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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  September 24, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm CEST

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a inside our correspondence on the ground reporting from across the continent. the trans doesn't matter to you. in 60 minutes, dw, i live and on demand. pod cast language courses, video and audio. any time anywhere, dw media center. hello there and welcome. it's time for another edition of this. 77 percent. sure. well we tackle the important issues affecting the lives of africa's youth. my name is wanda camara and as always it is such a pleasure to have you here with coming up on the
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shore. we meet award winning namibian thing, our top shirley, what we're will experience flesh on like you never seen before and the design of behind it is a put us florida. and finally, we'll do the west african deserts hub, naomi in jeff with wrapper black killer. it is an exciting shore, so let's get in running with start off by meeting monica pioneers, aka top sherry. what we're see is one of know me b as music calls tab, a journalist by profession, an actress, an artist, by passion, this eclectic singer, exist outside of any box pushed on to ha, ah, hello to 7 for centers. this is your goth cherry. what was all the way from number
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b, currently in the heart of been took and i'm about to show you around then took city . so please follow me. let me show you around i. monica is also known as the top cherry is a rising star and maybe as music see the 31 year old has collected pretty much all the nominations, namibia has to offer album of the year. best new come up, best collaboration, best valuable artist. but what does top cherry, what, what mean tough j, what. 8 what means the number one go like top means on top, on top of the game, number one, nobody can come on top of that. you know, and the want to, i just came because people would always say, what are you doing? what a, what about, what's next? what so i added that. what was the music varies from john stall to afro park to rap to gospel. but top cherry herself refuses to box in her music.
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i don't like to put a genre tag on my music because i think my music, i just wake up and when i go to the studio, it depends what i'm filling. if i feel rock that day, i can do a rock and roll song, you know? so yeah, i do music that people love because people love me. i love people doing what she loves, while wearing many shoes, a journalist by profession, an actress, and right to buy passion. but top jerry has certainly found her calling music despite being one of them. maybe as top artist, top cherry mingled with the crowd like here in the single quarters market in catera . i have that every show the next morning or yeah, cuz this, this is a, when did you have to have the spice and the children to get down really well
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in her mother tongue or she bumble is an ode to her heritage and culture being a maybe in itself is a source of inspiration for top cherry, particularly namibian, and there every day, hustle motivator. so this is the heart of got the 2 rugs. those are the super bowl that came from the north. they came from good. how's the game from oak park ira? they came from their homes to the city, basically took on make a living. most of that at times i tell stories from people here, her cannon, i'm on die and i. * and i and our god died. i'm in, i'm and i and i and our god died. goes in, but bear bear with the hell. what bella could japan out? the whole bill. why she long i, she's glad that she got there. that was she don't. mccomb was she got my fell meaning leg. don't think about the situation that you are in to day. doesn't determine your to morrow. all you have to do is post to day. so that your,
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tomorrow's better her dreams are valid. what you want to be? what you want to become, you can become the right mindset. so that's where you stud heavier made, right? ah . and who do we have in those studio tops area? well, oh mine it is so good to really meet you. i'm glad to be a well counted germany. how is it? it's over the weather, so call it don't call, but i love it. i love it so much. tuck, cherry, and hayes. now listen, you are an award winning musician. yes, enemy be a right? you have one what it boils. now my as that is the namibian music award. yes. who do you have imagined yourself 10 years ago at this point? i'm gonna be laying, if i say no. because i know since, since i can remember, since i was in little golf my,
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my confidence was always on the hand that it you know, my, my, the people at home with always in a, can you read, let's, can you let you know, since i was a little girl, i was singing in church, literally performing in church on the outta in am before me. you know, so i like people around me knew that yes, this child i hear is going to be something sunday. you know, you've always wanted to best always wanted to be as and then somehow you're johnny drove you to journalism yet i how did that happen then? well, our, our industry, unfortunately, namibia it's, it's not that easy. you don't just want to go big and then you will be and i want to read that you right. know like there's channels, you know, that channels i became a journalist and entertainment general as though i met a lot of artists because i used to write about them. you know, so in that process i made friends, he, in the and, you know, there was this team, a morality a label. when we went to the not to, should cut the color. i would be at the back of the bus with my iphone. and at the
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scene in i be singing and do and would come to me and it was say, do not that you can thing you are doing is, is, is a group of a thing in group. okay. yeah, yeah. and said, you know, you can seeing you in a black. yeah. i know. i know it, but you know that you can do it. you know, to be a musician. just want to understand. yeah. on this bass trip, you went in the capacious capacity of an entertainment journalist. i went as a journalist as i was a journalist. i used to work in that office and he said, there's a role for a little girl with niche it. i'll hear that all over the place and that can, it just gives you. and i said, tell me when and where, and i'm a be on that bus and i was on that bus. and now you have been launching a rather bananas and millions of. he's a, if you don't know what i'm talking about and please on the 77 percent, we are in the know. so please go on your job to go to music la. yeah. so you went from journalism to entertainment journalism is to being asked top, but also you are actually changing lives to your activism. yeah. tell us
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a little bit more about that in my head. i always know there's a little girl is a little boy out there somewhere who wakes up every day and just wishes someone could walk up to her and give her a hug for no reason. you know, because that like i always don't, people like, i understand money is important, put in for that. but just making some someone feel like you are appreciated. you are important. you know, so i go, i visit schools in a college sanitary pads in, i'm a, be a like, it's really a, it's a pandemic. i must say like little girls as young as 1011 is pregnant, you know, and it's most of the times the by choice, you know, so i visit schools and i talked to this both about this things. you know, i tell them the importance of education. why it's important to stay in school. so yeah, like it's, it's things that come from within me. i want us to quickly take a break. but just before the break, i want to ask you, in which language do you dream? i is definitely in the sequence. hm. in on my my that bug in your mother tongue.
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yes. because like i express myself so much better, like even when i pre, when i talk to god and come to me like you'll be go me. this is middle. bob says as a basic, you know, when my mother them because i believe he understands away. oh yeah. i think i dreamed definitely english by young. we are still hanging out with top sherry. what were in the studio, and you know, speaking of language being a unifying factor. i mean, now media is one country that has several languages spoken in the country, right? and undoubtedly, it is a land of beauty, but it is also home to one of the world's most unequal societies, with a huge gap between the reach and the poor. what will it take to unite the country? oh, namibia, a land of vast open spaces. blessed with good climate rich in its natural resources and a relatively good standard of. but it also has lots of top. hm.
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i would know that is my home country, namibia is one of the world's most unequal societies. the gap between the rich and poor is staggering. years of colonialism then that party privilege the white minority population and since namibia became a democracy in 1990, there is still a long way to go relief in the world that, that, that has created the systems that make sure that they will protect the haps that that's the reality of all of the fact that we have to look at the future. we have to look at building something. we have to look at developing. we have to grow as a nation, but it doesn't stop there. high unemployment, especially among the youth, has been worse than by the coven, 19 pandemic. and there is also a significant power in balance in the namibian society between men and women, and gender boys violent is shockingly high. we live in an, in a society where, pardon me, are very much pervasive. are dynamics that also make those choices on behalf of other people. and therefore also remove the agency of especially adolescent girls,
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young woman and gender nonconforming people. and traditionally, you're taught to not sort of really refuse when a men approaches you because this means older than you are. in other words, our country needs a whole lot of uniting and across many lines. but there are many youth who are trying to change that and i am so lucky to have in the studio 2 of the youths wishing for the me be as unity through their acts. i am talking about top sir. we and i ha, i give her my, it is amazing that you met the trying to join us in the studio. i love having you. i went to as to talk a little bit about that a report that we just watch for my colleague or carry talking about unity in the country right in your country. and maybe i sat with you and talk sherry. would you say that namibia is on the right road in terms of coming together we we
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are headed into a direction. yes. but we are still so far. we are really, really so far because the, the necessary people that we need to be in the forefront to hold our hands and say, okay, i get what you guys are doing. let's do this, those, those people, we don't have unfortunate which people with like the main people, like, i mean our li does our, our people in corporate, the people that have, like you just said the hurts. you know, in order for, for us to also have the have nots into the conversation. you know, bad people. i had the conversations and meetings for those people, but they're not part of the meeting. i, how do i them? i will get about to ease. i feel that music can do so much good. and when we, when i started my career, people looked at me like, what is this guy's doing? something is weird that i took the namibian flag because that's where i was born.
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you know, i took it and i, wherever i performed on stage, going international, i have that flag with michelle. so like top cherry said, we are on the right way is just give us you the chance to change and make africa. paradise for everybody. yeah, i have, i have to just put this 2 points very succinctly, 1st of all, invite the youth to the table a. secondly, use that add to change that whirl and unite people. now you have a song called a deer journey is it has only adoni didn't yet early years. when i listen to this song i, this journey is just by relating across the continent. yeah. go had yeah. what is have any yeah. some history to this phone. ah, now. 6 is this, is this something that happens every day is can tell you like, guys back home is unless drinking every day to make a heart, you know, then i your head gets broken now like that now. yeah, you also got nothing about a journey. no,
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i'm more like the guy who makes love song. i really appreciate the woman. yeah. don't to these play are things was i think as it's time for women it's, it's your time now you are to in the show i'm one guy represented. but i think, yes, we must show so much more love and respect because especially also the african woman or the backbone of africa. they hold and that's the respect we need to show them. i love this and indeed you have a song that you slightly mentioned about you have what together, right. and, you know, in working with the power, you know, what you, you to, to actually working together. i got a, a, a call for my project. say, jo is, is called me and said he was a song and i'm like, a play when me something when me i'm so busy right now. i hung up and i went above my day, i think the producer called him as a guy, that guy doesn't believe me. so here is the number get a call in and like, okay,
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for a number along hello. yeah, this is mag all. can you ask people knees i was, you know, was really big. wow. now i have to ask you, why do you think your song, which is why when we united. right, why do you think it's so important right now? i think it's important, especially where, where i come from, you know, because especially in the odds, you know, everybody's trying to do their own thing. everybody is so, so concentrated on their own thing that you don't even when i let someone else in, you know, but when we did that song we is showing that it can be done. you know, we can work together any can be a bomb and we can make it work. listen, the 77 percent has got it. what you're asking? well, the coolest people from now media in those studio. now let's head over to south africa to meet. how again, all my she, lou, aka. how much interesting name, right. but the background is even more fascinating. machine uses the cow is
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a fact that symbol of expression and one straight how culture is changing. the title of my outlook is one to 3 block myself. it come from a game, hide and seek, basically. we to play when lead maternal grandmother. my name is call co mass, i'm a sculptor primarily, but a multi disciplinary coal, much as a deep fascination for the coal and it's not just in her name's the contemporary artist from 4th africa, limpopo province was raised in the city of 20 is known for her distinctive sculptures, call much truthful religion, culture and identity in her act. as a member of the petty people, she married more than a traditional art through the symbolic him of this acrid call. my name is actually call hello much about my c low birth given name. my mom used to call me call call when i was younger, so the call part kind of stuck to me when i was all that decided i'm going to go in
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with the call. what stands out for me is this how prominent that is within our practices within the slaughters family gatherings, bringing people together and the most significant being the how the call is the bridge between the ancestral plane and our coal. much you the synthetic live and was to create us cultures combining the various fabrics, either nor to an oven upbringing, in stark contrast to the coal, which is a common feature for africa, but rural landscape plus uses the 30 materials means no coals hummed in the making of her i have been working as an artist for probably just under 10 years now. i think it started off as a longing to be more connected to the culture. so i pulled from very nostalgic objects that i would see from my grandmother's house and things that reminded me of home. and it says, reminding me of my culture as well. in the beginning it was because i felt that i was removed from a so space. so being a go that grew up in the suburbs, it fathers,
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if i couldn't use a drill cowhide because i'm maybe not as connected to cortez, my cousins who lived in the homelands her by exclusively using the black and white color palate call, much aims to elevate block from its perception as a negative carla to tickets right from place as an a formative color piece is a reach in african history and each one tells a story. recently her modern and contemporary creations of caught the attention of the international market. my work as well as my physical appearance or aesthetic both tie in together in being its own version of a culture that is thought there, but just inspired by culture, but also there within itself. most african cultures expressed their beliefs through their art. this has played a significant role in shipping the collective cultural history of the world. now
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it's called much as time to take the spotlight on the international uh stage. always staying true to her petty rooms. holy cow, amazing cultural preservation, therefore, how much our next airport is tied to cultural preservation in a more than we, singer and design of quill tower, is leading the fashion revolution in congo. have brandley put a swagger, takes cues from africa, philly, to raise them. and congo was laughing, flash, one subculture, no 2 of her creations are alike and how unique fashion also acts as a mirror to hand music. but what african traditions i as her? ah, we would go further early put us, i'm a my a brand if coldly put a swagger because my brand is based on the loin cloth. i am a 100 percent of for feature is tied reporter and linger means loincloth and
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swagger. means fashion. i don't within for, for why do i see on my creations are usually made of knowing close wilkinson orbit that there are more, well, it connects me to my continent and really supports my african identity. or i'm all mon, you don't you just because i don't believe it. but at least there were stage outfits, because i am a singer fulton humor. i say to myself, i want to make something that no one else will wear and then displayed in a museum. i love the book, frozen premier pool, you put us walk out was born. i also make this clear in the spirit of rebellion as premium. what was through a i didn't want to be boxed in and was psychologically ready for people to reject my ideas. more africa, i humor,
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go through there. i consider myself an afo features designer. if you're talking about africa, then it's africa, which ultimately inspires me to laugh. quickie must be able to not. oh, oh, well, we'll just swagger is one for the wild. i hope to take it as far as possible and become a showcase for africa. while our opening reprint will, i think, i will probably pub idea if we don't be afraid of obstacles. don't be afraid of difficulty of the moment because there's no shortage of the law. for barbara, but me to have faith in what you do. that's super important. you prefer to see me properly in the shop walters. of people at the top of the
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liquid a slug is definitely a feat for the young alfred feature he speak you now from the congo. we fly over to the jazz capital in the army which rises like the watches out of the sahara. the city on the banks of the new jerry ver knows how to trade. he then throw apache, and we have the pleasure of following one of the country's biggest, rough ha. but our key now who is taking us out to see the so out of control? well alex, i'm everyone. i'm burkina bowen, allah, i'm from leisure. and this is the beautiful city of miami, where i grew up. i'm very happy to welcome you to my city in the army. thank once on that radical ms years capital near me. it was the sahara, but there is no denying the city lash green fight, none other than west africa. biggest river flow through it. and 15th,
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the city of over 1000000 is in some of flood najia. we are at leisure river. it's our pride in beauty. it fits the city and give the charm not a mile. mia made both a make of west african and the heron, heritage fulani, grandma houser, and 2 or 8 people live. he added to his roots. burkina writes his lyrics in both hauser and samar, with an average age of just 15. near is the wild youngest country and the use of near me city market. well, the devil as extras. inver aquinos decreed you don't quite old grandma. so we are grandma share their biggest market in the heart of near me. it's terrible my ship any pocket, you know, this is my favorite because you can find everything you want here home for kutrovitch rock of it automatically after leaving his hands and follows behind.
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it's time for a snack. the local speciality committee, sunday, drive me legally. she is symbolic of manager in the army, and you can always find it here in muslim countries. it's christy, me job and the american friends are still on his tail later on the swing by the international festival of african fashion. a melting pot of missouri and culture. i mean i know some of these all my family we are here to fema where i have the honor performing good. we have 5 minutes on stage and it's gonna be like nothing else. something come up with. oh, i don't know the whole a waste on like lights and the crowds. burkina takes us to the dean's just outside
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the city. it's time to wind down. i michelle, them for dear friends. we are here with mahmud my guitarist the only engine another minute since we come here to get inspired surrounded by the beauty of nature and peace. and the beautiful view of miami is in yes, we are he a near me and this is also your home. the shuttle all was we are waiting for you and you all is welcome. thank you charles. out for loud, but i key math. thank you so much. i hope you enjoyed that. 12 near me. i think one of my favorite highlights was clichy and in fact, our very generous guest is and top cherry. what were brought on something similar to the clichy which is dried meat with salt and spices known as bill talk. it now maybe at today's show, was all about highlighting and celebrating african culture, music musicians, and full. and i want to know what else is happening in your country. do right me on
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facebook, instagram, and youtube. also, you can drop me an email at 77 at b, w dot com for now, i leave you with some of that nearby and goodness in this song by top sherry and he's title, when will you not enjoy until next time? thank you for watching. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah, ah, with making the headlines and what's behind them. dw news africa. they show that one of the issues in the continent. life is slowly getting back to normal. yeah. well, the streets to give you enough reports on the inside our correspond that was on the
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ground reporting from across the continent and all the trend stuff mapped out to you in 30 minutes on d w ah, india is passed to global power. the country has been stronger in the international order under the hindu hardliners prime minister in modi. but domestically the country is increasingly divided the world of not in the 75 d w o.
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listen carefully. don't know how those 2 things you miss today. ah, feel the magic discover the world around you? ah, subscribe to the w documentary on youtube. several did in the right wing extremists women's rights mckesson again, well might be a couple of late and burned in south africa. people with disabilities more likely to lose their jobs. in the pandemic black lives matter. shine a spotlight on racially motivated police violence, same sex marriage is being legalized in more and more countries. discrimination and inequality are part of everyday life. for many, we ask why?
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because life is diversity, make up your own mind in d. w. need for mines. ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, russia telephones to penalty for anyone refusing to fight in ukraine. it comes as security forces arrest. hundreds of demonstrators opposed to rushes, military mobilization activists say the call up is far more sweeping.


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