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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2022 3:45am-4:01am CEST

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what is the poetry, the secret of a house and i'm house above their motivations. architecture go so much to you, it needs you. the real goal of architecture is to create habitat for human, about their struggles and dreams. sponsibility is huge. they have so much to lose shattering the glass ceiling women in architecture to so this has to be really, really good. start september 30th on dw ah, this is common law, one of the largest cities in bung with a population of morgan, 6 median, this se in city has been always known for his culture and heritage. but in recent
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years, tensions between the muslim majority and religious minorities have been on the rise . no inducer again preparing for the biggest religious festival. do the future. many fear the festival could again be the target of sectarian attacks. ah ah. unofficial paul has been a craftsman his whole life in his worship. he and his team make idols for worshipping. it's just a couple of weeks ahead of pu jar, the busiest time of the year for him. as i believe it takes
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a days to finish the basic structure and the clay work full d m m m m. we need 2 more days to color it's wrong. able d brother was the 1st to make this background frame with wood and been who him to do a lot of what it is that we make an idle structure with, hey, and set them on the frame shame of the day. after that, we start the clay work and they got all of our, our guy, cadillac escalade. paul was the craftsman who made the idol at the center on last year's camino tension of video. his social media saying that the koran had been discovered on a hinder date, his lap, and muslims vandalized the maisha temple and destroy the idols. all made similar incidents later broke out in various parts of the country. 7 people were killed and dozens in jord.
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horrible of it. it felt very bad on war dial. denise, what else could i feel had the duty was due to the idle that i made myself was destroyed while i'm now, but we could not even provide the offerings. i wanted to call to little governors. that's a matter of sorrow, and we'll go we give blessings and pray to the idol. now my heart broke out. it won't even joanna. one of the debris shall have lucy. later cctv fatigue revealed that the koran was put there by a muslim man. but by then, it was already too late. we are invited to look now dashes, how's she leaves in the majority neighbourhood in camilla. she has finished her every day. prayers and is preparing for the festival this year. i can think of them thus dizzy when the pewter festival approaches our hearts fill with joy. in this is our biggest festival, doug,
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a preacher. it was at the ambush, awake. we celebrate big dog dog or the body. we shop for new clothes, for past sweets and make feast offerings to god. it was at the bull villa it but this year, thus in her neighbors, fear that in the community could suffer. similar violence and the barriers are being built. a reaction to last year's riots is because of the incident that happened during the last dog poo joe. we felt the skate to protect ourselves from outside. people going to get to those. i'm repetition. need people de dabble. when did it on that day, we were preparing ourselves to go to different temples and give offerings, hey, guarantee. oh, but at noon a mob came and started attacking little john ham blocker. they came here or a border. the men and women from our area built a wall law one let's you know, that's why they couldn't break hand. man, i'm not going to call you, but they vandalized the other adjacent areas on each. i wish i couldn't say whether
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the gate will really be necessary and will protect the neighborhood is unclear. but it does show clearly that many in the people in camila don't feel safe retina. and nepa take us to a nearby temple that was attacked and is now being renovated. longo set one up on it, asked if they broke hen and took out all the lights on c, san walks. they vandalized the idols and took some boxes away. i'm not going to need up with them if we don't feel safe in bangladesh than we have no value here. what's in luck? many hindus view like rough not us. for decades, increasing number of hindus have been leaving the sold asian country. the proportion of them is shrinking day by day and is no less than 8 per cent. to day, more than 90 percent of people in bangladesh and muslims, islam is the state religion. but on the other hand,
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there is freedom of religion. prime minister, shaker sinner, has bothered to protect his approval inch with religious fundamentalism. he is on the rise. the government also blames the communal tensions in india for feeling the crisis in bangladesh. local human rights groups have counted more than 3000 such at eggs in recent years. darker the capital of bondage. here is a central teen the temple called duck ashery. we are received by gender north boulder, a member of the central puget organizing committee, and a teacher he tells as dead dearer more than 32000 pu just celebration spot. similar
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to last year. he says a security threat is not enough to make them reduce the numbers in the visit hacked out. we have to survive my mother to survive just as we have to eat on ship. we also must make people feel strong yet do our prayers because they're part of our lives, some of them. i believe that respect about what we are prepared to host to just for them and have asked the government to give a security guard nearby them cannot exist. i called the alternate you say that they are ready to stop any outbreaks of violence this year. but argue that there is no organized political or criminal agenda behind the riot. that idea will be canceled that they did it. that is going to be the i thought are the books he knows up. in most cases, the person does it out of sheer personal ill will, don't elbow brask ortho. browse way to go to the share a bar or no, we don't have proof that these acts are done with any political agenda or any
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organized intention. america. we look at that they can see of, of applicants because he bought on the diary his doctor gotten government mobile. but when an incident like the one and camilla or elsewhere takes place of work and the defense religious group looked up on that and cite some people to mobilize and react on hunger one door brought my study was hung over the hogwash by. oh, yeah, we busied bung with the should central mas bye to locker room during friday. prayers to find out how worshippers feel about relations with the people of other fates. ah, that is even a keel. it's on the tailors. the relationship is not hostile. the daniel that a lot of on solid or the date of 9 young days. now everybody, i love that that this one of his head down or that they will is it don't other other that on that islam says to follow your religion about i'll pick it up. and if
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there are people from another religion, do not do anything to harm to them about almost oliver did they walk on upon us? how much i like i said, and i wonder if there is a conflict. yes i'm, i'm dar laws and judicial systems to solve it. our felt a little, not i, the day so tickling amenities, isabella, time to run away. then we want every one to live in peace. i will attempt, they will never, we want to take care of them that i will, and they will also live with us and harmony. miller, mr. talbot, but the number of tags on minorities has grown recently. if there is a rumor of defamation of violent response, often for loose hearing this mosque, the cleary's preach about religious cohesiveness. oh no. oh oh, oh, go. what should we? oh, we talked to the he cleary cough is millennium of the mama rule. i mean,
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he says muslims as a whole, are blamed for crimes committed in the name of religion by groups with vested interests. he wants the perpetrators of last year arrives to be brought to justice . at the garden level, rebecca logic sugar, the government should ensure that such incidents do not happen again. her rob did you know they must act? okay. they thought they should keep an eye on these perpetrators. paul, local homer were limited to lose. our message is always the same. these acts are not accepted by religion rather do, with a religion never teaches people to be undisciplined turbos, read that as in order to go shock. our duty is to spread that knowledge to every one ill gunners as we did at in our good or those people who don't follow that and harm others. even if the government fails to punish them, before allah will raise trust. but this teachings don't always reach the grass root
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pulled there, see that there are also many places in the country, but muslims held the hindus to celebrate their religious festival, but the state is failing to uphold that harmony. i'm other shop to rashid lacroix, umbrella, but her trunk is not cable. this is very frustrating. that the perpetrators go unpunished. them to video. she just thought i got on. i will of what i to. so they feel encouraged to stage attacks one after another. did a good it of this ease, the central and recurring issue, victims of the riot say the are being denied justice. while the police insist that everything is done in accordance with the law the reason lies in the law itself. according to shall you could be a journalist and researcher of camino country based in bangladesh. he sees that bonded the ship, people are generally united, the fundamentalists are taking advantage by creating this conflict. and on the
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other hand, the government is not doing enough that a shot to think about of our, of both of you that to go around the will run with the a lot of times the perpetrators get away because of the old criminal law from the british period who might african to login, did a sample electron virtual quote. remember, it requires so many witnesses and so much evidence that can not be managed. in many cases of pupils that would have it that the wrote that only a very few trials take place where my we've advised the government to form a national minority commission, found or pass a minority protection law, which was also with the election manifesto of the ruling party but at least give the minorities a little more protection and the perpetrators can be brought to justice. we will get a victim that, that be to, for me. ah. in camilla, a nutritional ball is adding the finishing touch to the idols. he's hoping that harmony will be restored, not only for the sake of his work,
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mind. d. w. made for mines. law has no limit. ah, love is for everybody. love is life. i love matters and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn char, mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that more divide and deny that this i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you to an in oh, if this is d w news and these are our top stories. exit polls in italy predict that the right wing alliance led by georgia, maloney and her nationalist brothers. the recently party has one sunday's elections .


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