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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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shattering the glass ceiling women in architecture, ah, to smith has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d, w. ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, a surprise prisoner swap between russia and ukraine. russia releases some 200 prisoners as part of the deal. most of them captured during the siege of matthew polt, also coming up against decision to mobilize hundreds of
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thousands of reservists to fight in ukraine. sparks protests across the country and ukraine's president called for a special war tribunal and lays out his conditions for peace with russia during a speech at the un general assembly. ah, i am pablo foliage. welcome to the program. ukraine and russia have carried out a prisoner swap with russia releasing over 200 prisoners of war in return for 55 russians and ukrainian oligarchy. and putin associated victoria made that choke. 10 foreigners were among the prisoners handed over by russia, including 5 british and 2 u. s. nationals who were flown to saudi arabia. many of the ukrainian prisoners
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have been captured during the siege of matter. you are i? well, let's turn to our correspondent manual shots, who's in hockey, in northeastern ukraine. i am on you're out. good to see you. so, a significant and perhaps a unexpected development that had to involve a great deal of negotiation. right? exactly. pablo a 1st time you might hear behind me as the national anthem being played here, although hard key, if it happens every day, it is played in a memory of their as sold is of ukraine who lost their lives during ad these live and how not to think about there are more than 50 sold ears who recently died on july 29th in the prison up all the news caught in, don sd, these had been a national trauma and waking up to the news of deliberation of $215.00 prisoners all for including over a 100,
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our prisoners who had or who were part of the as our battalion who defended mario, paul. well, these came as a much needed and pleasant surprise here for ukrainians yesterday. evening asked and use a started to be published to me, made official. i can tell you, does not one ukrainian pass on. i'm in contact with her, didn't you know her erupt with joy as social media was full of celebrations. are this is, this wasn't expected. we knew negotiations were on the way. turkey and saudi arabia played a role. there are ways as our, our commanders are a 5, as our star commanders are being enter key right now. then they have to be done to go back to the ukraine. those were the terms of the agreements, but i think a lot of relief here on the ukrainian side was in the music stopped there for you a manual. so maybe you can harris a little bit better,
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was ukraine's they're negotiating stance. do you think bolstered by their recent gains on the field? well, you know when i'm the so so, so it was an exchange of prisoners, 55 russian prisoners were returned to russia, including a victor midwest, amid virtual closer lawmaker who was charged with high treason. here in ukraine, he's a, he's putins, close ally, and so when he was made prisoner a few months ago, the lot him is the lensky ukraine and president hard suggested an exchange of prisoner and a kremlin, had absolutely rooted that out. back then. now, does negotiations took place again at a moment where ukraine is gaining momentum on the field at a moment? where's weights can counter offensive is going quite well. so we can see there that ukraine is having the upper hand, and perhaps these has led to the success of those negotiations among the people liberated. so as of style or defenders. also pregnant, are we men,
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a military personnel or a pregnant or military, or where a release, a lot of people are also a who were, you know, those pictures we so back in may of emaciated sold is. and so this is really a moment of joy here in ukraine. mister president vladimir lansky saying that ukraine was not at leaving its soldiers behind dw, corresponding to manual shottenkirk if thank you. now as the prisoner swap was being conducted, russian police arrested more than 1300 people pro, taste protesting the mobilization of reservists to fight in ukraine. president putin says he is calling up 300000 reservists to bolster his forces. their western leaders say his call up is a response to russian losses on the battlefield in
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a conflict that's been raging much longer than expected. yes, vladimir prudence leaders decree is not going unchallenged in russia. but the states crackdown is hard. nonetheless. i protest wandering groups as mass arrests have been made across the country, including in moscow. yes. well, i'm not afraid and not afraid of anything. the most valuable thing that they can take from us is the life of our children. i won't give them my child life found it wouldn't, has called the mobilization necessary in urgent. he accused the west of crossing a line by providing sophisticated weapons for you, grin her to novel. i'd like to remind you that our country also has various weapons of destruction and in certain aspects, even more modern weapons, the nato countries. if there's a threat to the territorial integrity of our country in order to protect russia and
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our people, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal. this is not a bluff nationalist, but his is. the announcement has also triggered an apparent exodus of people unwilling to join the conflict. many of these russians arriving in serbia, still fearful of speaking in opposition to the wall. i asked me, it is you and i have a director because of my vermont and hope all is a seed and i didn't have problem in my thinking about a but i want to say i read on for you brain i. i wonder, please somebody is still pollution. the price is a one way flights from russia has been skyrocketing since bought in speech. and they're still selling out fast. of more on this, let sass fi to our moscow bureau chief erie was shadow. he's faced in riga,
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latvian now after d. w was forced to leave russia. how you're a good to see you. so what are you hearing today about the descent and russia after president putin's column of reservists? the descent seems to be wide spread across russia and people absolutely nervous. it said that partial mobilization, it will affect 330-0000 reserve, is to which supposed to be just 1 point, one percent of the total number of those who can be called up. but the problem is that most in russia do not believe in partial mobilization and think that much more men will be cult up than announced. some are trying to leave the country, we just saw it in the report. a plane tickets have skyrocketed, orders, go to an advocate, and the 3rd will probably try to get fake certificates about an illness in order not to be called up. i've got many friends and russia who are now leading in great fear, even though they have never served in the army. yuri,
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how is state media tracing the call up and how does their coverage of putin move public opinion? well, of course the russian state media leave no doubt that to the mobilization in russia is right and to necessary. oh, it's no wonder they absolutely aligned. a war is about dying at the front of a shadow to buy other specific warriors, such as what shall i do with my mortgage if i am called to up to my employer, officials officially, virus, me or will the reserve is to be treated financially the same way in the same way as a professional soldiers. of course, all of this distracts from the real question. will i survive at all or will i have to die at the front, like thousands or of other russian soldiers in recent months? but these questions have been not asked are on russian television so far, but on the streets where yesterday thousands of people, protested sir uri, we're seeing descent. we've seen arrests. we've even seen booked. i have flights on
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which many russians seem to be, fling the country. is it likely that there will be any tangible impact on proven or the conduct of the war in ukraine as a result of all this? it's pablo difficult to say and if and how many russians are going to take to the streets in the next days or some experts say that to this mobilization is at the beginning over the end of pollutants. korea, because of the mood in the country can change completely. all of us on the other hand, the don't see any mess protests coming because people are totally intimidated. i think that the russians are just totally disoriented, disoriented to the war that seemed far away. somewhere beyond the board, us is now suddenly in the arrow own country and many who didn't want to know anything about as his so called special operation at many are now directly confronted with the war as for pollutants plans in ukraine. i think that a,
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with this mobilization has clearly shown that he has no intention of changing his plans of ending this war. on the contrary, his obviously preparing the russians, the russian people for a long war. thank you. you re did abuse, erie re shadow in the last the and capital reagan. thank you. now to some other stories making headlines around the world. european union foreign policy chief, she sat barella says the e, you will impose more sanctions on russia. well spoke after emergency meeting of a you foreign ministers on the sidelines of the un general assembly. the decision comes in response to the crammed ends, order to mobilize to reserve troops for the war. a new crank. miss winey is government says it will assess every these application by russian citizens seeking to avoid military service. there are already exceptions for russians on humanitarian grounds. earlier neighboring latvia said,
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we will not issue visas to russians. avoiding mobilization, re enter new york top prosecutor is suing former us president donald trump for alleged business royce. more leticia, james says trump, and 3 of his children exaggerated their net worth by billions of dollars to secure favorable loans. her office is seeking $250000000.00 in penalties. protests are intensifying across iran after 822 year old woman died while being held by the morality police. she was accused of violating the islamic dress code rights groups say at least 7 people have been killed in clashes with security forces. ukrainian president, a ham follow de merit and ascii has implored the world to punish russia for its invasion of his country. in a much anticipated video address on day 2 of the united nations general assembly, he also laid out 5 conditions for peace with russia. the 2nd day of the
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united nations general assembly a conference dominated by challenges and crises, global food shortages, late soaring energy prices. the dangers of climate change all overshadowed by the war in ukraine. the pre recorded in the rear video address president followed him is zalinski laid out what he called the ukranian peace formula. reading 5 non negotiable conditions to end the conflict and unity between different all 5 items of our formula punishment for aggression, protection of life. restoration of she curity enter tara integrity. security guarantees and determination to defend. one south. i rule out that this settle man can happen on a different basis than the graham piece, formal. but as ukraine outlined conditions for peace,
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russia prepared for escalation. just hours before the general assembly gathered. russian president vladimir putin announced a partial mobilization of military reservists. in his own pre recorded address to the nation, he also made veiled threats to defend russia using nuclear weapons. us president joe biden condemned putin's threats as reckless and cold on world leaders to stand against russia and uphold the principles of the united nations shrine. because of nations can pursue their imperial ambitions without consequences, that we put at risk. every thing is very institution stands for everything. but despite widespread condemnation in the general assembly, there is little the un can do in practical terms assembly. as one of 5 permanent members of the security council. russia holds the power to veto any binding
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resolution self ukrainians to flee. right, well here's a reminder of the top story. we're following for you. ukraine and russia carried, i'd a surprise prisoner swap with russia releasing over 200 prisoners of war and return for 55 russians and an oligarchy. ally of russian president vladimir putin. many of the ukrainian prisoners had been captured during the siege of money you pull. all right, let's all for nap. business news is coming up next and i'll be back again at the top of the next era. thanks for watching. take care. i we're all set to get to go beyond the obvious.


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