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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2022 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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so much to you, it need a real goal of architecture is to create habitat for human about their struggles and dreams. responsibility is hugely have so much to lose. and shattering the glass ceiling. women in architecture dismiss has to be really, really good. start september 30th on d. w. today on read the altar and the village, he shows how the chinese started neo wants to come here. the german e markets. how e bikes from germany are solving the finish problems in uganda? and how about the 2 day k, waco whose legs amputated became the camp dry the in nigeria.
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c with the neo brand is still pretty much on known in germany, but the chinese e. b juggernaut is planning. it's german, launched by the end of 2022. neo is coming to germany today. my 1st test drive in germany with the neo car. if you want to know more about the cost, the brand, the plans for the future stick around and with that, welcome to read. the e s 8 is neos biggest s u v. and while it's not sold in germany, you might still spot it on the streets as it's available in norway, 1st in europe for the brand. the cool thing about neo carl's, that is a parent once you get inside, is that a little finger looking at you. it's name is no me, it's basically a voice recognition system, but it's way cuter then it is another cause you will have a little fear that is looking at you. sometimes it will wink and from time to time
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when it's bored, it will do funny pain. while norway gets the he has hate, the smaller e s 7 s u b and the 87 and 85 sedans for the time being, it seems like it's just the sedans and the e. s. 7. that will make it onto the german market. the design center for neo caused by the way east in munich, germany, we were there and had a quick chat with the chief designer by the way. we can show you the san from the outside since it's pretty secret. so you've got to believe uh, it's in munich. i mean we, we starting a new brand from scratch, right? so we have a lot of creative freedom and it's like starting with a clean sheet of paper. but at the end of the day, we want to create and design beautiful cars for our users. so we really keep their,
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you know, experiences in mind in terms of how they want to feel when they see a neo. so we really want to create a perfect car in that it's beautifully designed, intuitive, easy to use, and really embodies all the attributes of, from what our users want. of course, the leo brand is a grand success in its home country, china. the annual neo de contracts, thousands of owners and bands from across the country. that's in part because neo has focused on building a community among its customers. neil fan club, the cross china meet regularly go on trips and even organized charity events. and they stay in touch with the company for james to directly address any questions the owners might have neo doesn't view itself as an ordinary car maker. that's plain to see what their latest venture neo houses potential and current neo
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owners can meet and get advice on vehicles or simply grab a cup of coffee. there are more than $65.00 neo houses in china already. and one in the norwegian capital oslo. we started to look to indulge in an exercise, trying to see if we could find what was really essential. we came up with this feeling that was all about engagement and community. it's about a closeness and relationship to nature as well. is about celebration off local tastes and flavors with in germany. now we're, we're good about to open neo houses. and these really embody also neos core design principles as well. so we really want a holistic experience for our users, so that the cars and every touch point for the users really feel like one red
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thread running between them. so the, for instance, the new houses, the way the furniture is the way you're greeted, the experienced total experience really is something that's been driven by design. ah, the design philosophy around neo was really based on our company brand values, which are honesty, care, vision, and action. and from that, we actually developed our design dna, which is pure human progressive and sophisticated o e s h is roughly the size of a, b, m, w, x 5 or i x. but it aims to attract premium customers at an affordable price. the logo itself represents our brand philosophy of vision, the upper part being the sky, and the lower part being action sort of the road to that. so vision and action prices for the e. s 8. start at around 50. 7800 euro's making it
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a good deal cheaper than the b m w i x, which costs over 70? 7000. thanks to it's 400 kilowatt motor. the s 8 has plenty of power. range varies between 375 and 500 kilometers. depending on what size battery you opt for. right now neo is struggling a little bit because all of the audi is not really satisfied with the naming of this called the e s 8th because they say it's too close to their as aids. so the sporty is version of their flagship model. but to be honest, it's like a different car. and also this car is in a completely different segment than also completely different type of car than the, as a by audi. and what i think is even more important, a name consisting of a ladder, and a number is not really something that you would call creative naming,
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so he can steal like 2 digits. i don't really know if you steve a name like i don't know to yoda's, i go a bomb thing, then it's different, but numbers letters. i don't see any problem. there are naming strategy is based on 3 digits and letters. so the 1st one, e, and this represents for us experience and emotion because that's what our brand is built on. the 2nd letter represents the card type, so in this case s is for his he, thee, and the number designates the, the hierarchy of the vehicle. in this case, 8 being the biggest se the we have. so e s 8 of course, what sets the neo brand a part is it swap a will battery system. at a battery swap station, the customer can exchange an empty battery for
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a fully charged one. in a matter of minutes. in the future it will be possible to off for a bigger or smaller battery, depending on availability. with the battery as a service option, the battery remains the property of neo and is rented on a monthly basis. that simplifies swapping and ensures you always get the best possible battery if you want. you can also simply buy your battery with the person. swamp station outside china was recently opened in oslo. hey, over the next few years, neo plans to build 1000 more of these swap stations in europe. of course, it's also possible to charge the vehicles normally at a wal box or public charging station. driving in the o if cool,
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i mean the idea i really like it. and the only problem right now is we'll have to wait. wait until neil comes on to the german markets. wait until there are enough swap stations. and wait until the hour, the neo houses, but i'm pretty sure once all of this is done, neil is going to have a great success here. neo hasn't yet officially announced when exactly it's models will hit the german market. but the 1st will definitely be the e t 7 sedan in 2022. equipped with 2 electric motors handle pack 480 kilowatts of power. different battery sizes will provide ranges of 500 to a 1000 kilometers, making the car arrival to the tesla model less. and portia ticonda, while we don't yet know the german prices and china, the $87.00 cost, the equivalent of $48000.00 euros, plus $150.00 euro's a month for renting the battery.
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walter own in spring passengers of the day on his 2 youngest children, he is a bike taxi driver in ginger, some 90 kilometers east of uganda as capital kampala. a few months ago he traded in his old bike taxi for an alfred, crazy. any bite developed for the african market, and he's been attracting a lot of attention. you can see them was in, i let me good it in the go design was if you're using follow, and my whole see the sunday customer. i free cruise, he is the brainchild of yoga passion, a former teacher from northern germany. more than 10 years ago, as he was travelling across africa, he began thinking about how transportation on the continent could become more sustainable. many in africa ride motor bikes, which are expensive and polluting. gates vans, refusal on la africa,
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has lots of solar energy units and huge mobility up safina. you bought europe has lots of e bikes. that's left. so why not combine a bikes with africa's solar energy to make a cargo bike, florida, that could really help solve mobility problems on the continent? i do them for movie typical dream of to put it in to help turn his idea into reality. you're going teamed up with an iep bike specialist from germany. together they designed the 1st prototype and realized the bikes would need to be adapted to the needs of african customers, including the local road conditions. to stay i've shown that was a pretty big challenge when it came to designing the bike. like montague, the road conditions aren't necessarily like what a bike writers are used to here, but i would either. but i and some of the bi components that the industry tends to rely on might not be available in general. very likely they mostly calvin come my
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limbs up to dickson. more spokes and the wheels and a reinforced frame, styled and the look of a more expensive motorbike. the african susie was designed to be robust and appeal to its clientele, and it's $600.00 euros. it's quite a bit more affordable than most di bikes. the project also includes a micro credit system to help people finance the purchase. passions partner in berlin belongs to hero cycles, one of the world's largest bicycle manufacturers. the indian company can draw on huge economies of scale to produce the affray cruces at a. can it a price for a hero? it's an idea that makes sense and gets them a new foothold in the huge african market. the 1st 100 are free cruises went into operation in uganda in 2022 as e by taxi's e bike ambulances and water delivery bikes at fabio. the enjo based and
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ginger that's coordinating the african project. the 1st batch of e bikes already attracted a lot of interest. fuel costs have also risen sharply in uganda, as all over the world, which has helped to make e mobility more appealing. this comes as an alternative, as a transport mobilly told, tentative that to people couldn't use instead of motorized transport lake cars like motorcycle is the fact that it is functional. it is able to carry 100 kilograms of of cargo. so it is function. it is very fast, it is of course, find fabio run small service points to handle maintenance, and to swap out the solar powered batteries. mechanic, joshua ma gaia joined the project early on, and now has a permanent position. he sees a bright future in the technology. i want to stepped up to auction
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and they want to skew my fellow friends and young people don't dare i want to skid them on how to repay our bags. how'd you bear it, bates? walter own and comes here to swap his batteries. when business is brisk, he is here twice a day on days when he can't make it, he's out of luck. so redundancy once in movie. if the back is not there so you can read it using light with it, no light. so you have to still duty. the fabio team are in regular contact with technical designers and berlin should the bicycle lights get a separate battery? does the frame lead to any updates? the 2 teens are working on refining the next generation of africa. cruces yoga. passion is hoping for more support from another angio called atmosphere. it's
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business model. air travelers make a voluntary donation based on their emissions. those contributions then help fund green projects around the world. a free cruise is hoping to become one of them. so now the analysts are studying how some of the bikes are being used to best living. there are gps modules that allow us to see how many kilometers the bike travel on and carry out surveys to see how people use the bike tanks. the largest part of what form of transportation did it replace units? would they have gone by motorbike by car or on foot would allow using that data we can determine how much c o 2 emissions were actually savers to try to apply on found on this. even though that process takes time, the next $640.00 every crews, the bikes are in production in india, they'll be headed to togo, panini for keena, faso, tanzania, and other countries. it's hope to eventually produce some components in uganda.
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juergen passion is happy that his afro crazy project is taking off. and for walter onan and his family, the bikes have made a huge improvement to their day to day lives and future prospects. if you want more rev, check out our youtube channel. if you want regular features about new cars and car culture and about mobility around the world reads can make you very happy vintage classics and future tag. i'll just some of the exciting content waiting for you. subscribe to us at youtube slash dw rep, and you'll always be up to speed thinking about the lake for more minutes. the 1st thing which comes into people's minds is range. anxiety. i'm telling you don't be worried to day rep is going to tell you
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how to charge your e v. absolutely. anyone. class of blacks and cables that are used for a very free e v expense in germany. let's start with what you can do at home. so this is a stand at home flux. if you are like me at your brother's place and your cars empty, then you can chart an enormous own socket. while it varies in different parts of the world in germany, a stay at home so could usually support up to 3.7 kilowatts, 230 voids and 16 impulse. but getting a put charge from a home socket requires some amount of patients where we are charging right now with this, you know what? that means. it takes 13 hours to charge from 60 to 100 percent. and that causes a long time. and it's not exactly very free, so i put it in in a 10 impair home socket. but as you can see, it's delivering certain impair. that is actually dangerous because it could cause the line or wired. but in some costs, you have the option to change the mpeg,
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which will help you to save your wire. so they are always 2 sides to the story. if you're not confident about the wiring, then of course just use it for emergencies and just charge as much as necessary to come to the next truck. with a why box is a charge out what you would install at home. so i personally don't have a web ex, but that's the reason why we came to this message is dealership to show you what a warble, why boxes usually didn't have a power between 3.7 and 22 kilowatts. and you need a certified electrician to install one, which is often quite expensive, but it can potentially combine convenience was comparatively, we got charged, which is a big plus for this. no say this why box here is charging mice has low with 11. which means it's going to take approximately one hour 25 minutes to go from 60
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percent to 80 percent charging limit i've set which isn't too bad. they are also remote charging options in industrial areas. this is an industrial block. there are 2 types of these red flags across europe. at 16 m power plants that can deliver up to 11 kilowatts and asserted to end up like that can deliver up to $22.00 q. so actually that is what you need when you on a remote area where you have no other opportunity to charge. but what about when you are re and truly in the middle of nowhere? these are camping blacks, which are to see blacks. you'd use it campsite in europe. here they are usually a standardized blue color. there's a small, a 16 m power plaque, and the bigger $32.00 emp. the advantage of these blacks is that they deliver up to 3.7 kilowatts of energy, very consistent so that i have tried on my own and it works. so
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you can rely on the electricity pushed into your car. this is a cable. what you get from a manufactor when you buy an even. so that is actually a type 2 cable in how many type 2 cables usually transfer at rate up to $43.00 kilowatts. but it depends on what your specific, if you can take and what the public charges that you have collected into can deliver. for example, charging my tesla 77 kilowatt hour battery from 0 to $100.00 at an 11 kilowatt charges takes 7 hours. if you live in a city and don't have your own charging set up at home, chances are that this is a game that you are likely to rely on the most. so that is actually the whole set up. i'm traveling with to avoid range anxiety. and just to calm you down, i have all of these came up because i'm constantly on the go driving all across europe and any be. chances are that if you'd just drive from home to work and back,
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you won't need to rely on anything other than public charges, some of which have own claxon keyless. these are the ones i encounter and jenny, this is an 18 type 2 cable at the public charter, which is a rare fight. but if you managed to lose your own type to cable, you could use the supply power rate of up to 43 kilowatts. this is actually more plaque, which was developed in japan back in 2010. the aren't very common and you but a still used to judge sammy's, they support rapid d. c charging and in germany they usually go up to $150.00 killer. and this is a, c, c, s, a combined charging pluck, which has 2 d c. contact at the bottom, allowing for fast charging. it's the most common rep, a charging block across germany, allowing charging speeds up to $350.00 killer was although occasionally even higher . of course, since i drive, the tesla ought to have the advantage of his less supercharger in it,
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which also uses the c c. s. blacken your but did you know constantly past charging your car isn't good for the better. but more about that now and next video, where i will tell you how to treat your e, the better you i will no more like a drawer with the quoted leg at the job with coaches to drive yourself in to play with it or not with
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my initial im is not too good when i go to i buy so many. okay job. no job. i go to go down to i have myself now with a to drive my car. this one is a one turning the brake. why do i go on?
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down a little on as up on me to one of my and i'm with to walk. i think what we know that. all right, so that's what we've got to do from did i know the tick? courtney i taught class was last time i was 6 to 10 hours by day a globe in the morning. i think that the passing by 2 or more down i make with
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life a lot like with so from the money i may from can with i mean to,
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to buy the car or something i was ah, i met my wife frank. you know we after even more love and passion, fuller busy next time on rev ah, ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah, with who patriotism on the right. how does the nation to find the so a question of the last, in the former soviet days, the warren ukraine has given us a new urgency, a report, questions. what's behind the bass all over national identity,
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ah ah ah ah, this is dean w, news life on birthday and explosions in the baltic sea that leaks from the gas pipelines connecting russia and germany, denmark and sweden se was deliberate. other western leaders asked whether this was russian sabotaged, also on the program. moscow claims it so called referendums and occupied ukraine show people overwhelmingly.


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