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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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holiday destination drowning in plastic white line at the close. every year your exports are 1000000 tons of plastic with another way. after all, the environment isn't to recyclable. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah. fitter did other news asia coming up to date out india's religious organization is impacting south asian communities abroad, such as in lester, in the u. k. what a weekend of religious violence, meadows, similar incidents in india. but how is this happening and performing live pandemic style. how rock plans in hong kong are still locked out of balls and clubs
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. ah. my british manager, welcome to d w. news. a sure glad you could join us. a weekend of religious violence in a city in the united kingdom has highlighted how religious polarization in india is impacting south asian communities abroad. we're talking of less take out a beautiful multicultural city in the east of england, with a sizable south asian community. this comprises people from both india and pakistan, that is, both him, those and muslims. over the weekend, young men from both communities attacked each other on the streets. and one of the causes of the violence can be traced more than 4000 miles away in india. but 1st,
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here's what happened. tensions began in earnest in late august after india defeated buck thumb in an international cricket match in the by groups of friends ended up clashing with each other in lester, fueled by nationalistic sentiment, made worse by social media. this information. and last saturday, the city saw a sudden and unannounced march by young men through the streets. the problem, as you will hear in this video source from twitter, they were chanting religious slogans that have come to be associated with india is in the right wing. the just to be clear what they're chanting, that is him not rom. brom is one of the isms most revered gods. but over the years, this john, in his name, has been usurped by writing him those as an assertion of a muscular and aggressive hindu identity in india. so it didn't take long for
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a reaction. videos emerged on twitter of a flag outside a hindu temple in the city. been torn down young men from the muslim community also gather to protest. the unplanned march, where hinder slogans that he just had were raised. i've taken together all of this follows a familiar template of religious provocation and response seen them india in recent years, following a majority in brand of him to politics by the ruling b. j. repeat the violent semester was in fact serious enough for the indian high commission in the u. k. to issue a strong condemnation and called for action against those involved. an action was taken, police had arrested up to 47 people till monday, and also discovered that some of the perpetrators had traveled to lester from other
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cities in england to fuel the violence. it prompted the man of leicester peter sould be to say the following to the guardian newspaper. i caught, i have talked to many people across the communities since this trouble began and they are utterly baffled by this. it does not represent anything that is simmering and lester and does seem to have more to do with sub continental politics. so is all this all really connected? let's get more from a shock train professor of peace and conflict research at ubs, hello, universe. in sweden, profess when if the violence in lester connected to the right wing majority in politics we're seeing in india right now. is he, the lester or the city has been living? i'm in the, in those, and mostly that has been an i'm blogs, number of immigrants coming from india as well as the pakistan on other countries. but those into the muslims living, i mean, can really, in that city for a long,
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bitter time. what we see in the sense loved monk that it has been they, they will learn of holland taking place. and it started with a match, india package played. and after that, there was this kind of, you all's locker matched the sports fan, do the playstation, but then on the india in the muslims. and this kind of fall parlance which has been continuing now. and also getting people from the other parts of the cities that are coming there. what we see, the difference is that though there is the law for the for the last time we saw that it's him, 2 groups are in the right. we groups are also the language which has been used in this class hollands the him, the right doing groups are language which was used to in order which are continues to be used in india. and so,
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so the kinds of things we do have looking at it didn't, but other parts of the war way i thought that was for, has a gun we saw in australia kind of going on between indoor dias for the older dose, but i like mostly some 6, the in the us, it's the similar type of thing, but those are very sporadic incidents, but here it's not more than a month. this is going on and that's why it looks like much you, while it has come, that kind of incidents are coming from indian side. but in the muslim kind of, i really do. now i'm in the, you know, you're someone who looks at and i think politics and india quite closely. why is this impacting indian origin communities? thousands of miles away from india? is it though, there is a different time video, the migrants have come from india and older migrant students, particularly who can be pool or how they used to live together because they
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are not so much difference, even between indian, my grandson, an artist on in my grants they were all being normal living. i mean, it doesn't do that was a problem of hindu on muslim migrants. one also not there, but it started a gradual it started is since $92.00. i think the window comes on movement, which is go against all bobby musk which started in india after that i think we see saw that he's a dog we it started dividing the bass for indian dice when i got into an muslim dyersburg books. but i think that was a kind of very limited skill, but that was not really with this kind of a reaction against each other. what has happened in recent years that a number of new migrants, new students, new way of looking for the jobs. and they have migrated to different parts of the
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world, particularly learning and also in the countries in the developed countries and with them being those ideas. as well, they're bringing this kind of handle for right wing indo supremacist ideas which have taken place in india in a much be a little post full way in the last 89 years. they are bringing word and i think they're also getting support from both groups who are in power in india and also the indian media. so you check combination of indian or a gym support. indian media support. and the kind of people are migrating to this part of the work we're talking about over more than 17000000 indians and people of indian origin who live in nearly 200 countries. how big is the risk that religious polarization, that bonded seeing in india spreads to these communities?
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it's a huge risk. i think it is, it's, it's not even a risk. now, it doesn't. now, if it has gone white in a big way in different parts of the war, recently we saw a major controversy in news or c as well. or even the indian independence did better. what i was going through with a kind of a bulldog, which is a, the symbol of operation of muslims in india. and that really become a bigger issue. we have other men, something these things have really happening quite often in canada, in australia, even in con, you know, places all over europe is taking place with what is, looks like now because of this situation, which is getting a particularly him to right. doing bar groups, those who are getting the strength and particularly they are a ruling party. they do have their international organizations, have been active and spreading all over the world. and they are also for recruiting
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these people. and also the similarly, the muslim, you'd also organize beforehand. so i think it is, it's very difficult time to see one on this. this is the situation that we are not to be looking forward to, but this is almost inevitable now that there will be more and more classes between the hindus and muslims, diasporas off south asia, but saying that i also think it is harming indian interest. not only indian governments interest or so the people go to what the indian does for us interest in general, where left to leave it there for the time being when thank you so much for joining us today. for, for social trend from capella university, aids written, ah, china's adherence to its zurich over policy has hip, the economy and ordinary people, not just on the mainland,
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but in hong kong as well. and often overlooked group, here is the cities, musicians. strict covered restrictions have effected lived music performances, and with it the fortunes of upcoming artists. ah, this is as close to alive music gig as hong kong, as can get these days. watching not ban david barry knives perform on a screen stream from a studio several miles away. hong kong streaked cove. it rules mean that live music performances remain banned in any place that serves food or drink. while big concert venues have been allowed to reopen stages and small live music venues remain empty. that hit upcoming bands and musicians hard. there are long though you are the 3 of us indian underground bands
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bars or our primary venue to perform, or they will be in china. now these pandemic measures have shut down our spaces. he totally unreasonably. was he at the same time trains public transport? schools and restaurants are always packing people on boil deisel wire bars. the only places being targeted from why are we like musicians, the only ones being punished? io. and i think, i think we as october the recent survey by the hong kong musicians foundation found that many of its members were in debt and 13 percent have to sell their instruments aside from the economic impact. it also means that a generation of young musicians, i'm missing their chance of being discovered every single office, every single band that's come through to perform in hong kong, coliseum, came through from these little bonds. so i want the government to understand that it's not just about the fact that these places are just small places that,
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that don't really contribute to much the hong kong economy. it is a huge, huge factor in the incubation of talent in hong kong. so that positions in hong kong are able to succeed in hong kong and then beyond, as well as long as hong kong sticks to its strict code that policy thaws will have to come up with more creative solutions to keep the music scene in this city alive . and that's a bit of a bit of cosmo stories from the region on our website. and as ever, you can follow us on facebook and twitter since you tomorrow. good bye. every day for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do
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we make cities greener? how can we protect animals and their habitats? what to do with all our waste? we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable smart new solutions over steam set in our ways. earth is truly unique and we know that that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive global ideas. the environmental series in global 3000 on d, w, and online. oh, germany commits to nationalizing its largest importer of russian gas. it's the latest chapter in an increasingly expensive bail out of energy companies. a drama that's likely far from over. also on our show china seas, another hit to its growth forecasts and faces new criticism over its openness to
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foreign investment loan walk into the show. i'm see from beardsley in berlin. the german government has agreed to buy out almost all shares of the private gas utility una per effectively nationalizing the company. it's the latest twist and a month long saga that began with russian moves to slash the delivery of pipeline gas unit per is said to have a new majority owner. the german government, which has bought out finish state owned energy company for them and now holds 98.5 percent of shares. uniform had been caught up in the ongoing energy crisis after russia stopped almost all natural gas flows to germany in response to sanctions over the wine ukraine. to deliver on its long term contracts uniform had to buy gas elsewhere at much higher prices. this lead to a devastating loss of 12000000000.


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