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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2022 3:45pm-4:01pm CEST

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we'll see how one fashion brand is bringing manufacturing back to germany. as part of it sustainability push fans could out could an alternative to vinyl be the beginning of a more sustainable l. p. without compromising for quality? for walking to the show, i'm super busy in berlin. all of europe is watching as italy, alexa new parliament on sunday. pulse of just the far right coalition, along with georgia, maloney and her brothers of italy is likely to take office. it's expected to make tax cuts and deficit spending a priority over economic reforms and for european financial markets, that's a bit of a concern. building luxury boats is particularly expensive right now. that's because the costs of raw materials and energy are rising here too. in the central italian region of america, there are also the typical italian problems that have never changed, complains, co owner giovanni calico, even though so many pass politicians promised they would look at route to the one
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to him. but i believe all entrepreneurs want to essential things. the prima, the 1st is lower and fair taxes, bossa google lexical, and the 2nd is less bureaucracy. michelle garcia. this is exactly what the far right populous party brothers of italy promises to do if it comes into power. a promise that lures medium size entrepreneurs to lean towards party leader, georgia milanni here and the only a region the steel industry has a long tradition. at shy, specially tedney is one of italy's largest steel mills because of rising gas and electricity costs. the plants sent 400 of its more than 2000 employees home last week. they'll receive reduce wages until things get better. is there diplomacy? i think we need structural reforms like other european countries, such as france, germany and britain. this would be a real help to us,
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both for citizens and for companies that cannot get ahead. rather than having the usual bonuses. i think it's important to simply done problems existed in the italian steel industry long before the war and ukraine began, and energy prices rose. still the workers from the steel mill expect the new government to do more for the economy and their livelihoods. angelica donati, as president of unchecked giovanni, that's part of the national association of italian construction firms. she joins me now from rome. angelica welcome to the show. describe for our viewers, the kinds of difficulties that your industry is facing. in particular, we are very much struggling with rising cost. cost has been rising since the end of 2020, because after the 1st wave of the 19th and then they saw a surgeon inflation in italy and l slash. but since before the summer, really, since the war and ukraine started,
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we've seen an increasingly strong inflation and pressure on costs in our sector. so just in may today, prices are costs have gone by 35 percent across the board. so although the kind of government in measure is before the summer to compensate construction firms for these, this completely unpredictable price increase of the past year. and it's not enough anyway because they've gone up in more. so. yeah it's, it's a pretty difficult situation right now in a way those energy calls, obviously being seen all across europe. right now. what does businesses in italy, in particular want from a new government? what is at the top of their wish list? well, we want strong measures to be put in place to counter the rising cost. yes, they are, as you said, across all of your comments, but in our sector in the construction sector, in other countries, there's automatic revisions. mechanisms which compensate contractors for cost
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increases. we don't have that in italy and we want that we need that because we need to be able to plan and we go to work. all of the emergency measures that were put in place, expire the end of the year, 2 and a half months, obviously. and that makes it very difficult to plan the long term, and we need a long term vision, but not just our companies. i country needs a long term vision. i think that is what we're asking. first and foremost, whoever becomes our next prime minister needs to think in the long term, just something that historically we've not been very good at. all polls suggest that the next government will be led by georgia, maloney, would you find that long term vision, and those particular measures that businesses need in such a government? how do you see it? i mean, it really depends on what, what she or whoever is acquainted as, as prime minister by the winning coalition. 9 puts in place and decide she gets, you know, campaigning finishes on the day of those and then, and then you have to spring into action. in the past, we've had
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a lot of promises and it's been very hard to whoever stepped into power. it's actually act and then because your acquisition is so complex and so, so we would expect when we would hope that whoever becomes prime minister put their money where their mouth is and put in place as a form that we desperately need starting from simplifying all the processes simplifying a simplifying are very complex taxes them, making it easier for, for businesses to work because it really is one of the leading exporters in the world is one of the leading manufacturer in europe. despite all the competitions we have, if we had to simpler them, we would be able to do much better and we already do pretty well. also the 3rd largest economy in the u. back. what happens? what happens? i'm sorry, let me start over financial markets or looking at this election and they're saying this is a big concern for italy as an investment destination, especially because it is one of your largest economies that could be devastating.
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ultimately, how do you answer the, how do you look at that? you've been talking about tax cuts and eroding bureaucracy. but what do you look at when people say the very nature of italy as an investment destination could be endangered? here? i would, i mean, it's a loaded question that's probably best for both on it. but i mean, i would say that i would imagine that political rhetoric in pain should get way to why my master actually running the country. and i think we've seen this over and over again. there are checks and balances in place and this is very friendly in the center of the european union. i don't think anybody any longer questioning it so i would hope and expect that the next government will continue along the lines of being a central they are in the you making the country in attracting investment because, you know, we absolutely need it because ours are for now that was a joke, donati,
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with the national association of a tiny construction firms, angelica, thank you very much. thank you. one thing in europe for cheap, mainstream clothing like blue jeans. major european brands typically rely on factories in asia. labor is cheaper there and scale pushes down. overall prices of some labels are now expensive. experimenting with other set ups like the brand, see, and a, which wants to see if a more technical and sustainable production process in germany might actually be more cost efficient. lasers give these genes from germany, a worn look, without relying on chemicals. they're made by clothing companies, cna, at its factory and mention plaid back production is high tech work that would need many people is handled mostly by machine. only 100 seamstresses work here. the plan is to produce $800000.00 genes
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a year using green solar and wind energy. then while again, we want to produce again ourselves learning in the process and benefiting from the shore delivery routes from the goods come directly from europe and from renewable energy that enable us to produce without creating emissions. feel green in blue is the motto here. thanks to a new recycling based washing process, only 10 leaders are needed prepare instead of the typical 90. this is made possible by state of the art technology. the company also uses automatic sewing machines, which allow prices to remain competitive. lubano, he will come down with this machine, we can so on about 1000 pockets a day completely. automatically, the worker only inserts the pockets in factories in asia. this is done by up to 4 people and has to be sewn on by hand. it takes longer and it's not as precise. so
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in terms of quality, this machine makes it as precise as possible development. cna hopes of factory will afford them more flexibility. the company can deliver missing sizes to stores more quickly. this is because a transport routes for mentioned, glad back to the rest of europe or relatively short. the factory is a testing ground for sustainability denim. fabric is bleached using laser technology. those running it intend to pull lessons learned here to good use. i'd as listen but we want to take all the knowledge we gather here to other production sites, including in asia. we want to raise the standards there as well for him band, hence man from the n g o in kata appreciates the move toward sustainable high tech production. but he thinks there are other issues that need to be addressed to does in some glue. but while they're a member of the textile alliance, they are really visible in core issues like a living wage or using sustainable cotton. not just saying
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a baldwin cotton made in africa, there's definitely more to deal with lexia, though is different if me a couldn't for now, cna will continue to produce the majority of its clothing and agent factories. whether it expands operations in germany depends on the success of the mention. glad back factory and genes just like these and on the subject of sustainability, the popularity of vinyl records has been growing again in recent years. but making them uses a lot of crude oil products. now there's an alternative material that could make music sound even sweeter. oh, it looks like a vinyl record. sounds like a vinyl record, but this lp is made using sugar. the sweet sounds emanating from the turntable r nor conical turns up to vinyl. currently vinyl records are produced using polyvinyl, chloride, or p v. c. this material is derived from fossil fuels on the finished record can contain toxic additives such as carbon black and heavy metals. the substance that
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is not the music. u. k based evolution music says it's disks are much more environmentally friendly. i'm producing them requires no change to record pressing plants, existing machinery, or production processes. c, e o mark harry says the records can help de carbonized the industry. so 4 years warranty. i'm we, we started with a sugar by st. by a polymer. we found organic phyllis and organic miles to batch. so we go of unique recipe. but we are an hour and a company. what will carry on with iterations of our day to improve it as we go forward. final sales have been rising steadily since 2006. this despite to popularity and instant access of digital media and streaming sites such as google and spotify. in 2020 lp records ad. so cds for the 1st time since the 1980s in the u. s. final sales sore, 22 percent in the 1st half of this year. many music fans where the vinyl has
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a richer sound, long with bigger and more appealing cover art and the sheer joy being able to hold a physical copy. the connection is probably more emotional than sonic. the only difference between by a plastic and vital records right now is a little bit of surface noise between the tracks. which for record fans is usually part of the appeal. that's it for now. we'll be back in a few hours with more in the meantime. jack is out of line. he w dot com slash business, and st. beardley. watch. hulu . i
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reading regal, clearing their dream. ah, to meet this week, d, w. ah, ah, this is d, w. w. news live from berlin. occupied regions of eastern ukraine begin voting on whether to become part of russia. western powers call the so called referendums a shall they say russia will fix the outcome to justify annex.


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