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tv   DW News Africa  Deutsche Welle  September 24, 2022 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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ah, and how did it become a forgotten silk pioneer? ah lady, he finished and arnold funds between hitler and hollywood. in 1932, they set out into the icy wilderness of greenland to create a life threatening a film project that became a major milestone in their lives. love seduction, and our ice cold passion starts october 8th on d. w. ah, this is the dublin years africa coming up on the program. the world health organization says africans are living longer. but how is this happening? one factor is advancements in tech to helping to improve critical health services for women. in cameroon, we take a look at one innovation and hear from it's developer. also coming up more south
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african homes are plunged into darkness for hours on end every day as the countries electricity crisis lessons. but why is the power great crumbling in this african power house? plus, after 7 months at home, students in nigeria demand the reopening of their universities. but the lecturers and the government remain at odds. and we visit a doctor and uganda who even after losing his sight to an eye infection has never given up the blind g. b, still driven by the passion for his profession. ah, i'm told me all logical. welcome to the program. you can never really have too much of life and good health and right now, africans are living law,
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healthier lives. the world health organization recently announced that healthy life expectancy on the continent has gone up from 46 years at the start of the millennium. to 56 years in 2019, that's almost 10 extra years in which a person lives in a good state of health. a key element is improving health care for women, advancement in health services like cancer screening could lead to better and timely treatment. the world health organization estimated some 700000 cancer deaths in africa in 2020 in cameron, one physician has come up with a device that helps to ease cervical cancer. screening for women di dublin years africa's blaze. a young reports from you own day s mother sir has regular checkups. cervical cancer can be cheated even get the early detection. the screening was more cleanings like this one in the capitol,
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yolande. that used to be a problem. there's no special his doctor, or any cancer screening machine. this smart device has changed all that. this is the 1st time sir, has tried all the locally made. keep up blessedly, bestowed, michelle from the auditor the screening. i feel totally fine. that's very different to the previous test that i've done from on the speculum was very different to the mocking. the one they used before was often very uncomfortable. and incom foy did lou flemish noise ammunitions used them at all to call a spoon to whom of the vagina. many women find that invasive and distressing. have walker sheer finding out about the smart device for the 1st time is made up of a mobile phone and is smart sprinkler not that it's less affordable. irene can screen her patients with a smart keith in all the 10 minutes. this is
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a measure relief or people like her walk in mothers health facilities across the central african nation. save hypo level, but it is true that we do not have a specialist here. but thanks to this equipment we can solicit to help with a specialist from a distance who can help with diagnosing a patient can and provide better care for the patients when they appease our surgery. the past lukewarm body will be processed. the practically so did new thing was developed by dr. tucker. so data for you? oh, camry, new medical, doctor and entrepreneur. they control the device as data in real time and diagnoses arrive within minutes. day formation is the da says remotely took by se schanzer. with these objectives that all remained mother were to leave the mother with their found the mother. this was economic levels can have access to our cervical cancer screening at the point of care with dr. taco hoped to launch a smart glass,
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asking innovation across the continent by next year. at the same time, he continues to develop other tech solutions that on south africa's health needs and now joined by that innovator you saw in the report just now. doctor conrad hankle from yonder in cameroon. welcome to d. w. news africa. and now can you tell us more about this smart speculum and how it's different from the traditional approach are going to tell me father. so just to give an idea of the context, right? so this is mark quincy vision to very old. one is called the breast or go or give up one or 2 years old. and you know that the cole, scott, i'm going to sound like a microscope from it. so they don't provide visual either on the screen like
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a computer screen. so 1st of all, this corpuscle device can 3 highs and it's not really available in developing and placing any chris cargo and workers like what we decided to do to build around and you know, based on bank corporate and be talking to one into one portable devices can you can adapt to the people who are all set and this is an area on be able to easily use animals to provide a form in the area. so basically incorporate just pick a little article post and i believe you've got 2 samples to show us how they compare just given i wonder know mark looks like because what it is, i think we mentioned device, right? so device for me, how so that's like so. and then you can on,
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on suitcases. but for the vision is sometimes uncomfortable in some mission. what else to provide or sometimes it cannot for funny visual like so bright. we decided to read over even come, we know that sparks on device which is like piece was the moving company is a smaller size and from the church of covered also to the more comfortable for the women on each of the service for the provider and to bring it, it idea of being offered to cope with scope for g. is that now with this device able to visualize the smartphone are instead of the high cost the lcd screen, which is very busy but yeah. okay, that's interesting. so, so you've sort of simplified the whole process if this a world 1st. yeah,
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of course it's the, the 1st the new movie, right. and come in with the possible corpuscles, each one of them are not over scope. and by then congratulations on this innovation. you also have breast cancer screening that you carry out as well. yeah, i'm in the objective of the project and i did, i try to get it to most common cause of the philosophy about this book or can i come from a 50 percent of all turns us or we can, i can book of them then that's a huge impact to decrease and you are able to sort of use technology to bring the services closer to people wherever they may be. but of course their issues to do with electricity. power outage is a those a problem where you are but of course, i mean with the kinds of course you're on. the complex a course is very difficult,
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complex thinking about going to choose the supply as well as you can make over to t as well. but of course, co creation design will go, we try to incorporate all of these well, the most adopted solution to the context for on a context conrad tank or from your day in cameroon. many thanks for speaking to us. with your watching d. w. news africa still to come losing his side to an eye infection hasn't rob this doctor of his vision for his profession. but 1st, as we saw technological advances and accessibility at the point of care, a driving improvements in the health of africans. but high tech health care is
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useless without the power to keep it running. south africa is in the grip of an electricity shortage. the state power company ask on recently implemented what it calls stage 6 of power cuts, all load shedding as they call it locally. but even that stage 6, many south africans are without power for up to 10 hours a day. and the countries hospitals on not exempt from the power cuts lennox guest a physician, has decided to do something about that. professor adam mohammed joins me now from johannesburg. welcome to w news africa to mohammed. can you tell us how s comes, load shedding, affect the work you do, and what that means for the patients you're treating. thank you so much for having me on your show. so i think the various stages of load shedding have various impacts the now we currently sitting at stage 5, almost touch state 6, worried about given impending dissolved. so an example of my hospital when you have
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low shading is the computers go off the scan, go all and every take, everything takes a little while to stop. so that does put a delay in getting access for the patients to the radiology. and then the 2nd challenge is when you have low cheating, you don't have access to getting the results from what the doctors are putting up. and then they delaying the results of patients actually getting those results. that's a very simplistic way to generate that we have. we installed for power outages. there were never envisioned for load shading, which means our gun in my hospital we bending on average 800 to 900 lead to the diesel a day when the low cheating and for how long of the pockets. so it, it can range from 2 to 4 hours, 2 to $3.00 times
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a day at any time of the day. so our, our, every now is currently 2 to 4 hours a day times $2.00 to $3.00 times a day. and what does that, what does that mean for the equipment you use? so when you have in these outages, you going to damage the u. u p. s. system and the computers. and also all scans are quite fragile and old and should not even being use. they actually end up having much more problems or circuit breakers. d b both have to be changed quite significantly. and now overload circuits also being changed. so we have power surges when the power comes back on. and then you having equipment that takes us a long time to get, replace, going out, and then we again at the disadvantage and mercy of treating all patients, right. and very quickly on a petition you're calling on the government to do something. what you want from the
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government very quickly when i want the government to exempt hospitals from being load shit, it's happening in the western cape, which is one province on south africa that doesn't locate the hospitals. i want our government to exempt all government hospitals. big public hospitals from low chatting to protect the patient. that's what i'm asking for. all right, professor adam mont and johannesburg, thanks for the work you're doing and thanks for taking your time to speak to us. thank you so much. now load shedding as a dreaded tam in south africa right now. the power rationing is affecting homes, public services, and even business, a disaster for africa. most industrialized economy, our correspondent adrian creek sent us this report. when anon was a loft to come, your full work. this was her laundry shop and springs close to johannesburg,
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and she had up to 30 customers a day. but 1st, she was hit by the pandemic, and then the constant power cuts. she had to leave a barber's shop moved in. oh, isn't cos palace? to fall, this is west that it and this is where lost everything only 2 customers remained. none was, is doing their laundry from home. now, shop and machines, her 2 employees all gone. the hotel looked spoke now. i am in a row with the government, but they will send sizzles to say no, it's at present. it will be offered around this time to this time. and you're trying that around stack at still no change or off the ball. checking the lord, shedding schedule, became a daily ritual for south africans. basic infrastructure like traffic lights is down . many businesses and factories are forced to close. others,
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it generators or improve the crisis has been brewing for a decade. the state power utility, as common, has been blamed for mismanagement and corruption. despite growing electricity demand crucial investments haven't been mate. the power utility is heavily indebted despite several government bailouts in the past. 4 years south africa fails to build new power plants to replace the aging ones that often haven't been maintained properly. now, maintainance challenges and breakdowns are causing massive load, shedding the nuclear power plant behind me. for example, has been in operation for almost 40. yes, there is no end insides to the crisis. those who can afford it, invest in renewable cent inverters. but in one of the most equal societies in the world, only a few can went on and was he doesn't want to give up. she's saving money and
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looking for an investor to buy solar panels and get her laundry business started again. most of the ailing power generation capacity was built long ago. i discussed this with militia development finance specialist with more than 20 years of experience in energy and infrastructure in sub saharan africa. and she explained why the system had not been modernized. no, we've got to this point because we did not build enough new capacity to be able to meet our demand, as you can actually pointed out, some of the power plants quite old and getting back to 50. 60 s the new ones, even we have the recent ones which are less than 10 years. but in terms of those plans with problems as well, with the facts in terms of when they were built. so. ringback programs and not just about the old ones, but the load shedding is, is currently, you know,
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say 65 and 6 have been immensely disruptive. we could be on to stage 7, possibly 8. what would that look like? that would be the end of that because that means that s. com has to shed about 7000 megawatts of capacity. and then currently it's already having an impact on our economy and everywhere else, everybody's affected with that. and so that the guy is having issues in terms of growth. so this will have an impact on the now president emsella, i'm a post those on the foreign tour. he's supposed to be the unit un general assembly this week may have to cut that short to come back home to deal with this problem. what possible emergency measure would he be able to pull off in terms of emergency measures? there's not much we, we are talking about a getting a 1000 megawatts from already existing
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a chance from private generators in south africa, and also from the region to try it black in. they get to and now it's going to be able to replenish the peking power capacity, which is your diesel. and i drove power in whatever this is to the p class, but in terms of not having issues building a low. and so we have only 10. so that will not help us and talk about building a capacity over a long time. that's, that's an all the whole that the system needs, right? the system is in the home because we are currently decommissioning with machine to go mackey or bad top not planning to decode machine quite a few by 2030. that means that we desperately need new, reliable capacity to, to help us in that and is the n c government to blame for this whole mass. i mean,
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they've been in government since the end of apartheid. and that's the way to go question, but of course is that really lucky is the responsibility to ensure that we have security off that line the country. and that has been a challenge for many years and we still don't get that credible plan on the table that will address this issue. so definitely a lot of people will say that is the case. ok. who say militia development, finance specialist. thank you for speaking to us. thank you. ah, university strikes are nothing unusual in nigeria. in fact, they have been 17 strikes over the past 23 years, but few have lasted so long as the current one since february, lecturers at major is public universities have not been able to come to an agreement with a government over their pay. that's left 2 and a half 1000000 students stock at home. and as dw, only sat to go my reports,
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this time, they are the ones taking action. oh university students here angry. the are protest blocked the main access road to delay ghost international airport, causing disruption for travelers and snarling traffic. they want the government to end the monks, long strike. right? electric union asked you. i was looking for that. the only thing to do is to list interest, oh, so grand with because our own education granted lesson asked to sign to deal with a government for better pay and conditions back in 2009 boss. the union says promises mid den. i've not been camped. i reported here at the university of lagos
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. when the strike started. i think february, nothing has changed. the halls of learning are still closed. i'm students, nigeria mex international professionals. i held hosted by this academic schoolmates . he format luma is a 2nd year student of economics. the strike has kept her home since february i think points i got like to chris, i was like, i wasn't really going, i'm glad a course just or that the striking lecture asked to reach on to work, triggering some hope for a former if they can call you talk to d, we'll be very happy, i'm glad to go back to her classes as well as we are hoping for. but with electra as union legend to appeal to ruling and in return to the classroom looks far off. even more distant is a permanent solution to university funding in nigeria. finally
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to uganda, where one doctor is winning the hearts of his patients. at his private clinic, timothy or callo lost his sight to an infection, but he has not lost his medical expertise. in fact, his thriving and his job and helping to fight stigma against the visually impaired t w's. julius ma gamble reports from capella. these might look like a routine medical examination. but it is not dr. timothy or kilo. he's blind, so to diagnoses. yeah, patient. he uses all his other senses. the mother has completed trust in his special way of treating her child works concession and he cares for you and you feel like you even get to sleep and welcome. these louis has a touching her healing hand. this way we can is in for him from way we are
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from up to it in 2011 or can i had been practicing as a doctor for 5 years, but then he was diagnosed with a rear eye infection called veritas. they did some surgery, they are on government, some treatment can mark improved 6 months down the road to still to failed. so i just had to accept what had to come my way. and i settled before blindness. killer sees that adapting to blindness has been a challenge both out to personal and professional level, what his mental resilience has helped him to cope. i strongly believe that every challenge has a solution. so i sat down, i had to come up with the, with that, how best i practice my medicine with the little mutation which i've,
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what kilowatts we have full time, 80 who does or their vision investigations such as sing symptoms and taking notes. the physician sees that more than 10 years of blindness have made him a better listener. my hearing. it's sore shopping ever since i lost my sight and eternity. i lot. even sometimes i just listen to the breath of the bid. i listen and i will tell them no, there will dismiss breathing. there is a problem if i'm far away from my stethoscope, i request for it and i begin to mock juliette. according to the wild health organizations, regional office, about 50 percent of the global population of blind people are estimated to be in africa. kilo sees that the fis many forms of discrimination.
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public talks, advocates for the of rights. sometimes if somebody does not know you are back on ground, it is you have to believe that you can do something. it is hard to find a plan to believe that you can deliver oh, killer, inspires the blind community. this football team has asked him to lo, be support for the blind, using his influence. it their way of seen or disguise were of come here. most of them don't have more be tech frances, that are devices that they use to move, for example, white gains. so it's going to help us to link up we to link to a oh, of getting does mavita glasses and other support and equipment that we can using now again. and they're also in the day to day running of october. okay. may have lost his sight. but not the capacity to come back to people. he touches with a healing hunt and on that inspiring. no,
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that's it for now. but be sure to check out our other stories on d. w dot com, forward slash africa, or on facebook and twitter. next time with a with
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who and then i can view is on wheels. 3 clue z bye with
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i know what one does on the streets of africa. ah, let's take a closer look. read 30 minutes on d. w to the point of strong opinions, clear positions, international perspective. russia, a sending more soldiers to the front threatens to use nuclear weapons and prepares the annexation or formal province of ukraine. what can the west do send more? well that stop the escalation, that's what we will discuss on to the to the point in 2 minutes on d w o not has no limit. love is for everybody.
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love is live with love matters and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn char, mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that more divides and denied that. and this i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you to an end. mm hm. when you work as an architect that go away or not at all, women in architecture. why are they so invisible to the larger public? we decided to ask them, and women grow up with insufficient role models. they can't identify with certain professions about their guiding principles. messes, and what is the poetry, the secret of a house, and i'm house about their motivations. a tax
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return so much to you it needs. the real goal of architecture is to create habitat for humans about their struggles and dreams. responsibility is huge. they have so much to lose with shattering the glass ceiling women in architecture dismiss has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d, w. ah, this the t to be news and these are our top stories authorities installed by russia and occupied parts of the eastern and southern ukraine. have started so called referendums on joining russia. balance are being collected in areas that make up 15 percent of ukrainian territory.


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