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with tax return so much to you, it needs the. the real goal of architecture is to create habitat for humans. about their struggles and dreams for responsibility are huge. they have so much to lose. ah, shattering the glass ceiling. women in architecture dismiss has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d, w. a . by now it's clear that forces yours are not to way forward. they're driving climate change, and they're also running out. i won't be replenished in our life time. that's wide
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world is purely in its hopes on renewables, like sun, wind, and by mars, which is the subject of our show today. hello, and welcome to verse me addition of echo africa. i am chris philips, and i am sandra, twin of you. now what is by you mass, exactly. it, ease, plant, invest material that can be used as a fuel to produce heat or electricity. but haven't we learned that a bonding rude and other organic material producers could born to excite emissions? well, that depends on how it is done. so he is a look at of what we have coming up. we'll see how organic material can also be used to make fatty laser. how prof residues can help boost the energy greet and how both organic and non organic matter, pollute waterways. some months ago the somalia government declared
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a state of emergency drought there has left more than 2000000 people facing severe water shortages and also hunger. the u. n. food and agriculture going as a should seize, the situation is extremely wiring. but on top of the drought, ongoing conflict is forcing people to flick their horns. many have ended up in internal displacement, comes in one come for example, clean technology is being used to be sure people are getting the food they need ah until now moves say celia barrow has had to overcome her fear to cook on her wood burning stove. the mother of 6 children was forced to flee from severe drought and lives in a camp for internally displaced persons in jo, har, central somalia, providing for her family in the camp has been fraught with serious danger,
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merely bidding them hide our demi and also, but we fled from de la yellow arm and leaving this idp count kilkari. ly hadley. well normally we cut wood from the jungle to cook food area all over hot muddle soccer. we face a lot of problems when we're in the jungle. difficulty are we faced sexual harassment only at including regular or in the little glass or matter. the other women in the camp report the same sexual assaults or a regular threat. but the fear of being attacked while gathering wood will now hopefully disappear, just like the smoke pollution from the charcoal stoves. in this communal kitchen, the women take turns cooking for their families with bio gas, they get it free of charge from a near bike bio gas plant. the women of the camp also provide the fuel for the bio gas production themselves by collecting fresh cow dung. the dung is poured into a trough and stirred before it goes into the by a digest attack. the gas produced in the tank is piped underground into the
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communal kitchen where it provides a hotter and cleaner flame than charcoal. for the around $100.00 women here, the bio gas is liberating in many ways. by gus scott, bio mass is a great solution for us on a code that we used to worry about would when we had too little to cook with it because it was too dangerous for women to collect word in the jungle home on model . now when we come home late, if we can cook our food in the bio gas kitchen without worrying sooner and i had that had to laugh odd. besides providing free clean energy for cooking, the bio gas plant also helps the farmers in the region. the used kalman year from the bio digester tank can be dried, crushed into powder and packaged as fertilizer for local pharmacy. one bag costs about 30 years, but it's worth it thanks to higher yields and better quality produce. while you're
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getting higher, my firm used to produce 40 bags of corn with each weighing a 100 kilos units of but last season we used by our gas fertilizer and we harvested 80 bags of corn each weighing a 100 kilos with another gun. we expect more of this season and okay, mckesson ali, even though the country often lacks the know how and financial resources for a large scale implementation, the potential of bio gas is enormous, says ottoman mohammed yamani, a renewable energy expert and environmental consultant is so maria, there that the 6000000 livestock, i mean was according to fall that's roughly 2.2. i mean little, but it'll have besides. so animal manure is bluntly available in somalia. so basically there to, to use
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a bio gus in somalia is very viable bio gas technology might still be in its infancy in somalia, but the 1st steps have been taken and for the women in the refugee camps, the transition to clean energy has already had a positive impact on their lives. so biomass evolves with growing resources and using which to make energy. it certainly seems like the perfect alternative port horse and it is currently responsible for 5 percent of energy globally. but is there don't fight how clean is it really? that's a very good question, sandra and one that doesn't really have a simple answer. we want to look now at some of the pros and cons of using biomass to create energy on a log scale as well. so many things. it is neither a miracle kill though a quick fix. and if managed poorly,
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it can lead to more harm than goods. all the non appeals, not shells, and other left over foods can actually power the device you're watching this on. it's called biomass energy. not just left overs would plants all animal theses can also be a source of electricity or heat. we are surrounded by biomass and as such by opportunities, trash from the dump as well as waste from homes. restaurants all forms all provide suitable organic matter. the collected waste is cleaned at a processing plant, a temperatures of around $55.00 degrees celsius. the waste is sealed off from oxygen and eaten up by bacteria in a, by a reactor. this process called anaerobic digestion generates gas that contains high quantities of me think it's a powerful source. we're generating electricity and heat once it's fed into the gas
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green blue. it can also be used to power natural gas vehicles. the left over bio mass can be used as composites for farming, for example, taking the whole process circular by a gas plants of this time exists all over the world. in europe, there are around $20000.00. there are 2200 bio gas plants in the u. s. and about the same in thailand, malaysia and indonesia, combined by a gas plants produce only a quarter of the c o. 2 emissions that coal plants emit and bio mass energy has one mortgage advantage over solar and wind in that it's on demand. so you don't care if the winds glowing, sunshiny, but there is a catch by a me sane can leak from these facilities. this gas is ability to warm the planet is
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much greater than that of c o. 2 and bye. as facilities are only sustainable as long as waist is used. if crops are cultivated for the purpose, it's not viable. the same is true of biofuels produced from bio mass like fire ethan. oh, by a diesel. the crops will them need to be grown and that takes away space for food crops, or even to plates, forests, and biodiversity. as is happening with palm oil, trees and indonesia, sugar cane in brazil and rate seed in germany would pellets are an alternative and increasingly popular biofuel. but research has say, there is strong evidence that natural forests and habitats in eastern europe and north america are being destroyed by the rising demand for would pellets through illegal logging. u. s. e. u and british policy makers have classified woody bio mass as renewable, and therefore, governments are subsidizing the production and burning of wood pellets. produces
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are required to reforest areas. so the c o 2 that is released while burning pellets is re absolved. but a study found that depending on the type of forest it could take between 40 full and 100 full years until nearly planted trees can absorb the same amount of carbon sucked up by the ones that was cut down over a 100 year period. hands down, trees, pine anyway. climb any these egg cross. ah, are a good source of energy. over a 100 years. over 25 years over 40 years. frankly, they probably more. especially when forests play another crucial role lou and trees are spending money. they should be spending on true renewables like wind and solar, on this energy source. ah, that's not going to get us where we need to be asked to plan and fast growing plans
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could be another up and because the carbon emitted could be absorbed again, much more quickly than in trees. can you make bio mass ah, sustainable and a have you make sure it has a positive carbon impact answers? yes. but then you have to get into the details of what kind of bio mass, what kind a leon? ultimately, most forms of biomass pretend to be better than they are burning would alone, for example, is not a solution because even if it's source and sustainably, it's still produces emissions. would waste can however be digested by bacteria at a bio gas facility and organic products like that. banana peel power in your phone can help manage waste the cycles to de bio, mass. energy covers any small part of our world wide demand. it can work in combination with other renewables,
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but it's not scalable to be our main energy source in the future. lots kill energy production requires large amount of basic materials. but what can we do with the small amounts of organic, wished would produce in aka chince on a weekly basis. thus to can find, propose, as you see in this week's doing your bits. ah, it's a shame to see good food go to waste and not just because it has nutritional value, but also because one food rots it releases climate damaging emissions like methane table scraps can be put to better use. this restaurant in northern garner has a 0 food waste policy. any leftovers are put into underground fermentation peps
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restaurant. i know martin yellow bora that's local bacteria to the mix. when sealed, it produces an organic fertilizer relatively quickly. with these are composed takes about 6 months to a yell. this fed laser takes barely 3 months, and it's really to fit laser soils. we can't even extract liquid fat laser from this solid fat light. to make the liquid version, martin yellow bore abs, waste water from the kitchen to the pit. one local farmer has been using it to spray his corn, crop crops of change color. compared to what, you know, bluff at leather. you see then look and feel. when i tried a sample and basically within 7 days a week, i saw a change in the plan. i will send over and then close and enthused, according to mountain yellow bore a thanks. beg. he says $10000.00 tons of solid organic fertilizer could be produced
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annually and northern garner alone from household and restaurant leftovers that would otherwise go to waste. and how about you? if you are also doing your bit, tell us about it, visit our website, or send us a tweet tag doing your bit. we share your stories. ah. so far we've presented examples of all gallic motor can be put to good use, but sometimes the wrong kind of voice can end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. our next report deals with a devastating effect. so it can have all what we a wants, pristine environments. much to the dismay of people living in the area. debbie leach is not impressed. few would guess where she is pulling up here. the river
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thames and london has a few undesirable spots along its banks. and this here is wet life. it's caught on this twig. it's about one half me to sick mound of wet wipes, mixed with twigs and some celt few leaves. but it's basically solid, used, wet wipes. locals have dropped the area which white island it country will house. is this south like in people's bathrooms? it's people are using wet wipes in the bathrooms and then i think a yeah, cuffs are flush that down the low. there's no bite of esther. there are tall all the small animals you'd expect to see on riverbanks and unfortunately, is gone. debbie is part of a group of britons monitoring the condition of the rivers. something the authorities here rarely do these days. many are outraged that toilet waste could end up here on the riverbank retired police
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officer. ashley smith heads up a group that conducts daily detective work the washer company for the thames region . once a purification plant, not far from here. we see quite a nasty coating of grey fine sediment on the bottom and brown and grey owl gay, which is coating the gravel choking any we've life out of it. ashley smith is on his way to a spot where the company releases the purified waste water into the stream. but directly next to it actually points to a 2nd pipe. this one sometimes spews out untreated waste water, the actual chemicals, your hormones, the drugs, the bacteria, the human waste, the ah, heavy levels of phosphate and nitrogen and ammonia that all comes out here. and that makes his way down into the river windrush then into the river. thames sewage last flute from it 2 days ago. he says,
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he's collecting film evidence. i'm going to put them gloves on because i'm going to post the camera after it's been in the companies are allowed to release untreated waste water into the rivers. but only in exceptional circumstances, when there's flooding or the sewers are full after heavy rain, otherwise it's illegal. our analyst can tell if it's happened by looking at water industry data flow data taken on 15 minute intervals. he can establish whether it's happened to early, if they've discharged it before treating sufficient for their permit. and we found a lot of illegal activity in that way. the washer company insists its activities are legal. the environment agency relies on companies to self monitor at the public outcry has now prompted an investigation. u. k. rivers are among the most polluted in europe. the government and water companies are accused of feeling to modernize the sewage system over decades. this is basically
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a consequence of victorian infrastructure and it's a, it's a huge undertaking to remove all of these storm overflows. they are therefore emergency flash flooding events outside. they've always been part of the system. but we're taking action right now to, to eliminate some of these and reduce their harm. but it's predicted to take 10 or 20 years. so ashley wants to keep up the pressure by exposing as many illegal activities as possible. he recently found an undocumented pipe from thames water is about 3 meters down into the thames. here the water is in a shocking state containing feces, old food and grease. every time we have come, it's been worse than the last. it's been dreadful. it's. it's really bad. the water company claims not to have released any untreated sewage here since march last year . so it's a mystery how this condo came out of the pipe,
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were presented to the environment agency, and i expect them to do very little life. become almost redundant on a spectator in the engagement now between campaigners the water industry and counselors and local people who are now really pushing for the changes to of those local people arrive on the c o u o. they were hoping to go swimming, looking a bit brown over usual. that is not looking good. is it? no, at least the water company, no issues, warnings when it's releasing sewage into the tams. disgusting. and we shouldn't have to put up with this as a river here was so clean. you could see the river bed only a couple of decades ago, especially when they are group has come up with another strategy to get this stretch of the river cleaned up. the aim is that we're going to try and get designated bathing war to status, which will mean that the environment agency are obliged to monitor regularly and
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try and impose. i did some sanctions on tim swartzkoff, the device their plan along with trevor williams. he takes regular samples and sends the results to the authorities. so you can see it's quite dirty today because it's just rained but hopefully not for much longer because their strategy worked. this stretch of the river has now been granted beating water status. so things ought to get a lot cleaner here soon. that will be the 2nd river in the whole of the u. k. to have a bathing water status. so and hopefully other rivers will follow suit. and other water companies will take note that they can't get away with dumping their, their waste in the river and policing, polluting our environment. the campaigners are having to go to great lengths and even resort to tricks. but thee, along with many britons just want the u. k. 's rivers to be cleaner again. oh,
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they're small and made of plastic sashes. these little packets might be handy, but they quickly land in the garbage bin. and they don't ross in all web special, we chant the journey of such a sashay from the origins of the raw materials it's made from to its ends on the rubbish heap. we find out why the number of such hayes is growing and why they're so lucrative for businesses. and so disastrous for our planet. find out more at d, w dot com slash plastic. the health of all our water sources is becoming more important than ever, especially as rise in temperatures and a drop in rainfall are causing more and more water bodies to dry up. and that's just one issue that is pushing more counties to find ways to become more self reliant. that is true crease. an example of that can be seen on
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a reunion. the island nation in the indian ocean has said itself, the goal of switching entirely to renewables. before the end of the decade, by taking advantage of all the resources, art is disposal for union island is famed for its beautiful beaches and large green mountains. but it comes to carbon emissions. the islands record is less attractive. around 2 thirds of its energy needs are covered by fossil fuel. this heavy oil factory in the city of lou pool is run by french utility e d f. in future it's you to switch to lashley. couple neutral operation running on calls are in soil. just one step towards achieving an ambitious goal, switching to renewables, completely by 2020 it. this power plant owned by albumin runs partly on coal from south africa in partly on domestic bio mass. it will need to switch completed to
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bio mass in future. the sugar refinery next door it his provides a convenient source of the quin fuel. this at gun will utilize as much of the sugar cane as possible. we pressed the liquid out of it in descent and f court in the kent gets distributed on the surrounding fields as fit laser. the mona susan, go to the ram distilleries. the albumen pas teaching uses the plant fables to produce image that flows into the public. greed from which we then draw our electricity is oh, by that him on the bottom of the, of your much power plant accounts for around 11 percent of the islands, overall energy output. the conversion to all bye, almost production is costing the company 200000000 years and that's just what this one plant. and i see i don't, well, it doesn't produce. i want to new storage storms. they have
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a capacity of 9500 cubic meter. each you have these are the kind of units we may still, we planting sustainable bio mass that miss european lenient tundras was initially use would tell us from the united states. but to liter switch to suppliers closer to like in more than a week in south africa, plaza deposit. i knew issues as it moves on each or that's like you should only 10 percent of the wood group before from the island. that means 900000 tons a you need to be imported. the company sees it was to cut the plans over a carbon footprint by over 80 percent. the government is interested in large scale solar firms, like less cinders in 9 megawatt project in the south of the island. here the fruits and vegetables and grown under the solar panels which provide the plants protection from the hot sun. in some showing this is
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a small island. we have to make good use of a piece when you're building some land in power plant. so here we are combining a full up haul plant within organic. we also heather buttresses that towards the electricity produced during the day to feed it into the great peak time. i just took it in the phone on the last name or the company plans to expand this model. it multiply its full output fixed. that would be another important tip towards achieving unions cool of covered all its energy is covered, neutral renewables by 2028. i am scared of we've run out of time for to day, but we are good for that. he could join us for these, especially edition of equal africa, and do be sure to tune in again next week, sometime someplace until then i am sarah, twin over the signing of from compiler here in uganda. looking forward to seeing
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you again next week, sandra to all you viewers. albert, do be sure to share your thoughts and comments with us on our social media platforms. for now is good buy from me? chris alarms in oregon state nigeria. ah, a a ah. ah, with
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ah this is dw use lie from berlin. italy is on cost for its 1st fall right lead government since the 2nd world war and alliance laid by georgia, maloney has secured more than 40 percent of sunday's vote. abalone is set to become a to lease 1st female prime minister also coming up bladder me.


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