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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2022 8:15am-8:31am CEST

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yes, no, to his a saw enormous guns, england versus germany is special us an absolute classic garza model that we were just out in the stadium dark. i have to say it's one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world of these are here to give. the team is looking forward to the game. what we have to set a few things right after the hungary match on friday, on flight poking, and we want to do that out on the pitch tish morgan. that is your so often plots taken wild stories is up next, featuring our best reports of the past week, including the story of a forensic pathologist at a priest, teaming up to investigate extra judicial killings in the philippines. i've been fas all and see you next hour. ah ah, what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d w world heritage 360. get the app. now.
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sometimes a seed is all you need to allowed big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning pass like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for free with this week and world stories the bloody drug war in the philippines. germany's humboldt forum opens up to the public. we
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begin in ukraine where residents are rejoicing after taking back control of russian occupied territories. but there are also reports of detention and torture. the ukrainian blue and yellow flag floats again on the statue of match loved poet. the nationalist, tara steph sankoh on the likely as men square. it has only been a few days since tom was liberated from as an occupation. locals are still trying to come to terms with what they've been to. we meet r t m lash inc of who wants to show us where he was imprisoned for 4 to 6 days over the summer. he was arrested because his brother is a soldier in the ukraine, an armed forces. i'm hoping this is my line 46 days. each stroke represents one day just so you don't get lost in time. you are 10. had to share the small, windowless space. we several other people are what can i say?
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normally 7 of us lived here. i think one here, sometimes 2 here to here and 3 here. they usually slept at each other's feet. water was under the sink. some withers on the 1st day was the hardest name for them. i was blindfolded, they could have been taking me to lou, hunched somewhere there were hysterical humphrey mother, ukraine. authorities say dozens of civilians were arrested and tortured by russian troops during the occupation. they were more interested in knowing with status by the clia than those would serve before. who were officers who were at arsenic, who fought in the war. i said, i didn't know and they started to electrocute me. is a switchboard with an electric current. the more you move, the stronger the impactors. somehow i was lucky. i was there for for half an hour. people used to scream for one and a half to 2 hours and belonging to papa luggage. i looked up all proper. doing the interrogations prisoners had to record themselves, reading a piece of paper, pledging their support for russia. local ukrainian police officers were powerless
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once the russians took over. some fled or went into hiding some collaborated, others joined the resistance. dis officer agreed to talk to us, but asked not to be named. i distola such a knowledge. many people were arrested for being pro ukraine and for cooperating with us and passing on information for my son were held and we still don't know their whereabouts. and some were sent away a week later. i don't know what it depended on me. i know friends of mine who were also beaten was a reseller. they broke ribs, hans, and everything else or my aid, all but out all keep just an eye on bleckley as man square to blue and yellow flag brings locals together, but he will take weeks months, so even years until older stories of their time and her occupation are revealed
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germany is sending more troops to lithuania to strengthen nato's eastern flint defenses. about the country has feared russian aggression since the war began. rolling off the boat into narrows most vulnerable region staff, sergeant, macs whose last name we've been asked not to give is providing security for the bonus vales, new forward command element. in lithuania, it's the headquarters of a german combat brigade with up to 2500 soldiers. max is a deputy squad leader on this armored personnel carrier. part of one of germany's armored infantry brigades damaged by learned, oh, i know, but i think it's important because want to protect what we have at yahoo. got them like protect our country. went out and now that i've been in the army for some time, come, i also to fight with my brother in arms and keep my men safely,
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menaja leaning more vincent than what the soldiers are. also here for lithuania, as collective defense, which is how nato calls it. vilnius, along with the other baltic states had been calling for more troops. and in june german chancellor, olaf schwartz granted their request, an additional combat brigade on top of the $1600.00 soldiers that are already there . but there's a catch out of the convoy traveling down this highway, only the command element comprised of around 50 soldiers will be stationed here permanently. the bulk of the troops will remain in germany on high readiness and can deploy quickly on short notice. cone us lithuania is 2nd largest city is only a half an hour's drive from the base where german troops are stationed. people here are largely happy that more soldiers are coming or sort of in as to the most
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important thing is that russia doesn't even think about taking any aggressive steps towards nato all into any of shermer. sort on them out to ensure that max and his men are armed with some of the most modern equipment in the german military. they say they are well trained and ready to go to war. if they must, after accompanying their brigades combat headquarters to lithuania, max and his comrades will go back home. but not for long. in october, they will return for their combat exercises with the lithuanian military. when the former president of the philippines, rodrigo de darcia took office, he promised to n drug trafficking. 6 years later, the problem and its related violence are more widespread than ever.
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each of these skeletons has a story to tell the story of a war on drugs. the philippine government fought over the past 6 years. officially some 6200 people were killed by police for dealing with drugs. the true toll is nearly certainly much bigger and the expiration, oh let's with them. okay. and i am just so happy that it was, they were not lost. they were not lost. so 2 bullets came in that i examining the remains of some of the people who died forensic pathologist, raquel for tune made a shocking discovery. in 7 cases out of $47.00, the death certificates were false. sure. they listed a natural cause of death when people had actually been shot rational. the
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philippines procedures for investigating death says the 60 year old have always been flawed. if you have anymore questions on the 16th giving me yesterday that nancy black, blue around me, somebody will not believe me. many families in the philippines have experienced this kind of scenario. hitman approaching at night to shoot aloft one. then evidence of drug abuse is planted, says grace. she lost her father and brother, 6 years ago when me, when ha civilian s chatting. give, ah, my father. one shot again to sure. she's dead. he's dead. eyes that darcy b leanne planted. my father, ah!
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dying, ah dorothy, she's up damn cache and my knee. the poor were the primary victims of the war on drugs. the international criminal court estimates that up to 30000 people more than 4 times the official number were killed on former president. 2 testers, watch many relatives now want to set the record straight. this catholic priest is doing his part to support them with reference love yano villanueva pays for the exhumations. and for legal advice, he fears that the killings even with to tear to gone are far from over. in the past 2 weeks, we have counted at least 8 or 9 killings. to this very present lay my point. there's no difference between that then. and to day, so the water, the dogs, is
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a complete failure. if it has one success, it left families broken. widowed an orphan. the drugs continue. the drugs are cheaper this days. dr. fortuna is convinced that the 2 toll of the war on drugs will never come to light. too many of those who lost their lives remain on identified and unclaimed. but she hopes that her discoveries will bring a semblance of justice to the families who remain behind. ah, located in the reconstructed berlin city palace. the humbled forum is one of the city's most famous museums. now it's showcasing the famous benign bronzes. before the returned to nigeria,
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the humboldt form is finally opening all its stores. it's taken to decades, it almost 700000000 euros, but the opening of the east wing means the form can now be enjoyed in full. it's also been the source of much debate, something that director general welcomes the homewood form, perhaps became a catalyst for many, many discussions. not only in germany, but also bird wide about the future. for example, off collections. the best known examples aren't from germany's colonial past, but britons the benign bronzes, british colonial forces, looted 4000 of the bronzes from the kingdom of benign modern day nigeria, in 1897. after much discussion, germany signed a deal that will see the return of the bronzes. a 168 will remain alone in berlin for 10 years with just 40 on display, the original bronze. his exhibition was changed to a story of restitution and installation. now features those involved in the process . could this be part of a wider paradigm shift when it comes to stolen artifacts?
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this symbolic return unsigned of these agreements sir, here are, would germany. and of course, with other countries. ah, it's in us as a, as, as a point as a symbol for also other countries to get. there are 2 blocks book against the current links, a u. s. collection by an indigenous omaha acknowledges from the late 18 hundreds with personal stories from to day. well, you have here the blogs to us. they don't have anywhere else in this world. there is not a replica of some of these items. nowhere else on this earth. you have the only one is been a palpable shift in public can choose when it comes to how problematic artifacts are dealt with. now the humboldt form is fully open. we'll see that's up to the
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gargantuan task. it's set itself. ah, the 77 percent is bringing you an episode full of female power. i don't music that people love because i love me and i love people. oh, fun off as a longing to be more connected to the culture. it's africa, which also makes me inspires me. 3 women, 3 powerful messages, the 77 percent. next, on d, w. a small island with big plans. now union in the indian ocean. the french overseas department is making
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a complete transition to renewable energy. it's set to be completed by 2028 eco africa. within 60 minutes on d, w. d w's crime fighters are back with africa. most successful radio drama series continues for them. all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now. ah, hello there and welcome. it's time for another edition of the 77 percent. sure, well we tackle the important issues affecting the lives of africa's youth. my name is wanda camara and as always it is such a pleasure to have you here.


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