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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 24, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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ah, where has history left its tracing people? hearing their dreams meditating during this week on d. w. ah ah. d w news line from berlin, russia stages annexation votes and occupied regions of ukraine. western power slammed the so called referendums as a sham. they say russia will fix the outcome to justify swallowing up 15 percent of ukraine's territory. also coming up in the program,
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thousands of ringing stage pro government protest after nearly a week of anger and unrest marked by the death of a young woman in police custody. and italy had school weekend elections for the right wing alliance tip for victory. for right leader georgia. maloney is the front runner to become the next prime minister . ah, i'm aaron tilton. welcome to the program. authorities installed by moscow and occupied areas of ukraine are holding what they call referendums on joining russia . pulling has begun despite worldwide condemnation balloting, is taking place in the regions that had a son. so patricia will hunt in the next, making up around 15 percent of ukraine as voting continues cubes as it has recaptured more gr and as part of its counter offensive. voting is expected to last
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several days and lead to russia, annexing of the regions. ukraine and western government say they will reject the outcome. vote organizers and danielle making house calls, bringing the ballot boxes straight to the people. amid the backdrop of war, residents are being asked to vote on joining the russian federation. all righty. and yeah, of course it's important. we were wondering when we would join russia and life will be comma based on the so called referendums are being held over 5 days. russian news outlets say most of the voting will take place door to door kremlin installed leaders in the regions have been preparing for months signing up residence as russian citizens in lou haskell. some see the vote as a way out of war and deprivation. moon that will yeah. we'll live. i think the referendum
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will be for the best looking war via that. that yes, that there will be water and electricity. the people will feel like they are on day native land to do bottled spirituals. to what mattered noisy maria. but for those who fled to ukrainian held parts of the upper regia, the votes are a sham. well, but the, it's a violation of international law. it's a fake task to show that occupied territories want to join the russian federation, which is a total lie once the so called referendums are completed. moscow could then claim that its own territory is under attack with weapons provided by the west. in rush of latimer prudence, conscription drive to bolster his forces in crane is being met with some resistance . more than 1300 people had been arrested at nationwide protest so far,
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and some men of draft age are leaving the country while they still can driving off while the still can traffic ethan's border with russia has nearly doubled since moscow announced a military draft. but the total number of those crossing the border currently $5000.00 russians per day is still relatively low despite the surge talkie at the sun or new york. yes, there's been some traffic hell, but not enough to make any conclusions how it released with the russian mobilization auto league, a couple of bottles, finland as rushes last remaining e neighbor that i still allowing the entry of rushing visitors on shingle bees us for now. russians planning to visit finland will soon face new visa restrictions. helsinki says it will significantly restrict the entry of russian citizens in the coming days. some men of military age who already have the visa are heading for the exit. ah, ah,
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i just pack my bags and typically go to finland in russia. we don't have flight tickets right now, so i, so i have a single visa and i found some, i found some cheap flight from helsinki to symbol. ah, so yeah, that was my plan. i'm afraid to them on the list want to participate in this war. so i decided to escape with finland on to move to shut its borders to most russian travelers. europe is facing a dilemma when it comes to russians fling military service. germany says it may well come. russian military deserters who seek silence. as i think someone fleeing from military service from russia,
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i saw better for ukraine than some one fighting in ukraine. and when i get presented, asked epsky saying, ah, a so st directed to russian young men of protest against the regime, finds it all fleet. then there needs to be a place to free to a dose playing a military mobilization with 1st half to make it to germany, which does not have a land border with russia. his look now at some other stories making headlines at this hour in an official inquiry by the un has confirmed the russian war crimes and you crave a shoot experts document here under the executions torture and sexual violence which of range in age from 42 years old investigation focus on the initial phase of russia's and asia. china has accused the west of sending, quote dangerous signals on taiwan asian is the statement after meeting between foreign minister wang e and u. s. secretary of state, anthony lincoln,
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new york. it comes after you as president jo biden's, that american troops would defend taiwan if they were attacked by china. a bomb was killed at least 10 people near mosque in the african capital campbell worshippers were leaving the afternoon prayers with the device went off. it's the latest in a series of last targeting mos thousands of iranians rallied in support of their government after a week of deadly unrest. nationwide anti government protests erupted after a young woman died in the custody of the countries. religious police runs president, has promised an investigation actress say at least 50 anti government protesters have also been killed by iranian security forces. hunger among iranian women is still reaching the burning, their heads, gods in defiance, that is unprecedented. in this law make republic, it began with the custodial death of masa armine,
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and 22 year old goodish woman arrested by her on so called morality police. dozens are believed to have been killed in the unrest brought us have spread to cities around the world. oh, you're in brussels. iranian women are calling for change in their home country. now the ve men of iraq, they are not victim under industry to say we never been victim, they try to make us as a victim. they try to control our, by the, as an object of sex. they try to control or sexuality or bodies for dare, ideology for a jack to your critique regime. me are to say the are against kill critique regime . need john 20 of thorazine me want to overthrow discouraging masses become a symbol of the oppression that women have been facing. and around for 43 years.
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it's different this time because the country is united and they're all saying together, no more islamic republic of iran. it's this law maker republic versus iran, and we're here to support them to do everything we can to be their megaphone to be their echo chamber. back in there on the regime is organizing its own demonstrations on the protesters and rioters that took to the streets are not ordinary people. they are trained groups that have entered our country to destroy the ruling system. okay, we definitely won't allow this to happen and it doesn't matter what came up. we'll step but there are fields that the states response to go beyond counter protests. parents, chief justice, gone for security forces to respond to any further anti government protests with force. taurus appearing far as a researcher in the middle east department of human rights watch. here's her take on the current protest. so unfortunately,
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it seems like the iranian authorities are reverting to derek to go tactic when they see they're faced with white sprint calls for changing course. which is cracking down on protesters. we're getting reports of sophisticated internet shut downs and restrictions on as says to social media applications. we're getting reports of arrested political activists and human rights defenders. doors will remain out of where outside prison because we had seen an escalation of crackdown over the past year. and we are seeing very worrying accounts and videos of excessive use of force and, and reports of death even to produce are increasing. so it seems like a authorities to go back is to come down with an iron fist, but i had never seen criticism against compulsory the job loss, so widespread. and so divers within the iranian society and inside the country. so
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um, i think regardless of how these protest proceed, and unfortunately we're seeing warring signs of escalation of cracked on that that should be called out and it should be put on notice for not not cracking down on protests. the conversation on compulsory to job has moved forward and, and the growing demand is not something that yawning. authorities can easily brush away. italy heads for the polls is coming weekend with alliance of right wing parties. tip for victory. georgie maloney, whose party has neo fascist roots, is the front runner to be and the next prime minister popular sentiment is expected to usher in the most far right government. since the end of the 2nd world war. oh, they are gearing up for a victim. tens of thousands have gathered here in rome in support of his self described center. right coalition, former prime minister, silvio berlusconi,
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x interior minister, mature. so the and the rising star on the far right ga maloney, have joint forces, maloney of the post fascist brothers of italy party looks like to become italy's next prime minister. campaigning on guard, family and homeland. there are fear she may roll back on civil rights and endangered democracy. people here see maloney's party as the answer to many problems. jessica is all about, seeks to safeguard our national identity with an increasingly globalized and crisis written world. krishi had youngest. we believe that without her, our country will continue in a downward spiral that has been going on for a while and that is looking at it la, that's ga maloney's right, is definitely not her radical right dad. it's a right that basically defends italy's interest. he then he die. yeah. her supporters want a strong leader and to night maloney renews her promise to take on the establishment who has frightened us. there are people who are afraid. friends of
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those who are in positions, they do not deserve just because they are members of the democratic party. it's good, they fear us. now, in italy, public opinion is divided between the left and the right. the reason the center right is so far ahead in the polls has to do with their strategy of the parties that are traditionally representing people from the left did not run together. they didn't and managed to make a single collision. is the result that this is the 1st important advantage by descent. the right the right has the attention of the entire country. they are setting the agenda during the selection campaign. the democratic party, their largest rival on the left, has been live playing catch up, met shamore, a lot is at stake. a social and economic model is at stake. fiscal proposal, it's by the right that favor which people they think the proposal for more presidential system. and modifying the constitution, and i've also put it in in sally's moment. if you get a legacy itsyana,
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it is too early to tell what a far right government would mean for italy and europe. throughout the campaign, georgia maloney has sought to tone down her messages to convince moderate voters to vote for her. if this election rally as any indication, she may well have succeed. return to some sporting news now and in the nations league. germany surprisingly lost at home to hungry. the wind for the visitors mean they need only to draw with italy in their final game to win the group in early golf from adam sali was the difference between the 2 sides and see if germany lose for the 1st time since coach hands, the flick took over 14 games ago, italy beat england in the groups, other game, meaning germany slip to 3rd in the table. they play last place angland on monday. and his reminder of the top story were falling for you at this hour voting as begun unoccupied parts of ukraine. so called referendums on joining russia. the votes, organized by russian controlled authorities continue into next week. several
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regions could then be antics by moscow. the west has condemned the ballads as a ship that your news i'll take to this hour after break road stories, take a look at the horrors of russia's occupation of your brain. we can always get all your latest news around the clock on our website. it's d, w dot com of course you can always and social media where are handle is actually to be news clear until about me and the entire news. your berlin, thanks for watching with with closely with.


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