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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin, russia so called referendums in ukraine, come to a clothes wrapping up for days of marking ballots and occupied regions, expected to be annexed by moscow. keith and its allies have denounced the boats as a sham and say they won't recognize the outcome of the coming up natural gas leaks into the baltic sea following damage to the north stream pipelines connecting russia in germany, several countries say they suspect sabotage, plush iranians defy
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a growing government crackdown to hold an 11th night to protest, sparked by the death of a woman arrested by the morality. please. and scientists celebrate. after conducting their 1st planetary defense test, a nasa spacecraft hurtles into an asteroid, millions of kilometers away in an effort to alter its course. ah hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. voting is scheduled to and now in so called referendums, in parts of ukraine under bosco's control. residents are being asked whether the areas should become part of russia, kremlin back leaders in the regions, se provisional results can be expected as soon as this evening. but kevin, its allies say the results are a foregone conclusion. moscow is expected to formally annexed the 4 regions.
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following the boat raising fears among residents about their future circle deal is dropping a vote into the ballad box shit mean having a say and once future. but outside of russia and ukraine, separatist regions, not many believe the kremlin listening. over the last few days, rush and state tv has been showing up beat election workers being welcomed in the homes of people, eager to join the motherland. many of them seemed confident of success already gotten through a negligible so it really took a great mood. the turn out is very high and we're very happy with the result. everything's fall through the full of footage circulating on social media paints a very different picture of the so called referendum, empty streets, and alexis workers struggling to find people to vote for boy. another video from a real poll shed by the ukranian city government in exile shows armed soldiers
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following election workers into residential buildings at warning by ukrainian authorities, that people will face a criminal punishment if they vote prompted some to leave and others to hide behind closed doors ah, no matter how many pallets i cost in the end that ukrainian leadership and its western allies say the referendum is a sham. a pretext for the kremlin to annex the full regions in which it has held lu husk. don yeske separation and hassan. many ordinary ukrainians. think the same yet. the thing is a core. it's illegal. actually. they are worse and fascists or simply unbearable than even a human with a war escalating continuously over the last few months. many ukrainians left their
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homes long before moscow staged. it's so cold referendum on their future. so there is, he stayed, remains the fear they'll soon have to live as citizens of russia and perhaps even become fighters for its army. dw mathias bellinger is in the ukrainian capital t a . he says there can be no talk of a free and fair process in these ref. referendums. what are you there? oh, criteria for fear and free election process is voting processes and all of them are violated in this referendum. first of all, the situation, look, there's a war going on. many people have fled the area. so access to vocal voting is not equal and it's not, it cannot be guaranteed to every one. there is have also been a, it has not been no due process of announcement. people have not been properly informed and the voting process itself. if we see these pictures that are circulated on pro
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russian channels as well. then we see people ticking their box on the, on the vote on the ballot. in front of our work is in the, in the voting station. we're seeing these transparent ballad boxes. we're seeing people carrying these ballad boxes to people as doors with armed soldiers into all . so that can be no talk of a free and fair voting process. and that this is why most countries around the world called this a sham referendum in just a few hours of pulling stations there will close and this widely discredited process will come to an end. what can we expect to happen then mathias? russia as that it will announce the results fairly quickly. nobody is surprised by that because most observe is expect these results to be pre determined. and then we might probably see a very quick process of annexation and announcements by point,
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and possibly vote by the chambers of the russian parliament that were formerly incorporate these regions into the russian federation. however, of course, this is probably just the beginning of the escalation. russia has made it very clear that they want this to happen very quickly. this annexation partly probably because of the game that the ukranian army has made in the past few weeks in, especially the heart of region, which have put a lot of pressure on russia. this process, this, this, these are randoms, have been delayed several times before. but now everything went very fast. if the 4 ukrainian regents are annexed by russia as expected, what impact might this have on the war? but here's where i was trying to draw a new red line there. they have said several times that any attack on russian territory would trigger
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a very harsh response including possibly nuclear arms. and by incorporating these territories, they're basically laying the ground for claiming that russian territory has been attacked. whether this will happen or not, i mean russia has been using threats all over this war. and of course, it has not followed up all the threats. otherwise, we would've already seen nuclear bombs in ukraine, for example, after the attack on crimea, which has already been incorporated or next by russia, which is also not recognized internationally, but which is point of view. so in, in a way of course, russia is trying to escalate verbally escalade to symbolically escalade the war. whether we will see a real escalation, a dramatic escalation is something to be seen. that is, thank you very much. our correspondent mathias spelling of their in keith. 3 major
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leeks have been detected in the north stream gas pipelines connecting russia to europe fronting suspicion. they may have been sabotaged. the leaks were sending large gas bubbles into the baltic sea off the coast of denmark and sweden, the north stream $1.00 and $2.00 pipelines run from russia to germany. neither is in operation, although both still contained pressurized gas. 3 leaks had been detected in different parts of the pipelines. they were 1st spotted on the radar of a passing ship. danish authorities have since band shipping in the area as they could lose buoyancy or risk. an explosion kremlin spokesman said russia was extremely concerned by the leaks and said sabotage may be to blame. it's a suspicion shared by denmark's prime minister met her frederickson. if you have legally, we cannot rule it out. it is too early to draw conclusions yet. but this is an extraordinary situation, an unusual situation,
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and there are 3 lead paint even with some distance between them. and that is why it's hard to imagine that what's happening is a coincidence, isn't it a fogel my different city to come today? a book, a new d w. matthew moore is following the story, forrest matthew. what more do we know about these leaks in the pipelines between russia and germany? hi, terry. well, it's a very marky situation. indeed. i'm one. let's put the baltic states on jaila as we heard, denmark am, has sent a navy frigate to that, to the area, to warn vessels away from, from, from the, the waters there, and where the bubbles are reaching the surface and gemini, here in germany, we know the officials have said that the believe that this, they're not willing out sabotage. one source told a german newspaper the all the evidence points against a coincidence here. and they said that the technical complexity of the incident suggested a state actor was behind it. but as yet, investigations are ongoing,
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and there's no form evidence of who or war may have caused the damage. what impact could this have matthew on the energy supply or the environment? for example? yeah, well we had the pipelines, although they are the largest pipelines from russia to europe, the, the, nor an operation at the moment. and, but naturally if the, if there's damage there that needs to be fixed. i mean, it will be antique, considerable amount of time. surely because, you know, these pipelines are encased in some, and in the bottom of the sea bed and slept, drew them out of action for some time. you'd imagine the em and there's this, there's the fear. so there's no, there's no it. meaning that, that, that the methane gas could damage and wildlife marine life am, although that's at the moment as a warning suit. so there's no and there's no concrete in there. not sure of that just yet am. but one western military analyst told me this morning that there should be a warning tent, certainly to western western countries that,
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that they should be careful the to protect soft critical infrastructure targets such as pipelines and m under c, telecommunication cables which are, could be threatened at any point by the thank you very much, the w. matthew more in russia, the kremlin says no decision has been made on whether to close the country's borders as thousands of men flee to avoid being mobilized to fight in ukraine. the past few days have seen long lines forming at border crossings to georgia. some men reported queuing for 48 hours and using bicycles and paying fees to cross more quickly. another neighboring country cossacks done said almost 100000 russians had entered in the past week, the cossack leader said they would be offered safety from what he called a hopeless situation. earlier i talked to cornell lee katya. he's director of the georgia institute of politics in the countries capital
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tbilisi. i asked him if he sees a noticeable surge in russian arrivals. yes, i think this validity visible because we don't have exactly day figures because almost every day we have morning fulfill for russian citizens. but before that, for his weeks ago, there was, there is some sort of estimation that we have already 150000 russian citizens and georgia. and it's a huge number if you consider the georgia is a small country just as a population. the point 5000000 and also i know like, because we have a visa figures in read russia, basically as the 230, he's not really able to control who is actually entering to georgia from the russian georgia border. o. given george's own difficulties, spending off russian military encroachment. how did people there feel about the influx of brush and seeking safe harbor and ga,
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he talk about the people of course. so there's some people who actually see maybe pulls it away. but there are some people and more and more now that people who are c vista with lot of concern, which is a different than a government position with georgia government basically doesn't see any problem with this. this was the see it all the is it what unity? because according to them on the russian citizens, they bring us some investments here. there was solidity like those in russian companies to reduce their here. but the problem is that with georgia government is missing here is that they see just short term gains, but they don't see that for the 3 which may emanate in long term or the medium term . and i think the georgia citizen here already and is concerned especially there's a different angle of this issue with a security issue because we know that some, some of the, some citizens, especially the new ones, which just the it, i mean,
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i don't really see most of them, they actually had a military service solidity that way they escaping right. so, but we don't know what is the anal to see aims in this country and will be reaction to on to the future plan. so for russia, so i think there's a little bit on big weekend, people are more concerned because the people really want to have some sort of strategic region from the government and we're before it becomes a problem. because the so far we didn't have any major e 3, ga the russians, but i think i know people on a little bit concerned about that was can i make her katya from the georgia institute of politics in tbilisi? second, look at some other news around the world. peru has declared an environmental emergency in the amazon rain forest because of a leaking pipeline, or than 2500 barrels of oil have flowed into the marin river and an area fished by
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indigenous people. the state petroleum company says vandals attack the pipeline, thousands of taken to the streets of mexico to demand justice for 43 trainee. teachers who disappeared 8 years ago. best gators believe the students were detained by corrupt police on their way to a protest. relatives have called for a wider investigation. hurricane ian has made landfall in cuba. the storm is expected to strengthen as a heads towards florida residence of tampa, tampa bay r stockpiling good mission controllers have cancelled a nasa rocket law. iran is stepping up its response to nationwide anti government protests, saying it will not be lenient with what it calls troublemakers. iranian officials say they've arrested more than 1200 people. human rights monitors say at least 76 people have died in demonstration, sparked by the death of
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a young woman in police custody despite crackdown protests raged for an 11th straight night. oh, we don't want the islamic republic. that's the protest. cry of people in iran's capital tyrann. only a few videos from the protests are getting through to the outside world, due to repeated internet shut downs. but people are taking to the streets around the country, like here in the southern city of bush, a hair pro government rallies of also been held like here in tehran, on sunday. supporters of the regime have blamed the wave of protests on the west. hard line clerics have threatened what they call the troublemakers taking part in the protests. if you do not stop these shameless crimes, you should expect a severe response from us. o t. ron's judiciary is set up special courts to try. protestors who official said will be treated as dangerous criminals. state media
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say the number of arrests has now surpassed 1200 video footage that has emerged in recent days, shows the brutality of the security services. observers say, the authorities, heavy handed tactics are a sign that the protests are making. a mark it's lindsay mind is a sickness. this is a fine that social resistance is not really a deed on yet. people are not just resigned to the situation and thought the protests will continue, even if they are violently depressed. and it seems there is no sign of the protests going away any time soon. japan has held a state funeral for former prime minister sions. obey who was assassinated in july, leaders from dignitaries, from around the world and dignitaries around the world attended the event, but there was also widespread opposition to the funeral due to its cost and divisions over abe's legacy,
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ah cremated. shortly after his death, sheen's obeys ashes were carried into his state funeral by his window. a key ave such services, a normally reserved for japan's imperial family. but an exception was granted for the country's longest serving prime minister ah, ministers among the international dignitaries where indian prime minister miranda mo day william died it onboarding. you'll echo on former british prime minister of to resume tick o'clock. ok. japanese prime minister because she to fu meo, lead the tributes and iep on thought. cheeky sheen saw there was the one who worked
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harder than anyone else in the world to build and maintain peace with japan. the region and across the globe will see how you and to maintain and promote an international order that values freedom. she democracy think are human rights and the rules law. you stella of a single so much thought disha. ah, ever a polarizing figure in japan. hundreds protested against our bay state funeral and it's $11000000.00 price tag. it is perhaps on the world stage where our base influence is most admired. us vice president comalla horace, spoke of his importance. ah, i hate live here in the turn of friends and hope in the city and as
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a member of the in the pacific. as america lead chairs with the service emphasized. abe's global legacy as a country under family said their final good bye to shins. obey couple of other stories, making headlines around the world stay china's economic growth is set to fall behind the rest of asia. the 1st time since $990.00 and according to the world bank, it expects the chinese economy to grow 2.8 percent this year. that's around 2 percentage points. less than initially forecast. the slow down which will affect all of asia, is largely due to beijing's 0 coven policy. a spanish court has ordered colombian, singer shakira, to stand trial on charges of failing to pay over $14000000.00 euros and taxes.
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prosecutors are seeking an 8 year prison term after she rejected a plea, deal. shakira has bow to fight the charges saying she had paid all taxes due now its mission accomplished at nasa. the 1st planetary defense operation has struck a space rock orbiting, an asteroid. millions of kilometers from earth. the goal was to nudge nudge the little moon into a new orbit. it was a dress rehearsal. should the day ever come that an asteroid pines itself on a collision course with our planet. 3. 0, one. 0 my gosh. wow. i didn't get your confirmation at direct hits, millions of kilometers from the wools 1st ever planetary defense mission, a success that is far from my coincidence. oh,
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fantastic. and we are so excited to be done. i, you know, we've worked on this mission for at least 7 years now and i it's been a work of over 1000 people. yeah, definitely. as we were getting close to the asteroid, there was a lot of ed said joy, i say both tear and joy at the same time because we, we saw that we were going to impact the idea behind dot. the double asteroid redirection test was to launch a small spacecraft to wall to space rock, smash into it at high speed. and now to its course, this inaugural planetary defense test mission marks a major moment in human history. for the 1st time ever, we will measurably change the orbit of a celestial body in the universe. doing so has clear benefits in ensuring humanities ability to deflect a potential threatening asteroid in the future. nasa approved it could hit
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a small object in space. a follow up mission will check up on the target drug in 4 years to see how much it's all be test changed. but 1st, it is time for celebration. so a successful mission, but has humanity achieved the 1st step in defending the planet? a put that question to some of the car, bonnie: from d w. science? well we, we have indeed if you look at the dot mission as being in 2 parts. so the desired effect was fertile, they tested this spacecraft, could it fly from earth 11000000 kilometers to this asteroid? guess it could, could it also autonomously on its own using its own cameras, detect which asteroid it had to actually impact and bear in mind impacted the smaller of the 2 asteroids, one orbiting the other, as it did the on its own, the camera, draco, it works you see these amazing crystal clear images of this asteroid dime office as
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it gets closer one image per 2nd. so all that job done. excellent. the next thing how the weather is nudged this asteroid. so it won't see that the, the scientists want to see whether they can slow the orbit of dime office around it . the larger asteroid data most wants to be able to slow the the orbit by about 10 minutes. but if it can do it by at least 73 seconds, that would have already been a success. the thing is though, it's a bit like an analog watch. it's been likened to this by nasa scientists. if you drop an analog watch, you might not the cubs about bit, you pick it up and put it back on your wrist and it might still tell the time. however, those calls may be slightly out of out of, you know, do whatever they, you may have jilted them. so, but you'll only see that bit by bit day by day, ill get slower and slower and slow until you're off time. and that's what the earth based or ground based telescopes. and now going to be looking at to see whether they can see this slowing of the orbit over the next days, weeks months. is that okay?
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that is of the car. this is all about trying to protect the planet. nasa calls it a planetary defense system up there in case an asteroid were becoming our way. how big is this threat? well, a scientist talk about m there being no imminent threat from a, you know, at an asteroid that could really do some serious damage. like why pass city or, you know, why hot the dinosaurs i happened before. you know, i'll, i like to joke where the dinosaurs now there's no imminent threat of in the foreseeable future. and in terms of space science that the heck of a long time. so they are looking for, they are looking quite hard to find a time space. however, we only know about about a 1000000 asteroids in the asteroid belt on the asteroid belt being between mars and jupiter. there are plenty of other asteroids that we don't know about. a bit of the ones where we know what they, where they are and how they all written, all the rest of it were in a pretty good, pretty good place. that's what the scientists say. and this is what this sort of
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a mission is all about. if we have enough time, can we send up a rock here? can we send up a spacecraft that can nadia? of course just a little bit just once a night. you buy that one percent that could be enough to stick get, make it stickler over. so and i, it's a, it's a waiting game basically here sir, just a in one sentence of the car are, does nasa think all the cost and work involved was worth it? i'm sure nasa thinks it's worth it. you know, we're talking about $330000000.00 over a 7 year period. look, i mean, it's in the middle of an economic crisis. it's really difficult to justify these things, but it has been, you know, they had to go ahead with it. but also bear mind, you know, we are only trying to stop astro. it's coming to worth we also want to inspect them for resources that we could perhaps bring to worth. so that's all very important stuff. so come from, we have to leave it. there are is of the car bonnie from dw science, thanks so much. you're washing dw news up next in d, w, news, asia,
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what the state funeral for slain japanese prime minister sions of ave says about his legacy in his country. and how make shift tensor ensuring children affected by pakistan's floods. don't miss out on their education and stuff next with various biology. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching.
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a few because i'm a cool cool breeze. i live but it was just me in the month. oh this is did up in years asia coming up to date. jeff, i moved to rest of humble prime minister, but not the divisions he left behind. just a funeral for assassinate the former leadership of 8th is marked by morning and


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