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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2022 4:30pm-4:45pm CEST

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a, our portfolio d w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. to analyze the fight for market dominance. with d w. business beyond this is the dublin years, a shark coming up to date. he sat as head of state of a can broaden regime that mattered nearly 2000000 people. and now his lost hope of freedom is gone. a urine back to court has overturned an appeal from the former head of state of the committee rouge, 91 year old q. some pun will continue to serve a life sentence in jail. but does this verdict count is justice for the millions of cambodians, tortured and killed. blas get body of police cracked down on cyber crime, gangs accused of human trafficking is held finally arriving for thousands of scam
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victims being held captive. ah. by british manager, welcome to the dr. news asia. glad you could join us. an international court has our panel, the genocide conviction of the last surviving senior member of cambodia is brutal compared rouge regime. q. some pun who's 90. 1 years old now served as head of state in the communist square rouge between 1975 and 79. he will continue to serve the remainder of his life in prison after the you and back to tribunal rejected his appeal against his 2018 conviction. his is only the 3rd conviction the court could manage in 16 years. and after having spent $337000000.00 officially
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called extraordinary chambers, in the course of can border, it was tasked with trying the crimes of the committee rouge. and now it's work is done. we've discussed how effective it truly was. but 1st, this report here to bear witness as a chapter closes on cambodia as violent past. survivors of the cameras were among those who attended the final verdict for the last living leda of the regime that the court rejected. cale sometimes appeal and upheld the 91 year olds conviction for genocide. the med easy than to day met by the supreme court timber a some new milestone for the easy city of all it the mission to bring her to say and justice board with him of the come out of reach him. and also this is the weakening of the n l e c, c c. after 16 years. it's the last rolling for the tribunal that was set up to
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prosecute leaders of the camera. roche. but the un backed court has been widely criticized. i think you and wanted so badly for this court to succeed, that they were willing to over look evidence, a political interference at long the tribunal has convicted just 3, come a rouge, latest. and at a cost of more than $330000000.00 us dollars. the verdict marks the end of the international push for justice, but many survivors say they will never forgive or forget. young blood youngblood. i cannot forget the suffering. young mike, my back was wounded. bob, i could not forget you because i still feel the pain. i will feel the pain until i die, blah blah. the command rouge grabbed power in 1975. there violent reforms
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targeted intellectuals and ethnic minorities and millions of people were sent to labor camps. the regime only lasted for years, but during that time around $2000000.00 cambodians died from starvation, torture, or in mass executions, in what came to be known as the killing fields. chaos some fan served as head of state in the commercial rouge regime. jo, when manly money will not forgive k u. some fun ally if we forgive him, the younger generation will follow him again. the tribunals final rolling has brought some closure for survivors. but with so few commercial aid is facing justice. it's a small comfort for a country still scarred by genocide and on me and also more is 40 not so from the documentation center of cambodia which documents the
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country's time under the command rouge miss. so let's start with the court itself. 16 years and $337000000.00 later, it could only short 3 convictions of a regime that killed nearly $2000000.00 people. do victims of the command rose real that as justice? well, although justice can be done in b can be defined recently by different people fall quick definition of justice. ok . and what did people in my language mean? i don't call it open about gender norman july. no, it needs to make patricia guilty of their bad needs. committed and to prove that in us and so the caught a quarter to fulfill the stroller in that it put commander was senior leaders including he was upon the size, class events, humanity and well crowns. so just this is very expensive, you know,
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you need to pursue it is the long road, but it teaches us how no matter, how much does it cost. and how long does it take? just say it's it rich. you say it is within reach. if you're talking about a period of 16 years. yeah. and the court when wind up after this latest addict, i'm just wondering, is that 8 for accountability for the committee will just crimes. so it is very important to think about, you know, like the core, it's not like justice is not perfect. so it's also got them to think about them to do so. measure it means to be need to continue documenting and educating about the atrocity and to documented the foremost plato country story and became now really got them as survivors in order to elucidate, lack of truth and learn about mistakes in the past in order to avoid. so it
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prevention is very important and we need to also think about our empower survivors . so why it was in the family in order to provide them access to health care and how to check, because they don't have it and to think about also community development. you know, it is also kind of recognition that be fair to, for feel. so now it's timing because the quote is finished. so it's timing to consider about community development in order to compensate what has been lost. although there is no, like a proper or what is the proper amount of compensation, but at least a do something. yes. a pawn himself who's a pain was overturned today. i mean, he was out of state in the computer room, but claimed that he had the influence. is that something that most cambodian
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survivors agree with? why, you know, he failed to convince cambodian people in the judge asked because d from dear appeal hearing that ok. so he is found guilty of genocide. frank again, humanity bar cram, fit me, be happy enough or every day we have enough information. he nodded to his ear, so he fare to do to do that. right, we'll leave it there for the time being. but thanks. so much for joining us today is very important. read it for you now. so joining us from the documentation center of cambodia. thank you so much. thank you for having me. ah, we stay in cambodia where there have been raids on compounds across the country to free the victims of suspected cyber crime gangs. pressure has been going on. can board, you know, authorities to stamp out the scammers, julio,
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people from around asia with social media ads, promising high paying jobs. instead, they are held against their will, their passports confiscated and forced to work in illegal gambling and scam cold centers. cambodian authorities here they found evidence of human trafficking, illegal confinement and torture. former captives have told of brutal conditions in the compounds. the you and envoy to cambodia recently described the situation for victims. as a court living hell, the victims of these gangs, and through taiwanese hung congos, chinese ties and vietnamese nationals. and now slowly we're seeing some finally return to their home countries. the main center of the scams is shianna. feel a port city in cambodia where many of these compounds are located. but there are also reports of gangs operating in my, of our d, me in mama as well as allow us and thailand from all its bringing fin. robinson
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from human rights brought to georgetown from banker fil human rights groups have been pushing for action against these cyber crime scans. so surely, these raids in cambodia are a positive development. well, it's something that's finally happening and we have been pressing for this quite some time. but the raids that we're seeing are really just dealing with the tip of the iceberg. we think that there's a lot more going on that has not been addressed by the cambodian government. in fact, that the cambodian government has been covering up or looking the other way at a minimum when dealing with the cyber gangs. in many cases we believe actually that these gangs have high level connections in various different parts of cambodia . whether it be through the police or the military, or are the government officials themselves on twitter as well?
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today you asked if cambodia was prosecuting victims of human trafficking. i mean what's happening to the scam victims once they're freed? well, what should happen is that they should be treated as human trafficking victims and there should be a, a approach that really puts the victims at the center of the response. but right now, it looks like they're being dealt with as either persons who have violated laws or at a minimum violated immigration statutes and are that they are facing fines and possible prosecution. what we want is people to be treated as victims to be treated humanely, to not be criminalized for crimes. they may have committed by the fact that they were exploited in being controlled and held and ultimately allowed to go home to the countries that they came from. you know, you were talking about her connection to the highest level levels in cambodia and making it possible for these criminals to operate their networks. if that is the
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situation, how hard is it to actually crack down on these gangs, gangs, which appear to be very well connected? well, i think that what we're seeing right now is response in places like can body a to the international pressure from the various governments that are complaining about what has happened to their foreign nationals out to you know, the people who have been exploited in this way. and also the kind of media essays that we're seeing really cambodia is waking up and recognizing that they have a major problem with their international reputation because of the operation of the gangs from their territories. and they're gonna have to crack down. i think that ultimately we have to continue the pressure so that there is a continued wilt cracked on because without the political commitment in cambodia to do something about this, these gangs were allowed to continue to operate with impunity were leave there for the time being always
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a pleasure talking to your friend robinson from human rights watch. thank you. and you'll find more in depth coverage on these scams on, on youtube channel. that's the dublin news. and as ever you can also follow awesome facebook and twitter back tomorrow. the same time and see you then bye. ah sh her i'm just kinda i think that's hard and in the endy to meet you. i'm not a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this smugglers with lions? the what's your story with. ready ready women especially and victims of violence in and take part and send us your story.
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yeah. chain always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not a guests. you want to become a citizen. in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information. ah, the you cause for new sanctions against russia in response to pollutants move for mobilization, will speak with a top economic adviser to ukrainian president, florida is lensky about what his country needs needs as it heads into winter and its economy struggles alone. welcome to the show, i'm from beardsley in berlin. it's good to have you with us. the you says it's preparing new economic sanctions against russia in response to its announced military mobilization and the preparation of so called ref, random's in ukrainian territory of foreign affairs chief. you also bore over the
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use of the measures would focus on individuals as well as certain sectors of the economy. there would be the 8 package of sanctions against russia or moral was speaking in new york after meeting of you foreign ministers on the sidelines of the un general assembly. and from on this, we welcome oleg sankoh to the show. he's an economic advisor to the automated zalinski president of ukraine. mister st. thank you for joining me here. terrific. i want to begin with these sanctions or the discussion of new sanctions with this escalation that we're seeing from putting in terms of language in terms of mobilization. can we expect, do you expect that to sharpen e resolve for sanctions? or do you expect to see a lead up as we near winter and colder temperatures? look now i think that it's very clear for everybody the war now.


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