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tv   The World of Narendra Modi  Deutsche Welle  September 24, 2022 9:15pm-10:01pm CEST

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well, here's a reminder of the top news story. this, our russian president vladimir putin has signed new laws that increase the penalties for anybody who refuses to fight in crate. it comes of security forces arrest. hundreds of demonstrators opposed to russia's military mobilization activists say the call of reservists is far more sweeping than the kremlin admits dock film is open. next, with a look at india's path to becoming a global power. i'm pop up on the list. i'll be back again at the top of the next hour for me and the team here in berlin. i watch a vibrant habitat ended glistening place of long the mediterranean sea scene of muster. and so far, abdul karim drift along with exploring the modern lifestyles and mediterranean
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maybe 2 you journey this week on d. w. ah, ah, india is often called the world's largest democracy, a sleeping giant, a country seemingly in search of a leader who could strike a balance between tradition and modernity. with nearly 1400000000 inhabitants, india is poised to overtake china as the world's most populous country. and its economy is also in the midst of transformation. the country is modernizing at a breast, taking pace, hoping to reduce social and equality and compete on the international stage. india boasts the world's 2nd largest military. it's geopolitical status as
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a nuclear power position between china and the west has allowed the country to claim its place among the worlds superpowers. after a century, a british colonial rule, the hondas gandhi, and java harlow nehru, succeeded in securing independence in 1947 by non violent means. following 60 years under the leadership of the nehru, gone to dynasty in 2014 india for the 1st time elected a member of the opposition party, a man from a modest background, no render mowdy took off his promising national renewal. with the right wing nationalist is india's new superstar he now has one of the highest number of twitter followers of any politician in the world. movie is she's the largest ally figure
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he has been consumed in his image making. i'm a self made man. you know, my father used to sell tea. my mother used to clean house. i'm a lower cost. mum, put me in the prime minister's office. i'll create 20000000 jobs. now render mowdy had a mission. he believed india needed to reclaim its pure authentic past. and its vital role in the world. india is good to reclaim how history from its glory days went of an almost levels. when the, when all british we were all him the, when we were glorious. mowdy seemed like the strong leader that was going to help make india proud to be indians again,
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or how you run off to the object. good target they do somehow. so got all of that. there's got ropes. okay. wow. you it is, these are the in the thank you, let me when i just heard good a false. so the problem you but the next, what is each on? no, it's not a move on axis. moti took center stage in an unprecedented alliance with western states against a common adversary. only now we are forgiving with india because it's account or wait to china. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha. i for a long time, we saw india as an impoverished nation, a place where the west cent aid on the place of mahatma gandhi, where you learned how to do yoga a spiritual place. but it's actually much more than that. it's developed in the last decade into one of the world's super powers,
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autumn global. he's on the home a job. you know. he called himself a jokey there around the wood means a gatekeeper protector. a guardian. he is a person of tremendous energy, perhaps, of best orator in, in the that the country is seen in living memory. but when you look at the, the message and the values that he stands for there, frightening india is wielding more power on the world stage than ever before. it's domestic policies have taken an unprecedented nationalist and authoritarian turn. but just who is no rend remedy and how is he helping to shape a new era in india and the world to understand now render modi's influence? we accompany him to the town of to darn up in the north of india. the town is wholly in the hindu religion. it's where moti discovered the power of his fate and
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learn to share it with his followers. above all, mowdy is a devout believer. like 80 per cent of indians. he is a hindu in this country where a large part of the population has some spiritual life to he's picking up on that knowledge. but he does it at the scale where it can just be meditation in his house . it has to be up in the humana is which, where the gods live in front of the cameras. modi portrays himself as a holy man, a standard bearer for india, and the world will be as a good rule implies that he is some sort of spiritual leader. now, in that sense, in a range or more b as prime minister teaches through example his by who he is, what he does, what he says,
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what he eats when he fos. he is an exemplar of what people should aspire to be and people are wild by it. moody goes to great lengths to cultivate an image of spirituality. in 2019, he walked 22 kilometers through the himalayas that nearly 4000 meters above sea level, in the revered kato no shrine. he spent 17 hours in prayer and meditation, but like the hindu gods, mowdy has many faces. he portrays himself as both spiritual leader and men of action all the while pursuing a mission articulated by the ideologies of the indian bar. right, vinny, octave motor solve our car in the 1920s. solver cur, developed an ideology that was born of the same time as the fascist nazi ideologies in the 1900 twenty's sour got inspired by mister lenny. and what did our wrote in
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his book? he said died for muslim for a christian. india is not a holy land notify the learn. so the idea is to create the indian nation in which him, those are supreme and where all minorities are at best 2nd class citizens, but ideally, should be removed from the body politic. this is the ideology that prime minister movie believes and, and has been bought off since his reelection in 2019 modi has put his hindu 1st agenda into action. one of his 1st moves was to send troops to india's cashmere region. the country is only muslim majority territory, which has long been an object of dispute with pakistan. in summer 2019 mowdy lost an extraordinary show of force. he revoked the
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state of jambo and kashmir as semi autonomous status and imposed a strict curfew. it was a move designed to quash the long simmering conflict at the border to pakistan. one of the most densely militarized places in the world to prevent a popular uprising, modi's administration sent tens of thousands of additional troops to the region and cut off lines of communication. what followed was a purge of opposition. members, primarily muslims, more than 4000 people. political figures activists and intellectuals were arrested . what it has done is to flourish that whole region off the edge to day. her cousins of people are in jail. all the leaders cream cheese ministers. there is no gallons between the full finishing and yami. there is nothing
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in august 2019 with the kashmir crisis still underway. the leading industrialized nations convened and barret's france for the g 7 summit. they rolled out the red carpet for the indian prime minister. moti seize the opportunity to furnish the pacifist image, he cultivates on the world stage and demonstrate his trademark bear hug, diplomacy, circuit, haste, and they get the negative responses came primarily from china and pakistan. that's not a surprise, but the west didn't say a word is it's not a looks he though less fair the west let india do as at least mean as a message was. we'll be forgiving with india for commercial reasons. because india is a great market to sell weapons and more machine damage as well. but understanding modi's rise to power also requires a look back to his background,
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his childhood and the obstacles he faced the render mode. he was born in 1950 and bhatnagar in the indian state of gujarat. india had just gained independence from british colonial rule. thanks, dumont, as gandhi, and jo, a harlow nehru, after centuries of invasion and occupation, india had to reinvent it's identity. mowdy was the 3rd of 6 children. his parents who were members of a lower cast, were grocers, young, a render used to help his father at work that is on lucas will bear. legend has it that modi's father, a member of the oil presser cast, ran
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a t stall at the train station and their city dc, where modi is said to have helped sell t as a boy, god, economies to have a good day. a contingency awful. it's an important element of them to render. a modi met. mm hm. what deepest it means. he's a self made man, man. he worked his way up. he is a man of the people and as against a leader of birth control is in it. like most school boys in his town, the render mowdy was recruited by the r s s or national ball and tier organization, which was inspired by fascist movements in europe. founded in 1925 under british colonial rule. the ar ss sought to foster hindu nationalism. and cast off born influences. mowdy woke at dawn to take part in outdoor exercises and listened to patriotic speeches. ah,
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mowdy learned to march and raised the flag, but also to fight in defense of hindu values as a nationalist paramilitary organization. the ar assess, had found a new enemy, the ruling congress party, and the navy gandhi class. in the eyes of the r ss. they were too close to the former colonial rulers, and to willing to accept the partition of british india into india and pakistan. it was he, they say all sir donald king lot. there were also lessons on india's history ash door recounting the golden age of the hindus and supposedly the oldest people on earth. and when he presents yeah, purpose you're there. the members became increasingly indoctrinated over time until they were finally fully indoctrinated. these some quit a but those who stayed had internalized the ideology. so kinda like moti. so he worked his way up the ranks of the r s. s is this will go east and div. well denny,
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this mode, he felt more drawn to the teachings of the hindu nationalist paramilitary group than to school. in 1965 at the age of 15, mowdy wanted to drop out and join the military at a time when india was at war with pakistan. but his parents had a different plan in mind and arranged for him to marry a girl of the same cast. he was married off as a child. there's a tradition of child in india and his family found girls for him. roughly the same age, they were married off, and when they were down there was supposed to come to live together. he barely hadn't he say in the matter. to escape the marriage, mowdy made a decision that would change his life. he decided to leave home and travel to the himalayas. no can only nikosa miss my interview levix. he didn't want to marry
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this girl and live with her. so he laughed, he left his wife and headed off. he driven by a spiritual quest as he calls italy to i looked mis 1st he went to bengal. then he travelled across all of india from the west to the east, with going deep into the himalayas, where he lived as a hermit and ascetic to on the set. modi later recounted that he spent those 2 years studying hindu teachings and the ost roms of the san to hindu holy men who had renounced worldly life and western culture. ah, after returning from his pilgrimage, mowdy was certain of his destiny. his reawakened interest and hindu religion and ideology, found a home in the hindu nationalist paramilitary group that had shaped him in his youth . his new life could begin
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in 1973, moody was introduced to the new leader of the r ss. bala sub de, are us. the 2 men immediately found common cause. the radical hindu leader became 23 year old modi's mentor and spiritual father. de ross taught modi how to speak with emotion and persuasive force. oh, it's not a lot more. dearest instructed, modi in hindus far. the political ideology of into nationalism formulated by vina yaktel mode, are saba carr, and his successors. it's an ideology that has roots in the wounds of india's history, british colonization, but also the muslim conquests and occupations between the 10th and 15th centuries. hindu nationalist is a belated response to
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a phenomenon that has plagued india for a millennium, which is invasions by islamic armies from central asia. so for one millennium, india was very repeatedly vandalized, plundered by armies that came in from across the western border. a great deal of heritage of india was destroyed during those raids, and a number of hindus were massacred and forcibly converted to islam. in the 19th century, india once again experienced humiliation and violence. this time at the hand of european colonizers no bo implemented them, was the biggest and fun. who is the malazan? whether it was written simply down on the good in very them that didn't leave the
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people that was basically based on that. we made that that then people will be in the name of the lady thing missing there. like did that is sorted in human beings, which is your language. they import religion at their degraded though. indigenous people as a back work not to relate. they're just dried out on thinking. ever since india obtained its independence in 1947. and do nationalists have dreamt of establishing a pure hindu state on the sacred ground of ancient india? it is a very powerful message to send out to our supporters saying india is going to re claim her history from its glory days when the enormous lemons, when the,
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when all british we were all him though, and we were glorious. we had the best science, we had the best religion. we had all the knowledge the world needed, a and the, a gland to the claim that passed under the tutelage of skilled ideologists, mowdy acquired command over hindu nationalist rhetoric. in 1987, he joined the barajas, you're not a party or b, j. p. the main opposition to the ruling congress party mowdy swiftly rose through the ranks of the hindu nationalist, b. j. p. from general, secretary of the good gerad ranch to general secretary of the national party, he was now ready for the next step. the b j. p. decided to send modi to go, jarrett to replace the states ailing cheap minister. the following year, after 3 decades in the shadows of his mentors, mowdy was finally ready to stand for election. in february, 2002, he won his by election to the good. you're on state assembly. just days
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later, tragedy struck at least 58 hindu pilgrim's men. women and children died in a fire on board a train they were returning from iow jaw, where hindus had demolished a muslim mos. 10 years earlier, the train had stopped in a predominantly muslim city. and hindus immediately accused muslims of having set the train on fire. mowdy visited the scene to pay his respects to the victims. nobody's that he cleared about who lived at fire and how it happening. and then, you know, they just came to the front, you know, he ordered the bill employees to be brought to him to buy them, put on display for people to so to express it. they grieve. the muslim community was blamed for the tragedy and violence toward them. escalated moti remained
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silent, riots spread across googe rot. eventually claiming more than 2000 lives. most of them muslim sick girl or says thou heard them when you what we know comes from the testimony of a police officer who is now in prison with he stated that no rent remotely called police officers to his office in good gerard on the evening of the 27th of february and asked them not to intervene for at least 3 days. the response of the police follow them on the deposit of a new phone. don't want to puzzle me work now done within 72 hours, we were able to control the violence more than 500 people that most of the innocent civilians and you're calling this excellent work. i'm not happy. what happened? but what we have done, i'm happy mr. moody realized that he suddenly discovered
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a gold mine, that out here was hugely davis of state and society, which could be harnessed politically. he decided to advance elections. he realized that the riots and the division and the anti muslim sentiment, which had been created in woodyard because of that he had of opportunity to hardness or hinder. what back on this, on what it is, it is showing the december election often mowdy obtained an absolute majority. so more than 50 percent of the vocal funds, that's extraordinary for india on modi had found his election strategy and his voters. but both at home and on the international stage. he was now seen as a hard line into nationalist. the u. k imposed an official no contact policy, and the us band him from entering the country for more than 10 years. to
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win over india and the world mowdy needed to paint a more likable image of himself. jealous unco ah, all of a dog. in 2014, the render mowdy stood for election as prime minister. he and his campaign turned to social media. believing that mainstream media were too critical. an army of trolls tended to his image online. there were also radio broadcasts a web t v station and a youtube channel. our job was easy because the prime minister. busy was a big messenger and he also did give a brief message. so all we had to do was give package it in modern day lingle. um, so we use things from cartoons we was means we used of gadgetry chosen. so each platform, like i said,
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has insulin on different quality. his campaign was one of the most well oiled machines in the world. he had almost seemed but in the supplies of cash, he deployed an army off extremely talented and technologically savvy aides across the country. who built up a database, who knew how to target voters mowdy promised the indian people he would fight inequality, poverty and corruption. but above all, he broke with party conventions to foster a cult of personality. he's a strong leader. and in the so initially, very early on, in his 1st campaign, he talked about his $56.00 inch chest that was strong and would, euro as a sign of his strength. and that image of strength, solidity, discipline,
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almost god like follows, is one that has been manufactured and multiplied and disseminated. endlessly. i will build smart cities. i will clean the ganges. i will make india into something resembling a 1st world country. perhaps even i'll shoot. paula. give me that opportunity. he isn't it. you look. but most importantly, he is a narcissist. he loves to project himself, he believes in himself. he sees himself as an agent of destiny. sesa that topic law. thank up by act though i do not allow any is a typical electoral campaign by no rend remedy relies on emotion and images too and avoid making any specific political statement idea her kind of politic be weak. anybody has no true interest in the economy of
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a po and finances in law. that's not his purpose. the phenol said in a bad applesauce. in may 2014. at age 63, the render mowdy finally reached his goal. he was elected prime minister of india. now he would have to make good on his promises to bigger asleep, promote the country's economic growth, and to strengthen india's role on the world's political stage. mowdy made his 1st appearance on the world stage in 2015 at the international day of yoga. he presented himself as a pacifist and spiritual leader for modi. and for india, it was a publicity coo broadcast around the world. international yoga day is now celebrated every year on june 21st. we are at home modi's.
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political opponents denounced his costly publicity maneuver outside the country. moti conveyed a carefully tended image of a global guru with millions of followers who came together around the world. practically in unison, berlin, cobble new york, paris, sydney, and beyond the gigantic ad campaign with international appeal. when he's abroad, especially in western democracies, he likes to be seen as one of the group of democratic leaders ah, bearing the button of the world. of course it's off to from us. he has aspect to it . when you do yoga, however you do it to whatever jojo, practicing it. i just remember that something was started off in india. i'm. it just leaves you feeling happy about a guy with his global event. mowdy helped make good on his promise to restore india's national pride. and within a surprisingly short time,
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he won back the west's trust and claimed a place among the worlds superpowers. ah, but behind his carefully cultivated image of spiritual liter, mowdy is also a hawkish commander in chief, determined to make india of leading military power. shortly after assuming office modi staged a show of military might, the naval maneuvers were a warning to pakistan and china. india's neighbors and historic enemies, but also a signal to the west, which was prepared to support india militarily. modi was wooed by several global powers who were looking to expand their security partnership. this still unofficial endo pacific alliance was a joint strategy of japan, australia, and the u. s. intended to counter chinese expansion in the pacific. then the
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pacific is saw is where the future, the global system, global economy would be written to the so called hopewell, a sheen, the only counterweight to china with sufficient power, at least in military terms, is india. sale of equal please also applies to the indo pacific. ludlow geopolitical regions spanning from the strait of hor, moves to the strait of malacca whose aim it is to restrict chinese influence in the indian and pacific ocean lozano. so agenda is hump esvito. the countries in this indo pacific alliance hoped to reinforce india's position in the region and present a unified front to china. they suggested to mowdy that they step up their military exercises in the region. prime minister modi came into power at a moment when india was ready to take that role and he has grasp it firmly and it's
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made a big difference. there are now military exercises between those 2 great powers, and although nobody says it clearly, it's a warning to china. america has wanted india to come out of its shell to be the leader in the region that it's starting to step up to be, to be a good partner to the west. there is something that a chinese call their chain of pearls of not quite bases, but ports where they can get material for their navy ships and for their commercial ships. and india sees this with real concern because a lot of those ports are right around their borders into bangladesh. in sri lanka, you have them doing a lot of building and pakistan. they famously now have a military base and djibouti and people in the region, especially india sees with this with trepidation. so what are they doing? understandably,
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they're looking for friends. o modi turned to american japanese and increasingly french courts and military bases to strengthen and expand his own position. by focusing on the indo pacific, moti broadened his strategic alliances. though to render mowdy and chinese president, she shin ping appear relaxed at this meeting. tensions between the 2 asian giants were escalating. the most critical arena for this conflict lies high in the himalayas at the border between the 2 countries. on july 3rd, 2020 mowdy paid a visit to lock. one of the most hotly disputed border regions. some 3 weeks earlier on the night of june, 15th indian and chinese troops had clashed their 20 indian soldiers were killed. it took 8 months for china to reveal that 4 of its soldiers were killed. 6
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ah, i melissa, and yet mo don't says gum. who's the indian soldiers who were killed included a high ranking officer. nobody in the soldiers there fight with hand weapon we because protocols dating back to the 19 ninety's would prohibit the use of firearms says you do so the chinese used clubs, wrapped and barbed wire, leaving the bodies returned to the family in a terrible condition when he shall trespass yellow conclave m e. dyke bail. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, the mob i did wannna i v y i am ah gig ty, anyway, the key. ah, ah, gave julie he it was the 1st deadly confrontation between the 2
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nations in 45 years. but the conflict goes back even further. though china was the victor in the 1962 sino indian war, the 2 countries both continue to draw their own border. chinese and indian troops regularly accused each other of trespassing into foreign territory. the origin of the dispute in the, in the up, the am aaliyah's between india and china go back a 100 years maybe longer because of historically and angina were to lodge civilization. so while civilizational states perhaps are various ones in the history with buffer zones, the buffalo didn't always good to fight to mitchell satisfaction. we have one perception, but we obviously have another perception. they are all on territory that we see as
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indian territory. one in china has accused modi of building a strategic network of some 60 roads in the region after the deadly incident and june 2020 china and india both deployed tens of thousands of troops and military equipment to the border. satellite images show significant mobilization on both sides new road. st training camps cropped up along with military boats, missiles and hela pads and the land will. the government has forced this up. the indian government in mrs to was also ramped up building infrastructure on i was hired offline device to control chinese infrastructure is to well ahead because they've been doing it for the kids, but i infrastructure is slowly catching up. that is also enhancing our capacities
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to patrol, and this is sometimes leading to computations the indian saying to their soldiers don't shoot, but also not backing down, which i think is not quite what the chinese expect. at the same time, india is also increasing its defense budgets every year and buying more modern military technology from the west and elsewhere. what you guys are going to do, my hulu, with performance, won't tell you what to do with young children. while i live in china resents india's ever closer bonds with the u. s. and has been tightening its border controls, and in india ante chinese sentiment is on the rise was equal modi's government has banned a number of popular chinese mobile apps. emily indian security has claimed that
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china has stepped up, its hacking and cyber attacks while he jostled for power in the new world order to render mowdy has also cultivated relations with another key military partner, israel and 20. 17 modi became the 1st indian prime minister to visit the country. and whenever india found itself in trouble beat against china beat against pakistan, israelis gave covert support to india in the form of arms. india marcus was william z like us were traditionally many in india, felt that you could both who good revisions will be out of wood or with these really israelis, but not with book pri, mr. moody believes that you can vote movies visit to israel was momentous for the simple reason that no one of the prime minister dead to do it for fear of upsetting
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are of opinion. but modi's alliance with israel goes beyond military co operation. hindu nationalists look to israel as a model as a country to admire as a pollster. ah, they see israel surviving and thriving in a sea of hostility. it's surrounded by arab muslim countries that hate israel. and yet israel manages to survive only survive but prosper and has never lost a war to them. and they've always wanted india to emulate at the israeli pluck in dealing with its own adversaries in pakistan. bolstered by his new international respectability and achievements, mowdy was preparing to move forward at home with his hindu burst agenda.
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ah, on august 4th 2020 modi fulfilled another of his major promises. in a formal ceremony, he laid the foundation for a new hindu temple in the city of iowa. to be built on the location of a mosque that was destroyed by a hindu mob in 1992. the ceremony was a symbol for the victory of hinduism over islam in india and a triumph for modi's, hindu nationalist bass for 60 years reconvene your fighting because in some groups wanted the temple some little ones that had to be closer to this. how can you build new things without having ones on the past? afternoon render mowdy became prime minister. can do nationalists, began expunging the traces of other cultures in the country. india's muslim past in
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particular, was to be raced from its landscape and its history. overland we smith, pony hinduism was promoted everywhere. 12, for instance, history books were rewritten to glorify the hindu past. and at the same time they demonized the muslim invasion. as soon as medical play, muslims became the victim of discrimination campaigns and segregation. did they're accused of seducing hen do girls to marry and convert them. he deceived yearly fee . andrew buelo, lizzie brucely quality or their said to be planning to slaughter a cow which are sacred to hindus animals. they might just simply be bringing the cows from the livestock market to their farm. them in good and mobs would assault them. you or even lynch? the film it ves, ashley's will. he can do it also love the nation. in late 2019,
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india lurched a further step to the nationalist right some months after modi revoked kashmir is semi autonomous status and his victory in the temple controversy. his b. j. p. dominated parliament passed a bill, offering easier citizenship to religious minorities from 3 countries. with one exception. muslims. this, he didn't sheep amendment act, this new law, the citizenship amendment act, made religion a condition for obtaining citizenship for the 1st time. come a treaty. dex, electrically indie the new law was the culmination of modi's hard line, hindu nationalist agenda. but it triggered a wave of protests. across india, people took to the streets, declaring their support for muslims, and demanding the law be rescinded. the protesters who have gone up
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against movie, i'm not praising focused on i'm not saying we want to destroy india on what enemies of india is. the prime minister would like to portray them. they are people, their song is the national anthem of india. the standard is the indian flag and the holy book is the indian constitution. in muslim dominated neighborhoods of delhi violence flared in february 22 anti communal. clashes and attacks by hindu mobs on muslims claim the lives of more than 50 people. their hundreds were injured . human rights activists and your work. even politicians from the opposition have found themselves behind bars. it's not been, it's not been easy to stand up and speak against this government land. the india can asleep sound late. the human rights violations taking place on its territory
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are not being criticized yet. at least not on an official level. want to go for the longest time, people wondered what the state would look like. it looks the way it currently dos it. economy has created. there is calamitous joblessness crisis and minorities are being told in so many ways that they cannot be full indians. this is pretty much what a hand donation looks like. ah with
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my new podcast. i'm evelyn char, mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that more survive and denied that. and this i have invited many deer and well i guess, and i would like to invite you to an end ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, russia telephones, the penalty for anyone refusing to fight in ukraine. it comes a security forces arrest hundreds of demonstrators opposed to russia's military mobilization activists say the colo plays far more sweeping on the kremlin, is that.


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