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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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we're finding it difficult a successes at noon. you know, we're weekly coping 19 special every thursday on d w. ah ah, this is d, w is coming to line from berlin. a gunman opens fire in a school and central russia. authorities say at least 13 people have been killed in the children are among the victims. 20 others are wounded. also coming up, italy is on core sports 1st far right lead government since the 2nd world war and
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alliance led by georgia, maloney has secured more than 40 percent of sunday's boat. maloney is set to become italy's 1st female prime minister. and a deadly storm slams into the philippines. super typhoon, nor rule kills at least 6 people. 5 of them rescue workers. ah hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. we begin with some breaking news. russian authorities say a gunman has opened fire at a school killing at least 13 people. the attack took place in the city of is shifts a regional capital and central russia. early reports say 7 children are among the dead, along with teachers and security guards. the schools back the way it is, the attack took place. the regional governor said the attacker died from self
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inflicted injury. journalist peter costs of his following this from the left, the in capital riga. peter, what more can you tell us about the shooting to the moments we know that a lot of casualties and they're reporting the date and time is simple with unofficially, according to the sources which are telling us that there was a leak, would be more caught up we also know that the attacker entered the school during the school day and he threw up the facts and was suited to the school and the school children. the teachers were trying to defend them. so katy was in the classroom and seeing they were ambulance and the believe we know that the police report now has to
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be thought we can metix to coma. we also know that he was wearing a black glove. and according to the full, to just from the scene, he also have a kind of symbol. some kids get to the how common are school shootings like this in russia. peter, for the last year, the number of such incidents and accidents are getting more and more even last year. they were very big issues like that in the city or in the city where the young people, young man, also wearing some military unit for who or i want to call it and the tech teachers and attacked also the school children and students. and
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also these attack happens today and a few hours before election siberia, the, the army officer was also attacked by a court who was, who was invited to the army. and you also attack this office. this is kind of like the 2nd into them with attacking during the day. peter, thank you very much. that was journalist peter cost love in rigo of course will keep you up to date on any further developments in those shootings in russia. now to italy, where results from that countries election show a clear victory for an alliance of right wing parties. the paves the way for georgia maloney to become italy's 1st female prime minister and its 1st par right leaders since the 2nd world war. but record low turn out has cast a shadow over the pole victory for georgia. maloney with her
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brothers of italy, leading a right wing coalition to a majority in both houses of parliament. maloney is on track to become italy's next prime minister to see if they are called on to govern this country. we will do so for every one will be, will govern with the name of uniting people for him. all will get you will be and seeking to make them more united rather than divide when you should be. dd to this is melanie and her party got just 4 percent of the vote in the 2018 election since then. she stone down her fall right, often anti immigrant rhetoric to broaden her base. she has vowed to support ukraine and nato, and she says that she's pro european the tactic is paid off at the polls. but her critics still see her rise as bad news. hold ye quit shop today. this country is
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being handed over to the extreme right? amer, maybe that we will see the results. daddy, however, was all in our opinion, there must be maximum mobilization within the institutions to defend all the social civil and environmental rights that have been one in recent decades. i mean think was to give me the sion after these results, maloney is almost guaranteed to be nominated as prime minister by italy's president . next, she will have to assemble a new government which will face a vote of confidence in parliament. oh wow. i don't know. some italians were wondering if maloney could pass that 1st test. so no up but then saw contain, believe i'm fairly happy. what matters is that whoever wins has the chance to form a government theories you thought the for now the results show that could be likely
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not on cross at all. my ian on. so don't it. well, i'm not a brothers of italy, voter so i can't be happy in my opinion center, right, government won't last for long on on, but i think there are too many internal divisions between forts i talia, the league and brothers of italy. italy's move toward right when government comes amid political instability, slow economic growth, and an energy crisis caused by the war and ukraine. if she does end up prime minister, maloney will have her work cut out for her. d. w as julia. so delhi is in rome covering a story julia, a convincing victory there for right wing parties in italy, but turn out was low by italian standards. why didn't more people boat this time? that is a sign of a lot of dissatisfaction within the italian electorate. it has been a trend over the last few election, but this time it sets
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a record in terms of how low the vert voter turnout was. and clearly there is dissatisfaction with the entire political class with most of the parties that were running in these elections. and we can also see that reflected in the fact that georgia maloney's party came out as the winner. it was a party that was not in the previous governments in the last few years. she is seen by many as a fresh face. someone who was not involved in the previous policy making in the country, meaning that she can maybe bring change that the other parties have failed to bring forward. they want to talk to you about the change in among, but a personal get party with new fascist roots getting the most boats in this election or italians concerned about the image but projects of the country to the rest of the world. they are and aren't that depends obviously who you ask on what side of the political spectrum i think on the right voters are not necessarily concerned about that. i think they have bought into the message
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coming from georgia, maloney and her party that they have moved away from those routes and that they are now a mainstream conservative party that subscribed to the values of moderate conservatism . but then you see her opponents and voters more on the left who are afraid of the, the roots of the party. and it's history. and also afraid of some of the non progressive policies at the party seems to support looking at migration, looking at l. g b t writes looking at abortion. so there is certainly division in the country in terms of how it is perceived, the broad but also of what the party can do here in italy. migration, of course, a big issue within the e. u as a whole in the past, georgia maloney adopted some strongly euro skeptical positions, but now she says she's pro e u assuming that maloney becomes prime minister. can we expect italy's role in the european union to change julia or maloney is very much aware that she
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doesn't need the support of the european union and of its most important countries for her to be able to govern in a, in a productive way. and to hold gold, good relations with the you institutions and it's other countries. she has put forward a position of being together with europe. for example, when we look at europe's position with regards to russia, she has approved sanctions and has said she is a strong supporter of ukraine. but if we look, for example, to her parties, attitude to hungary and order bonds in liberal policies in the countries she has been supporting him, which goes against, were you institutions are doing and that could cause trouble in the future. julia, thank you very much for now. that was our correspond julia, sally, in rome, catch up on some of the other stories making headlines to day. german chancellor
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love sholtes has tested positive for cove at 19 and is showing mild cold like symptoms. he had recently returned from a 2 day trip to the persian gulf where he met regional leaders. a spokesman said the chancellor is now isolating in his private residence here in berlin. human rights groups said protests continued for a 10th night and he ran over the death of a woman in the custody of the morality police. the n g o iran human rights said at least 57 people had died or 10 days of protests. there have also been large pro government rallies. authorities have ordered a crackdown against so called rioters. and in hong kong and 90 year old catholic cardinal has gone on trial. alongside several pro democracy activists retired bishop joseph zan and the others have pleaded not guilty to charges of running an unregistered relief fund, paying legal cause for anti government protesters. hong kong pro beijing
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authorities have cracked down on democracy supporters since 2019 the strongest typhoon to hit the philippines. this year has left at least 6 people dead. 5 of them rescue workers hit by a wall that collapsed typhoon, nor root made landfall on sunday, knocking out power in 2 provinces and leaving people trapped by floods. wading through flood water, trying to save some remaining belongings after a powerful typhoon hit the philippines. nor who had the coasts in the northern part of the country inundating several areas. angelbeat along the lauder is wasted, deep in the streets and inside my house, i don't think allan all is here. i won't be longing, sir, also under water and destroyed god that i should have all the war to rose during the night. will people were asleep, latham thought. many cars also submerging. while i sat in a little girl. i'm in
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a manner like a man in this is the worst flooding that has happened to you in some miguel, that is my house has 2 levels, one guy and the war to reach the 2nd floor. no, michael, even a local market is completely submerged. levona, philippines, president mark was conducted to ne, a real inspection after a briefing with government officials where he praised the preparation efforts. you may have gotten lucky things this day and it's a bit, ah, but look, i think i don't. it's clear for all mile this, sir, from what we did this last, this is the very, very important is for police on all get people out of the areas of danger ahead of the land, full. thousands of people were moved to emergency shelters. to spend the night in
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safety, far away from the path of the most powerful typhoon that philippines has seen this year football now and england host germany at wembley stadium in their last matches of the nation's league. it's being described as a match for pride as both sides have had lack luster outings in the competition. as he flicks unbeaten run is germany coach ended when they were defeated by group leader, hungary on friday. and the match against england is germany's last competitive match before the world cup in kata. their previous visit to wembley was summer resulting in a too near lost to england in the european championship tournament. well ahead of the game, germany, coach 100 flick, talked up the occasion at wembley stadium. yeah, no. teresa saw muskets, england versus germany is special us an absolute class st. gotcha model. we were just out in the stadium dot. i have to say it's one of the most beautiful stadiums
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in the world of diesel air to get the team is looking forward to the game. what we have to set a few things right after the hungary match on friday. i'm fly tugging olga, and we want to do that out on the pitch. tish morgan bits is also open plots titan . you're watching the that the news from berlin up next to my colleague, janelle dual on we'll bring you the latest business news. after short break. of course, you can always get all the latest news information round the clock on our website, w dot com. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching ah we've seen a sex phone operator, good, her master's thesis on potato marine to read and not a turn on. well, it gets more ridiculous from their.


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