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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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ah, we explain how these technologies work, how they can wilson for but how they can also go terribly watch it new to ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin. italy takes a hard turn to the right, the conservative alliance sweeps to victory and sunday selection with georgia maloney set to become italy's 1st. all right leader. since the 2nd world war. also in the program, people in iran defy a government crackdown to hold
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a 10th night of protests sparked by the death of a young woman arrested by the country's morality police. and a deadly storm slams into the philippines. super type who no roof kills at least 6 people. 5 of them rescue workers. ah hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. results from italy's elections are showing a clear victory for an alliance of right wing parties that pays the way for georgia maloney to become italy's 1st female prime minister and its 1st paul right leader. since the 2nd world war. but record low turnout has cast a shadow over the pole. oh, it was a night of triumph for georgia. maloney eat a c same gamma if be i called on to govern. this country you wanna be was do so for
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everybody will be fever government the him of uniting people. danny looked at him all or look utility and seeking to make them more united rather than divide actually little when you shift those look equivalent. vivita. on monday morning, italian newspapers wet and fatty on the sheer scale of her victory. with one saying she had taken italy near final result show the rightly alliance of maloney's brothers of italy, mateus havanese, lega and silvio berlusconi is fought sir, talia winning around 44 percent of the vote. far ahead of its left wing rivals with maloney's party alone, winning some 26 percent. but with turn out down to her story low of just 64 percent in rome, reactions to maloney's when were mixed no less. i don't follow her much honestly, but i prefer the coalition that her party is part of school or does it should. i mean, am, i'm not happy. i didn't vote for her,
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but it's democracy. did everything she had it through the she can live up to the role and prove she can represent all italian spot, those who voted for right wing parties. but especially those who didn't. wall maloney may have been all smiles on election night as likely weeks of talks ahead before a new government is formed. if maloney on her right wing allies do end up in power, they'll be confronted with crises from the get go. with italy struggling with soaring living costs and europe facing down russian aggression. so convincing victory for the right wing parties in italy, d. w correspond julius of delhi, as in rome, she spoke to a senior member of georgia moran. his brothers of italy, party about their win. i knew is elaine luca's alley. she is a member of parliament for from italy, natania the party of jordan's army, lonnie. miss lucas ali doug maloney has said that she wants to govern for the entirety of italy for all of the population,
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but are looking at some of the leading values policies. for example, some non progressive policies looking at migration for l g b t writes, are abortion. how is she going to unite the country with these topics that are so divisive? well, 1st of all, these are not our priority right now because a economy ward that we are leaving right now. it's very tough. and i, i think our priority will be different in, you know, right away. after that, i think that is not that we are now progressive. are we are conservative, which is a different now way to look at our country an ad at the ward. but if you look at it, italian population is conservative, is not, there is not a population that, ah, does there a war for immigrant or other other topics?
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so what we'll do, it's 1st of all, give back to people on the dream to have a country that can leads in europe and in the rest of the war. that's our goal. her speaking about of being a conservative party, the party has a history in post fascism. if we look back to decades and there are concerns, even though da da maloney has this, tends to resell from this past that there really hasn't been much change on that front end. that there's still some radical elements within the party. is this concern legitimate? now is not, if you look at our percentage for their lydia diarrhea, took a 26 percent of the vote. a need to lisa unless you want to say that old italians are fascist, or most of them it's, it's something that is not true. now we, we are not that we are a new way to think at the right of politics.
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and that said, is, there's no relationship between fidelity darya, in fact, she's more opposed fashion. but there have been some cases recently in the party of members of the party who have, for example, praised hitler or other members of the party who have had really tough and resist stance is against instagram against migrants. for example, on social media. how can one say that there are no more radical elements when we have examples of them? well as stupid people out all around the ward. so we can now control what people do or say on our social, even when a party is so big. the important things is that we don't have any institutional representative that think in that way and that's the different we cannot control every single law italian and what they do are looking at year up a dodge,
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maloney has moved away from a euro sceptic approach and a said that she is a supporter of europe, that she wants to work together with europe. but when we look at certain issues, for example, the attitude towards hungary, your party in the european parliament has voted in support of our bonds policies recently. or is there a risk that there are going to be issues with europe going forward? now i think that when we need to start a, the right way to talk with europe, which was something that we didn't do in the past years. and so we need to have a new way to think at europe, and that's our goal. and i that is that in relation with the edaly now with other country, we will lead discount re and that we have to be focused on our country and how to protect our interest in europe. something that the last party until now didn't do
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or, or a bond in the attitude of your party and the other parties in the coalition, for example towards hungary is just one of the issues where for the only darya and its coalition partners aren't always on the same page we've seen, for example, looking at math, those alvina that he's known sometimes to rock the boat. how is george maloney going to keep the coalition together to make this government last? well, you know, when we vote in the parliament at the end, her center right, was just one rock and we vote all the same. so, you know, sometimes a good when you talk with journalists and you, you said some things that are in your mind. it could not be understand it in the right way, but then the vote to speak for you and for your parted and the center, right?
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always vote in the same way in the parliament. so i think we will not have any type of issue in any lucas ali. thank you very much. the w julius of delhi, there in rome. now for reaction outside italy, i'm joined by our chief political correspondent, melinda crane. here in berlin, and d, w. smart shonda in brussels. hello to you both. belinda. what has the german government been saying about georgia maloney's victory? it has said that it wants to wait for the final results before issuing an official response. and in officially the yeah, the reaction was restrained to put it politely, the chancellor deputy spokesperson said this morning that berlin expects italy to remain a quote unquote, very europe friendly country with very europe friendly citizens of finance ministry spokesperson said that berlin's expecting the new italian government to continue to
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respect the stability pact that sets the fiscal rules for the euro zone. and if you listen to a reactions from other politicians, including politicians of the governing parties, that is certainly the utmost concern that many have germany is foreign to former justice minister. katerina bar live for example, who is now vice president of the you. parliament said that maloney's victory represents a very real threat to constructive cooperation in europe while green party leaders, both in brussels and in berlin say they fear the new italian government might be not only anti european, but also pro, put in the one party in germany that is definitely celebrating is the far right alternative for germany, a f d. they said that with this victory and the victory of a right wing party in sweden. that left when government in europe is now very yesterday. much mixed reactions in brussels and across the european union. i would
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imagine absolutely correct terry. so as you can imagine, it was the, the far right opposition parties in spain and in france, for example, the vaux party and the rest of them on us. and that were among the 1st, to congratulate bologna for her election victory as were leaders of euro skeptic, governments such as a hungary and poland that were in a celebratory mood. so you have that one camp that is celebrating that's for sure with the overall sentiment here. in brussels and across the european union is more a worried one is more one of concern and there are fears at georgia, maloney will roll back on democratic freedoms within her country. and at the same time that she will, she will make work cooperation, partnership in brussels and in the you a lot more difficult in future, italy has been a safe bet in the past has been working very well with other european nations.
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maloney has campaign on italy 1st on nationalist principles, so people here are very worried how this is going to play out. now the commission itself did not the comment on the election victory by principle. it is not the only said they hoped that there will be a constructive relationship with italy. but the, let me remind you, commission president was enough on the line in officially kind of positioned herself a few days ago when she said, quote unquote, we have the tool to deal with countries that don't respect you valueless. hinting at ellie hinting at george maloney. so, um, yeah, you can imagine i hear brussels, they will be watching very closely what happens next. mike sounded in brussels and melinda crane here in berlin. thanks very much dee, but now let's get a round up of some other news headlines. a gunman has killed at least 13 people in a shooting at our school in is chefs in central russia. authority said the victims included students, teachers,
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and security guards. the gunman reportedly died from self inflicted injuries. russian investigators said he was wearing a shirt with a swastika stays after the british government announced a package of unfunded tax cuts for citizens confidence in the countries fiscal and economic stability is evaporating. overnight the pound has lost 5 percent of its value to fall on a record low against the us dollar. it's prompting speculation of an emergency response from the bank of england. the ongoing energy and inflation crises risk turning into recessions for major economies. that's according to the organization for economic cooperation and development. it says the global economy will grow 2.2 percent next year. slower than initially forecast. the multi nation group is a specially gloomy about germany's dependence on russian gas. it expects europe's largest economy to contract. the kremlin says it's
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not yet made any decision on closing russia's borders that despite an ongoing exit is of draft age man looking to obeyed vladimir proteins, military mobilization, order a call up could c as many as 300000 reservists join russian troops in ukraine. one of the country seeing an influx of russian men is neighboring, ga, long lines of vehicles at the last, the border crossing and then to point to georgia. these men are fleeing russia and vladimir putin. military mobilization lab moves supported. we have paid $1200.00 to be escorted to the point, which is 3 kilometers before the russian checkpoint. but when the russia georgia border shift north. because if you just honestly stay in queue leaving, russia could take at least 72 hours, ping our feet, we made it in 30 hours. a resume of streets. russian authorities acknowledged
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a significant influx of caused, trying to cross into georgia. this comes up to the announcement of a partial mobilization, sparked an exodus of fighting h men. and some of them fear that the situation will get even worse. usually a further study of to apec martial law, he declared as a result of unification with those eastern parts of ukraine to russia, which will be followed by a global mobilization of for me personally enough. i see neither ideological, no legal grounds for myself to be involved in this will be yet your sister with the way a sentiment shed by many in russia who have protested against moscow's cola of military reservation. the darkest son, regent, there were clashes with police, were 100 people were arrested. a human rights monitor says ukrainian president vladimir lensky, cold on russians, to not submit to mobilization. yet when he comes to ludy. jeff, this is the gift. we see that people in particular and augustine began to fight for their lives, which no, when you much did,
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we see that they are beginning to understand that this is a question of their life and that of young, but you bike. why should their husbands brothers? sorry stein, this war which again she la melania in a role that one man wants lashley kimly in a war. again, sell people on our land. he does not sent his children to war with yet. brandon asked me to wash o d g trying to solve the exodus. russia toughened penalties for voluntary surrender and refusal to fight with those who do that now facing up to 10 years in prison. but for many, the alternative is far more intimidating. human rights groups say protests continued for a 10th night and he ran over the death of a woman in the custody of the country's hardline morality police. their defying authorities who have ordered a cracked l on so called rioters. videos reportedly filmed on sunday show women burning their head scarves and large crowds of demonstrators and several cities.
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there have also been large pro government rallies the and cio iran human rights says at least 57 people with died in protests in recent days. public anger was sparked by the death of a 22 year old woman who was arrested for failing to wear her head scarf as prescribed. for on this, i'm joined by as a day poison. she is a human rights researcher at the university of london focusing on women's activism in iran. thanks for being with us. are you surprised that women are still protesting in a ran, despite the brutal government crackdown? yes. hello to you. i am not surprised at all what i am as in i'm in all of their resilience and the courage of iranian women, but also man a nation in a way at large level steel is on the street. and now they're talk. i strike
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despite the cracked and walking like that and so on. so i think it goes to show you that the government has created such a difficult environmental regression that these young people are really to die in are going to see it in their life. how dangerous is it for women and men in it ran to protest against the regime? oh, well it is that it is very difficult. as you see, as you are in your, in your own reports, there are individuals being killed being detained. and there are many, one back today, and people can lose their jobs. people can get expelled from the university. and then this goes on and yet to see that are people willing to basically sacrifice anything in order to express their grievance and also show to the resume that they are indeed tired of these governments. and then one fundamental change,
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this is not about just women's rights and them as heads are more, it is about larger grievances, talk to us about some of those grievances that women and iranians in general. her oh yes. so the grievances go on from anything as use as you know. now i, there compose a veil, is, is in a way symbolic of how women feel restricted and discriminated against iran. but also, you know, like a, essentially a political legitimacy crisis in this law maker public that the government is being responded to by continuing year after year. among fact, their mind crackdowns, the tensions killings and so on. we have a crisis of the social economic crisis. the young don't have any at fault for finding the job and so on as arise, continuous inflation,
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but also as a serious climate crisis not long ago, we saw local protest regarding access to water. for example, ever since 2017, i would say we pro quest movement that gets to get, depending on various things that happen in the country. and it's kind of sparks larger grievances that an average iranian how do you think that the current demonstrations will change anything in iraq. ringback i already have to be honest with you. firstly, iranian women have shown that when they call last around their grievances, they tend to gather right. san establishment of a very strong in the sense of it's a willingness to do crackdowns and violence regimes. that's a change. and any, any iranian women today feels much more empowered about their ability and their
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power against this regime than they did a few days ago. that's changed in my opinion. and the same goes on with the youth you see, you see when you're out as a senior, i was 22 year olds on the street. and this is a generation that now knows that their voice matters that the world here i see. and if this longer public cracks down on it, it's a matter of time. i mean, even if his brother says go home to morrow, the country has changed. in my opinion, this protest i have made the country where before and after. and especially with that generation of being so young, so willing to change within their life as a de pours on human rights researcher in london. thank you very much for talking with us now to the philippines were the strongest typhoon to hit the country this year? has left at least 6 people did. 5 of them rescue workers had by wall the collapsed
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typhoon or roommate lamp on sunday, knocking out power in 2 provinces and leaving people trapped by floods. wading through flood water, trying to save some remaining belongings after a powerful typhoon hit the philippines. nor who had the coasts in the northern part of the country inundating several areas. angelbeat along the louder is wasted, deep in the streets in inside my house and on bigelow. oh here i won't be longing, sir, also under water and destroyed god that i should have all the war to rose during the night. will people were asleep? latham thought. many cars also submerging while i sat in an allowable rel, i'm in a manner like a man in this is the worst flooding that has happened to you in some miguel, that is, my house has 2 levels when the guy and the war to reached the 2nd floor no, michael, even a local market is completely submerged level,
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philippines, president marcus, conducted to ne, a real inspection after a briefing with government officials where he praised the preparation efforts, you may have gotten lucky things this thing, and it of it. ah, but i think i don't, it's clear for all mile this, sir. from what we did this last, this is the very, very important is preparation. ah, get people out of the areas of danger. ahead of the land, full thousands of people were moved to emergency shelters to spend the night in safety. far away from the path of the most powerful typhoon. the philippines has seen this year now at 6 weeks till mid term elections in the united states and immigration continues to be a highly contentious issue. in recent months,
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governors from the state of texas, arizona, and florida have sent more than 10000 migrants to democrat run cities in the north . republican say it's time for democrats to share the burden of america's broken immigration system. the critics accused the governors of a political stunt are correspondents to miss thomas gander, met one immigrant family recently bused from texas to washington. d. c. a. it's a fresh start for jefferson and katerina from venezuela. they arrived in washington d. c with their newborn daughter leah just last month. they're hoping to make a home here and leave the economic crisis in their how your country behind with an image elissia venezuela. this work but money doesn't get you anywhere in money isn't enough for anything. in venezuela, you can work in the most normal jobs, but it's useless because you'll never have anything by now. but again, we got an indian. after crossing into the us,
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they heard about busses heading north from san antonio, texas, and jumped at the chance to go to the capitol. they've paid little attention to the politics behind that bus, right? know, and yet politics have taken center state republicans in border states have transported more than 10000 migrants from the southern border to democratic stronghold this year. to make a point go with florida. governor rhonda santas took credit for a flight of migrants to martha's vineyard in massachusetts. a group of those migrants has filed a lawsuit. the biden administration and democrats say it is a highly publicized political stunt using migrants as ha and them by leaving cities and aid organizations scrambling town organizations like i you that? yeah, it's providing legal services therapy and basic supplies, including food and waterfall is through my, on a christina plaza is a social services director and she says her organization is at capacity and needs
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more funding, not political battles. i do understand that the border is also at capacity, and i don't think they were prepared to receive that many. my grants, ah, what is inhumane is that treatment? and they can't they, in, instead of politicizing these, they should sit down at a table and discuss what's best for the border, for the migrants and for the community in general. for jefferson and katerina, their hopes now rest on a bright future for their daughter. getting her sun life, what makes you grow up healthy and strong. and then we can put her here and put her to study here where you said, she's already an american way. we can put her to study here and then she can go to high school and she can choose whatever she wants, whatever she y yellow get, go ahead, get get a for now they're hoping jefferson will get a work visa,
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their 1st step towards starting a new life here, you're watching dw news, just reminder the top story we're following for you this our georgia maloney says she'll govern for all the italians after her right wing brothers of italy, party and it's conservative allies when a clear victory and sundays election, maloney is now set to become italy's 1st far right leader. since world war 2. coming up next here on the w. it's saw w's environment magazine. pico india. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching. ah ah
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