensive is still ongoing, or the troops have gotten a hold of her of the river. ask you this is a y d, a governor ukrainian governor, the region of lou haskell confirmed so or russia is embattled or under field.
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perhaps this is a reason why they want to hold those referendums as quickly as possible because if or from their point of view or dose or regions can be there. and it says here, dan, are that means are darts or they have reason to escalate and to send further or weapon. so further me size of a ukraine, if it considers that its territory is being attacked in well as us for us, in our case we've been getting a narrator lead her. going to have to take shelter. if you keep safe and bunkerville, germany has joined other nations of the un general assembly and blasting permanent security council member russia over its warren ukraine. chancellor, all of sholtes accused the kremlin of bringing imperialism back to europe. he said, the world must not accept a global order dictated by russia through military force. he pledged germany's continued support to ukraine in the form of supplying weapons to cave. they, one of the un talks was also marked by a grim assessment of the state of the world by the un secretary general brave
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command, a world conference dominated by a growing list of global crises. the 77th session of the un general assembly was the 1st in person gathering of world leaders since the beginning of the coven 19 pandemic. but it was far from a celebration. in his opening address, the un secretary general was blunt in his assessment of the global situation cost of living christ. let's have no illusions. we are in rough seas. a week that of global discontent is on the riser. a cost of living cries is his raging thrust. these crumbling inequalities are exploding, and our planet is bunny. people, i heard a thing with the most vulnerable suffering the most. but amidst the host of crises discussed on the 1st day of the assembly, russia's war in ukraine quickly took center stage. japanese prime minister fumey
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okesha condemned the invasion as a direct threat to the international order. gressick elizabeth, we must face the fact that the credibility of the united nations is at stake due to the aggression against ukraine by russia. he need a permanent member of the security council. look, she should not givea 90 percent. while others focus their accusations directly at the russian president lacy them okay. the german chancellor old f sholtes lashed out at what he called prudence, imperialist ambitions, and vowed to continue supporting ukraine most often. and so he isn't just destroying ukraine. he's also ruining his own country miss law. this is why we will not accept a piece dictated by russia. and this is why we will not accept any sham referendums heiner. and this is why ukraine must be able to defend itself against russia's invasion once before. up via them come, but despite the widespread condemnation,
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it remains unclear just how the u. n. will be able to respond. and as delegates prepare for more speeches in new york, all will be keeping an eye on the conflict raging half a world away. erica fiona is wreaking havoc across the caribbean. windsor fallen 100 kilometers an hour, have left much of puerto rico without electricity and clean water. national guard troops have rescued. hundreds of people stranded by flooding. this bridge was installed in recent years at a cost of some $3000000.00 beyond widespread damaged. we infrastructure, overflowing rivers have also forced housings of people from the homes. authorities have opened more than a 100 shelters across the island. those will,
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haven't fled the homes, have had to travel long distances to get essential supplies. well, w, we're looking for gasoline, water ice, all the supplies necessary for getting through the storm. we were hoping it wouldn't be so big that but well it was bigger than we expected on their own. but you have to make do with what you have. oh no way i gave them over. such scenes of devastation of familiar input are equal, which never fully recovered from hurricane maria. the 2017 storm was the worst it got it on the island, and left about 3000 people dead. now, many areas in puerto rico are once again in darkness, noted, if it's a part of the governor has one that it could take days to get the bar back on images audio in many areas that had never seen flooding are you? there has been an unprecedented accumulation of water in which in fact,
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in many areas it was greater than what we saw during hurricane maria edward dang, maria tor dc. it is still too early to know the full scope of the damage. i beg priscilla. now you're up to date on an old. well use, save bed. sleep will be off next week for business news, and i'll see you next hour. thank you for watching a fine tooth. tooth you become criminal. ah, pretty climbing. oh, ready knows. welcome to tech told me about hackers and paralyzing entire societies.


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