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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin. italy takes a hard turn to the right. a conservative alliance sweeps to victory in sundays election with georgia maloney set to become italy's 1st fall right leader since the 2nd world war. also in the program, a gunman opens fire and
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a school in central russia authority say at least 13 people have been killed. among them 7 children and a deadly storm slams into the philippines. super typhoon, nor route kills at least 6 people. 5 of them rescue workers plus the german mansion team, travel to wembley stadium. to plate england, it's a return to his former homeland for jamal marcial. and but more importantly, it's germany's last competitive match before the world cup. will hear from our plan in london. ah hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. results from italy's collections are showing a clear victory for an alliance of right wing parties that paved the way for georgia, bologna to become italy's 1st female prime minister. and it's 1st all right leader
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. since the 2nd world war, record, low turnout has cast a shadow over the pole. it was a night of triumph for georgia maloney. and e. c said gamma, if the i called on to govern this country, you wanna be, will do so for everybody will be, will govern the theme of uniting people. daniel had him all holo beauty and seeking to make them more united, rather than divide actually a little when you ship little, shook acquittal glue. vivita. on monday morning, italian newspapers wet and fatty on the sheer scale of her victory. with one saying she had taken italy, preliminary results from italy's chamber of deputies show her brothers of italy winning by far the biggest share of the vote in the senate. it was the same story, leaving the right wing alliance, far ahead of its left wing rivals. and maloney on coast become italy's 1st female
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prime minister. but with turn out down to historic low of around 64 percent in rome, reactions to maloney's when will mixed a 1000000, maybe i should. i'd like her equilla, but it's what the italians need. it's, it's italians of stupid. it's a country of foods. i know. i say i don't follow her much honestly, but i prefer the coalition that her party is part of school order teacher. i mean, i don't, i'm not happy. i didn't vote for her, but it's democracy this she can live up to the role and prove she can represent all italians, both those who voted for right wing parties, but especially those who didn't. wall maloney may have been all smiles on election night. there's likely weeks of talks ahead before a new government is formed. if maloney on her right wing allies do end up in power, they'll be confronted with crises from the get go. with italy struggling with
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soaring living costs and europe facing down russian aggression. well, a convincing victory for right wing parties in italy, but turnip was low by italian standards. i asked g. w, correspond julius of delhi and rome. why more? people didn't vote this time. that is a sign of a lot of dissatisfaction within the italian electorate. it has been a trend over the last few election, but this time it sets a record in terms of how low the vert voter turnout was. and clearly there is the satisfaction with the entire political class with most of the parties that were running in these elections. and we can also see that reflected in the fact that georgia maloney's party came out as the winner. it was a party that was not in the previous governments in the last few years. she is seen by many as a fresh face. someone who was not involved in the previous policy making in the country, meaning that she can maybe bring change that the other parties have failed to bring
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forward. they want to talk to you about the change in among but personally other party with neo fascist roots getting the most boats in this election or italians concerned about the image that projects of the country to the rest of the world. they are and aren't, it depends obviously who you ask on what side of the political spectrum i think on the right, voters are not necessarily concerned about that. i think they have bought into the message coming from judge, middle one. he and her party that they have moved away from those routes and that they are now a mainstream conservative party that subscribed to the values of moderate conservatism. but then you see her opponents and voters more on the left who are afraid of the, the roots of the party. and it's history. and also afraid of some of the non progressive policies at the party seems to support looking at migration,
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looking at l. g b t writes looking at abortion. so there is certainly division in the country in terms of how it is perceived, the broad but also of what the party can do here in italy. migration, of course, a big issue within the u as a whole. in the past, georgia maloney adopted some strongly euro skeptical positions, but now she says she's pro e u assuming that maloney becomes prime minister. can we expect italy's role in the european union to change julia? maloney is very much aware that she doesn't need the support of the european union and of its most important countries for her to be able to govern in a, in a productive way and to hold gold good relations with the you institutions. and it's other countries. she has put forward a position of. 2 being together with europe, for example, when we look at europe's position with regards to russia, she has approved sanctions and has said she is
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a strong supporter of ukraine. but if we look, for example, to her parties, attitude to hungary and order bonds in liberal policies in the countries she has been supporting him, which goes against what you institutions are doing. and that could cause trouble in the future. julia, thank you very much for now. that was our correspond julia, sally, in rome and for some analysis, let's bring in andrea carlo here. he researches italian politics at the german historical institute in rome. thanks for being with us today. thank you. sorry. now maloney and her party have never been in power before, ideologically, they have roots in italy's neo fascist movement, were those selling points for maloney and her party in the selection. so the 1st thing to say is even though maloney can be seen as a newcomer, she is not a debutante, you know, she has been italian politics for decades. she was a minister and the government. so she knows the institutional framework. and in
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terms of the policies routes, she's in a very good job at struggling defense on the one hand, trying to appeal to her main electress. and by using that nationalist restaurant. but at the same time, she has also try to hurt some of the more fall right elements. the posse, for instance, the spending a candidate over past nazi remarks and trying to present herself as a very political conservative. so she's done a very good job, a trying to play both sides and that's an unseen as a sort of unifying figure for me. ok, so some mainstreaming happening happening there in her party, ga, maloney. she has a long record of bashing the european union. what can we expect from a maloney lead government in terms of the policy? it's very hard to say also because she's been struggling. the fence on that as well in on the one hand, talks about wanting to collaborate with europe. and not if you're a skeptic preferring the term, you were realist,
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but at the same time saying things like play time is over national interest matter . so the line she will take when she becomes prime minister is one that we will find out with time. but of course, it's one that is deeply concerning for brussels because it's unpredictable. we don't know what melanie will want to do. indeed, mario druggie was someone who is very close to the georgia. maloney is, is quite a different character. we consists and skins expect some change going. yes, i think we can expect some change. how much change we'll see is a big question mark. there are some analysts you think that are the lines you will take will probably be not too different from that of the id. but of course, for instance, she has a post post of the recovery and resilience plan, which, you know, it's something that, that he has very strongly advocated for. and that's a 190000000000 that are going to come to italy. and the question is, could that be jeopardized? we don't know, we will, we will see them alone in a party. our brothers of italy, party, they have form ties with other far right. parties in europe or we're talking sweden,
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france, spain. where were those parties have also been making electoral gains of late? are we seeing a europe wide trend with to the right? i think we are seeing that the european rights is coalescing. you know, georgia maloney has really wanted to emphasize these links, you know, by going to a vox, riley in spain this summer where you talked about rally against l g, b, lobby's and against islamic violence. she described it. and we see also into this really recently gave her urine use that and she, she really wants to emphasize links not only with you, right when parties, but also with the british conservatives. so, and as well, american republicans, she is head of the c r. i do believe that she really wants i'm with european white bright in that sense and not just an italian one. italian governments are notoriously unstable. they last on average, i don't know, maybe a year or so. can we expect a maloney lead government to be any more stable?
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it's hard to say, i mean, on the one hand of the rights, right? when governments and if we have tended to be somewhat more stable, we saw differences. both scrutiny has been pregnant, it's multiple times. at the same time, her own coalition is unstable. some extent, you know, for instance, there are wible resort tensions within the center, right block from between her middle school, any recently between but was going and so vini, he was having a bit of evil yesterday after he rose, it's saying that he wants to beat the lenient, so vinny had never worked with life or yeah, i think that was the exact sentence. so you know, these aren't 3 people who always get along and the question is, will they get along in power? will find out? i think under thank you very much, andrea carla from the german historical institute in rome. thank you. now to russia and authorities there, say a gunman has opened fire to school killing at least 13 people. the attack took place in the city of a regional capital in central russia. early report say,
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7 children are among the dead along with teachers and security guards. the school was evacuated as the attack took place. the regional governor said the gunman died from self inflicted injuries. journalist peter costs off is following this from the latvian capital riga. peter, what more can you tell us about the shooting? to the moment they have thought that they have discovered and they have found the identity of this attacker. it is 34 years old, local man who used to say cool. furthermore, the governor of the region just a few minutes ago enough that there's no attack, it was the site can't be winning after the shooting the local government. and they don't know that this
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person has only but to the moment we don't have any information about. ready possible motors is action or the terror attacks and the local government 3 day morning in the region. tell us how common are such attacks, such school shootings in russia for the last 2 years, such as happening more and more often. this year there was already $1.00 and $2.00 and the last year they were be asked to know where the young person, where a military uniform, who and college students and teachers with uniform
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attacks which happened last year, rushing through it, blame for him in schooling that the russian young being forced to online and on television to such shooting us and abroad. and after was they who act this way peter, thank you very much. was journalist peter coastal author enrica was saying in russia, the kremlin says it's not yet made any decision on closing russia's borders that despite the ongoing exit is a military h ma'am, looking to evade the ukraine war, call up one of the countries they're flying to is neighboring georgia, long lines of vehicles at de la c border crossing and then to point to georgia. these men are fleeing russia and vladimir putin. military mobilization. lab moves
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ability. we have paid $1200.00 to be escorted to the point, which is 3 kilometers before the russian check point for the on the russia, georgia border. just not because if you just honestly stay in queue leaving, russia could take at least 72 hours, ping our feet. we made it in 30 hours. a resume of the russian authorities acknowledged a significant influx of caused, trying to cross into georgia. this comes off to the announcement of a partial mobilization, sparked an exodus of fighting h men and some of them fear that the situation will get even worse. your father, scott, if she like martial law, he declared as a result of unification with those east and pods of ukraine to russia, which will be followed by a global mobilization of for me personally of i see neither ideological, no legal grounds for myself to be involved in this wall, yet your sister with the way a sentiment shed by many in russia who have protested against moscow's cola of
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military reservation. in the darkest son regent, there were clashes with police. were 100 people were arrested. a human rights monitor says ukrainian president, viola genius lensky, cold on russians, to not submit to mobilization good williams to louis jefferson. the good. we see that people in particular lined augustine began to fight for their lives. which note, when you lasted, we see that they are beginning to understand that this is a question of their life of young, but you bike, why should their husbands brothers? sorry, stein, this war which i didn't chill. i'm not like nina in a role. that one man wants lassi emily in a war again, sell people on our land. he does not sent his children to war with yet. brandon asked me to marshall the g. trying to solve the exodus. russia ta thins penalties for voluntary surrender and refusal to fight with those who do that now facing up to 10 years in prison. but for many,
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the alternative is far more intimidating. to catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. human rights groups said protests continued for tense night and he ran over the death of a woman in the custody of the morality police and geo, or ran human rights said at least $57.00 people had died over 10 days. protests have also been large pro government rallies. authorities have ordered a crackdown against so called rioters in hong kong and 90 year old catholic cardinal has gone on trial. alongside several pro democracy activists retired. bishop joseph zen and the others have pleaded not guilty to charges of running an unregistered relief fund, paying legal costs for anti government protesters. hong kong probation authorities have cracked down on democracy supporters since 2019 and german chancellor of schultz has tested positive for cub 19 and is showing mild, cold like symptoms. he had recently returned from
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a 2 day trip to the persian gulf where he met regional leaders. the spokesman said the chancellors, now isolating in his private residence here in berlin. moore bodies had been recovered after the sinking of a boat carrying migrants off serious coast. raising the deft old, almost a 100 survivors have been taken to hospitals in lebanon, the boat left triply on thursday carrying syrians, lebanese and palestinians. it's one of the worst such accidents in the eastern mediterranean the strongest typhoon to hit the philippines. this year has left 6 people dead. 5 of the rescue workers hit by a wall that collapsed type who no room made landfall on sunday, knocking out power in 2 provinces and leaving people trapped by floods. wading through flood water, trying to save some remaining belongings after a powerful typhoon hit the philippines. nor who had the coast in the northern part
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of the country, inundating several areas. angle belong, daughter is wasted. deep in the streets in inside my house and on bigelow. oh, here i will be longing, sir, also under water and destroyed. gotta get out of shit about the war to rose during the night. will people were asleep? latin thought, many cars also submerging. while i sat in allowable rel, i'm been, i'm elijah barnett, and this is the worst flooding that has happened here in san miguel. that is, my house has 2 levels when the guy and the war to reached the 2nd floor. no, michael, even a local market is completely submerged level, philippines, president marcus, conducted to ne, a real inspection after a briefing with government officials where he praised the preparation efforts, you may have gotten lucky things this thing, and it's a bit, ah, but look, i think i don't it's clear for all mile this,
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sir. from what we did this last, this is the very, very important is preparation. ah, get people out of the areas of danger. ahead of the land, full thousands of people were moved to emergency shelters. to spend the night in safety, far away from the path of the most powerful typhoon that philippines has seen this year. ah, football now in england host, germany at wembley stadium. and there last matches of the nation's li, being described as a matchup only for pride as both sides have had lack luster outings in the competition. hands he flicks unbeaten run as coach ended when germany were defeated by hungary on friday. the match in london is germany's last competitive match before the world cup and carter. their previous visit to wembley was last summer,
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resulting in it to nil loss to england in the european championship tournament. held the game germany coach hands. he flicked, talked up the occasion at wembley stadium notorious a saw muskets, england verses germany is special as an absolute classic awesome mile and we were just out in the stadiums. dodge, i have to say it's one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world of diesel air to get the team is looking forward to the game. what we have to set a few things right after the hungary match on friday month by talking. and we want to do that out on the pitch tish morgan. that is also open plots taken. and jonathan harding of d. w. sports is at wembley stadium in london, jonathan, the footballing rivalry between england and germany is legendary. but this particular much isn't very relevant in comparative terms. is that putting a damper on excitement surrounding the much i don't think
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so. they're not just sold out. so i think that says everything that, quite frankly, i think the british public have a few more things to be worried about them, whether england and germany are playing each other in a competitive fixture. looking at the country at the moment. but also this game has so much history, i don't think that ever escapes people's attention. you know, this is a game steeped in so many memorable moments. 6699996 even last summer as we just heard. so i think that doesn't get forgotten and quite frankly, this is also the last 6 to be focus off, which means it's quite important to get a good result. so a lot, a lot to be happy about. i think that we know the german coach on the flick had a good start with the team after he took over, but things seem to have stalled, especially after the last. so hungary, what has to happen tonight for germany? so fans can feel better about the team's chances that the world cup in 2 months time. well firstly, i hope this finds maybe just relax a little bit. you know, one bad game does not
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a bad to make. and let's not forget that they had 13 games. i'm be in beforehand and a lot of praises giving conflict in the way he changed the side. so i think that's one thing that germany hines probably need to remember. and just generally needs to be remembered about this germany side. but flick did say that he wants to see a more convincing performance this evening. i think if he gets that and germany signed a good chance of winning, and that's the kind of confidence that any team needs going into a major tone. and there are still a lot of question about this germany team who will school to goes? that's a big issue. there's been a problem for years. i can may be defensive team saying they might well be one of those tonight. so the opportunity to improve is that they got to show want to ask you about jamal. most of the young german nationally used to play for england's junior squads. first let me play these comments from him about playing against england. now we both who need this game to go into the world cup of confidence and i think ignorant of an
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amazing squad, amazing players. that's why everyone's a bit shocked with the their results. right now, buffalo, this, this game's puffy for the both of us to be screwed. this been, i always like coming to england. i'm feeling really motivated. and what was the school to much of, to, to be playing against england with my history being england admin history. it just makes me look forward to it even more. not much. boston booked off of lynchburg. so jonathan, we can expect lots of eyes to be on jamal. mostly on his night. is he going to be a factor for the german side and maybe beyond this match as well? oh, absolutely, to mom is ellers. probably germany's best player at the moment is certainly the most exciting to watch. his skill on the bowl, his vision, his ability to move in between the lines. he has a lot of traits that are not particularly common in general. football is in his current generation,
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so that makes him so exciting. and i think tonight is an opportunity for him. to show england what they're missing, and i think in guitar he'll show the world just how good he is. jonathan, thank very much d, w johnson, harding there in london. and here's a look at some of the stories from the world of sports. it was an emotional evening of tennis in london as team world and young francis yahoo! came away. i came from a way behind to defeat team europe in the lobby cup. she offers victory over stefano seats the past and sure the side made up of players from outside of europe would win for the 1st time over the team, led by nobel junk which as another international team play event, americans and or shortly rolled in the winning pot as the us team retained the presidents cup, meeting the international team, the 4 day event took place this year in the us state of north carolina. the
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internationals were hurt by defections through the big money l i v golf tour. and the track and field world is still talking about sundays world record marathon run right here in berlin. l huge cock could shogi of kenya broke the mark. he entered the race as the favorite in part because he set the previous world record on the streets. oberlin in 2018 could show he followed a trio of pace setters through the 1st 25 kilometers before running alone for the last 3rd and beating the mark by 30 seconds to finish in 2 hours. one minute in 9 seconds. in the women's race, ethiopia is tig, is to us safe, up beat, her own personal best by 18 minutes to with now it's the biggest sports stage in the u. s. the super bowl and riana, one of the best selling artists ever has agreed to headline its famous half time
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show. the singer declined to perform and 2019 out of solidarity with pollen copper, nick, one of many who backed his, taken the protests against police brutality. the super bowl will take place in february. you're watching dw news from berlin up next. it's global $3000.00 with a report on how rising sea levels threatened to inundate the classical egyptian city of alexandria. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching. ah, ah. with
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who knew alex, andrea is up to with stork. monuments are in danger and residential neighborhoods are being flooded. retirement people are afraid.
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the city council was trying to contain the impact of the waves. is it a hopeless fight against the effects of climate change? global $3000.00 on d, w. e co, india. the glacier, a melting climate change shows its true face in the indian state, mashed l pradesh. the solution. reducing c o 2 through e buses. will this was in 60 minutes on d w. o. how did she become adult hitler's favorite director. and how did any
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become a forgotten film pioneer? lady hyphen style and arnold fun. between hitler and hollywood. in 1932, they set out into the icy wilderness of greenland to create a life threatening a film project that became a major milestone in their lives. love, seduction, and power. ice cold passion starts october 8th on d w. ah ah ah, welcome to global 3000 bright solutions in one brazilian for the loud discarded bottlecap.


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