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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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it's tracy with hearing their dreams. ready to meet this week, d, w. ah, this is the w news lie from berlin. russia calls up reservists to fight in ukraine . president vladimir putin announces that the partial mobilization in a national address is, comes as moscow plans to hold so called referendums in occupied parts of ukraine. an urgent push to claim the territories. for russia,
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germany commits to nationalizing its biggest importer of russian gas. it's the latest chapter in an increasingly expensive bail out of energy companies. a drama that's likely far from over. off the fallout from pakistan's, unprecedented floods, farmers, warner, food shortages, health workers, se waterborne diseases could claim many more lives. ah, ah, i've been for solon, nice to have you with us. russian president vladimir putin says he has signed a decree, ordering the partial military mobilization of brushes, armed forces beginning today and addressed the nation and said reservists will be drafted into the army to fight in ukraine. he said, the aim is to liberate the don bass region. the announcement comes a day after separate us leaders in russian control de once done yet sc separation. and hassan said they will hold so called referendums on joining russia. the moon
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could swallow up around 15 percent of ukrainian territory. potent alleges the west doesn't want peace in ukraine yet as a sheet, enough to protect our motherland, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, to ensure the security of our nation and people in the liberator territories. i consider it necessary to support the defense ministries and general staffs proposals to hold partial mobilization in russia. i believe germany is vice chancellor. holberg ha, beck says he strongly condemns perkins military mobilization. havoc said the move was an escalation of the conflict and that germany would continue to stand behind ukraine. but also under total, the fact that russia has ordered a partial mobilization and is engaging in a further escalation of this war of aggression on ukraine, which violates international law is wrong and false step script. we will of course, assess politically and debate on how to respond. in any case,
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it is clear to me and to the german government that we will continue to fully support ukraine in these difficult times. desert showing. so try to follow furniture. donaldson, german lawmaker, johan father pulled from the opposition. christian democrats joins us now. his deputy chairman of the city use the su, parliamentary group in the buddhist hug. and a member of the parliamentary, foreign affairs and defense committees. thank you very much. for being here on t w, use, a strong support there for ukraine, from economy minister and deputy chancellor will been har. becky, do you back? the government says, yes, of course sir, that sir, sir, in the german woodstock home. broad support for that political line of our government. we are supporting ukraine already. we, of course, have to do more, especially after that. so decision taken by vladimir putin. this is so show a sign of weakness. but also asked mr. big, sad,
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assign of escalation are in trying to declare a part of ukraine. s. s russian ground of cross. i'm the he, he tries to escalate the situation and to claim for russia the right to serve defense these territories. but he's wrong. he is the aggressor. he is the imperialist, and we, the free world have to beck ukraine or as much as we can, that's become clearer and clearer. a man you say more is needed. but what does that mean as far as weapons go? because the chancellor, so if i resist the calls from ukraine for battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. yes. that that's what we are criticizing in words. the chancellor is begging ukraine fully and that that's what we of course are also back. but indeed, there's a lot to do for the german government. we do have battle tanks. we do have these
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armored vehicles here in our industry. it wouldn't weaken our wonders via our army . if we allow the industry to deliver these are battle tanks and vehicles to ukraine and, and what help of course the ukranian army to do their job. everybody knows they, they also lost a lot of her soldiers and tanks. and if her russia now a comes, was, was more troops to the france. we do have to do more when, if not now or short the, the chance law rethink his decision am. and when, if not now, germany should be ready to deliver these things to ukraine. i think it's of time to do so. can you explain the resistance from the government at a time that everybody wants to pump so much more money into its armed forces and,
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and at a time the job is armed forces does need an overhaul. what, what's so wrong then with sending the heavy weaponry it has to ukraine. i don't really understand that we, we hear it from the coalition partners of shawls also that they do not understand his refusal, the greens and the liberals, they have to pete who are in the so called trumpet lie coalition, together with a social democrats and a chancellor. of shawls, they are very much in favor of the delivery of these tanks to ukraine a but he is, he's not able to explain to the german public, to his own coalition partners. why he is refusing. i think he fears something of from, from russia. but that's, that is really what really be on the, the, the, the wrong approach, the wrong mooc. in this very situation,
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we have to show strengths. we have to be clear and fear or does not or should not be ah, main motivation in picking ukraine in these days. because this is always a trick from, from vladimir putin when, when he tries to raise up, but fierce in the western coalition. so keep come and keep united or is, is the message i would like to give to our government. we would like to back the chancellor or if he now agrees in delivering things to ukraine as i'm solidarity there from a german opposition lawmaker, you had radical, thank you very much for being on the daily. my pleasure. donna taylor sandra portal is a security master expert at kings college london. she says putin's decision is
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a reaction to russia's faltering military campaign in u grey. wally clearly shows that putting i was very concerned about the losses in hard peeved in the cock hockey region. he's probably was under a lot of russia to do something about that and because the russian office is experiencing problems with manpower, this became the on so the on full series and the military had been asking full for, for mobilization, for quite some time. this is considered sort of partially mobilization by the good actually eventually lead to a more sort of substantial for mobilization. and so this would probably result in $99.00, a 9 potentially escalation on the prolongation of the war. there will be a lot of pressure to provide addition and weaponry to ukraine to consolidate the, the winds on the ground. and ukraine as i slowly continuing to advance in areas around the car to keeping the hair to some region as well. so you grain?
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yes. have made a significant progress and they sort of plays in their favor. but, but of course, the influx of new full says can, you know, can present challenges for their ukraine, an armed forces. so is this a clear sign of russia regrouping and aiming to replenish the front front lines of double down on you quite of the territory that's been taken back by keith? yes, yes, i mean, 1st to sort of consolidate the gainesville right. you have made on this is why the referendums are being headed to sort of take on hand in hand. so consolidate that lines that they already occupy whole, these shows shambrika brenda. i'm then made sure that there is some kind of rotation with those troops that are on the front line on might be, are already a be exhausted. so you can try to bringing a new fresh forces on then i sort of help with the training of those school who
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sort of have to have, have been asked to, to, to come in and provide support, so dresser and extend to, you know, we have to see in the next weeks on how they sort of fans out. but i would expect that russia may try maybe to regain some of their last lines. it's interesting to note that referendums are going to be held in regions on, not completely under rushing to control. the areas, for example, they don't yet school bless, which remain under ukrainian control. the same applies to body on her to son. so, you know, the big question here is whether russia will try to push further afield or would, would sort of just simply trying to on sunday date games. and i think that this is a, it's going to depend very much and how based mobilization actually is kind of radar our how effective a days on how much you're avoiding housing. generally in russia, we know that there is a position a to these kind of mobilization in russia. how,
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how is it being received? because there are signs of many russians want to get out of the country before they can scripted. yes, of course already since yesterday we, we know that we were there seems to be evidence that you're not trying to leave the country also families, you know, mothers with children. so there is a lot of concern and some sort of opposition groups have all the, you know, for demonstrations today, especially the groups are, you know, the individuals around about these organizations as well as others. so, you know, we can expect some for potentially some kind of term already because, you know, russians were very supportive among, you know, i'm certain sectors of the russian society that was support for this operation. but as long as it didn't really involve sending a high number of young kids to the front, and now that russians may start feeling the war on their front,
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on their foot step on their doorstep. i think the, you know, the position on the support for this conflict might start to erode over to this. i have also from king's college, on to thank you and ukrainian forces have liberated over a 120 settlements in the hockey region. as part of this sweeping counter offensive people across that area, a reeling for months of rush, an occupation dw corresponded. mom loves us, went to the town of by the korea recently retaken by ukraine. awarding some view as may find this report distressing. the ukrainian blue and yellow flag floats again on the statue of much loved poet and nationalist terrace. f. sankoh on the likely as men square. it has only been a few days since the town was liberated from russian occupation. locals are still trying to come to terms with what they've been to we meet
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r t m lashing cove who wants to show us where he was in prison for 4 to 6 days over the summer. he was arrested because his brother is a soldier in the ukraine, an armed forces. i'm hoping this is my line 46 days. each stroke represents one day just so you don't get lost in time. here are 10. had to share the small windowless space. we several other people are what can i say? normally 7 of us lived here. i think one here, sometimes 2 here to here and 3 here. they usually slept at each other's feet. water was under the sink. some withers on the 1st day was the hardest for them. i was blindfolded. they could have been taking me to lou hunched somewhere there were you, sir? if humphrey mother of ukraine in authority, say, dozens of civilians were arrested and tortured by russian troops during the occupation of donald of record that there was no official interrogation. i came in . 2 people were sitting there one with a mask, one without laughter. they were more interested in knowing which stayed in by the
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clia than in those wood shirt before were officers who were at arsenic, who fought in the war. i said, i didn't know and they started to electrocute me. is a switchboard with an electric current. the more you move, the stronger the impacted somehow i was lucky. i was there, or for half an hour. people used to scream for one and a half to 2 hours and the lawyer to papa leakage. i looked up whole problem, doing the interrogations. prisoners had to record themselves, reading a piece of paper, pledging their support for russia. local ukrainian police officers were powerless, wants the russians, took over. some fled or went into hiding some collaborated, others joined the resistance. dis officer agreed to talk to us, but asked not to be named i distola such knowledge. many people were arrested to being pro ukraine and for cooperating with us and passing on information in my some
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were held and we still don't know their whereabouts. and some were sent away a week later. i don't know what it depended on me. i know friends of mine who were also beaten was a reseller. they broke ribs hands and everything else on my aid, all but out all key, easiest. and i, as we left the police station, we learned that a russian soldier was being detained there. the ukrainian forces transferred him later that day to an unknown destination. the trick used to comment on the likeliest man square to blue and yellow flag brings locals together. but he will take weeks, months, or even years, until all the stories of day time under occupation are revealed. with some other stories making use this, our nigeria is battling its worst floods in a decade of the torrential brains. officials say more than 300 people have died in the flood since july of 100000 have been displaced. water from a dan opened in cameron last weekend. the assistant heavy rainfall is expected to
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flood nearly half of nigerian states. well than 230 by the boils, have been stranded on the coast of tasmania. australian authority said appears on the half of the wales is still alive. rescue efforts are underway by cruise of marine biologists and local volunteers. the german government has agreed to buy out almost all shares of the private gas utility univer effectively nationalizing the company. the move was anticipated after the company was in danger of going bankrupt over the current gas crisis. russia had stopped nearly all natural gas flows to germany in response to sanctions over the war and ukraine. stick bits. lee with our business team joins way for more. stephen, why does building believe a complete takeover of this company is necessary? no, been the german government had always said that unit was essentially too big to fail . it was the largest gas utility in terms of importing russian gas. once those
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supplies really stopped all but stopped flowing in june. that meant that they had a problem because they have contracts with downstream customers to provide the same amount of gas. and if they weren't getting it from russia, they had to go on the spot market. whereas, you know, prices just went through the roof. so the question was, who was going to foot that bill? the government was giving them more and more money, but it was too much ultimately, you know, the government had promised take a 30 percent stake in the company before and had offered them 1000000000000 euros in credit lines. but ultimately it wasn't, it wasn't enough. you know, had almost birth through all of that already and we know that it's majority owner. right now it's a finish date own energy company has said that it wasn't going to provide that cash boost. so in the end, it was germany. it's essentially a state bailout of the energy sector, isn't it? and it's not over those, right? i mean, it's a, it's a special measure given special times, you know, the circumstances right now because of the war have made things very difficult for energy companies. a unit is not the only gas company that has been getting state
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support and there could be 2 others right now that we know of that might also be targets for nationalization. we've also seen more european governments waiting into energy regulations, looking at measures to make things easier for consumers. you know, states often come into the rescue of private companies when they're considered system critical. we've seen this with the banking industry. we've seen it with the aviation industry during the times of covert, however, they can usually get back out of those companies in a certain amount of time because they can return to profitability. the german government actually sold us remaining shares and tanza not too long ago. they made a quarter of a 1000000000 euros. here the case isn't so clear when these companies would be viable again with that being a lot of argument over this because everybody companies will make so much money out of this gas crisis and oil crisis and energy crisis and others of course, faltering. what will it mean for households and consumers? yet ultimately, there's been this big debate about who is going to put that bill for those who haven't been making money. and it either falls on the government,
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it falls in the end user, or it falls in a taxpayer, and germany is really been trying to find the right mix. so one idea had recently was to put a gas, a surcharge on gas a few cents per kilowatt hour for gas consumers. many have said that that's unfair, however, and now they're going to be more questions about that if companies are going to be nationalized, because ultimately those are taxpayer on companies now. so what you can imagine is that you may see sort of a price ceiling put on gas or put on energy. and that means that that would distribute the cost to taxpayers as a whole instead of just to energy a gas users. and so i think that debate is going to keep going in the next few weeks and you'll keep us up to date. i doubt steven beardsley from dw business. thank you. the death toll from the floods and pakistan has passed 1500, with many fearing the worst could be yet to come, official se waterborne disease as a spreading out of control. and it could take months for the stagnant waters to fully receipt with field submerged and crops. destroyed food supplies or a problem. farmers struggling to feed their livestock. dami cons buffalos
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survived the floods. but now the farmer struggling to keep them alive. zamiah's farm is in the province of sinned. one of the areas west affected by the floods. he managed to save his animals, but the water spoiled their feed. was heal up. you are your say, yes, ross has become rotten because of the floods. yeah, it's turned black. yeah. we can't give it to the catalyst. so the animals will go hungry and eventually die. got i got all my guy young with their own cattle feed, ruined farmers have to buy it in, but the short supply has driven up prices. amada general rich era, la miller were struggling to buy feed for animals. i'm a british who used to get fought for $30.00 to $40.00 rupees per kilo. okay. run these delicate, now we have to pay a $100.00 even up to $200.00 rupees per kilo. look is, i'll say i miller. the government has promised help,
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but air dropping supplies by helicopter has proved difficult further north in the swat valley where a torrent of water washed away buildings and bridges. this is one of the last remaining medical centers in the area. it's completely overcrowded. staff struggle to attend to all the patients and medical care is needed more urgently than ever as damaged by the floods has increased. the risk of disease. dusky cholera is increased to you. guys with a, hepatitis a and typhoid have also increased yarber, vaguely to whom i deposit it, along with that so that more cases are being reported of insect born diseases like malaria and dingey live yard being he the waters may have receded here, but the impact of the floods will be felt for
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a long time to come let's bring in him, run soon. all of the doctors without borders. he's working as a fill coordinator in said to province. right now, just how bad is the spread of waterborne diseases. yes, well, what we see on the get on that situation is it because of the, the automobile clinic see the patients with dial diseases and one area and skid infections. is there anything people can do to, to help themselves? i mean, so many people are cut off not only cut off from mom help and i can help helping support from a health officials, but also from food and and care is due to the accessibility basic needs. a health care and the units are
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under the water. why do we have been doing where my mobile can next? we are providing the services that are to people and given directors out of the outdoor where the water bond is in the hygiene origin decision. busy are thinking that contaminated water and how are you actually getting to these places where looking at pictures here of the flooding and the destruction, which is just so extensive. yeah, this massive florida has damage the infrastructure. a joy you don't know. so how do things look for you and your work? we've heard from some people that the situation is only going to get worse. yes, we foresee the situation is turning good because we have seen the data or diseases, malaria infections,
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or just we don't foresee the cases. we love search there because there is an accessibility to have services as well. and people have limited access to the medical services and other basic needs. this candy ok, we'll have to leave a day and run some room. thank you very much for joining us from doctors without borders. that of a count down his on to november woke up in cotton and criticism over the host nations. human rights reco continues questions over the treatment of migrant workers, the rights of the l g b t. q community cut as emma addressed the issue of discrimination was speaking at the united nations general assembly in new york. as football fever begins to sweep across the globe ahead of the world cup, the arab nation looks to be ready to host the $32.00 team competition. however, being a conservative state where homosexuality is illegal, concerns over l g
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b t q writes, have taken center stage. recently, the head of a football fair group in germany demanded could tarry law, be changed. abolish all the penalties regarding sexual and gender identity. the host nation has struggled to convince rights groups with its message that all will be walker guitars ruler. recently addressing the united nations attempted to ease fears. one who knew and here we are today for our daughter standing on the threshold of hosting the world's football teams and their fans. a woman in opening our doors for all of them without discrimination is that to enjoy the football matches and the amazing atmosphere of the tournament you will hammer, in addition to witnessing the economic and cultural renaissance in my country, he blood. however, the organizing committee officials have said football fans should respect local
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cultural norms. which criminalize homosexuality. in addition to the issue of tolerance, human rights groups have urged fifo m mc atari government to compensate migrant workers. amnesty reported that thousands of margaret workers were still being exploited in 2021 polish football superstar. whole that leavened off ski has been given a ukraine captains arm band and he's promised to take it with him to the football woke up and gutter. the barcelona striker was given the yellow and blue on band in warsaw by former ukraine international andre ship. jenko. have enough ski has been a vocal support ukraine's. roger invaded in late february spanish tennis, great ref on the doll says he's not yet contemplating retiring. 36 year old was speaking of receiving an award from spain. king philippe adult has been battling a chronic foot injury. but his quest for
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a regular 23rd grand slam title fell short at the us open. this year he said he was unsure about his return. to 10th. at a reminder of the top story way, following foyer, russian president vladimir putin says he signed a decree, ordering the possible military mobilization of russia's armed forces beginning today. the defense ministry says $300000.00 reservists will be dropped into the army to fight in ukraine. i've been fooling. i'll have more news for you next hour . your own dw, ah ah, [000:00:00;00]
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