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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm CEST

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why? because no one should have to sleep. ah, make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. sabotage is suspected as gas leaks from pipelines connecting russia to germany. denmark's navy has released this footage of gas bubbles forming in the baltic seed the leaks put further pressure on europe's energy secured. also on the program voting ends in russia,
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so called referendums in ukraine. moscow is expected to swallow up territories in occupied regions, keith and it's alex denounced the boats as a sham and the great exit is from russia gathers momentum, tens of thousands of more men leave, to avoid being called up to fight in ukraine. ah, i'm gabelle, as welcome to the program. sabotage is thought to be behind 3 leaks in the north stream. natural gas pipelines that connect russia to europe. gas bubbles are formed in the baltic sea of denmark and sweet danish military published these images of the gas bubbles. the leaks were 1st spotted on the rate of
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a passing ship. denmark has since band shipping from the area, the north stream $1.00 and $2.00 pipelines run from russia to germany. neither is in operation, although both did contain pressurized gas. the kremlin says russia is extremely concerned by the leaks then marks prime minister metaphysics and said sabotage cannot be ruled out here as legally. we cannot rule it out. it is too early to draw conclusions yet. but this is an extraordinary situation and unusual situation. and there are 3, even with some distance between them. and that is why it's hard to imagine that what's happening is a coincidence if it's a different city to come today, put a new now let's say bring in the emitter bloss sees a member of the european parliament for the german green party. and part of the committee on industry research and, and energy. now, the danish military has released video showing the ocean bubbling. what more do you know about the exact situation right now?
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i don't know much more and i think investigations are in place from the dentist side from the swedish side, and we have to see what they will find and i'm sure they will also go down with some robots and, and check the leaks. but as you just heard, sabotage is something that cannot be a root out. i think it is important to say that this will not have an impact on the german gas situation, because we do not get gas from nordstrom one and 2 from russia. these were closed on by russia. so the effects under, under german gas market am, is close to 0. so who would benefit from such an attack? i mean, it doesn't look like any amateur could attack a concrete in case pipeline at the bottom of the baltic sea, there's
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a must be some state actors behind. absolutely, it seems like that this is something that has been a very professional way, but it's too early to say. who could be the one who, who, who did it? no. i mean, i, i believe russia could be behind in an attempt to create more chaos, more turmoil am on the european energy market. what is, of course now underway is also a security checks on existing other gas pipelines. this is critical infrastructure and the security alert for them there, it has to be heightened up now. so then we don't know who is behind it. it creates a little bit of case, an insecurity in germany. we need to take care of our in, in all of your but actually we need to take care of our critical infrastructure, energy infrastructure. but who was that is something that the dennison is which
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police need to find out. impossible to say right now, as you rightly say that. but what worries you most about these leaks know what worries me is really that you know, the acts of war and i suspect it is connected to the russian aggression against your train is coming closer and closer. energy infrastructure is key for, for us to come over the winter. it's, it's critical infrastructure. we really need to take care of it. we really need to increase the security level. but also what worries me as, as the climate politician is that this is a lot of methane gas getting out of this to pipelines and methane gas is 30 times more dangerous for the climate in seo tool. so also this leakage is something that is bad for the climate and bad for the environment for the,
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for the biosphere, for the animals that live around the leagues measure loss, that member of the european parliament. thank you. thank you very much. now, voting has ended in so hold referendums in russian controlled regions of ukraine. residents were asked whether the areas should become part of russia in a process condemned by the international community regional leaders, backed by moscow say provisional results can be expected. as soon as this evening, but keith ended so i say the results are a foregone conclusion. moscow is expected to formally annex the regents following this vote, raising fears among residents about their future of them on that. let's bring in d. w correspondent, but he has billing, are joining. joining us from keith is what's going to happen next. what can, when? what can we expect from the so called resolves while so the results are
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going to be published very quickly, and that's what russia has already announced. and we do not expect any surprises in these results. that will be a majority for the annexation of these territories. this was clear from the very beginning as it has been clear that this was not a real referendum where all that all the principles of free voting have been violated of a free and fair voting process have been violated in this referendum. so the next steps will be that the president would probably address the 2 chambers of parliament and that a federal chombo for the federation of chombo. the upper house of parliament will then incorporate these regions into russia formally that might happen next tuesday. as the head of this chamber has announced, and then russia will claim that these, this is territory of russia, which will not be recognized by most of the countries in the world. that might be
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one or 2 exceptions. but for the ukrainian side, that's what your crane has said, and that's also what western countries have said. nothing will change to this referendum. now, what will happen to the residence of the regions held by russia right now? or will they be allowed to leave? in the past few weeks, sir, there has been one border crossing that had been opened to people who wanted to cross over to ukrainian control territory. there's also the way to crow, to, to leave by a crimea and then russia and then possibly from russia, some where else this check point or where people were leaving has been closed. if you are just in the past few days. so it seems that nobody is coming out of the territory right now of the out of the southern territories in the eastern territories. there has been no border crossing for quite a while now. and just before, even before men had much more difficulties to come out of the 2 to leave,
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these regions were especially men of drafting age of military age. and the fear of course is that these men will now be drafted into the russian army. although, according to international law, they are not even citizens of russia, but he is willing of their joining us from keith. thank you. much is now the kremlin says no decision has been made on closing russia's borders, despite thousands of men leaving to avoid being sent to find in ukraine. long lines have formed at border crossings to neighboring georgia. some men reported chewing for 48 hours, many used bicycles, and paid bribes to cross more quickly. the president of kazakhstan, meanwhile, says russian men are well come in his country. congestion also has built up at russia's borders with mongolia and finland of
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a more. this lead sir. brandy w correspondent, maria could i'm answer. she joins us, but on the telephone from the russian georgian a border there. maria, what is it like there where you are? well, the atmosphere from the gordon side of the border where we are working now, it's pretty called russian man trying to escape mobile is ation. so continue to cross at thought. so i must say that the situation here is just the opposite of what's happening on the russian side. people are in line for days. one man told us that it took him 5 days to get him out and felt extremely happy to be unsafe environment. of course manual them are panicking, giving back to the board as could be potentially close soon. however, we haven't seen any official information yet. what we have seen is that russian minister we arrived yesterday at the checkpoint in case of a school wants to escape mobilization, tries to break through the board. also,
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the mobile recruitment officers are being now deployed where reservation, but only from the north republic being honda. simon's now now you spoke, obviously with some of those young russians crossing the border. what did they tell you about that motivation? why are they leaving? well, with friends, rush, 9, arriving with whole families carrying davis. and even infants told us that they had to leave their wives and children, ho, i'm summer waiting for days here to georgia tech really unite with their families. they also told us that they were not ready. they were not simply ready to sacrifice their lives for putting war, and that's why they choose to leave their homes, their jobs and law now won't happens after these people cross the border into georgia being welcomed by the georgia government of wasn't the we have not seen any
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agency or angie oh, helping your rivals to settle in. but we've noticed some individual volunteers, housing people to get faxes and accommodation in nearby villages. they're also sending food to the rush inside the house or the top drivers here. most of the want to see if i should say, are exhaust russia, who left the country for 24. thank you very much. the w correspondent, maria, cut them off. let's have a look now at some of the other news from around the world. piero has declared that environmental emergency and the amazon rain forest because of a leaking pipeline more than 2 and a half 1000 barrels of oil have flowed into a river that is being fished by indigenous people. the state petroleum company says vandals attacked the pipe. thousands of rallied in mexico to demand
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justice for 43 trainee. teachers who disappeared 8 years ago. best to go is believe the students were detained by corrupt police. on their way to protest, relatives have hold for i why the investigation or we can ian has my land full in cuba. the storm is expected to strengthen as it heads towards florida . residents of tampa bay, our stock filing goods mission controllers have also canceled. nasa rocket launch iran is stepping up its response to nationwide anti government. protests. officials say they've arrested more than 1200 demonstrators. human rights monitor say at least 76 people have died in rallies, spock by the death of a young woman in police custody. we don't want the islamic republic, that's the protest. cry of people in iran's capital tyrann. only
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a few videos from the protests are getting through to the outside world due to repeated internet shut downs. but people are taking to the streets around the country like here in the southern city of bush, a hair pro government rallies have also been held like here and here on, on sunday, supporters of the regime have blamed the wave of protests on the west. hard line clerics have threatened what they call the trouble makers, taking part in the protests. if you do not stop these shameless crimes, you should expect a severe response from us. o t. ron's judiciary has set up special courts to try protesters who official said we'll be treated as dangerous criminals. steep media, se the number of arrests has now surpassed 1200. video footage that has emerged in recent days, shows the brutality of the security services. observers say, the authorities, heavy handed tactics are
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a sign that the protests are making. a mark it is a signal is, this is a fine that social resistance is not really at. the donnie and people are not just resigned to the situation and thought the protest will continue, even if they are violently depressed. and it seems there is no sign of the protests going away any time soon. my modem erie mm hm. is director of the n g o iran human rights and he gave us his perspective on the situation there. basically, there have been promptness all over the country and not only in large towns, but also in smaller towns. we have brokers in the ethical regions of iran, but each is done in core just in northern iran and basically be nationwide for this last and we had to put this like b as in november 2019. but
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to me, it seems that this time to put this or even a wider and, and despite the fact that the authorities have been shooting at the protesters of this, as you say, in the report 76 people have been at least killed or but the point is continue, we don't see a sign that people are going to stay home. japan has held a state funeral for former prime minister since abi he was assassinated in july leaders and signatures from around the world attended. bothers also unease over the cost of the funeral and divisions over our base legacy ah cremated. shortly after his death, shinto abby's ashes, we carried into his state funeral by his widow. a key ave such
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services, a normally reserved for japan's imperial family but an exception was granted for the country's longest serving prime minister ah, ministers among the international dignitaries where indian prime minister ninja mo, day, the day, somebody thank leon, died it onboarding like a and former british prime minister to resume take off your pocket japanese prime minister cuz she to fu meo, lead the tributes. and if on go cheeky sheen, sadly was the one who worked harder than anyone else in the world to build and maintain peace with japan. the region. and across the globe will she are you and to maintain and promote and international order that values freedom. she democracy think are human rights and the rules law. you stella of
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a single so much thought this ever a polarizing figure in japan. hundreds protested against ave state funeral, and it's $11000000.00 price tag. it is perhaps on the world stage where our base influence is most admired. us mice, president pamela horace, spoke of his importance. i hate live here the term and holding him in as a member of his america lead chairs with the service emphasized abe's global legacy. as a country under family said they final good bye to shins. obey
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and have a quick look at some of the other stories making headlines today. china's economic growth is about to fall behind the rest of asia for the 1st time since 1990. according to the world bank, it expects the economy to grow 2.8 percent this year. that's wrong. 2 percent lower than forecast. economists blame beijing. 0 cove. it pulls the front runner in brazil's presidential election, the former leader louis enough, you knew that a silver ass held his final campaign event poles put the left wing candidates comfortably ahead of his right wing rival. the current president, valuable snarl boy echoed in spain has ordered colombian singer shakirowa to spend trial on charges of failing to a more than 14000000 euros in texas. prosecutors are seeking an 8 year prison term
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before after she rejected a plea deal. shakira has vowed to fight the charges, saying she had paid all taxes due i now to a story that seems to come straight from a science fiction thriller, nasa's 1st planetary defense operation. as i struck a space rock orbiting, an asteroid, millions of kilometers from us. the goal was to nudge the little moon and to a new orbit. scientists were testing whether it's possible to deflect an asteroids on collision course with our planet. 3, what? oh my gosh. wow. i didn't give you a confirmation and direct hits, millions of kilometers from earth. the world's 1st ever planetary defense mission, a success that is far from my coincidence. oh, fantastic. and we are so excited to be done. i, you know,
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we've worked on this mission for at least 7 years now and i it's been a work of over 1000 people. yeah, definitely. as we were getting close to the asteroid, there was a lot of ed said joy, i say both tear and joy at the same time because we, we saw that we were going to impact the idea behind dot. the double asteroid redirection test was to launch a small spacecraft to war to space rock, smash into it at high speed and al, to its course. this inaugural planetary defense test mission marks a major moment in human history. for the 1st time ever, we will measurably change the orbit of a celestial body in the universe. doing so has clear benefits and ensuring humanities ability to deflect a potential threatening asteroid in the future. nasa approved it could hit a small object in space. a follow up mission will check up on the target rock in 4
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years to see how much it's all be test changed. but 1st, it is time for celebrations. now as goes a keith cowan, he said, an american, astro biologist unfold. manasseh employee joining us from washington. d. c. keith, ab, not a spacecraft has struck its target, but did manage to alter the course of that rock. we don't know yet, and this is going to be a very, very small change. and they'll have to, you know, if you've got my little props here as the moon orbits the larger asteroid, they will observe it from many places on earth. and in the next weeks and perhaps a month, they will be able to tell if there's any change. and if there's any change, pretty much that's the success for the mission. because the whole idea was that you could, as was said, under set up piece, change the trajectory of something out in space. now nasa called it
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a test of its planetary defense system. now how big is this threat? where each it's one of those things that the more you look for it, the more you realize how much there is out there. i mean, we've been aware of large objects hitting the earth for some time. less of a decade ago, a big one came in over a city in russia. and even though it didn't land there, it costs a lot of damage and injured some people had it landed in that city. the city wouldn't be there anymore. and we've done some studies with telescopes, we know are a lot of the big things are, but as you get smaller and smaller, these objects are less dangerous. but it's more of them and they're harder to find . so if you don't know it's there, a small rock coming at high speed from space can still cause us a lot of damage. so the whole idea here is, you know, the more you look, the more you find and the more you find, the more you realize how you have to be prepared. that's what this mission was all about. and now what about the cost of this mission and all the work involved?
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you think it's justified? yeah, it's about $300000000.00. and even if you sent 2 of them again, just imagine you random pick. a city in the world was a $100000.00 people and you drop a something the size of the moon that was hit, the little rock dropped that at tens of thousands of miles an hour. that city would be gone. what would be the economic loss, bitch? trillions of euro's hundreds of thousands alive. so i think when you have a real threat like this, that is, it's out there. you can measure it. this is a trivial cost to pay. so, so we continue these experiments sort of sending probes to all to space trying to find these projectiles if you will, and try to throw them. of course. yes, of course use is to parts lose law. i was on another network the other last night when it was live and the other science correspond night were saying my god, i see rocks and i said i see pebbles. right? just the image, one of those images will lead to a 1000 ph. d. 's across the world,
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just understanding what these things are made up. so even if this, this asteroid was not a threat to earth, and we didn't monkey with it, so it's still not correct. but we learn every time we go there, we learn something more about these asteroids, and here we are an earth god. we're probably the result of comments and asteroids hitting this planet over billions of years, leaving the materials that eventually became us. so in a carl sagan, sort of sense, as we understand the threat, we're also understanding a little bit more where we came from and you met maybe we should actually let the next ask for it if and thank you very well sir. your dinosaur, you wouldn't agree with that as well. it is kate curry. thank you very much. my pleasure. now in a, if you will related news from portuguese football legend louis figo. once he was named the best player on the planet, he has now elevated his game quite literally to an altitude of over 6100
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meters. he did it on one of those 0 gravity appliance that go way up and way down in a hurry. this particular cruise made for walter guinness book of records, says, is the highest altitude game of football on the parabolic flight. fiegel won the 2000, but on dog award when he played for rel, madrid, well, it was he w. c. as a reminder of the top news story, this, our sabotage is thought to be behind gas leaks from pipelines, connecting russia to germany, denmark's navy as well, is this footage of gas bottles forming in the baltic sea leaks both for the pressure on europe's energy security and voting has closed in eastern and southern ukraine in the so called referendums on joining russia. moscow is expected to annex for regents. keith and its allies say they will not
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recognize the results. coming up next in d, w. news asia walk, the state funeral for fascinated japanese prime minister. she's the obvious, says about his legacy and how it makes if classrooms and sure of pakistan's floods mean children to not miss out on that. and that's next with bearish vanity just after a short break on gab office in berlin from me in the news stream. thanks for watching. ah, with
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a beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride.
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invisible to the larger public? we decided to ask them this and what is the poetry? the secret of the house i'm housed about, their struggles and dreams. responsibility is huge. they have so much to where you shattering the glass ceiling women in architecture. the st. louis has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d. w. as it did up in years asia coming up today, japan moved to rest of humble prime minister, but not the divisions he left behind just a funeral for assassinated, former leadership. so av 8th is marked by morning. and otis, why was friends obeyed such a polarizing.


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