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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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history left it's tracy lu, meeting legal hearing, their dreams. ready to do this week. do you w ah ah dw news line from berlin, growing backlash against vladimir putin's plans to step up the war in ukraine. hundreds, arrested in cities across russia in protest against the mass column of reservists to bolster moscow fighting forces. also coming up at the united nations. you as president joe biden condemned de escalation rules. needless war. war
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chosen by one man to be very blunt. the u. s. president singles out food and accusing the russian leader of making err responsible threats to use nuclear weapons. and new york's top prosecutor still is former president, donald trump, for alleged business fraud. trump, and 3 of his children are accused of exaggerating their wealth by billions of dollars. ah, i'm not really good to see you. russian security forces have arrested more than a 1000 people protesting against the mobilization of reservists to fight in ukraine . president vladimir putin as calling up an extra 300000 backup personnel. he says the mobilization is aimed at deliberating the eastern bass region where ukrainian
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forces are staging a counter offensive. western leaders say the call up is in response to russian losses on the battlefield. again, vladimir prudence leaders. decree is not going unchallenged in russia, but the states crackdown is hard. none the less. oh, the protest monitoring groups as mass arrests have been made across the country, including in moscow. yeah, anyway, i'm not afraid. i'm not a friend of anything. the most valuable thing that they can take from us is the life of our children. i won't give them my child's life. you wouldn't have called the mobilization necessarily an urgent. he accused the rest of crossing a line by providing sophisticated weapons for you, grin her to nepal. i'd like to remind you that our country also has various weapons of destruction and in certain aspects, even more modern weapons,
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the nato countries. if there's a threat to the territorial integrity of our country in order to protect russia and our people, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal. this is not a bluff about us, but is really disease. the announcement has also triggered and about an exodus of people unwilling to join the conflict. many of these russians arriving in serbia are still fearful of speaking in opposition to the wall. i. i speak with you and i have a director because are my vermont and hope all is the seed and i do have problem in my county. but, but i want to say, i read on for you, great. i. i want to please somebody still pollution. the price is a one way flights from russia has been skyrocketing since bought in speech,
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and they're still selling out fast. earlier i asked and rush raj of the german council on foreign relations, what he made of pollutants mobilization. well, this move, going to do, to major change in how russia has been aging this war. before the mobilization from russia perspective, mostly such russia person i worked finding in ukraine who chose to do so. professional soldiers contracted soldiers, mercenaries, and voluntarily based, voluntarily mobilized editorial units. however, now or from, i want to mobilize asian large segment of the russian society get directly affected, basically by force, by question. so from one part of the patient in the war for the every direction, the lumber, anything but something we just stayed, pushes him to do so. this is a major change for the rational society. yeah. and then brings the war a lot closer to home for the russian population, doesn't it?
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this is not going down. well, we've seen protests already today. people scrambling to leave the country. why would put in brisk this kind of backlash more through the rush leadership, calculate the best, the die down quite quickly or if not, they could be depressed. and any base we are talking about the come to 140000000. a few thousands are protesting in a few cities and hundreds of these few protesters are getting a respite. so probably that the criminal calculates it can be repressed or at least managed to do that. inspection of the society or the organization can go on. it's no secret though, that the russian army is already struggling to equip the troops it has in ukraine at the moment. does it even have the resources to train incorporate, dress and arm 300000 more soldiers? this is one of the largest question marks about the whole mobilization, and it's not only about calling in demand, just as you said,
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you have to train them, you have to equipment, and then you have to transport them to the front line. the most important, both on the forty's is actually the training because the professional and contract soldiers who train these new to come in risks, actually either fighting in ukraine or wounded and dead. so it's going to be christian market or russia will be able to provide these reserve. it be sufficient training. and if not, i'm quite afraid that freshly mobilized russia man. this be centered upon plan with improper training, meaning that heavy losses are likely to care among them. so you don't believe this will be a game changer. actually what i believe by putting more additional $300000.00 and so you're on the online, but read service improperly trained, improperly creamed. if you're not to be a game changer. if you're just be more of the same, a lot more of the same. however, at the very thinly veiled nuclear thread,
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he aimed at the west and his address earlier today. how concerned should we be about that? i wouldn't be too much going send about this. this nuclear term effect in terms of content. it did not really differ from the previous nuclear sample rattling than to russia. leadership has done a few a few times already. it going to get a bit of a change. you don't know. because ever since the beginning of the summer, russia has not mentioned the possibility of using nuclear nuclear weapons. so basically kind of a 3 month period of a lot of silence about nuclear balance. now and again came up, i came up with this narrative. however, the good news is that there is, there are no signs that the rush of actually mobilized nuclear forces under the german council on foreign relations. thank you so much. the united nations general assembly in new york as being dominated by russia plans to escalate the war, ukraine's president will literary zalinski is due to address the session shortly
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and will bring you life coverage. as soon as he starts speaking, us president joe biden earlier delivered a rebuke aimed squarely and flattery potent. he accused the russian leader of making irresponsible threats to use nuclear weapons. and he said russia shamelessly violated the un charter by attacking ukraine. let us speak plainly. a permanent member of the united nations security council invaded its neighbour, attempted to erase the sovereign state from the map. russia has shamelessly violated the court tenants of the united nations charter. no more important than the clear prohibition against countries taking the territory of their neighbor by force a fairly clear message from buying their but did he have more for vladimir potent? well, that's when i asked our correspondent luck, whose name? new york?
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yes, he was quite clear and adamant that the united states and he actually spoke for the world community. speaking of the vast majority of you and countries and would stand in for those territorial boundaries, not to be pushed, not to be changed by force by russia. also he said that a nuclear war cannot be won and should not be fought. it must not before. it was a clear signal, not just to russia, but also to china. him, he basically warned against that nuclear arsenal build up there, but also towards north korea and iran. and he said that he would make sure the united states would, might make sure that iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon. so we already seen some very clear rhetoric there from the u. s. president, along with the message that he is very much at pains to get across, particularly at to poor countries, are suffering from food to what it is right now that the sanctions imposed on russia do not stretch towards the export of food or fertilizers that russert
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solely is to blame for food to what it is around the world of russia, of who was trying to choose both the west of threatening russia with its nuclear arsenal. and also trying to blame the west. that is western sanctions that are leading to these food choices. so what we're seeing in the building behind me at this un general assembly is also a fight for the hearts and minds of the world community. and they actually sent a clear message with more than a 100 at voting in favor of ludovic lensky. being allowed to speak here today, that is a huge exception and a clear signal that russia is becoming more and more isolated on this very issue. the delay corresponding mikaela cuz that the united nations in new york. thank you . and let's get you up to speed on some other stories making headlines around the world today. european union, foreign ministers are to meet on the sidelines of the u. n. to discuss possible new sanctions against russia. in foreign policy teachers,
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apple race says the block will trying to coordinate a response to vladimir putin latest threats. so amy, as government says, it will assess every visa application by russian citizens seeking to avoid military service. there are already exceptions or russians on humanitarian grounds. earlier neighboring loc via said it will not issue these us to russians. avoiding mobilization that were submitted by new york top prosecutor is suing former us president donald trump for alleged business fraud. leticia, james says trump, and 3 of his children, exaggerated their net worth by billions of dollars to secure favorable loans. her office is seeking $250000000.00 in penalty. and our washington correspondence and was almost gone. i told me why new york stopped law enforcement official is suing donald trump instead of filing criminal charges against him. on the call, the attorney general
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a saying that this financial fraud, which was committed by the former president his family, his organization that this gave her the grounds to file a civil lawsuit and not necessarily a criminal lawsuit. if we look at what she delivered on today, she said that trump for years falsely inflated his assets, as you said, worth billions of dollars, that he essentially cheated. the system enriched himself and his family, that he even dr. estatements as team doctorate statements and, and kept their own accounting firm in the dark. and just to give you an example, nicole, the trump family valued mara lago, that's his residence in florida. as high as $739000000.00 when it should have been at $75000000.00. that is a big difference. now, trump did come to new york last month for questions on this case. and he pleaded the 5th, meaning he declined to answer on his lawyer's advice. and that question you ask, why aren't we seeing criminal charges while the attorney general did add today,
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that she believe some of what her office has found also amounts to a violation of criminal law. because trump, in his team issued false statements to financial institutions including to deutsche bank. so she has passed along this evidence, this information to federal prosecutors also tax authorities. we could eventually see criminal charge of stemming from this alleged financial fraud as well. but this is only one of many investigations from is facing at the moment. right? yeah, that's right nicole. i mean it's not necessarily easy to keep track of them all bear with me. i mean, 1st of all, we have president trump facing a criminal investigation in new york, a in manhattan. the district attorney has been investigating trump and his company's business practices for some time now. and then there is the f. b. i's raid on trump's residence in florida. mar lago, i mentioned over classified documents, and that's being battled out in court right now. then there is also the federal investigation into his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. and
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then also, the state of georgia is looking into potential election interference tied to the 2020 election. so if you add all of that up, you can imagine that there, that is a lot of pressure on president trumping everyone in his orbit. i should say that the trump family has denied any of these charges and investigations including this latest lawsuit and the trump organization. released a statement today saying, this is a political stunt from an attorney general who is a democrat and in a reelection campaign. and who is trying to score some political point. so that's the reaction we're seeing from the trump side. and so we, we don't have much time, but i do want to ask you what that means for trump hopes of running for president. again, in 2024. while legally speaking, it's not totally clear yet so far. the president is facing investigations, but hasn't actually been convicted of anything yet. even if you were to be convicted of financial fraud, could technically still run for president. but nicole quickly,
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the big question is the screws are tightening on all ends on the trump family and the former president. with all this pressure, it seems more and more likely that he can fend off all of these investigations without some damage to his reputation. especially among republicans, send me some kind of things for breaking it down for us. and the count down is on for a november is world cup in could tar and criticism over the host nations human rights record continues. there are questions over the treatment of migrant workers and l g. b t q writes could hardly amir address. the issue of discrimination at the united nations in new york today is football. fever begins to sweep across the globe ahead of the world cup. the arab nation looks to be ready to host a $32.00 team competition. however, being a conservative state were homosexuality is illegal. concerns over l g b t u writes have taken sinners.


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