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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news life from berlin, explosions in the baltic sea and leagues from a gas pipelines connecting russia and germany, denmark and sweden se was deliberate. other western leaders asked whether this was russian sabotaged, also on the program. moscow claims its so called referendums and occupied ukraine. show people overwhelmingly,
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in favor of joining russia. cave and its allies denounced the votes as a shout. i'm the great exodus from russia gathers momentum, tens of thousands more men leave, to avoid being called up to fight in ukraine. ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. denmark and sweden's, heavy gas leaks in the gnawed stream pipelines, connecting russia to europe, were caused by sabotaged scientist, recorded explosions in the baltic sea before detecting 3 simultaneous leaks. ukraine has accused russia of carrying out a terror attack. other european leaders and the u. s. fear sabotaged the kremlin, says it's extremely concerned. while the pipeline operator says the damage is unprecedented. gas bubbles, churn,
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the baltic. see this video from denmark's military shows one area where 70 meters below sea level gases escaping from the nord stream pipelines the undersea pipelines. nordstrom, $1.00 and $2.00 link russia and germany, 3 red dots mark the places where leaks were detected, even though the pipelines are not currently delivering russian gas to europe. they're still fuel in the pipes. the pipelines operator reported a drop in pressure, but research has said they had detected possible explosions in the area where the leaks were observed. well, the source of these explosions, i mean, i mean, as far as we can tell, there is nothing a natural naturally occurring that that could explain the the exact source of them . it's, of course, a bit hard for us to speculate the backs. these really are explosions,
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which we find highly likely. then of course, there are man made somehow denmark said the leaks when no accident but caused by deliberate actions. as the danish prime minister, who had an energy facility in poland, intended to bring gas from norway to replace russian supplies, poland leader called the leaks sabotaged the questions over the possible blasts and baltic sea highlight how politicized energy supplies have become following russia's invasion of ukraine the kremlin has also suggested foul play. she just needs a scrutiny of no ups and can be ruled out right now. it's clear that there is damage to the pipeline, so we can't exclude any version of events regarding the reason for this, you know, before the results of the official investigation, we're doing the screw church, which broke with,
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with sabotaged potentially and play suspicions over who with to blame a heightening tensions between russia and it here appear. neighbors of data from the swedish size marginal network indicates that to underwater explosions occurred before the pipeline leaks. the networks director be on lunch, talk me through the findings. yes we are detected to bloss yesterday one early in the morning between sunday and monday at 2 am and then a 2nd one later in the day at 7 pm in the evening. and the 1st last occurred south east of the danish island of bourne hall. and where is the 2nd one which is slightly larger and occurred to the north east of one home and very close to the location where the swedish maritime administration tells us that these gas leakages or the gas is leaking out of the pipeline. and could these explosions
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have been the result of some naturally occurring sized logical event? no, these are not earthquakes, and they are not under water landslides. so these are definitely lost. and we can see that both from evaluating the waveforms earthquakes to create slightly different seismic waves them last do. in this case, it's in the water which makes the difference. it's even larger. and finally, we have on the lost in swedish waters from the swedish navy where they tell us in advance that they will be blasting. so we're pretty sure that these are not natural phenomena, but they're actually lost. and do you think these blasts are the cause of your facts? do you think these bloss course the holes in the pipelines or perhaps an explosion in the pipeline cause the blast? if you see what i'm driving out there. right now we have no data to tell you
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which is the 1st and which comes 2nd. we are looking into the data that we have, especially from the 2nd last, which was slightly larger. and comparing that to the last date that we have from the swedish navy last to see if we can support and need a significant differences. for example, that would tell us that it would be a different source. but so far today we have not been able to come up with, you know, anything that is conclusive. so these looks very much like there's a significant amount of explosives being detonated at the same time. ok, no doubt in your mind this was man made that's right. ok, good, talking to thank you so much for joining us. of your lunch director of the swedish size more logical network. a moscow says early results from so called referendums, held unoccupied. ukraine shall most voters favor joining russia. the criminal is expected to use the outcome to annex for regions. given its allies destroyed the
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votes as sham ballots and are refusing to recognize the results. the other dropping of votes into the ballot box should mean having a say in one's future, but not many ukrainians believed. that's what happened in so called referendums, staged in for russian held regions of ukraine. first, results showed overwhelming support for joining russia. cave in the west have already said they would not recognize the outcome of a valid that ukraine says was in some cases conducted at gunpoint level which got you're fema today. there's a small number of people who have to put something like that agreement mark on the balance of the horses and why wouldn't? because a man comes to every house with a rifle and asked them to vote. sure. what should people do when an arm person comes to their home? no more, they're forced to sign the ballad every more shimmer you do it. not said
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a video from mary, you po, shared by the ukranian city, government in exile shows armed soldiers following election workers into residential buildings. a warning by ukrainian authorities that people will face criminal punishment if they vote prompted some to leave and others to hide behind closed doors with ukrainian leadership and its western allies see the referendums as a pretext for the kremlin to annexed the 4 regions. blue hans donnette sk sir parisha and her son many ordinary ukrainians. think the same near that musical, illegal rich. unfortunately, they're worse on fashion. it's simply unbearable than even a human to you. in a chilling warning last week, vladimir putin said he would be ready to use nuclear weapons to protect territory.
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he considered part of the russian federation with the war, escalating continuously over the last few months. many ukrainians left their homes long before moscow staged. it's so cold referendums on their future. those who stayed faced the likelihood they'll now have to live as citizens of russia, and perhaps even become fighters for its army. lou, let's take a closer look at this with the double correspondent, nick connelly and the ukranian capital. welcome nick. picking up on that last point from the report, what would you think? would people in occupied regions of ukraine fight for russia? was sidney. we have already seen signs that russia is trying to recruit people in these regions so far with the promise of money and other companies. occasionally there been reports of dressed and kind of pressure like these people. definitely a sense that russia would rather recruit people from 10 years from the hall can
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maybe even to put each other parts are locked by ukraine rather than risking to kind of kind of social conflict. we're seeing in the mobilization in russia itself . as for people being willing to fight against you granted their own country, they're often going to be a question of how much freedom they have to choose. how much real auction they have, we were hearing about people being forced to passports, even before these boats. anyone working for the government teachers, doctors, civil servants basically being given the option of taking a rush and passport or losing their job. and there are only way of surviving. so definitely is a prospect that is very scary. and we as with voting in this so called referenda, we think people just trying to sit it out, hiding from the authority, the russian occupational 30 they're sitting in the summer house is trying to stay at apartments where they're not registered, where the authorities wouldn't know what to look to them and hope that some of this costs than buying something similar happens as ukraine is able to do in harkey, where they are able to push russian front lines back. it doesn't have kilometers in
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the space a few days. a note of that would then kind of solve the problem, right? so when the results are eventually declared, and as we presume, the vote goes to, i guess we'll do, we'll resident still have a chance to escape. we've had reports from san region already today that basically it is now impossible to leave at least directly to ukrainian held territory in other parts of the country. the picture isn't quite as clear, but definitely russia is not making it easy for people to leave to you can help her with the needs or any guarantee of safety there. extraordinary story, the people having to do kind of thousands of kilometers. jenny, traveling into russian by crimea or across london, yet into russia proper and then traveling all the way through the georgia into turkey and getting back to you that way or through better who's trying to get into your, in your opponent. people sometimes travelling 1000 kilometers just to get, you know, 5100 kilometers down the road into ukrainian hill territory near to where they came
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from. and now the world is holding its breath to see how russia would defend to be an extra regions. well, that's definitely the threat we've been hearing from pretty top level people, including climate putin in moscow in recent days. that basically yes, if they then recognize these territories as russia proper, they would then be able to use the threat of nuclear retaliation if ukraine would try to regain these regions by force. i think so far, there's not too much in the way of credence, there's not the real belief that this is for real. i think there isn't so far, no sign that russia has significantly brought its nuclear forces somehow into a great state of readiness, but definitely did a very dangerous situation and we've seen rushes willingness to escalate over those . fighting me, those huge compound stations in south of ukraine, both of which have had work at explodes on their perimeters. and there is a sense, really, that, you know, this is basically russia, the last chance it's losing on the battlefield. it doesn't seem able to really
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replenish his supplies weapons, given the sanctions, given its lack of personnel. and now basically the big, the big threat, the big kind of a nuclear kind of elephant in the room is the one last thing that they hope will at least if not intimidate ukraine, but then force people in europe who've been supporting ukraine to think twice and maybe put pressure on key of to make some kind of compromise deal. ok, thank you for w correspondent that nick conley and keith. when you're trying to deploy more advanced weapons in it's pushed back against russian forces, presidency landscape says ukraine has taken delivery for sophisticated air defense system called ne fams from the us. russia currently controls around 15 percent of ukraine. and as we just heard moscow's preparing to formerly, amex, of those areas of following those so called of referendums, or tim ripley is an author, journalist and ministry expert based in london. welcome to d. w. i'm tell us about these ne,
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sam's weapons systems. why are they such big news? was these are weapons isn't made in norway by the new asian can becomes burg, incorporation with the u. s. missile company raphael. and they've incorporated the air to air missiles that normally go on f. 16 and year, a fighter aircraft into a ground based system they have until the around missile, which has a range between 20 and 40 kilometer. so it's quite as of quite a powerful weapon for shooting to an aircraft. and it has a radar system as well, which can detect the aircraft. it will be 100 kilometers range. so it gives a ukraine's chance to establish at defense umbrellas over key targets, bridges, factories air fields, and prevent russian fry to planes. russian cruise missiles hitting that that the key targets key, which is the infrastructure air field ammo dumps that kind of thing. so it, it plugs a lot. so holes in the ukranian advent,
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they have so. so the era missiles and system that they've taken quite a pounding over the past 7 or 8 months and the ukrainians need some replenishment. and this is a way to do that. ok. so purely a defensive, a system that russia has no way of countering well, they do with country. of course they can form either an artillery. they can try and bomb it. they can try and jam it is more than western system. so it's quite, it should be quite able to resist jamming. but this is a war of attrition in the air and in between missile systems, the ukrainians, and the russians be slugging out in the air. for instance, the start of the war and i've taken heavy casualties on both sides, so the cranes need a never ending supply of new weapons to keep them in the fight. right. and so these have come from the united states, which is big, clearly throwing lots and lots of money. and the most sophisticated systems that at this fight, well, they made in no way with american components. the missiles,
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which is the weapon part of it, but the radars, the package, the launch is all that kind of the infrastructure that makes it were, comes from norway. but the americans are buying them from, from the norwegians, and who have a production line going for the system. so it can be made available quite quickly. ok, so, as a defensive system, and this doesn't, this doesn't change the way that the ukraine prosecute this war. it just makes them safer from russian aggression. well, i'm say keeps may, will stay in the fight. it keeps them going through the winter. i mean, they've suffered heavy losses on their defenses are running out missiles every time the russians fire biology, cruise missiles that ukraine, they use up their stock a missile, so they need big punishment constantly to keep in the fight. it's all about sustaining them in this war, rather than giving them new capabilities that they have lots of air defenses. but it's, it's a very intensive business that, that involves the consumption of
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a lot of missiles, which is what they don't have because all the missiles that they have at the moment when made in the soviet union in russia, which obviously they can't replenish them from. so they need an alternative source of supply. thank you. that's very clear to him briefly. military expert in london, thank you very much. you're welcome. and yours border agency front act says nearly 66000 russians have flooded into the e. you over the last week. as men leave to avoid being called up to fight in ukraine, latvia has declared a state of emergency as its frontier comes under pressure and catholics done. and ga, reporting tens of thousands of arrivals. he w correspondent, and maria, cat or madison reports from a checkpoint on the border between georgia and russia. super, thanks to the georgians for opening the border. it made it much easier for us to live, to live alone with friends, children, our family on foot, or by bike with or without pads. many of these people crossing the border from
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russia into georgia, but are doing so to avoid being sent to war. d, w 's, maria cut to mads. they went to meet some of them says the thought of the mobilization of russia. this checkpoint enabling georgia has been working in an emergency mode. thousands of russians have already until the country trying to escape the war in ukraine. russian mat, along with their families, spend days and nights in queue session for kilometers. most of the time without food and water, the price that they're willing to pay to. so we're going to the battlefield alias, spend 3 days on the road. moscow to up se flatly have cars 1st by train than by bicycle. this is how he crossed the border and to georgia bushels, but i cannot support what is happening in russia now. i am against putin's policies . i am against this war, but i think it makes absolutely no sense. i was actually supposed to go to japan for a permanent residency in 6 months. but i decided that if everything closes down, there won't be any japan when you're really would've. nikki says originate from
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moscow. he worked for an energy company which closed down because of the war, he'd like to return to russia some day when moscow changes its political course. are growing. there is a huge influx of cause, a huge influx of people, but i understand the customs officers have figured out how to deal with this situation and have started to organize traffic. and what is interesting is people are also organizing themselves so much and is always. george is on his way from crowds, nadar to visit relatives in georgia. he tells d w, the border guards don't let every one through. he took my passport and check to see if i was being drafted. that was it. those who were being mobilized, they just turned them around just like that. there have been cases like this. the george and interior ministry has already announced. it does not intend to close the border with russia. the russian federal security service has already deployed military personnel and an arm and personal carrier to the frontier. to stop russians fleeing their mobilization orders. and take
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a look now at small stores making news around the world. germany's economy minister robert harbor x as the government will probably keep 2 of its 3 remaining nuclear power plants on standby until next year. ministers had been preparing to shut down all 3 by the end of december. concerns about energy shortages are growing because of the war and ukraine. saudi crown prince mohammed, ben salman, has become prime minister. a role traditionally held by the king, a 6 year old king salman appointed his son and heir to the roll by royal decree, crown princess, being the effective ruler since becoming defense minister in 2017. the spanish court has ordered colombian, singer shakira, to stand trial and charges failing to pay $14000000.00 euros in taxes. prosecutors are seeking an 8 year prison term after she rejected the plea deal to cure a social fight. the charges and millions of ukrainian refugees have come to the
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european union since the war began. europe is also the goal of migrants from other regions, bringing a surge on the so called a balkan route. but many get stuck along the way in towns along the serbian border . the w correspondent, funny for shot reports from a so, but it's a, a where tensions are flaring as local, say, their board towns being turned into a refugee camp. another cold night spent in at 10, it's day number 7 for this family from iraq at the see, but it's a migration canton serbia. muhammad, the father of 5 children says, i have been on the road since july, with the aid of people smugglers. they made it here a week ago that i cannot lynn at a little. we left our country for the sake of our children and their future. linda la, there is no future for kids in iraq. i almost bellentoni there for germany. just like most of the people that are in service,
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but now they are stuck in serbia and the camp is completely over crown. during the 1st half of this year, tens of thousands of migrants passed through the balkan rule 3 times as many as last year, about $10000.00, a. currently serbia. it's clear that most of the people have made it to the serbian border are not looking to seek asylum here. hungary seems so close. just crossed that fence and you are in the european union. but hungary wants to keep migrants on prime minister, victory war bon has vowed to for to fight offences along its border of his serbia spearing in. border guards with an old message. me ma'am, we do not believe that anything good. come come from migration. your shoe at mackie, hundreds of migrants are violently pushed back from hungary to so, but it's out on a daily basis according to local angels. and so, but it's,
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our residents are increasingly frustrated. mccary, bish, we're based on dance benefits hungry meg. but for us, there is no chance that the migrants can move on leach ashy, or would you throw up maniac? they live here. this won't end well defending your big shock theatre. i heard that they attacked a lot of young girls. my daughter's 10, i don't feel safe here. serbian officials in support it's. i don't want to speak on camera about why their town is again becoming a hot spot for migrants and smuggling networks. it's a delicate issue says past or t boardwalk, or he goes to places that adore avoid. can see both examples some lucky. where are you from chrome? i'm going to summer will he wants to give migraine some comfort, but he too is buried beneath her vanberry earl o. situation now is he, the more people who come coordinate, the more tensions will arise,
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you in this area so that door can be sick and this has an effect on the smugglers to them. but for look, because they have more to do and they'll be more competition. does bottles amersham that this in parallel will cause the situation to become more tense for the local. so for the people here to east to had the pursuit elysa, is it mohammad than his family don't know about the growing tension in supported. so they just want to cross the serbian border into the e. u before winter arrives. and japan has how the state funeral for former prime ministers, apparitions, or alba, who was assassinated in july, was attended by dignitaries around the world. but inside japan, there is on ease about the cost of the funeral and division of mister abe's legacy ah, cremated. shortly after his death, shinto abby's ashes, we carried into his state funeral by his widow. a key ave such
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services, a normally reserved for japan's imperial family. but an exception was granted for the country's longest serving prime minister ah, ministers among the international dignitaries where indian prime minister miranda mo, day, the day. oh, you're shy, did anybody you'll back up and former british prime minister to resume tick. ok. ok. ok. japanese prime minister because she the fu meo led the tributes. and if on thought she shins arbor was the one who worked harder than anyone else in the world to build and maintain peace with japan, the region and across the globe will she aisle and to maintain and promote an international order that values freedom she democracy think our human rights and
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the rules law cristella of a single so much thought disha. ah, ever a polarizing figure in japan? hundreds protested against our bay state funeral. and its $11000000.00 price tag. it is perhaps on the world stage where our base influence is most admired. us mice, president carmella horace, spoke of his importance. ah, i hate live here in the champion and hope in the sitting in as a member of the in the pacific region. as american lead chairs and the service emphasized abe's global legacy as a country under family,
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said they final good by to since obey time to remind you of our top story at this hour. sabotage is thought to be behind the gas leaks from pipelines, connecting russia to germany, denmark's navy has released his 4 teacher fact gas bubbles forming and the baltic sea, the lakes that turn the spotlight on, europe's vulnerable energy security. i just, i went on the w, i'll be taking you through the day, taking a closer look at those sabotaged node stream pipelines, the effect of the war in ukraine on women around the world, and more on watch and so obvious, legacy is so divisive. i joined me in just a month with
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ah ah, patriotism on the right. how does the nation define itself? a question of the lost in the former soviet state. the war in ukraine has given me sending you an edge in a report questions. what's behind the bass all over national identity.
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ah, in 60 minutes on dw blue is the end of the pandemic in sight. we show what it could look like. will return to normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult. he sees his successes at noon in a weekly coven 19 special every thursday con d w. who how did she become at all hitler's favorite director? and how did he become a forgotten film pioneer?
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leaning, he finished and arnold fund between hitler and hollywood. in 1932, they set out into the icy wilderness of greenland to create a life threatening film project that became a major milestone in their lives. love, seduction, and our ice cold passion starts october 8th on d. w. holes in the north stream gas pipelines between russia and germany had already been shut down as europe turns away from russia for its fuel supplies. so what caused these explosions on if this was sabotaged? what are the saboteurs hope to gain? i'm fil gail in berlin and this is the day.


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