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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2022 11:30pm-12:01am CEST

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is afraid of real negotiations and doesn't want to fulfill any fear international obligations. it lies to everyone, as it's typical for aggressors, for terrace, even now, when russia talks about negotiations, it only wants to slow down is rhetoric. russia wants to spend the winter on the occupy the territory of ukraine and prepare forces to attempt. and you offensive new butch us new is use or at least it was to prepare for to vacations occupied land and carry out military mobilization at all. we cannot agree to delayed war because it will be even hotter than the war law for us. this is to war for life. that is why we need defense support, weapons, military equipment and shelf, offensive weapons,
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and long range. one is enough to liberate our land and defensive systems above all guarantee fat. and we need financial support to keep internal stability and fulfill social obligation to our people. physical and social protection are 2 elements of any nation's life. so the 2nd item of our, this formula that protection of life by all available means allowed by the u. n. charter, the sod item allow up, his formula is restoring shaquira to enter target integrity. look at how many elements of global security russia has undermined with is war, maritime safety, food safety, radiation safety, energy, safety and safety from weapons of mass destruction, where all ready,
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restoring maritime safety and food security. and i think mr. antonio would terrace for he is personal involvement, algeria, a fuel down egypt. libya came in somalia, she dar tunisia, bangladesh, israel, india, iraq. yemen cypress china korea, lebanon. tortilla belgium bo guerria, greece island, spain, italy, netherlands, gemini, romania and france, have already received ukrainian agricultural products. and we have to increase this supply by see both on the market conditions and within the u. n. food product for we each you grant is all is air reliable, par. and by the way,
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despite all the difficulties caused by the war, we decided to provide humanitarian aid to a few or bear and some mala. so we will send them an additional amount of our week. but it's more difficult with other security elements. on the eve of the general assembly meeting, rash fired miss south and the south ukraine. nuclear power plant. the explosion heat, the station buildings windows were broken walls where damaged. the rockets exploded only 300 meters from the walls of the reactors. and this is after there, i am. clear appealed to rush up to stop any cross time activity against any nuclear facilities of ukraine. and in particular, again, this is parisha nuclear power station, the largest one in europe,
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which russia has torque in that target. and that makes all of to you. it target ration radiation. blackmailing is something that should concern each and every one of you because none of you will fly ever seen against radiation sickness. the cost of living crisis containers in dozens of countries. its rules in the distributors, zation of the energy market. it's necessary to remove the main factor of global price turbulence, namely ration energy blackmailing. it's necessary to cap the prices at which garage at port its energy resources. it's necessary to make russian oil and guess just ordinary goods. again, currently oil and gas are rushes energy weapons, and that is why it many bleach the markets,
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so that electricity get patrol and diesel become the privilege of for you. instead of being a common goose available to all limiting prices is safeguarding the walt. this is the way to restore energy and price security, but we'll the walls go for it, or will it be scare? will be scared of russia. threats. it's necessary to take only one strong step after which everything will become clear. the time has come for these, these step. we'll put everything in place after they're out on the south or, or after their massacres. after maroon, after the burning of the ukrainian prisoners in alaska, by the russian military after blocking the force after this strikes of the russian
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tanks and messiahs on nuclear power plant. and after threats to use nuclear weapons, which have become the rule, not the exception for russia propaganda. we must finally recognize russia as a state of sponsor of terrorism at all levels in all countries that confess, the values of these and protection of human life legally. politically, if you don't have a legal mechanism, you can make a political decision in the parliament. this is the foundation for restoring global secured. if this strong step is taken down, will disappear, whether to take other important stat. and so what is very sensitive is a border that turned on integrity. when one country tries to steal the territory of
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another state. if bush all balled nations under attack, global security cannot be restored without restoring that territorial integrity of the nation which suffer the armed aggression. so the thought i'd am of the ukraine and is formula that restoration of security and territorial integrity. the 4th item is security guarantees. every nation has the right to security guarantees, not only the largest nation, not only the most fortunate. once we have proposals to upgrade the security architecture for ukraine and for euro and the world which will not allow any more aggression against us. we are already presenting them to partners proposals for legally binding multilateral and by lazarus treaties. these are the
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conditions for that guarantors to act and their timeline for their actions to bring results, resolved on land, at sea, and in the ear in diplomacy and politics, in economy and finance. in providing weapons and intelligence, each of you will receive the tax follow up is form off. we'll also see that details . oh, what we offer as security guarantees. i do not want to compare our offers with it, guarantees of any alliances that exist on the planet. now i want to stress that it is always much better to guarantee the security of a nation preventively rather than to stop a war after it has already begun. and the 1st item of the ukraine, a piece formula is a determination, something without which there are other 4 items will not work. this is our
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determination to fight. this is that determination on the part of us to help us and also themself. and this is the determination of the world to unite around the won co fights against armed aggression and to quote war they're the ones who threatens all. so all 5 items of our former punishment for aggression, protection of life, restoration of security and territorial integrity, security guarantees and determination to defend one south. this is the formula of crime and punishment, which is already well known to rush. and this is the formula of justice and law, and order that russia has yet to long as well as any, any potential aggressors. what is not in our formula, neutrality,
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those who speak of neutrality, when human values and peace are under attack, mean something else. they talk about indifference every one for them. sash here is what they say. they pretend to be interested in each other's problems . they take care of each other. formerly they sympathize only for practical, and that is why they pretend to protect someone. but in reality, they protect only their west, it injures this is what create the conditions for war. this is what needs to be corrected in order to create conditions for this. all you need is determination. there was a lot of talking about reforming they you and how did all and no result. if you look carefully, a tower,
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this formula you will see that is implementation is already becoming a de facto reform of the united nations. our formula is universal and unites the norse and the solace of the world. it calls for the roles majority and encourages to expand their representation of those who remind, i'm sure, this is an imbalance. when every let in america, militia, central and eastern europe comply with it right of veto that they themselves never had. and this was, you cram is talking about and have you ever your such words from russia, but it's a permanent member of the security council for some reason. for what reason? now jew pain or brazil, no turkey or india non gemini, or ukraine, the day will come when these will be resolved. as for the talks between
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ukraine and russia, probably him, you haven't to hear a different war us from russia about the talks as if they were ready for them. but they talk about the talks, but in now's military mobilization. they talk about the talks, but announce she will referendums in the occupied characters of ukraine. what is true then? the military members, zation in russia is sure sham referendums are also true. russia once war, it's true, but russia will be able to stop that course of history mankind and that international law, a stronger than one terrorist state. russia will be forced to end this war. the war it has started. i rule out that the settle man can happen on
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a different basis than they ukrainian base formal death. other, there are inter, are reaches, the less likely it's that anyone in the world will agree to seat at one table where there. and he's my worse will be followed by new russian sas, an act of terrors. it will only prove that weakness rash us weakness is in the ability to prevail over off. it's in the ability to prevail over the world. it will only prove that 5 items of the ukraine and these formula must be implemented as soon as possible. we are ready for bes, but to rule honest and fair peace, that while the world is on our side. and finally,
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i want to thank 101 country that walters for my v do address to take place. it was a world not only among the former it or the war about principles. only 7 countries wanted against villa ruesch, cuba, north korea, a 3 year nicaragua, russia and syria. 77 who are afraid of the video address. 7 who respond to principles with that red button. only 7101, and 7 trash. if this coalition is against our determination, then i come to too late you all because these means that piece will prevail over any ration and that there is no obstacle for us to
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implement that b s formula. i thank you. i thank you for your attention. once again, i wish you all this flow great. oh glen, to the president of plain addressing the un general assembly in his feet. he demanded just punishment of the crime committed again. this country and a detailed account of the horror suffered by ukrainians at the hands of the russian forces. mm hm. the ukrainian delegations at the united nation joining their international here in a standing ovation with federation is as we can see,
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not taking part bellotta, maryland. he called ukraine an equal among equals a country that has demonstrated strength and demand. now with the principles of the un charter, be ensured or his people, he laid out a 5 point formula for peace consisting of punishment protection of life, the restoration of security and territorial integrity, new alliances, and the determination to unite around victims of armed aggression. not he pointed out neutrality, which he likened to indifference. lensky received a special exemption to make the virtual address this year, instead of attending in person, because he is not traveled outside ukraine since rushes invasion on february 24th. and joining us now from new york is our correspondent mikaela christina there who has followed this address of course, also very closely mikaela. what was your takeaway from zalinski address? quite clearly,
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his task was to make the point that nobody in the world is safe until ukraine is safe. rasa is a member of the un security council. everybody is aware of that, but there's 101 countries that voted in favor of him being able to speak, that the biggest show of solidarity could hope for. and those countries who were against that, of course, were russia. but it included countries like cuba and north korea, bella roost. it was a rogue states that essentially, that were against this. so he really got the maximum backing that he can get when he calls for punishment. he calls for justice. well, that is something that history will tell whether that will actually happen, or there could be a special investigation that there could be at the hey, kind of a tribunal. but that's actually at this moment, rather unlikely, because russia simply is too important, rasa has a veto power within the u. n. and we saw him also arguing that the food security
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in the world was not a product of western sanctions. that, that all comes down to russia and very much being aware that for many countries here, ukraine is some far away country for western countries. of course, it's at the heart of europe. for many countries, it's difficult to spot on a map. it is just another war somewhere in the world, but it is affecting many countries around the world in terms of a lot of turbulence on the financial markets. very much bread and butter concerns literally with those food shortages. and here he was trying to make the case that it is in everybody's interest to rein in russia. vladimir putin very much seen on the defensive, by going into the offensive and having put this yet again, nuclear threat on the table that is read by many as a sign of internal weakness in him. now upping the ante in this of with the west,
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which at both the jo by the us present, spoke here earlier and also voting it so then ski want to frame as something different as a stand off of between pretty much all other nations and rossa putting russia very much on the defensive, they're not to smooth terribly. so i think he did, did actually come across it rather well, making that rather big stride there from describing the pain, the atrocities that appear to have committed their a by of russian troop potentially that evidence still being collected. and the greater situation in the world, the very acute prussia, many leaders, whether they are democratic leaders or other, they are under pressure a to keep their people fed to provide food security as the very bare minimum. to also keep their own government stable. because this could have a potential knock on effect everywhere in the world. and i think the fact that more
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than a 100 countries back voted me as a lensky, at least symbolically by allowing him to speak via video link. the only one allowed to speak via video link that was more than just symbolism. that is showing russia also, that it is well on its way to leaving the mainstream a political debate and potentially using many small allies along the way. yet it was quite remarkable that he also pointed out that some of the countries that had actually benefited from those grain shipments, being able to leave ukrainian ports, were the countries that had voted against him, appearing virtually today. so and just tell us how significant it was that he spoke today on the world's biggest stage, with all eyes on him. while fulton is not in new york and not taking part. yes, it will only be in russia's at foreign minister. la ralph,
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expect to speak here on saturday and you put in clearly having taken a conscious decision not to appear here, not wanting to face the opposition, which there clearly also is. and this, i think we see a very clear picture of where ross's fear of acute influence is it, with those 6 other countries that voted against not even china or india and being on his side merely abstaining there. so of russia really needs to make its case also to potential allies. it was heading more in the direction of seeking closer ties with china at china, clearly and not wanting to get dragged into a what could be a disconnection. china has huge economic interests in the west, the roster, pretty much on the way towards an a form, a level of isolation, not complete isolation there. and that was very significant. i thought it was also
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interesting. that voting is lensky spoke of a responsibility to protect his own people, of course, but in the wider concept of the united nations. this is something that has been invoked and some 80 resolutions. and also that led to a piece or interaction into dawn, yemen. it has been a point where a resolution was based on responsibility to protect molly. but these are all countries that don't have a veto power that cannot stop resolutions in the security council. so you won't see that appearing anywhere in a resolution any time soon because russia, of course, can keep any resolution from going ahead. but that is the concept that he is trying to invoke, at least morally here, and really calling for countries to look forward into the future to seeing ross's aggression as ukraine, as a case in point that could also threaten that relative stability. i mean,
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we have all nations sitting around the table here, and by is stability being questioned borders being questioned by a world power, although you didn't refer to rush as the world powder is for sure. but it's certainly a nuclear power. and that, that could also have consequences for security and more conflict for other countries around the world. so he's making a moral case. he's getting a lot of moral backing. but legally, nothing will happen fast here, and also on the ground. this is really the question between vladimir putin and joe biden, but also china being an important factor here on how far this latest nuclear is threat. the insinuation of potential using nuclear force via vladimir putin, it will actually come to bear. and it basically make this situation potentially more unstable. and holheimer zalinski certainly is not the only one aware of the fact that the security council right now has his hands tight mckayla cooper. now in
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new york. thank you so much for this. and returning to our top story today, russian security forces have arrested more than a 1000 people, protesting against the mobilization of reservists to fight in ukraine. president vladimir putin is calling up an extra 300000 back up personnel. he says the mobilization is aimed at liberating the eastern don bass region where ukrainian forces are staging a counter offensive. western leaders say the call up is in response to russian losses on the battlefield. vladimir prudence leaders decree is not going unchallenged in russia. but the states crackdown is hard. none the less. oh, the crudest wandering groups as mos arrests have been made across the country including in moscow. yes,
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well i'm not afraid. i'm not afraid of anything. the most valuable thing that they can take from us is the life of our children. i won't give them my child's life. lou wooden has called the mobilization necessary and urgent. he accused the west of crossing a line by providing sophisticated weapons for you, grin her to the pool. i'd like to remind you that our country also has various weapons of destruction and in certain aspects, even more modern weapons, the nato countries. it says a threat to the territorial integrity of our country in order to protect russia and our people. we will certainly use all the means at our disposal. this is not a bluff, a little bit is a disease. the announcement has also triggered and about an exodus of people. unwilling to joined the conflict. many of these russians arriving, and serbia still fearful of speaking in opposition to the war. i
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sleep is you weren't, i afraid i paid that because my vermont and upon is the seed and i didn't have problem with my contact but, but i want to say i for you don't for your brain i, i want to please somebody to still which in the price is a one we flights from russia has been skyrocketing since bought in speech and they're still selling out fast. and that's her time. aaron tilton has more and a bit. thank you for your company ah ah, with
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