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ah, ah ah ah, this is the w news, lying from berlin annexation votes are underway in russian hill regions of ukraine . western powers of called the circle river, and it was a sham. they say russia will fix the outcome to justify its illegal occupation of ukrainian territory. not far from the front lines, a city liberated, but in bruins,
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ukraine's army recently pushed russian forces out of compliance. but as our correspondent reports life there is still far from normal. also coming up runs, president vows to investigate the death of a woman arrested by the morality police. that's done little to quelled public outrage as protests. turn into an open challenge against the government at youth activists around the world stage, a global strike to draw attention to the climate crisis among the demands more, right for countries impacted by extreme weather events. ah, i'm been for sewland, woke up there being cold sham referendums. russian installed authorities in ukraine's east to have begun holding votes on joining russia. the circle referendums being held in areas that make up 15 percent of ukrainian territory. but
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they're also taking place in the middle of a war zone and the south strike outside one polling station in russian occupied on yet overnight left 6 people did pro kremlin separatists blame ukrainian forces. the voting is expected to last several days and result in the regions annexation by moscow. ukraine and western government say they won't recognize the outcome. d, w. russia analyst, all mangold giant, who told us that the referendums of part of a wider russian plan 2 will raise you cranes identity. well, we have to keep in mind that the general goal of russia is to destroy, to disintegrate and crane. and this is what is all about. and these so called referendums are just an instrument on the way to that goal. so it is very important for russia to occupy ukraine, but not to look as an occupier. that is why they are staging these referendums and
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the so called referendums, in order to know to make an impression that people leaving the ukrainians. i actually won, willing to join russia and lottery, so gender us to accept them. so it is, of course, a war situation and no referenda is possible under war circumstances, nor a friend are possible according to the ukrainian law. and there are many other reasons why it is all illegal. but it is also important for russia to distract attention from the defeat. the russia suffered in the region of hockey in north or ukraine in early september. but such referendums were planned from the very beginning. it's, it is part of putting st plan. and finally, last but not least, i think those experts who said as, as this war started the invasion, started in february, it is a kind of a gift for the russian president vladimir putin. bo will turn 70 in october. i think there is something about it. yes,
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and this is also an explanation why russia is, is in such a hurry. of course, this isn't the 1st time the brushes been trying to declare ukrainian territory as its own. let's take a look at what's happened in the past. oh. 6 russian residents of done yet, sc, celebrate. in mid february after russia recognized the ukranian region as an independent state. days before russia began its war. people here thought the declaration would bring peace, that the woods in ceylon, which it's very important for all of us, that peace will finally come to our republic and to lo hands can we just want peace and calm with both. but neither was easy. the intricacies, but conflict escalated after russian president vladimir putin. you signed up to support the separatists and used their claims of oppression as grounds for an
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invasion. now moscow, back to officials in full regions as seeking not just recognition, but annexation votes on whether to join russia will take place in occupied her son zap or asia lou husky and don. yet sk pots of which have been held by separatists since 2014, when crimea was seized by russia following a so called referendum. kremlin installed leaders in the regions raced to announce their ballots days after ukrainian troops recaptured sways of eastern territory. they have been preparing for months signing up residence as russian citizens in lieu hans, cuz some see the vote as a way out of war and deprivation. love that. yeah. well my, i think the referendum will be for the best idea that yeah, that there will be water and electricity. the people will feel like they are and
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a native land you the border to get used to what mattered no jim lee. but for those who fled to ukrainian held parts of zappa asia, the votes are a sham. what though, it's a violation of international law? it's a fake task to show that occupied territories want to join the russian federation, which is a total lie. the ballot papers are printed, but there's no question that the outcome will entrench the conflict. while the ukranian and western government are going to recognize, are these, this, these votes and the results of the votes? but what about russia's international allies? well i'm, i don't think we will see many countries are recognizing that these so called referendums are, let's remember what happened when crimea was annexed in 2014. just
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a few countries are agreed to see crimea as part of russia, such as syria, such as when, as well or, or cuba or north korea. so i think and not even are the closest russian allies in the former soviet union. republics, like bellows or context on ah, not recognized crimea, but a rush. i think we will see the same situation here. or even if there result will be $8090.00 or 100 percent, whatever. there will be just a few countries in the world to accept it as part of russia and to accept the legitimacy which is just not given. the analysis there from mal corresponded women gunshot ankle. thank you. the so called referendums, underway were announced after ukrainian forces liberated a large part of russian held territory. one place retaken in that counter offensive was could be asked in the ha keefe region. his, our reporter, nicolai russia,
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is here to stay. that was the slogan, just a matter of weeks ago, hearing coupons, as russian officials handed out passports in the end, the russian flag came down faster than any one could have imagined. but the russian army hasn't gone far. in fact, you can hear its artillery every few minutes. just a few kilometers away. even before the shilling stops, graham prosecutors a fine coming. what remains of this police station, where russian troops had their base looking for evidence of potential war crimes love which also look this up, what you, what i, it's a right now we're collecting evidence, brought the more law. some of the things we're looking for can be lost over time that i'm with them go, or that i am worried that keep what we're looking for dna traces with us fingerprints and also documents model. and let me show the home of thought that the russian departure was so hasty investigator tells us, many of the soldiers left everything behind even their passports. out on the streets, ukraine troops up number the locals. many residents took the 1st opportunity to
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evacuate. let's ukrainian forces returned those that remained. keep a low profile. tell us the fighting seems to be getting worse. hang on, come on with the helicopter. we hope ahead was not ukrainian, as everyone around us assumed it was russian. ah, who had to come in now in a hurry move away folders i think that could be destroyed, could explode and allow way to see what's happening. this is the route to here for lines. this is, terry is controlled by ukraine, but they still constant threat of russian creation. and there's no cincy about life was returning to normal in any sense to work. many locals. life is actually getting harder in practical terms. recent shelling the scene lose 1st power than running water. now guess you know we've nowhere to go. our parents are gone and the
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situation isn't much better why my sister is in a hard key for as long as our apartment block is still standing, it will stay, but it's not heating or water. the people here miss most, it's mobile phone coverage. hottest thing ludmilla tells us is not being able to check up on family. come on, that is correct. sometimes service comes back long enough to say a couple of words to each other. pick it up, but you end up crying together. more than ashley speaking. yeah. what is up fox? my husband has 2 kids and hi, have we have no idea how they're doing? that's good. okay. good. ukrainian officials promised phone service back in a matter of days, although they called promised though if anything resembling a life as it was before february 24th and the russian invasion a few hours of to relieve coupons. news comes through of 4 adults and a teenager wounded and yet more shilling iran's president is found to
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investigate the death of a young woman in police custody masa. mimi died after being arrested for allegedly, failing to wear a headscarf properly. the cases ignited wave of violent protests in iran, which they television suggesting the death toll could be as high as 26, a wave of resistance not seen in years. iranian cities are engulfed in protests. despite the use of force by police, people continue to come out on to the straits. the death of masa armine sparked these protests. women are angry at the state dictating a strict dress code. but now the cause has become bigger. many men have joined to and protest supporting the cause have sprung up around the world. from here in canada to new york and spain. harvey iranian protestors want the current leadership to go. the state is fighting back
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hard. their reports of security forces firing metal pallets, and t gas. the army has warned it will confront enemies to ensure peace. oh, many have already been killed in the clashes. but for some mourners, this is only compounding their anger. at this funeral, they chant, we will fight, we will die. we will take iran back. the rainy and leadership's attempt to quell the anger has so far been unsuccessful. that avenue forced that i contacted her family, the family of the deceased at the very 1st opportunity, and i showed them personally that we will continue to investigate the incident. there are reports of instagram and whatsapp. outage is an attempt to discourage for the protests. the fury that is being caused by masa means death is shaking the hard
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line iranian state. i had the chance to speak to call, and they are tight. who was born in tehran and is head of the middle east office of the german bro costs, et cetera. if i also, why must, i mean, his case has led to such widespread protests? well, this incident was probably the last straw, but actually for long time iran watches the out poor anger or frustration is actually nothing new. we have seen dozens of really the civil obedience. we have seen that the amount of aggression in the street system constantly high in the past couple of years. and that the he job coercion, the coercion of the stage to where the he job is only one example of many forms of coercion that the regime is applying. actually, i'm generation that is in the streets now. is it something new? it is more demanding. it is more defined, it is
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a simply applying means that has never been applied in the, in the streets. it is more king security offices, ridiculing them. it is burning pictures of the head to state and actually cheering about it. so this is actually a very new character and it seems that could have a respect people had for the heads of state or for these limit republic in general, seems to be completely gone. seems to have completely vanished just how dangerous are those types of protests that you would just mention? it it is very interesting. indeed, we are actually in right now getting less news getting less years because they're internet located because services are slow or blocked. but the put us ongoing in over 35 cities according to protest, which is inside the country. we are seeing a lot of injured people,
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especially in the west of the country, some parts in the west of the country where she not me or massa. i mean he was born according to eye witnesses resemble a war soon. we're seeing how to house arrests, even security offices coming into the house, the why the balconies. we are seeing a policeman. even even beating protestors who are hiding inside the cars, beating them with buttons. and we're seeing a continuous wave of arrest arrest of all people who have been guiding the protest. arrests journalists, arrests of activists, arrested photographers when, if the protagonist of my book has actually just wrote, that her sister got arrested. and another protagonist who lives in the northeast of the country. and masha has been arrested 2 days ago. so this is ongoing. the regime has vowed to investigate. i mean he's death. what's it about?
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come to expect that i don't expect any outcome at all. and the regime promised to clear up what led to the shooting of a passenger plane 2 years ago. and nothing came out of this investigation. no prosecution. i don't expect any outcome. on the contrary, family members of the, i mean the family have been telling media that i feel sorry, he's offsetting pressure on the parents. so gina, me to come in to stay tv to a full confession. i mean, this is the usual framing, the usual instruments and tools that the regime using. but i mean, these parents have been that was, they have given interviews to western media to ring an ex all meeting where they have been stressing that her daughter has been always healthy and that she has died on a suspicious circumstances of violence. calling they are tai,
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from german broadcast at city. if a quick look now at a few other stories making headlines this hour, at least 4 people who did in around 10 wounded after an explosion near mosque in afghanistan's capital cobble police, a worshippers were leaving out in praise of the time. it's the latest in a series of blasts hungry mosques. in recent months. after dozen migrants have been rescued off the northern coast of syria after the boat capsized with already single and 70 people died. migraines report on from 11 on earlier this week hoping to reach europe on kong is eating its controversial con corona virus entry restrictions for monday. travelers will no longer have to quarantine in designated hotels, preflight adage and tests will replace p. c. artists, business groups and residents have been pushing to relax were among the world strictest coven 19 measures. un inquiry has uncovered russian war crimes in
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ukraine, experts, documented executions, torture and sexual violence. victims range in age from 4 to 2 years old. investigation focused on the initial phase of russia's invasion and on the regions of keith shania keith and saw me some russian men of draft age have fled dora, trying to flee russia to avoid a military call up for the ukraine war. the kremlin says, reports of people fleeing are exaggerated, but long hughes have formed at border crossings into finland and kazakhstan with traffic much heavier than usual prices for flights out of moscow have skyrocketed. in germany, there are calls to offer a refuge to russians, fleeing moscow's military mobilization. they'll make all that wagner told me, germany needs to welcome russians for the call up and members of pro democracy groups as well
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in germany calls to over refuge to russians, fling moscow's military mobilization a getting louder. let's discuss this with oven wagner. a member of the german parliament for the green, spotty, mister buckner, should germany be opening its arms to people playing russia right now? yeah. first of all, let me be very clear. the russian dictator, but also the population of reference. we want a bit more of an elation against ukraine. they are responsible for the war crimes. they are responsible for murder, torture for kidnapping, for children deresa. that is what the people of russia are responsible for. that is that good? but nevertheless, i think someone fleeing from military service from russ, better for your crane than someone fighting in ukraine when i present the last thing. thing directly to russian young men of protest against fight it or see, then they need to be a play to to and it was always the cause of the dictatorship like somebody union
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all the german democratic republic to close the bought up and it was across the with the cross freedom to open the border for those fleeing from the region. and i think that is because we should have and b type that in europe in law, in the asylum qualification directive, that those person fleeing from military service when this military service is also lead to walk, crime have the right for them. and we said to have alarms open in that way for those or then there's just, i think group, and that is very important. there's another group for which i have high respect is the democrat proposition in russia, and those people, i mean, close contact with an all the time those fighting the regime in russia, but also doing it from the exile because it's even more and more complicated in the russian dictatorship and we need strong programs for this group of people to be able to come to europe and to work from for another law and to get rid of the
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dictate. so it's for who groups i think. sure. but from what you're saying is the message getting through to the russians, do think, have they now realized this is not a special operation. this is a war. well, as you said, there are many ways to deal with this problem. and i'm very, and i keep it to, to stand up in russia. yes, they should do that. and the position that did the dictatorship and it is not that easy to take it to send up. and it is one way to flee from military service. that is not the best way, and it's not the sympathy for people who did not stand up for the war and now try to see when it comes to their own life. but nevertheless, it's better for you to have these people fleeing from the military service. then having them fighting ukraine
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a record of that interview. earlier with all the wagner, they're driven lawmaker with the governing green party. after more record breaking heat waves, drought wildfires, and floods the climate crisis is back in the spotlight. protested from the youth, lead fridays for future group, but to have taken to the streets in new zealand, indonesia, south korea and italy as well as take place on every continent. leading scientists, we only have a few years left to slash emissions to revert catastrophic climate change. but they continue to rise. this is a calling on government to act now to save the planet. after the still so much here in berlin, d w's. emily gordon watched the rally. i asked her whether there's been a big turnout ah, yes been. so we've seen this out of approximately 22000 people here in berlin, which is quite an incredible number. they're expected about a 1000. but obviously it's 810-0000 people who
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came last year to this process. but yet people here are demanding a 100100000000 years in the household. money is meant to be used in, i'm sorry, so loud here. this money is supposed to be used to invest in sustainable and sustainable energy resources and several entities. and they also want to phase out of all fossil fuels. they also want to see investments in public transport. and then they also wanted to use the windfall tax on energy companies to support my income families right now in this energy crisis that's also going on simultaneously will, is the demonstrate, is there will be if they turn off the volume, have they taken into account the financial difficulties, we're all facing right now of a war in europe. hi,
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inflation. the energy crisis as well. yes, i mean, earlier today lose annoy ball who's the face of the climate movement here in germany . she took to the stage and addressed this problem exactly. she said that these crises are not separate, so they are connected and it is no, no use to play one crisis against the other. take the energy crisis. for example, if we solve the climate crisis, we are like you thought solve the energy crisis. phasing out fossil fuel than turning to renewable energy is going to help us in both regards in the long run. so she very much advocates it for maintenance, for keeping these crisis. you know it's, it's a thing that connection between these prices and, and really solving. that's about it, addresses all these prices as well. not just one at a time to go with your family, gardenia and berlin for our thank you. rescue crews in tasmania, racing to save the last surviving whales from a mass stranding around $230.00 pilot boils were found on the west coast of the
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australian island. 2 days ago, most of the bod have died and must now be removed from the shoreline. an alarming sight on a beach in tasmania, some 200 pilot wales died after stranding themselves on wednesday cruise managed to re float over 30 surviving mammals, but some return to the shore line. yeah, no, i mean it's a significant event, like as he can say behind it's very, it's extremely sad to say these beautiful intelligent animals, you know, on land where they're not maint to bay. unfortunately they storm and the proportion of them haven't made it. but i think in terms of the community, it's just a real sense of pride. and you know, i also, i sense of achievement interest that everyone's collaborating and working well together. it happened 2 years to the day of australia's largest mass stranding.
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nearly 500 pilot whales were found beached at the same harbour in 2020. the entrance is a shallow and dangerous channel known as hales gates. preparations are under way to move the carcasses into deep waters on sunday to avoid attracting sharks and spreading disease. scientists remain puzzled over what causes mass stranding researchers are now looking for clues as to what led in these animals ashore. a reminder of the top stories way following foyer voting continues in occupied east and you crate in so called referendums on joining russia. the votes, organized by rushing back to authorities, are expected to last several days. several regions could then be annexed by moscow . the waste has condemned them as sham ballots and iran, se television says as many as 26 people have died in the protests that are prompted
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following the death of a young woman in police custody marsan mimi had been arrested by iran's morality police for allegedly wearing her head scarf too loosely watching d w news coming up next in dw news asia. a look at the growing opposition to the state funeral of assassinated, former prime minister should so ave. and why these indian fishermen believe this new port will disrupt their lives and livelihoods? that's coming up with be rash manager. i'm been puzzling. thanks for watching. enjoy your weekend. i'll see you next week about ah, with ah
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ah, with a
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blue every journey is full of surprises. we've got all out. you won't even be the foot of the right people in your northernmost count to play a very much a line dw channels. your guy to the special in germany. it recognizes where exactly it was fun and i learned a lot our culture history, all their d. w. travel extremely worth a visit. who how did she become adult hitler's favorite director.
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and how did he become a forgotten film pioneer? leaning, he finished and unknown to fund between hitler and hollywood. in 1932, they set out into the icy wilderness of greenland to create a life threatening a film project that became a major milestone in their lives. love, seduction, and power. ice cold passion starts october 8th on d w. this is deed of the news, a shark coming up to dave, a state funeral in japan. tom's political assassinated home of prime minister, shinto alby will be laid to rest in a state funeral next week. but revelations about his diaries to a controversial church group have fueled widespread opposition to the plan.


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